King of Gods Chapter 381 - Crushed By One Foot

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Chapter 381 - Crushed by One Foot

The ten Sky Stone Statues were pitch black and like ten G.o.ds that suppressed the demons and monsters in the mountains.


When Zhao Yufei and Yu Tianhao chose their own power of transferring across s.p.a.ce, these Sky Stone Statues became dimmer.


Amongst them the first and second one had no light within them and seemed to be in deep sleep.


Those that could be named as a Sky Stone Statue were all at least six hundred yards tall.


The first three had all reached over nine hundred yards and the remaining seven were around seven to eight hundred yards.


Since the first and second stone statues had no light at all, Zhao Feng aimed for the third but there was no reaction.


That stone statue had a sharp elegant mental energy intent that seemed to disdainful to descend upon an ant.


“Is my talent that bad compared to Yu Tianhao and Zhao Yufei?”


Zhao Feng didn’t give up and then tried the fourth stone statue.




Fifth, no reaction.


Failed time after time….


Zhao Feng felt extremely bad.


Accordingly, he had the dragon blessing of an overwhelming prodigy and extraordinary bloodline that was at least an ancient bloodline. His chances of success were much higher than Xin Wuheng’s.


Only the ninth and tenth stone statues reacted a little bit but when they the intents of the two touched Zhao Feng’s, they became dead silent and didn’t react.


After meeting so many failures, even Zhao Feng felt defeated. However, thinking about how Xin Wuheng had also failed, he felt balanced.


Miao miao!


The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and looked at the Sky Stone Statues with a solemn expression.


At this point in time.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies Yu Tianhao, s.h.i.+ Chengtian, G.o.ddess Bing Wei and Tantai Lanyue had all received their power of transferring across s.p.a.ce.


Over half of the True Dragon One Hundred strong had gained this glory.


Being an overwhelming prodigy, Zhao Feng’s every action raised attention.


“Why hasn’t Zhao Feng still received an intent?”


The eyes of a couple True Dragon Geniuses twinkled and revealed gloating expressions.


That’s right.


Zhao Feng was a miraculous star that had risen step by step and stole the lights of other geniuses.


Who knew how many people were jealous of him.


“The strength of many first-tier geniuses have reached the overwhelming prodigy level after receiving this power of transferring across s.p.a.ce.”


“Hehe, if this Zhao Feng doesn’t get anything his strength will probably drop out of the top twenty.”


Many geniuses watched Zhao Feng’s every action and seeing his expression, some even guessed that Zhao Feng didn’t receive the interaction of any stone statues.


“Hmph, this Zhao Feng relied on shameless methods to gain the position of an overwhelming prodigy and now won’t receive any intent. This is karma.”

G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s face was filled with coldness and mockery.


Behind her was a large ice G.o.ddess that was above an ice lotus and gave off a chilling coldness.


Everything within a mile radius of G.o.ddess Bing Wei was frozen and just her ice domain was enough to injure normal True Spirit Realm’s.


She didn’t know that the figure cast she had had been considered by Zhao Feng before, but he didn’t want it.


“Everyone get out of my way.”


G.o.ddess Bing Wei shouted and turned into a block of ice that sped towards Zhao Feng’s direction.


Wherever she went, a chilling coldness would spill out and the other True Dragon Geniuses would move out of the way.


Although many of them had received the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce and their strength rose quite a lot, the overwhelming prodigies’ power of transferring across s.p.a.ce was even stronger and could instantly defeat normal True Dragon Geniuses.




One or two reacted too late and was touched by a cold current.


Shew Shew!


The two froze and wanted to say something but found that they were all completely frozen and couldn’t move. Even the figures behind them were frozen.


“Overwhelming prodigies are overwhelming prodigies in the end.”


“No one under the True Lord Rank can probably block G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s power of ice.”


Many geniuses looked towards G.o.ddess Bing Wei with respect and wary.


“Not good her targets Brother Zhao Feng!”


Zhao Yufei’s expression changed as she sped off in the air like a sparrow.


After receiving the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce Zhao Yufei’s mental energy level and comprehension of skill had broken through. Her cultivation had now reached the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.


In terms of speed Zhao Yufei wasn’t any slower than G.o.ddess Bing Wei.


Qiu Qiu!


Two beauties sped off in Zhao Feng’s direction at the same time and this scene made the other True Dragon Geniuses stunned.


Everyone could sense G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s killing intent.


Zhao Feng and G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s enmity had started in the first round and extended up to now.


After receiving the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s strength increased substantially and if she really wanted to kill Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng would be in danger.


“I failed again. The intent of the third stone statue is becoming weaker and will soon fade.”


Zhao Feng stared at the stone statues but failed once more.


Right at this moment.

Zhao Feng felt a cold killing intent that froze his heart.


Looking around he saw G.o.ddess Bing Wei charge over with her figure that unleashed ice everywhere.


“G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s strength has doubled. If she comes over I might not be able to withstand three moves.”


Zhao Feng’s heart clenched and decided to try one last time.

If this failed again Zhao Feng would have to choose from the other stone statues.


At this point in time Zhao Feng’s mental energy, power and focus combined and entered a mystical state.


“Combination of mental energy, power and focus. One with nature.”


Zhao Feng’s aura seemed to be one with the Heaven and Earth.


Immediately following that he placed all his energy on his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye then used his strongest mental energy intent to try and interact with the Sky Stone Statues.


Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!


Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly sped up and his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye’s aura was also unleashed.


At that instant every bloodline genius within the floating arena including G.o.ddess Bing Wei who was closing in felt their bloodline tremble.


G.o.ddess Bing Wei was surprised but didn’t put it to heart and continued charging towards the unmoving Zhao Feng.


In her sight the blue haired youth who was originally a dot started to get bigger.


She was getting closer.


“The aura from the ancient era…. Could it be….?”


An ancient cold voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind with surprise.


If anyone was paying attention they would realise that the fading aura of the third stone statue suddenly rose again.


The third Sky Stone Statue was an expert of a different race clad in black scales. His eyes were blue and like a bottomless hole. He held an azure dragon halberd and stood on a demonic dragon made of black fumes. Around him was a burning flame that gave off a black smoke.


Looking from afar he seemed like a lord from h.e.l.l as he surveyed the skies.




This demon lord of h.e.l.l suddenly gave off a light and seemed to walk out of limitless darkness.


At this instant, countless auras from the stone statues froze and seemed to bow down to him.


At the same time Zhao Feng successfully interact with the lord of h.e.l.l’s mental energy intent.


“Hahahaha…. No wonder. Although the great ancient era has ended, the power of desolate bloodlines continue with the existence of the universe. Even…. This? To be able to fight with a being like this is my glory.”


A dominant voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.




Zhao Feng felt G.o.ddess Bing Wei was within one mile of him and couldn’t drag it out any longer.


Although he knew that the lord of h.e.l.l stone statue might have ‘thought’ that he was someone else, as long as he received the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce, he was happy to be so.


“Zhao Feng, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die---”


G.o.ddess Bing Wei exclaimed, and her hands created an ice phoenix that froze everything within one mile.


In that instant everything within a one-mile radius became a world of ice.


The terrifying coldness made the geniuses including some of the older generation moved.


“G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s battle power is even slightly stronger than the early stage True Lord Rank right now.”


“What kind of beings were the owners of these stone statues?”


Everyone watching was surprised at G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s strength.




Zhao Feng felt a coldness wrap around his legs and his blood almost froze.


Right at this time.




A nine hundred plus yard figure cast descended onto the floating arena.


The magnificent figure was like a lord of h.e.l.l that released black fumes and stood on a demonic dragon. Fumes of black smoke blotted out the sky.


“My G.o.d… what kind of being is that….”


“The owner of this stone statue might have been a G.o.d in ancient times.”


The hearts of the Sovereigns on the stage jumped.


Many geniuses on the floating arena were unable to breathe and the figures behind them trembled.


“That that that is...”


G.o.ddess Bing Wei charged over and directed a stream of ice towards Zhao Feng.


Although her attack had been sent out it was stopped by a powerful demonic aura that didn’t even give her the idea to resist.


“f.u.c.k off!”


Zhao Feng felt as if a mysterious power had been added onto him and instantly melted the ice on him.




In a flash Zhao Feng had kicked G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s stomach and the latter spat out a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying.


A blur flashed before she landed.




A blue haired youth descended from the sky and crushed her under his feet like a demonic G.o.d.


King of Gods Chapter 381 - Crushed By One Foot

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