King of Gods Chapter 1082 Eyed On Upon Once More

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Chapter 1082 - Being Targeted Once More

Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Nan Gongsheng flew through the complex structure.

"Let's head toward the center of the G.o.d corpse!"

This was their goal. The fortune and resources in the center of the G.o.d corpse were definitely better than the outskirts.

On the way, Zhao Feng would occasionally use the ability of his left eye to see through the crystal walls and scout out the place as well as search for treasures. They purposely avoided other groups, but they would compete with other groups if they noticed rare resources.

Zhao Feng's group wasn't weak, and they worked well together. Normal groups led by Sacred Kings were unable to do anything to them.

"I wonder what happened with DemiG.o.d Destruction fighting the Divine Power crystal giant," Nan Gongsheng murmured. It was obvious that he still hadn't forgotten about the ball of Divine Power.

"It's hard to know!" Zhao Feng shook his head. According to his guesses, the true strength of the Yao Spirit shouldn't be less than DemiG.o.d Destruction. The defense and power of the Yao Spirit were extremely great, it could use a wisp of Divine Power, and it might even have some of the techniques its master once had.

The combination of these reasons meant that even DemiG.o.d Destruction, who had the Eyes of Destruction, might not be its match. However, there was also the possibility that the fight between them had attracted other groups over. All in all, there were too many possibilities, so it was hard to guess the result.

In reality, Zhao Feng also really wanted that ball of Divine Power. Now that his cultivation was high enough, he could, in theory, absorb Divine Power. Furthermore, that Divine Power wasn't the same as the power of the Evil G.o.d within Nan Gongsheng's body; it wouldn't affect his personality. If he could use Divine Power, Zhao Feng would have another trump card. He would be able to unleash devastating physical power just like Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng. On top of that, Divine Power was very useful for breaking through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

Right at this point in time, a loud explosion sounded not far away. Zhao Feng and company were instantly alarmed; they could sense that the center of the explosion was very far away from them, but its power had actually spread all the way to them. From this, they could see how terrifying the explosion was.

"Let's go have a look!" Zhao Feng suggested. A faint golden ripple of light spread across Zhao Feng's left eye as the trio started to approach the center of the explosion.

A surge of divine aura could be felt, and it made them tremble. They were getting closer to the origin of the explosion.

"The crystal walls here have been damaged!" Nan Gongsheng looked at the side and found some signs of the crystal walls being damaged. Zhao Feng was also able to see some other groups approaching with the ability of his left eye; they were obviously attracted by the explosion as well.

"That is…?" Zhao Feng's eye reached its limit after looking through several dozen crystal walls, and he saw some images. The majority of the walls there had been destroyed, and wisps of Divine Power were leaking from the walls. It made everywhere within a certain range a forbidden area.

At the edges of the broken walls were two heavily injured Sacred Kings and several Sacred Lords. These two Sacred Kings were Sacred King Black Poison and Sacred King Purple Poison that Zhao Feng and company met earlier. Zhao Feng also knew one of the non-human Sacred Lords; it was Sacred Lord Sky Trampler.

Sacred Lord Sky Tramper was the late-stage elephantmen Sacred Lord that tried to take revenge on Zhao Feng alongside Sacred Lord Myriad Forms a while back.

The tattered corpse of another non-human Sacred Lord lay not far from them, and their soul had been destroyed.

Two figures flew out from the center of the explosion.

"Destruction, it was a bad choice to work with you this time!" One of the figures was an elder of the elephantmen race with dark yellow skin. He had a muscular figure, but his aura was weak, and he had an ugly expression.

"Ferocity, if it weren't for my Eyes of Destruction, you would have died to that explosion of Divine Power from the crystal giant!" DemiG.o.d Destruction's eyes were dim. The strength that the Divine Power crystal giant had at the beginning exceeded the limits of what DemiG.o.d Destruction could handle. DemiG.o.d Destruction's group was chased for a while before they met DemiG.o.d Ferocity from the elephantmen race.

The two DemiG.o.ds teamed up, turned the tide, and started to chase after the Divine Power crystal giant. At the end, the Divine Power crystal giant knew that it couldn't run away, and it detonated the ball of Divine Power within its body, creating the current situation.

"We spent so much energy and didn't get anything in return!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity was enraged.

"Lord Ferocity!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity's group bowed their heads respectfully as they greeted him. They didn't dare to anger this DemiG.o.d right now.

"Let's go!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity led his group and was about to leave.

"DemiG.o.d Ferocity, I'm going to tell you some news. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms from your elephantmen race has been captured by a human!" DemiG.o.d Destruction smiled and said.

"What? That brat Myriad Forms?" DemiG.o.d Ferocity suddenly stopped, and his eyebrows furrowed together.

"Which human expert?" DemiG.o.d Ferocity asked. Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was extremely and acted on his own. His relations.h.i.+p with the other members of the race wasn't very good, but Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had the Eyes of Myriad Forms, meaning that his potential was very high. He would definitely be able to become a DemiG.o.d in the future, and that was very important for their race.

"Hehe. A human Sacred Lord named Zhao Feng!" DemiG.o.d Destruction laughed with a hint of mockery.

Zhao Feng was pretty famous during the war between the two lord dynasties. He used a unique weapon to defeat Sacred Lord Myriad Forms when he was just a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and after breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, he managed to defeat Sacred Lord Myriad Forms head-on when they met again. Now, Sacred Lord Myriad Forms had been captured alive by Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng? An initial-stage Sacred Lord?" DemiG.o.d Ferocity's expression was grim. It was obvious that he had heard of Zhao Feng before. However, since Zhao Feng had broken through to the early stages only after entering the G.o.d corpse, not many people knew about it.

DemiG.o.d Ferocity harrumphed coldly and left with his group. At the same time, DemiG.o.d Destruction left with several others as well.

The explosion had been too terrifying. DemiG.o.d Destruction and DemiG.o.d Ferocity were both severely injured, so it would be dangerous if they met a human DemiG.o.d.

Zhao Feng's heart shook as he saw the situation near the explosion with his left eye.

"We need to leave quickly!" Zhao Feng immediately said before taking Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei with him and leaving.

He didn't think that such a problem would come up after capturing Sacred Lord Myriad Forms. Originally, all Zhao Feng had to worry about in the G.o.d corpse was DemiG.o.d Dark Ocean from Nine Darkness Palace, but now another DemiG.o.d had their eyes on him.

DemiG.o.ds stood at the pinnacle of the continent zone. Even if DemiG.o.d Ferocity was heavily injured right now, he could still kill Zhao Feng with the tap of a finger.

"There are two non-human DemiG.o.ds at the explosion center!" Zhao Feng said after seeing that Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei were both curious.

Hearing this, the expressions of Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei changed dramatically. Zhao Feng and company only slowed down and started to recover their Yuan Qi after travelling a long distance.

"Zhao Feng? What happened there? Why were there two DemiG.o.ds?" Nan Gongsheng asked.

Zhao Feng then told them what he saw.

"The Divine Power crystal giant self-destructed!?" Nan Gongsheng let out a long breath. He felt slightly regretful, but there was a lot of fortune within the G.o.d corpse. There should be Divine Power elsewhere.

The trio went on their way after resting for a short while.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The trio heard the sounds of battle just ahead after travelling several miles.


A faint golden ripple covered Zhao Feng's left eye as he saw through the walls ahead of him. Three golden-white figures sped out from a pile of crystal ruins and headed in Zhao Feng's direction.

"Quick, don't let those Sacred Lords from the Grand Imperial Hall get away! They took many substandard G.o.d Crystals and precious herbs!" Five non-human figures immediately chased from the pile of crystal ruins.

"Sacred Lord Gonghuang?" Zhao Feng saw a familiar figure amongst those running away. Sacred Lord Gonghuang was the Sacred Lord from the Grand Imperial Hall that was responsible for protecting the Ninth Prince on the battlefield.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

There were two very powerful auras amongst the non-humans chasing after them.

They could faintly see a half-transparent green-skinned female within a white beam of light. She was extremely charming, and she was the fastest. Behind her was a large middle-aged non-human with golden yellow fur. He held an ancient greataxe and radiated a crus.h.i.+ng pressure.

"Run! We might be able to meet another group of humans!" a male wearing green armor in Sacred Lord Gonghuang's group said. Although he was a Sacred King, this green-armored male was heavily injured. He had lost one of his right arms, and his face was pale-white.

"It's a human group!" The other Sacred Lord revealed a joyful expression when they saw Zhao Feng's figure, but his expression soon became ugly.

"An early-stage Sacred Lord? Three Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords?" The heart of the green-armored male who had lost an arm dropped when he saw Zhao Feng. He sighed as he sensed the aura of the two Sacred Kings behind him. There was a total of six non-humans chasing after them, including two Sacred Kings. Three normal Sacred Lords would be useless facing such a terrifying combination.

"Zhao Feng!?" Sacred Lord Gonghuang reacted differently from the other two, and he immediately called out with a joyful expression. The two Sacred Lords in his group were both upper echelon members of the Grand Imperial Hall that were usually in seclusion, so they didn't know the situation of the battlefield very well.

"Zhao Feng?" Although the green-armored male didn't know Zhao Feng's appearance, he had heard the name before after coming out of seclusion.

"Zhao Feng, can you help us?" Sacred Lord Gonghuang immediately asked. He knew very clearly how strong Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Nan Gongsheng were.

Furthermore, these three were even stronger than before. Although he didn't expect Zhao Feng and company to defeat the non-humans chasing after them, if they teamed up with Sacred Lord Gonghuang and company, they should at least be able to safely retreat.

The expressions of the green-armored male who lost an arm and the other Sacred Lord softened a little bit and revealed a hint of joy. They did indeed find that the trio in front of them was different after close inspection. The green-armored male also recognized Zhao Yufei's Spiritual Race bloodline.

"What do we get out of it?" Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he immediately responded.

"What, you…!" The early-stage Sacred Lord in the group became extremely angry.

"Zhao Feng, we're all humans. It's not unreasonable for you to help fight against the non-humans, right?" The expression of the injured green-armored Sacred King darkened. If it wasn't for the fact that he was injured and helpless, he wouldn't still be talking to Zhao Feng in such a nice tone.

At this moment, the six non-human experts arrived. The leading two Sacred Kings inspected Zhao Feng and company, and their grim expressions softened as they revealed faint smiles.

"I thought that you managed to find some incredulous allies, but it's just three normal Sacred Lords!" The non-human female smiled evilly.

King of Gods Chapter 1082 Eyed On Upon Once More

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