King of Gods Chapter 329 - Moment Of Awakening

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Chapter 329 - Moment of Awakening

“When Zhao Feng opened his eye bloodline, the ball seemed to sense it, as if it was destined…”

The thick eyebrowed elder sighed deeply.

The ball of Ice Soul had been an item carried by a King at the Void G.o.d Realm and the knowledge contained within was immeasurable in value. But this item hadn’t reacted at all in the years that it had been with him. Only when Zhao Feng appeared, did it react.

From this, one could see that this item had no destiny with him.

“You’ve underestimate Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline and potential. Even my Spiritual Sense isn’t able to fully understand it. Plus he has fortune with the Ball of Soul and has an immeasurable future. Therefore, I might as well help him to the end and also give him the Dark Eye incomplete page. After all, only those with strong eye bloodlines and mental energy sources are able to have a high chance of success.”

The thick eyebrowed elder explained.

Tiemo nodded his head in understanding.

Tiemo and the thick eyebrowed elder had no uses for both the Ball of Ice Soul and Dark Eye incomplete page.

Zhao Feng had sensed the Ball of Ice Soul and his source of mental energy had fulfilled the requirements of the Dark Eye incomplete page.

“Everything depends on himself… ”

The thick eyebrowed elder slowly closed his eyes as all his aura, including his life aura quickly reduced.

On the other side, Zhao Feng took the Ball of Ice Soul and Dark Eye incomplete page out of the underground palace.

He was wondering what person the thick eyebrowed elder was for the Deputy Patriarch to call him big bro.

“Could it be… ”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

In the hearts of many in the Iron Blood Religion, Deputy Patriarch Tiemo was the final decider. However, Tiemo’s position had a word ‘Deputy’ in it.

The true Patriarch hadn’t appeared for near a hundred years.

Legends say that the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch had partic.i.p.ated in the mission to destroy the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and he was a compet.i.tor in the same era as the Scarlet Moon Patriarch.

After that, the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch fell into deep sleep for some reason.

Zhao Feng returned to his place. The Ball of Ice Soul gave off a cold feeling on his palm, but in reality, this coldness didn’t exist. It was only real in the mental energy word, a power similar to sword or blade intent.

When he saw this for the first time, Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye had reacted.

Zhao Feng opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and merged his consciousness slowly into the Ball of Ice Soul.

Unknowingly, that coldness felt warm to Zhao Feng.

In the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond was rippling and invisible coldness resounded throughout the mental energy level.


The centre of the ball of Ice Soul lit up. It was transparent blue in colour.

The core of the ice blue couldn’t be seen with the naked eye as it only existed in the mental energy dimension, but Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye was able to see it.

When touching it, Zhao Feng felt some blurry information and profoundness come from the ice blue core which contained knowledge from a long time ago.

Zhao Feng couldn’t comprehend most of the information, but some of the profoundness was similar to mental energy techniques.

“Is this the Ancient Dao of the Soul? Deeper than mental energy and more further away… ”

Zhao Feng thought and more questions popped up.

He was certain of one thing - the Ball of Ice Soul’s knowledge was hundreds if not thousands of times more skilled than the mental energy techniques he had seen before.

Compared to this, the Heart Controlling Technique was nothing.

Even the Lightning Inheritance couldn’t be compared to the information and profoundness here.

The only regret was that this thing wasn’t complete and it was only partial.

Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into it and any profoundness inside the Ball of Ice Soul would take a mortal eternity to comprehend.

If it weren’t because Zhao Feng had mental energy techniques as his foundation and strong comprehension from his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye as well as a large mental energy source, he wouldn’t be able to touch it at all.

In the blink of an eye, two to three days pa.s.sed by.

The intent contained within the Ball of Ice Soul was split into levels by Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

The first level, Foundation of Ice Soul.

The second level, Power of Ice Soul

The third level, Heart of Ice Soul.

Of course, the information about the third level was incomplete and Zhao Feng had to spend two to three days to calculate this step.

“Right now, I can only comprehend the contents of the Foundation.”

Zhao Feng thought.

Even the Foundation of Ice Soul had exceeded Zhao Feng’s knowledge of mental energy.

Some information flipped Zhao Feng’s view of the world around.

For example, in the Foundation of Ice Soul, there were records about an existence called the Warlock King.

The Warlock King wasn’t physically strong, on the contrary, it could be considered weak.

However, the Warlock King’s Soul mental energy was immortal and a body for him was only a place to stay. Even if his body was destroyed, the Warlock King could instantly switch into another body.

The Warlock King could have many bodies and coming back to life wasn’t a rare occurrence.

“The body is the container of life; the soul of the core of everything. The body can be destroyed as long as the Soul is still there; if the Soul is gone, everything is gone.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

For humans, thoughts and ideas were the core, which was the Soul.

“Chapter Leader, we’re leaving for the Capital now.”

A voice stopped Zhao Feng’s comprehension in the morning.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and he was slightly tired, but he was filled with more excitement.

Time went by too fast.

Outside, Die Ye waited. Zhao Feng nodded his head and only left a bit of his consciousness to survey the outside while spending most of his energy in his comprehension.

Iron Blood Religion Great Hall.

Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue gathered.

The Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan descended from the sky and three Protectors came with it.

“Deputy Patriarch, everyone’s here.”

Die Ye smiled and said.

“Let’s go.”

Tiemo in the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan nodded his head.

The Capital wasn’t far from the Iron Blood Religion main headquarters and the group took less than half a day to arrive.

When they entered the Capital, Zhao Feng was a little bit emotional.

Many of the people from the Iron Blood Religion glanced at the blue haired young Chapter Leader.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly followed and spent most of his focus on the Foundation of Ice Soul.

He wouldn’t pa.s.s up any second or minute.

He was like a machine that followed behind the group and only said “Ok,” “En.”

“Don’t disrupt him.”

Deputy Patriarch Tiemo smiled faintly and told the others.

In the Iron Blood Religion group, the blue haired youth followed behind with almost fully closed eyes.

For Zhao Feng who was comprehending, time pa.s.sed by extremely fast.

He didn’t know anything that happened in the outside world.

“The Emperor has arrived! Empress Qin has arrived!”

“Head of the Liu family has arrived!”

“The Flooding Lake City Lord has arrived!”

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng had entered a chaotic environment and then just sat down on a random seat.

“Who’s this blue haired brat that dares to sit on a preordered spot’s seat and is sleeping?”


“Blue hair, blue eyes, that’s Zhao Feng from the Iron Blood Religion!”

“Zhao Feng? The brat that kidnapped Empress Qin? Everyone, let’s go and capture him!”

Chaos broke out below.

The place was set at inside the Capital with a large s.p.a.ce in the middle and seats around it.

On the East side was the Imperials of whom the Canopy Great Country’s Emperor and Empress Qin had arrived.

The other forces were the Iron Blood Religion, Liu Family, Qin Sword Clan and other powerful factions.

In the centre was eight sparring arenas, each a mile squared big.

At the same time, there was even a higher stand in the centre of the eight arenas.

Ten seats were placed on the stand that could look down on those below.

On these ten seats sat ten youths who all represented the ten pre ordered seats of the Canopy Great Country.

Those with pre ordered seats were temporarily chosen to partic.i.p.ate and didn’t need to enter the complex compet.i.tion.

The ten seats were all in order.

On the first seat sat a golden robed brown haired youth who was slightly chubby. His eyes gave off a faint golden sparkle and every breath brought a mountainous pressure.

Prince Jin, the first star.

On the second seat was a rainbow coloured youth with chaotic hair. His hands were folded in and hr looked like a gangster.

w.a.n.g Xiaogua, the second star who came from the Wind Cloud Clan.

On the third seat sat a battle robed handsome youth who had a sharp ancient blade on his black. The occasional light would flash through his eyes and invisible blades seemed to slice through the air.

Tian Yunzhi, the third star.

On the fourth spot.

A blue haired youth sat with his eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

At this instant, the topic of discussion was this blue haired youth.

Zhao Feng, an Iron Blood Religion Chapter Leader and a rising genius.

“So many people… ”

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and exited his comprehension with some tiredness.

The ten pre ordered spots were at the centre of the eight arenas and around them were the factions of the country.

Zhao Feng scanned around and saw ma.s.s crowds everywhere.

Sparring would take place in the eight arena.

At the instant that Zhao Feng opened his eyes, more attention was drawn.

In the Imperials side, the Canopy Great Country’s Emperor glared at Zhao Feng.

Empress Qin sat n.o.bly and had the air of a Queen.

At the same time, the Flooding Lake City Liu family, main Tian family, main Liu family and company had cold looks.

This was especially so for the Flooding Lake City side where the Flooding Lake City Lord’s eyes squinted as he glanced coldly at Zhao Feng.

Liu Qinxin sat quietly like a G.o.ddess from a painting.

Even Zhao Feng started to get the chills from these looks.

“Zhao Feng, we meet again.”

A dominant voice appeared out of nowhere.

It was Tian Yunzhi who sat on the third seat, right next to him.

“Hehe, so this is the Iron Blood Religion’s youngest Chapter Leader?”

On the first seat Prince Jin laughed and coldly inspected Zhao Feng.

The moment Zhao Feng woke up, many eyes with bad intentions looked at him. Apart from that, the other ten stars as well as the compet.i.tors all inspected this youth.

King of Gods Chapter 329 - Moment Of Awakening

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