King of Gods Chapter 1073 Forced Back

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Chapter 1073 - Forced Back

"Furthermore, we found an aura of Wind Lightning where the Thirteenth Prince was killed!" The green-robed elder revealed a deadly smile.

Even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords weren't able to easily sense such a faint aura of Wind Lightning. Only Sacred Kings, who had total control over the laws of Heaven and Earth, could sense it. It was obvious that Sacred King Feather Spirit was the one that had found this.

The Sacred Emperor had put her sights on Zhao Feng straight from the beginning. Firstly, the Ninth Prince didn't have the ability to do so back then even if he wanted to. Secondly, although Zhao Yufei was unwilling to marry the Thirteenth Prince, she wouldn't have killed the Thirteenth Prince and forced the Duanmu Family into such a risky situation. Thirdly, Nan Gongsheng and DemiG.o.d Kun Yun had never even seen the Thirteenth Prince before; even if they were the ones that actually killed the Thirteenth Prince, Zhao Feng would have been the mastermind.

Apart from these people, there were no other experts nearby that could've threatened the Thirteenth Prince's group.

"Aura of Wind Lightning? What can that explain?" Zhao Feng acted calm and asked with a faint smile, but in reality, his heart dropped. Back then, he only just broke through to the Mystic Light Realm, so he didn't have total control over his power and left behind a trace.

From the looks of it, Sacred King Feather Spirit wasn't a normal Sacred King either. He was actually able to sense such a faint wisp of Wind Lightning despite how much time had pa.s.sed.

"What can that explain…?" The green-robed elder paused for a moment. He didn't think that Zhao Feng would be so calm at this moment and have a smile on his face.

"The aura of Wind Lightning means that the used the laws of Wind Lightning. You have the substandard G.o.d item - the Misty Spatial World! You could've easily the Thirteenth Prince by using its spatial abilities. Apparently, you also have rare treasures like the Spiritual Flesh Jade Lotus Root. It's not impossible for you to have created a fake body out of that to trick Sacred Lord Gonghuang. All in all, the only person that could've even attempted the is you!" the elder in green robes roared in anger.

"Haha, you really know how to think!" Zhao Feng laughed but didn't admit to the crimes.

"Zhao Feng, admit your crimes!" Sacred King Feather Spirit finally spoke. They were here to question Zhao Feng, but the latter acted as if he didn't even care and was extremely

An invisible pressure started to surge toward Zhao Feng.

"I didn't kill him!" Zhao Feng immediately declined.

"That doesn't mean you aren't suspicious!" Sacred King Feather Spirit's eyebrows furrowed.

In reality, it wasn't a big deal for a prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty to die. In the past, the first prince, second prince, and a few others died from accidents. At the very most, they sent a few normal Mystic Light Realms to find out what had happened. If there was no result, then nothing happened.

However, this time, the Sacred Emperor and Empress had personally asked him to find out the truth. The elder in green robes next to him also helped him back then. Otherwise, Sacred King Feather Spirit would've been far too lazy to care, but now that he decided to take action, Sacred King Feather Spirit would definitely find out the truth.

What he cared about right now was the Divine Power on the front lines. He didn't want to spend too much time with Zhao Feng. Besides, the opposition was just the Grand Elder of a measly three-star power, and he was only an initial-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

"Sacred King Feather Spirit, what do you want to do then?" Zhao Feng looked at Sacred King Feather Spirit and asked.

Zhao Feng had to be careful when facing Sacred King Feather Spirit. After all, he was part of the upper echelon member of the Grand Imperial Hall. If it was a Sacred King of another force, Zhao Feng wouldn't need to be scared of them.

One had to know that, with Zhao Feng's current duplication ability, he could duplicate substandard G.o.d Slaying Arrows, so he had the ability to fight against a Sacred King with all his hidden cards.

"I'll search your soul. Everything will be known then!" Sacred King Feather Spirit gazed down at Zhao Feng.

The elder in green robes next to him revealed a gruesome smile. From his point of view, Zhao Feng was definitely the culprit. Once they proved that the was Zhao Feng, the green-robed elder and the Sacred Empress were confident that they could kill Zhao Feng and then cause a problem for the Ninth Prince. Although the Thirteenth Prince had died, he and the Sacred Empress would definitely take revenge. They didn't want to see the Ninth Prince become the Sacred Emperor.

"Sacred King Feather Spirit, don't get too!" Zhao Feng's expression froze, and his respectful tone completely vanished.

Sacred King Feather Spirit saying such a thing meant that he didn't put Zhao Feng in his eyes at all. Searching one's soul could damage it as well as the memories. Furthermore, he had many secrets, and any one of them could cause Sacred King Feather Spirit to become greedy.

"I'm already being very respectful to you!" Sacred King Feather Spirit's expression became grim. Zhao Feng's words made him extremely unhappy. If it wasn't for the fact that the Hall of G.o.ds was a big force and Zhao Feng's potential was also very high, Sacred King Feather Spirit would have used force right from the start to search Zhao Feng's soul.

"Please leave!" Zhao Feng immediately said goodbye.

Now that the Divine Power blocking the area was gone, the strongest battle-power the imperials could send out were Sacred Kings. DemiG.o.ds wouldn't care about the death of a prince regardless of the circ.u.mstances.

Furthermore, this was the Hall of G.o.ds. If Zhao Feng dared to offend even Nine Darkness Palace, would he be scared of a single Sacred King? As long as Zhao Feng didn't severely injure or kill Sacred King Feather Spirit, the DemiG.o.ds of the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't do anything to Zhao Feng.

"Hmph, if you want to do it the hard way, then so be it!" Sacred King Feather Spirit was enraged. Based on Zhao Feng's actions, he was definitely the person that killed the Thirteenth Prince.

Besides, Sacred King Feather Spirit was extremely interested in the treasures that Zhao Feng had, such as the Misty Spatial World and the various materials from the Divine Illusion Dimension. Rumors said that Zhao Feng even had a G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

The elder in green robes was overjoyed. He didn't know where Zhao Feng got the courage to act against Sacred King Feather Spirit, but Zhao Feng was definitely dead now.

"How dare you!?"

Zhao Feng's left eye shone with countless crystalline white light, and a surge of Destructive soul power arose. Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye sensed that Sacred King Feather Spirit was about to attack, so he took action first.

"Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng instantly unleashed the new Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame technique that he just created. A ball of Lightning Tribulation symbols gave off a terrifying Soul aura as they burned like a flame and landed on Sacred King Feather Spirit's soul.

Sacred King Feather Spirit was instantly interrupted from his attack.

"Arghh…!" Sacred King Feather Spirit felt like his soul had entered the depths of h.e.l.l. Lightning and fire bombarded his soul, and bone-searing pain that caused unrecoverable damage exploded in Sacred King Feather Spirit's mind.

The green-robed elder next to Sacred King Feather Spirit wasn't within the range of Zhao Feng's attack, but his soul could still feel the terrifying power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. The green-robed elder s.h.i.+vered and looked at Zhao Feng like he was looking at a monster.

"Please leave!" Zhao Feng said once more.

"Zhao Feng, you…!" Sacred King Feather Spirit slowly recovered and was shocked.

Zhao Feng's Soul eye-bloodline technique just now caught him off guard and heavily damaged his soul. If Zhao Feng used this attack again, his soul might not be able to recover from the damage for at least a couple dozen millennia.

His journey for scouting out the treasures underground might be heavily affected, so Sacred King Feather Spirit had to return and heal his soul.

However, what he couldn't understand was the fact that Zhao Feng was only at the initial stages of the Mystic Light Realm. How could he unleash such a powerful attack? At this moment, Sacred King Feather Spirit looked at Zhao Feng with caution.

"Zhao Feng, you're very skilled!" Sacred King Feather Spirit's expression darkened.

"Let's go!" Sacred King Feather Spirit and the elder in green robes left the Hall of G.o.ds.

"Senior Feather Spirit, you're going to just let Zhao Feng off like this?" The green-robed elder immediately asked after they left the Hall of G.o.ds.

Although incredulous, Sacred King Feather Spirit - who guarded the Great Gan Imperial Palace - had been injured by Zhao Feng.

"Sigh, I didn't think that Zhao Feng had already grown to such a level!" The green-robed elder sighed secretly. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to force away even a Sacred King. It would be hard for his revenge to take place.

"Hmph, right now, all the other upper echelon members of the Grand Imperial Hall are on the battlefield. It won't be too late to deal with him after we finish scouting out the treasures underground. It'll be even better if Zhao Feng dares to come underground!" Sacred King Feather Spirit laughed nastily before leaving. He obviously wouldn't tell anyone that he was severely injured by Zhao Feng's Soul eye-bloodline technique.

If Zhao Feng came underground, Sacred King Feather Spirit could ask some other Sacred Lords that he had a good relations.h.i.+p with for help to take revenge.

Within the Hall of G.o.ds:

"Master, you forced away Sacred King Feather Spirit?" Bi Qingyue asked in surprise.

Sacred King Feather Spirit was an upper echelon member of the Grand Imperial Hall, and the Grand Imperial Hall was the ruler of the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty. It was the strongest four-star power in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

"It's fine," Zhao Feng said simply. Sacred King Feather Spirit didn't represent the entire Grand Imperial Hall, and Zhao Feng wasn't scared of one Sacred King. Strength determined everything in this world.

"The power of the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame isn't bad!" Zhao Feng laughed.

In that moment just now, he unleashed all of his G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols and managed to damage Sacred King Feather Spirit's soul, making him too scared to take action against Zhao Feng.

"It just uses too many G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols!" Zhao Feng evaluated.

The Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame exhausted almost all of Zhao Feng's G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols. If he wanted to use the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame again, he would need time for the power of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning to recover.

However, the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame didn't use his soul power. Even if his Soul Intent was extremely weak, he could still use the Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame.

Zhao Feng started to duplicate the DemiG.o.d head after resting for a few days. His Lightning Tribulation Eye Flame would become stronger if he had more G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within his Lightning Soul Body.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng used the substandard G.o.d Crystals to cultivate, and he hoped to break through to the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Zhao Feng had a feeling that the Divine Power would disappear completely soon, and the G.o.d corpse would soon be found. Therefore, Zhao Feng would communicate with Bi Qingyue while cultivating so he could know all the information regarding the status of the Divine Power.

Four months later would be the time when the Ninth Prince became the official Sacred Emperor of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. However, even though this was a big event, almost none of the forces in the lord dynasty paid too much attention to the new Sacred Emperor. They still had their gazes trained on the Divine Power.

In reality, all the upper echelons of the three-star forces in the lord dynasty knew that the imperials were just the rulers on the surface. The true rulers of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were the members of the Grand Imperial Hall.

One day, Bi Qingyue sent Zhao Feng a piece of news.

"Master, a DemiG.o.d has reached nine thousand miles underground!"

King of Gods Chapter 1073 Forced Back

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