King of Gods Chapter 1083 Teaming Up

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Chapter 1083 - Teaming Up

"I thought that you managed to find some incredulous allies, but it's just three normal Sacred Lords!" The non-human female smiled evilly.

"What do I get out of it?" Zhao Feng said once more to the injured green-armored Sacred King.

After all, if Zhao Feng and company were going to help, they would have to face six non-humans, including two Sacred King experts. Zhao Feng wasn't willing to do such a risky thing for nothing. Nan Gongsheng didn't even want to bother at all.

Furthermore, this green-armored Sacred King would definitely have promised to give a reward for help if they had met Sacred Kings or DemiG.o.ds. The green-armored Sacred King and his group were just relying on their ident.i.ty as members of the Grand Imperial Hall to force Zhao Feng and company around.

The expressions of the green-armored male and the other Sacred Lord were extremely ugly. If it wasn't for the fact that the situation was so urgent, they would have attacked Zhao Feng already. Being upper echelon members of a four-star power that controlled the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty, Zhao Feng actually dared to blackmail them?

"We are upper echelon members of the Grand Imperial Hall - the force that supports the Great Gan Imperials. What you're doing isn't right!" The green-armored male suppressed the anger in his heart.

"Sacred King Green Light, let's just hand over some of the resources we obtained!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang persuaded. After all, if Zhao Feng and company could save them, they should receive something in compensation. These non-humans weren't exactly weak.

"Humans are very interesting. You're still fighting amongst yourselves even when death is upon you!?" The green female laughed.

"Kill them all!" The other non-human Sacred King gripped his axe and roared as he immediately attacked.

The other non-humans behind laughed coldly and followed suit.

"If you're able to defeat the non-humans, we are willing to hand over 30% of what we obtained just now!" Seeing that the enemy Sacred Kings had already taken action, Sacred King Green Light immediately spoke. The other early-stage Sacred Lord nodded his head in agreement.

In reality, they didn't think that Zhao Feng and company actually had the ability to resolve the danger this time. They just wanted to use Zhao Feng to stall for time because they had already sent out a request for help while they were being chased.

"50%!" Zhao Feng said.

"Ignorant humans, you're courting death!" The non-human wielding the giant axe revealed a gruesome expression after seeing Zhao Feng and company continue to chat.

"Fine, 50%!" Sacred King Green Light was furious but had to agree to Zhao Feng's demands.

"Then let's attack together!" Zhao Feng said after seeing them agree. Even if Sacred King Green Light gave them everything, Zhao Feng wouldn't help if his group had to face everyone alone.

"Go!" Sacred King Green Light immediately roared.


A white-and-gold long sword appeared in Sacred King Green Light's left hand and released a bright light.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The six humans charged forward.


Nan Gongsheng sent out a wave of purple-and-blood-colored light that clashed against the non-human male wielding the axe. At the same time, the other five humans fought with the other non-human experts.

"This is the bloodline of the Spiritual Race!" The transparent green non-human female instantly knew Zhao Yufei's ident.i.ty the moment she clashed with her. Zhao Yufei summoned Heaven Earth Yuan Qi with every movement to increase the power of her moves.

"Spiritual Glow Saint Blow!" Zhao Yufei's jade-like hand released a surge of purple light that shot toward the transparent green non-human Sacred King.

On the other side, the clash between the non-human male wielding the axe and Nan Gongsheng caused Heaven and Earth to shake. The ancient axe in the non-human Sacred King's hands radiated a forceful power that suppressed everything as it slashed out a wave of destruction.

Nan Gongsheng showed no signs of weakness as he circulated a wisp of the Evil G.o.d's power. Two Evil Demonic Claws formed and blocked the non-human Sacred King's attack.

"Power of the Evil G.o.d… Nan Gongsheng?" The non-human male's expression turned to surprise as he recognized Nan Gongsheng's ident.i.ty as well.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng fought with the Sacred Lords of the non-human team.

This was the plan that Zhao Feng and company had set up long ago. If they met a group that had Sacred Kings, Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei were responsible for stalling the Sacred Kings.

Nan Gongsheng had the power of the Evil G.o.d and the substandard G.o.d Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld. Stalling a Sacred King by himself would be extremely easy. Zhao Yufei's battle-power was also doubled in the G.o.d corpse due to her Spiritual Race bloodline.

Zhao Feng looked to be the weakest, so he was easily ignored. He was responsible for quickly defeating the other Sacred Lords in the non-human team and turning the tide.

Of course, this tactic only worked against non-human teams that had two Sacred Kings at most. However, Zhao Feng and company could only rely on this tactic to gain a slight advantage. It was extremely difficult for them to defeat the opponent unless they used some of their hidden cards.

Once they met a non-human team with three or more Sacred Kings, Zhao Feng and company would be forced to retreat.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!" Zhao Feng merged the power of Wind Lightning with the Physical Force Lightning Domain and unleashed a scarlet-golden palm of lightning.

Weng~~~ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

A giant golden-red palm of lightning pushed forward with extreme power and the pressure of the Physical Force Lightning Domain.


The early-stage Sacred Lord and the late-stage Sacred Lord in front of Zhao Feng were unable to stop Zhao Feng's palm and were slammed into the crystal wall behind them. The early-stage non-human Sacred Lord was almost killed immediately by Zhao Feng's palm.

"Senior, we're not his match!" The late-stage Sacred Lord was injured and scared of Zhao Feng.

"How is this possible? How can that brat be so strong!?" The transparent green non-human female was shocked. The strength of these three Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords had exceeded their expectations.

"What power!" Sacred King Green Light was stunned. He didn't think that Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei had reached a stage where they could stall Sacred Kings. Zhao Feng's strength wasn't to be underestimated either. From the looks of it, if they properly teamed up, they could defeat the non-humans.

"Great!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang was overjoyed. Even he didn't expect the strength of these to have reached such a level. Thinking back to the first time they met, Zhao Feng's strength was only on par with Sacred Lord Myriad Forms, and Nan Gongsheng was only on par with Sacred Lord Sky Trampler.

"Clone!" The two non-human Sacred Kings instantly unleashed their clones to help the late-stage Sacred Lord deal with Zhao Feng.

The clones of these two Sacred Kings each had 50% battle-power of the original, and after teaming up with the late-stage non-human Sacred Lord, they were able to suppress Zhao Feng.

"Sacred King Green Light, your clone…?" Sacred Lord Gonghuang immediately asked.

"My clone was severely injured in the battle earlier and can't fight!" Sacred King Green Light decided not to support Zhao Feng.

Weng~~ Hu~ Hu~

Seeing that the situation was looking bad, Zhao Feng immediately released the projection of his Little World of Illusions to weaken the three non-humans in front of him. The consciousnesses of the two clones were weak, so their resistance against Zhao Feng's Little World of Illusions was weak.

Zhao Feng's illusion techniques were more powerful in his Little World projection.

"Purple Star Chaos! Soul Chaos!" Zhao Feng circulated his left eye's power and used some of the simple illusion techniques he learned from the Ji Family. In reality, Zhao Feng's talent in the Dao of Illusions surpa.s.sed his talent in offensive eye-bloodline techniques, he just didn't really focus on it.

"Not good, that brat's really troublesome!" The non-human Sacred King wielding the axe felt that the situation wasn't looking very good. Even with the help of their clones, Zhao Feng was still able to fight and slowly gain the advantage.

Furthermore, the humans still had three upper echelon members of the Grand Imperial Hall that couldn't be ignored either. Although Sacred King Green Light was heavily injured, he still had the battle power of a late-stage Sacred Lord.

"Retreat!" The transparent green non-human female immediately messaged the others. There was no need to keep on fighting in such a bad situation.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

All of the non-humans started to retreat at the same time, and none of the humans chased after them.

"Thank you for helping, Little Brother Zhao!" Sacred Lord Gonghuang immediately gave his thanks. Zhao Feng smiled faintly at Sacred Lord Gonghuang before turning to Sacred King Green Light.

"May this senior please do as promised!" Zhao Feng said. If the other two members of the Grand Imperial had attacked with full power just now, the fight would have ended earlier, but Sacred King Green Light just looked on as the two non-human Sacred Kings sent out their clones and didn't help.

"Of course!" Sacred King Green Light handed over an interspatial ring extremely unwillingly. Sacred King Green Light was a Sacred King and someone that had a lot of power within the Grand Imperial Hall. He would obviously do as promised.

Zhao Feng took the interspatial ring and revealed an overjoyed expression after inspecting it.

"Forty-three precious herbs, sixteen substandard G.o.d Crystals, and three true G.o.d Crystals!"

Zhao Feng believed that Sacred King Green Light definitely didn't give him as much as he promised, but the amount of resources already exceeded Zhao Feng's expectations, so he didn't trouble Sacred King Green Light.

"Goodbye!" Zhao Feng immediately said goodbye to Sacred King Green Light after completing their deal. Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei then left right away.

Several powerful auras appeared behind Sacred King Green Light soon after Zhao Feng and company left.

"Sacred King Green Light, what happened? You're injured!?" The newcomer was Sacred King Feather Spirit. He immediately rushed over when he received Sacred King Green Light's plea for help.

"We met some non-humans, but Zhao Feng's group arrived, and we managed to defeat the non-humans together!" Sacred King Green Light sighed. If Sacred King Feather Spirit had arrived earlier, he wouldn't have been blackmailed by those juniors.

"What? Zhao Feng?" Sacred King Feather Spirit paused before revealing a happy look. The eyes of Sacred King Xihai next to him also flashed.

"Brother Green Light, which direction did Zhao Feng head in? Please tell me!" Sacred King Feather Spirit was extremely excited.

"Brother Feather Spirit, why do you want Zhao Feng?" Sacred King Green Light was extremely surprised at how Sacred King Feather Spirit acted.

"Brother Green Light, you might not know this, but Zhao Feng is the culprit that killed the Thirteenth Prince and attacked an upper echelon member of the Grand Imperial Hall…." Sacred King Feather Spirit said. Of course, he completely ignored the fact that he had been severely injured by Zhao Feng.

"That junior is so evil? He also blackmailed me for precious resources that I just obtained. I'll follow Brother Feather Spirit to capture this brat!" Sacred King Green Light's expression changed, and he seemed to be even happier than Sacred King Feather Spirit.

King of Gods Chapter 1083 Teaming Up

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