King of Gods Chapter 347 - Eye Bloodline Family

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Chapter 347 - Eye Bloodline Family


Zhao Feng’s body was like a piece of paper that was ripped apart.


In the Northern zone Bei Moi and Dong Xue’s heart skipped a beat.


“With Brother Zhao’s strength, he shouldn’t be defeated this fast.”


Bei Moi shook his head fiercely.


At this instance.

The victor of the Northern stage was decided.


“Wu! Si….”


Gao Peng’s figure froze in mid-air as his body became to convulse.


A blue haired youth had appeared in front of him with folded arms his back to him. Arcs of lightning held down Gao Peng.




Gao Peng fell down from the air, scorched.


“What weird lightning and speed. Incredible!”


The Northern zone geniuses exclaimed.

The speed and use of lightning Zhao Feng displayed made others sigh.


It was pretty rare to see battles end in one move, but this usually only appeared on the five overwhelming prodigies.


The judge waved his True Dragon Flag to signal Zhao Feng’s victory.


A part of the dragon blessing from Gao Peng was instantly transferred to Zhao Feng.




Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token as still white but it became brighter.


After this battle Zhao Feng’s dragon blessing had obviously increased.


This was because he didn’t have much dragon blessing and so beating anyone would give him an obvious increase.


“Brother Qin, this blue haired brat might be a black horse.”


Below the Northern zone a peak True Human Rank youth said.


He had paid attention to Zhao Feng when the latter went up, mainly because of his blue hair and blue left eye.


Looking closely the youth realised that Zhao Feng’s use of lightning and movement had reached an incredible level.


“So-so but not considered a black horse yet. Only newbies that win at least ten battles in a row are considered black horses.”


Brother Qin said faintly.


This Brother Qin was thirty something years old and was dressed like a scholar. Standing in the group, he made the other geniuses respectful.


“This guy’s Qin Kunwu, who comes from one of the Ten Great Clans, the Heavenly Book Chapter. He fought Mo Tianyi to a draw in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering but his final placing was higher.”


Xia Xianshang from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan said solemnly.


Apart from Zhao Feng, Dong Xue, Bei Moi, w.a.n.g Xuaoguai these familiars, there was also Xia Xianshang and a few others.


Of course, both Xia Xianshang and Qin Kunwu were ones that were rated highly in the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


Below G.o.ddess Bing Wei was Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang as a ghost eyed man who also had a pure silver True Dragon Token.


Of the three Qin Kunwu and the ghost eyed man both had a glint of gold on their silver True Dragon Tokens.


“As of right now Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man are the strongest three below the overwhelming prodigies in the Northern zone.”


Dong Xue a.n.a.lysed.

She and Zhao Feng both came from the Iron Blood Religion and had scouted out some news.


In reality, even if she didn’t say this Zhao Feng would understand with a scan of his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.


Just by looking at their True Dragon Token, one could tell how strong they were.


Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man all indeed give Zhao Feng a pressure just below G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s.


“What’s the situation of the ghost eyed man?”


Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline had a weird sense.


“I heard he’s from the Wu family of one of the three major eye bloodline families.”


Dong Xue said uncertainly as she looked at the ghost eyed man.

After all, this was also her first time partic.i.p.ating.


When the two were inspecting the ghost eyed man the latter seemed to sense it and a pair of dark grey eyes of coldness suddenly scanned over.




The geniuses of this area all suddenly felt a creepy coldness. It was as if they had walked into a graveyard filled with white bones.


Dong Xue started to tremble and couldn’t even speak a word.

Even someone as strong as Zhao Feng felt that breathing was hard and felt a sizzle of danger.


The ‘Ghost Eye bloodline” of the ghost eyed man gave off an ancient and cold aura that seemed to have touched the world of Souls which could erode the physical world.


“What a powerful eye bloodline.”


This was the first time Zhao Feng had seen such a strong eye bloodline. It was more than ten times stronger than Lin Tong.


“Zhe zhe, I didn’t think that there would be such an eye bloodline apart from the three major eye families but unfortunately….”


The ghost eyed man could obviously sense Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline but shook his head regretfully.


Although he thought Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that good either.


After clas.h.i.+ng with his ghost eye Zhao Feng only felt a cold eroding aura try to break into his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.


Peng Peng Peng Peng!


The G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye suddenly started to give off a dangerous feel.

Within the dimension of his left eye, a faint grey aura brought an eroding force to Zhao Feng.




Zhao Feng tried his best to conduct his mental energy source and the coldness from the freezing pond killed the grey aura.




Zhao Feng let out a long breath.

The ghost eyed man’s eye bloodline was indeed terrifying. He was indeed worthy of being a descendant from one of the three major eye bloodline families.


“This person’s strength isn’t weaker than Mo Tianyi.”


Zhao Feng calmed himself down.


After a.n.a.lysing the situation of the Northern zone G.o.ddess Bing Wei was definitely the strongest.


Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man were the next three most powerful that Zhao Feng didn’t even have much of a chance against.


Below them were others at the True Mystic Rank but Zhao Feng didn’t fear them.


“Chapter Leader, that guy’s going up!”


Dong Xue suddenly exclaimed.


Looking over, Zhao Feng saw the ghost eyed man on the Northern stage. His opponent was peak True Human Rank male in gold.


Ghost Eye Soul Burner!!!


The ghost eyed man smiled wickedly as his pair of ghost eye started to burn.




The man in gold instantly screamed and spat out a mouthful of blood.


The man then howled as sweat dripped down from his back then rolled around on the ground as if he was being tortured.


The judge waved the True Dragon Flag.


The winning ghost eyed man murmured to himself: “If it weren’t because that killing people would lose dragon blessing….”


He had obviously held back just then.


Taiyun Shuangzi had killed his opponent and instead of getting any dragon blessing, he had even lost some.


When the ghost eyed man attacked Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye locked onto him.


“He merged his Flame of True Spirit with his eye bloodline, forming a Ghost Eye Flame that burned his opponent’s soul.”


Zhao Feng found the reasoning behind the ghost eyed man’s skill.


However, knowing didn’t mean Zhao Feng could copy it.


Zhao Feng could only get ideas from anything that was linked to bloodlines as everyone’s bloodline was different. It was suitable for someone else, it didn’t mean it was suitable for you too.


“But the Flame of True Spirit can be formed by anyone in the True Spirit Realm.”


Zhao Feng closed his eyes and merged his consciousness into his dantian.


At the core of his dantian was his Source of True Spirit that was biased towards the Lightning element.


According to the Lightning Inheritance Zhao Feng circulated his Qi of Spirit and a small flame the size of a pea appeared within the depths of his Source of True Spirit.


At the same time the flame glittered lightning.


This wasn’t just any normal Flame of True Spirit, it was a True Spirit Lightning Flame.


After reaching the True Spirit Realm Zhao Feng didn’t bother about the Flame of True Spirit as he didn’t consider about going down the path of a blacksmith.



The aura released from the True Spirit Lightning Flame in his dantian made Zhao Feng’s heart jump.


“Using the True Spirit Lightning Flame as a lighter and merging it with the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, could I summon a Lightning Flame G.o.d’s Eye?”


A thought popped into Zhao Feng’s mind.

After all, he had looked into the Dark Eye incomplete page and knew enough about mental energy.



Zhao Feng needed a bridge that connected his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and True Spirit Lightning Fire together.


This bridge would be his faint cold blue blood in his body.


A while later.

The faint blue blood turned into a spider web that extended from the dimension of his left eye to the True Spirit Lightning Flame in his dantian.


Time flew by quickly as Zhao Feng kept on trying and working it out.


Failure after failure meant that he was getting close to success.




Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token suddenly sensed something and pointed towards the Northern stage.


“My turn again.”


Zhao Feng stood up unwillingly. He was very close to success.

When the Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye succeeded it would become a powerful eye bloodline secret technique that wouldn’t just attack the soul. It would attack the mental energy dimension and physical world.


Northern stage.


Zhao Feng went up for the second time.

His opponent this time was a late stage man in gold armour.


The gold armoured man had a cautious expression and put up a protective Qi of True Spirit barrier to counter Zhao Feng’s speed.


Zhao Feng’s speed had made other geniuses sigh.


“Hmph, to beat those with fast speed you need stronger defence and use stillness to counter movement.”


After reinforcing his defence a smile appeared on the golden armoured man’s face.


His cultivation was higher than Zhao Feng’s and believed that as long as his defence wasn’t broken, the chances of him winning was high.



Zhao Feng didn’t try to win by speed.

Eye of Illusion!


Zhao Feng opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and an abyssal freezing pond seemed to appear in his left eye.




Within a breath the golden armoured man had half kneeled on the ground and cold sweat drenched his back




The Northern zone broke into chaos.


Some peak True Human Rank and even True Mystic Rank geniuses were moved.


The ghost eyed man had a surprised look: “Looks like he doesn’t completely not know eye techniques.”




Zhao Feng’s True Dragon Token became brighter than before as it took some dragon blessing from the opponent. However, there was still a bit of distance until the bronze token.


After winning.


Zhao Feng quickly returned to his spot and started to test and explore within the dimension of his left eye.


Slowly but steadily Zhao Feng’s left eye occasionally flashed with lightning and the pupil seemed be transparent and dark at the same time.


King of Gods Chapter 347 - Eye Bloodline Family

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