King of Gods Chapter 143 - Heavenly Wind God Technique

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Chapter 143 - Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique




Hearing about the Head disciple battle and the Floating Crest Trial, all the inner disciples were excited.


Vice head Li smiled and nodded his head in satisfaction.


Amongst the inner disciples, Zhao Feng was only at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm, the bottom of the bottom. But because of his left eye and azure blood, he was extremely confident.


Ever since he had reached the Ascended Realm, Zhao Feng hadn’t even tested what kind of power his body truly had.


After Vice Head Li finished talking about the two things, he said some other small talk like warning certain disciples for not completing their task. Zhao Feng knew that inner disciples were free most of the time and they received resources from the Clan. But according to the rules, one inner disciple had to complete a task every two months.


Some inner disciples even wanted to do more, so they could get more point contribution points. These contribution points were similar to the battle points at Guanjun Palace - they could be exchanged for weapons, skills, pills etc.


In the Broken Moon Clan, inner disciples could volunteer to do a few tasks aside from the one they were a.s.signed to. If one’s contribution points were enough, they could enter the Hollow Building.


Xu Ren’s Jingyue Sword was a low grade Mortal weapon and it was bought through contribution points, so no inner disciple would say that they had too many contribution points.


“After my cultivation stabilises, I’ll also go and accept a few tasks.” Zhao Feng thought.


Thinking back, his battle points in Guanjun Palace was first amongst all the disciples and this was all due to the capabilities of his left eye in battle.




Half an hour later, the gathering finally finished and the disciples walked their own ways.The inner disciples had their own circles. For example, Quan Chen, Bei Moi, Yuan Zhi was a circle and Zhao Feng, Xiao Sun, Yun Mengxiang as well as Lin Fan was a circle.


Lin Fan was grateful: “Thanks for Brother Zhao back then… ”


Xiao Sun and Yun Mengxiang were slightly guilty. After all, Lin Fan had been bullied but they didn’t even dare do anything.


Xiao Sun was extremely irritated and he had the idea to leave Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.


Firstly, Lin Fan and Zhao Feng had both offended other disciples that were stronger than them. This was particularly so for Zhao Feng who had offended core disciples.


Secondly, the talent and potential of Zhao Feng and Lin Fan were both average, so there wasn’t anything to be gained from being friends with them.


Xiao Sun laughed coldly and he wanted to get rid of them quickly. Looking at Xiao Sun’s figure, Zhao Feng and Lin Fan looked at each other and shook their heads.


“Zhao Feng’s talent in pill refining is excellent, but he had chosen the Lightning Wind Palm… ” Yun Mengxiang sighed.


She didn’t say anything as she left.  Being the Princess of the Cloud Country, she was investing in Zhao Feng. But the latter had chosen the path of cultivation and the Lighting Wind Palm, so he was destined to fail.


Yun Mengxiang decided to help a few other talented disciples because she couldn’t put too much hope on Zhao Feng.


After saying goodbye to Lin Fan, Zhao Feng returned to his own place. His current aim right now was to increase his cultivation by merging the two True Forces.


In the blink of an eye, half a month had pa.s.sed and the 2 True Forces in Zhao Feng’s body had finally merged together. The True Force was mainly Silver Air True Force because the Returning Breath True Force couldn’t be trained anymore.


Obviously, the new Silver Air True Force contained some attributes of the Returning Breath True Force.


“The merging speed was much faster than I expected. My cultivation has reached the late stages of the 1st Sky.” Zhao Feng nodded his head.


As he merged the forces, he would occasionally go to the Thousand Leaf Pond to improve his body. He had reached the late stages of the 1st Sky in just a months time - this speed was considered quite fast. Even disciples who had Elders backing them could only be so fast.


After his cultivation reached the late stages of the 1st Sky, Zhao Feng had another goal: Choose another inner strength skill, but he didn’t immediately go to the Hollow Building.


Inside the dimension in his left eye.


An enormous complicated array appeared .


While Zhao Feng was merging the forces, he didn’t give up on comprehending the structures of the Hollow Building’s array.


Now he had a.n.a.lysed the structure of the array, but it was hard to fully control it. After all, even the best array masters had only understood 20-30% of it. But Zhao Feng had his own advantage and that was that he was able to see the array structure and imprint it in his mind.


Therefore, he had comprehended 70-80% of the array, surpa.s.sing all the other array masters.


For the next few days, Zhao Feng only concentrated on a.n.a.lysing and comprehending the array.


This was his conclusion:


He had 70% confidence to break the array, but it would be hard to not let the Elder guarding the building sense it. The only way was to enter through the holes in the array and see if there were any books around. If he was lucky, he could get good skills. But if he was unlucky, he could get nothing at all, but the advantage of this was that the Elder wouldn’t sense anything was wrong.



A few days later, Zhao Feng left the area in which he lived and headed to the Hollow Building.


When he came to the building the second time, he took out his inner disciple token this time and with this, he could choose any Middle cla.s.s Mortal skill in the building.


He soon entered the misty place where all the jade slips floated in the air.


Zhao Feng took a deep breath and he slightly moved the eyepatch, so that he could just see with his left eye. In the view of his left eye, a clearer array structure appeared.


“Great, there’s more flaws that I can see now due to the fact that the eye has leveled up.”


Zhao Feng’s heartbeat sped out. He crouched down before suddenly stepping back and reaching out.




A silver jade slip appeared in his left eye and he had used the hole in the array to get this jade slip. This slip wasn’t supposed to appear in this area, but it had happened.


“Hmm? Silver?”


Zhao Feng was overjoyed.


Most jade slips were bronze and silver slips meant High cla.s.s Mortal skills.


Zhao Feng scanned the slip and he found that it was a High cla.s.s Mortal sword skill. He sighed and copied the contents of it.


A while later, another silver light flashed. Zhao Feng caught the jade slip in his hand and after scanning it with his left eye, he returned it back to where he got it from.


This skill was a High cla.s.s Mortal movement skill, but Zhao Feng already had the Illusion Fish Picture. What he needed was an inner strength skill


Just as he was about to steal again for the 3rd time, his left eye started jumping and stopped his hand from movement.


At this moment, a weird mental energy scanned him.


“This should be the Spiritual sense of those at the True Spirit Realms. Zhao Feng thought.


Spiritual Sense was an energy created by those at the the 4th Sky or higher unless they had special skills. The Spiritual sense just then should have belonged to the Elder guarding the Hollow Building casually checking around.


After waiting for a bit to make sure nothing else moved, Zhao Feng took out another jade slip.


“Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique: High cla.s.s Mortal Skill and one of the elite amongst the its cla.s.s. This skill can increase the speed of which true force is condensed. When trained to the low level, the true force will become like wind blades that cut through mud. When trained to the high level, it can even pierce through low grade Mortal weapons… ”


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be excited as he read the description. This skill was suitable for him.


Firstly, he specialised in wind and had a good solid foundation. Secondly, the true force could be condensed at a higher speed, which meant that he had a big advantage.


One had to know that normal inner disciples only learnt Middle cla.s.s Mortal skills. Not only was Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique a High cla.s.s Mortal skill, it was one of the best High cla.s.s skills.


Skills that had the element of wind and fire were rare and they focused on speed + offense.


This way as long as Zhao Feng didn’t show this skill, no one would know.


“It’s you.”


Zhao Feng confirmed the fact that the Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique was going to be his main skill.


Now that his aim had been achieved, Zhao Feng didn’t take anything else. The reason he didn’t look for more was because 1) time was limited, 2) there was the chance of being found out.


For the remaining time, Zhao Feng took out a skill name the Heavenly Air Wind Technique.


“Hahaha, this Heavenly Air Wind Technique is the simplified version of Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique.”


Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. This way his Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique could be disguised. At the same time, the skill he chose was recorded by the Hollow Building.


Hollow Building, inside a hidden room.


“Zhao Feng, Heavenly Air Wind Technique, Mhmmm… he‘s the one who chose the Lightning Wind Palm last time?” An old man murmured.


At this time, Zhao Feng had walked out of the building with a few High cla.s.s Mortal skills and the Middle cla.s.s skill Heavenly Air Wind Technique. Of course, the most important was still the Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique.


After going back, Zhao Feng found that this skill was full of enlightenment.




Zhao Feng exclaimed and found that he seen this Heavenly Wind G.o.d Technique somewhere before.

King of Gods Chapter 143 - Heavenly Wind God Technique

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