King of Gods Chapter 380 - Choice

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Chapter 380 - Choice


The Sacred True Dragon Gathering welcomed its most glorious generation.


The mysterious and ancient arena had become filled with incredible power after being activated by the large amount of dragon blessing and battle intent.


The transferring across s.p.a.ce had extended to this generation of stars!


The hearts of the nine Sovereigns shook slightly as their eyes became filled with excitement.


At this point in time.

They looked at the stone statues with respect.


The stone statues ranged from dozens of yards to hundreds of yards.

Every one of them was of a different shape. Beasts, humans, birds…. They seemed to come from ancient times and surveyed every movement within the ancient arena.


The tallest ten Sky Stone Statues were close to a thousand yards and seemed to exist with the heavens. They had different expressions. Some were expressionless while others smiled wickedly…. As if telling a tale.


These thousands of stone statues formed a stone statue mountain that surrounded the ancient arena.


“These stone statues seemed to be experts or even G.o.ds from ancient times. Their owners have most likely fallen but their mental energy still lives on.”


“The skills of the ancient experts are unfathomable and can send their mental energy across time.”


The Sovereigns’ respect came the bottom of their hearts.

Every one of these stone statues represented a tale.


At this instance.

About one hundred stone statues were flas.h.i.+ng.


However, the ten tallest ‘Sky Stone Statues’ had no reaction.


“These ten ‘Sky Stone statues’ seems to come from the ancient era or might be G.o.ds from that time. However, after the ancient battle the continent shattered and ended their era….”


Sovereign Yu Xingchen looked at the ten Sky Stone Statues with a certain emotion.


These ten Sky Stone statues seemed to exist with the Heavens and Earth. Maybe the geniuses on the ancient arena wasn’t enough for them to descend.


On the floating arena.


More and more geniuses received the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce and their faces were filled with understanding.


Many had their bloodlines ignited such as w.a.n.g Xiaoguai.


Those with purer and more ancient bloodlines had a higher chance of resonance with the stone statues.


“So that’s how it is.”


Zhao Feng felt two or three intents come from three magnificent stone statues.


The first was about one hundred yards high and was a three-headed snake lord that floated in the sky. His snake eyes flashed with purple and looked brutal.


The second was an ancient armoured lightning war G.o.d holding a mace about one hundred and fifty yards tall.


The third was an ice G.o.ddess surrounded by snow and ice.


The power of transferring across s.p.a.ce of these three were much stronger than most others.


Zhao Feng could feel their summoning and compatibility.


According to Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye’s a.n.a.lysis, how welcomed they were depended on their bloodline as well strength of dragon blessing.


For example, Yu Tianhao had four to five stone statues try to interact with him.


s.h.i.+ Chengtian and Zhao Feng both sensed three whereas Tantai Lanyue and G.o.ddess Bing Wei had two.


The remaining geniuses all only had one and some didn’t even have any.


Of course, only Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye could see this. Others such as Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng couldn’t.

“Which one?”


Zhao Feng didn’t make a decision and most other overwhelming prodigies hadn’t either since the aura coming from the stone statues were getting stronger and more and more started to awaken.




s.h.i.+ Chengtian shouted and a two-hundred-yard-tall dragon elephant figure casts descended upon him. The powerful aura instantly pressured the other nearby figure casts.


“What a powerful transfer of s.p.a.ce.”


Zhao Feng was far away but he could feel his body become heavy and breathing become hard. It was as if he was an ant facing a desolate beast.


After receiving the transfer of s.p.a.ce, the geniuses’ battle power rose rapidly within a short amount of time and some even broke though.


For example, w.a.n.g Xiaoguai’s bloodline was ignited and he reached the True Mystic Rank.


Liu Qinxin had a G.o.ddess with a Qin behind her and her eyes were closed as an ancient tune played, causing her aura to rise.


“The power of the Qin is helping her form her root of law.”


Zhao Feng was secretly surprised.


Similar situations could be seen across the floating arena but most broke through in cultivation or bloodline.


“Hahaha…. The power of the ancient dragon and elephant.”


s.h.i.+ Chengtian exclaimed as a wild power surged from him and a cast of dragon and elephant rose from behind him, allowing him to comprehend the power of dragon and elephant.


In this period of time, s.h.i.+ Chengtian’s physical attributes doubled and an invisible force made the nearby geniuses cough out blood.


Even Tantai Lanyue and G.o.ddess Bing Wei kept a distance from s.h.i.+ Chengtian.


His strength had now surpa.s.sed all the other overwhelming prodigies and could send one flying with one fist.

At this point in time.

Different figures would descend onto True Dragon Geniuses and the dragon blessing of the ancient arena became stronger.


These figures would absorb the dragon blessing and become one with them, supporting each other.


After s.h.i.+ Chengtian Tantai Lanyue and G.o.ddess Bing Wei all chose their respective stone statues and their battle power rose to another level.


Once overwhelming prodigies received the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce, their battle power was definitely able to reach the True Lord Rank.


“What a crazy generation. Although the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce is momentary but these True Dragon Genius will improve rapidly after.”


“This Sacred True Dragon Gathering is terrifying, and this batch of geniuses will definitely be able to change the continent.”


The Sovereigns on the stage sighed.


“Hmm, some top geniuses still haven’t received the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce.”


The Green Moon Sovereign realised.


In the floating arena a small number of people such as Zhao Feng, Yu Tianhao, Zhao Yufei and Xin Wuheng hadn’t chosen a stone statue yet.


Amongst them Yu Tianhao, Zhao Feng and Zhao Feng had many choices, so they were most likely thinking which one to take.


“Weird, Xin Wuheng’s only received the interaction of one stone statue but why isn’t he choosing it?”


Zhao Feng glanced at Xin Wuheng. He felt as if the latter knew more secrets than him.


Yu Tianhao and Zhao Yufei all received the communication of four or five intents.

Yu Tianhao was the number one genius and his dragon blessing was the highest as well but Zhao Yufei was still a bit off an overwhelming prodigy yet the number of communications she received was the same as Yu Tianhao.


“Could it be Yufei’s bloodline is even rarer than Yu Tianhao’s??”


Zhao Feng was surprised.


After that.

Zhao Feng inspected Xin Wuheng.


Xin Wuheng didn’t bother interacting with the intent that tried to communicate with him and his eyes instead flashed as he released his intent to try and interact with the highest ten Sky Stone Statues.


The ten Sky Stone Statues stood out amongst the others but were all dim and had no reactions.


Xin Wuheng first started with the highest nine hundred and ninety-nine-yard-tall statue, but there was no reaction.


The second nine hundred plus yard statue also didn’t react.


The third nine hundred yard plus statue didn’t react.


These ten Sky Stone Statues were dead silent and had no auras, but Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye could feel the power within them.


This meant that it wasn’t as if the ten Sky Stone Statues wouldn’t descend their intents, it was just that they wouldn’t descend by themselves.


“These Sky Stone Statues won’t descend so Xin Wuheng went up to them instead.”


Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up.


But would Xin Wuheng succeed?


Xin Wuheng had reached the fifth tallest stone statue but it didn’t react as well.


These Sky Stone Statues were all proud and even the overwhelming prodigies in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering might be nothing to them. At least they wouldn’t descend their intents themselves.


“If they have the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce that means they can descend but depends on if they’re willing or not. Maybe they do have their targets but needed these ones to go to them.”


Zhao Feng’s heart moved, and his eyes lit up.


At this moment in time Yu Tianhao and Zhao Yufei both picked a two to three-hundred-yard-tall stone statue whose power of transferring across s.p.a.ce had surpa.s.sed s.h.i.+ Chengtian and the other overwhelming prodigies.


With Yu Tianhao’s proudness, he wouldn’t have thought that the tallest Sky Stone Statues needed them to go and try interacting with it, not the other way around.


The reason he waited for a while was to see if the Sky Stone Statues descended but seeing that they didn’t, he gave up.


As for Zhao Yufei she didn’t have Yu Tianhao’s powerful martial intent or Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye so didn’t know anything.


However, their power of transferring across s.p.a.ce was still stronger than the others.


When Zhao Yufei and Yu Tianhao chose their respective power of transferring across s.p.a.ce a couple of the ten Sky Stone Statues seemed to sigh and become dimmer.


Yu Tianhao seemed to sense something and his expression changed but he didn’t regret his choice.


He had a powerful belief and his line of sight would miss some chances.


“Will Xin Wuheng succeed?”


Zhao Feng found that Xin Wuheng kept on trying to interact with the ten Sky Stone Statues and no matter how many times he failed, he remained calm.


Zhao Feng thought that Xin Wuheng’s chance of success wasn’t high.


Firstly, he didn’t have a bloodline and secondly, his dragon blessing wasn’t as much as an overwhelming prodigy.


“Let me win.”


Zhao Feng felt compet.i.tive and sent a wisp of his mental energy intent to try and interact with one of the Ten Sky Stone Statues.


King of Gods Chapter 380 - Choice

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