King of Gods Chapter 414 - Zhuang Wan’Er

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Chapter 414 - Zhuang Wan’er

When mentioning the Towering Tree Yao, even True Lord Ranks were expectant of its treasures.

The ‘Wood Spirit Essence Soul’ and ‘Tree Yao Essence Fruit’ were the most precious materials of the Towering Tree Yao and were even beneficial for those at the Origin Core Realm.

The Wood Spirit Essence Soul was the core of the tree which was even effective for Sovereigns and greatly useful for those at the True Spirit Realm.

“If I got the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, my mental energy level would at least reach the peak of the True Lord Rank level and touch the barrier of the Origin Core Realm. At that time, with my eye bloodline, wouldn’t I be the strongest?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped but thinking about it, it was unrealistic.

Even if all three sides teamed up, they might not be able to beat the Towering Tree Yao and even if they managed to kill it, Zhao Feng wouldn’t get the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Going back a step, even if Zhao Feng got the Wood Spirit Soul Essence, he wouldn’t be able to absorb it without a couple of months or half a year and at that time, the Ruins would have closed.

Furthermore, this item would be quite wasteful for those under the Origin Core Realm and one needed to be at least at the half step Origin Core Realm to fully utilize it.

“It’s the essence fruit that can heal injuries and increase cultivation. Similar to the Life Returning Gra.s.s and Blood Gla.s.s Fruit combined.”

Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye found the Tree Yao Essence Fruit from far away and there were five or six fully formed ones.

In terms of effectiveness, a Tree Yao Essence Fruit wasn’t as good as the Life Returning Gra.s.s or blood gla.s.s fruit, but it held both capabilities at once and was easy to be absorbed, not as chaotic as the blood gla.s.s fruit.

However, there was only a total of five or six fully formed Tree Yao Essence Fruits and the number of people from the three parties added up to thirty or forty people, including six True Lord Ranks.

On average, every True Lord Rank would get one fruit and the stronger ones might be able to get two.

Sou Sou!

Ye Yanyu and Zhao Feng soon arrived within a four to five miles radius of where the Towering Tree Yao was at.


The Towering Tree Yao hummed lowly and sent a faint green aura across a four to five miles radius and instantly, everything of the essence of nature was replenished whereas the living beings started to melt.

The faint green aura was a help to nearby forests but it was a poison to those alive.

Zhao Feng felt his life force starting to drain even just by stepping into the outer boundaries.

“What a terrifying tree Yao. Normal True Human Ranks probably would die before they even got close.”

Zhao Feng felt that he had still underestimated the Towering Tree Yao.


Zhao Feng took out the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and flew through the air with the petals extended.


Zhao Feng found that the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus had a strong resistance to the faint green aura. The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus was made mostly from nature and was the origin of why it could release the three smells.

Therefore, the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus had a strong resilience towards the aura and was replenished to a certain degree.

Ye Yanyu glanced over in surprise and continued without using any items as she faced this aura with ease.

A glow of moonlight appeared on her skin and made her seem like a G.o.ddess that had descended. She seemed extremely pure and holy and made others feel guilty.

The poison aura which came near to Ye Yanyu was purified by the moonlight.

“Indeed worthy of being at the late stages of the True Lord Rank.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

The difference in mental energy level between him and Ye Yanyu wasn’t too big, but the difference in cultivation was too much.

Ye Yanyu was able to easily travel in the area without using the help of any items.

“Everyone be careful not to go too close to the Towering Tree Yao.”

“Use the ghost corpses to serve as distractions and don’t land on the ground.”

“Moon Demon Palace, use the Dao of Blood skills to erode the roots of the tree.”

When Ye Yanyu and Zhao Feng arrived, the Moon Demon palace and Black Cliff Palace were discussing how to deal with the Towering Tree Yao.

Everything within a mile radius was within the Tower Tree Yao’s attack range and there were already four or five bodies lying there already.

“Sister Ye, you’re finally here.”

Yu Luo and others from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect came over to meet with Ye Yanyu.

When Yu Luo saw Zhao Feng, his eyebrows furrowed and he murmured: “Why did you bring this rubbish here?”

The two True Lord Ranks and seven or eight other disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect gathered together.

Their arrival obviously caused the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace’s attention.

“Sister Ye, the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace have already attacked it once but that ended in failure.”

A female disciple told what had happened.

Zhao Feng listened while he opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye to scout out the Towering Tree Yao.

Firstly, the roots of the Towering Tree Yao were developed and everything within several miles was within its offense range.

Therefore, people couldn’t stand near the ground or they would become entangled by the tree’s roots and become fertilizers.

Apart from that, one also couldn’t come close to the Towering Tree Yao.

The branches of the tree were enormous and a True Lord Rank would probably die if hit head-on unless they had trained in a body strengthening technique.

The Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace used ‘spatial tactics’ instead. The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace would create black mist and the partic.i.p.ating geniuses would use the mist as cover and attack the Towering Tree Yao.

“Ye Yanyu, you came just in time. With the three sides teamed up, we have the chance to beat the Towering Tree Yao.”

A bone-softening voice of a young girl sounded. It seemed to come from a dream and was full of memories.

The hearts of many men shook. The voice seemed to be able to numb their bones and allow them to forget anything.

A charming girl rose from the Moon Demon Palace’s side and on her forehead, there was a symbol of a dark moon. Her purple hair blew in the wind like an elf.

She wore a dress in faint red and revealed a pair of snow white legs. Half of her shoulders were also revealed and her every movement and smile seemed to contain magic.

It was easy to give the t.i.tle of “Yao girl or Demon girl’ to someone like this who contained mysteriousness and wickedness within her.

Without asking, Zhao Feng knew that this was the number one genius of the Moon Demon Palace - Zhuang Wan’er.

Furthermore, she didn’t cultivate the Dao of Blood Moon but the pure power of the Moon Demon.

Her Moon Demon power was said to be Ye Yanyu’s Purifying Moon power’s polar opposite and their auras were completely different as well.

At this moment in time, Zhuang Wan’er’s words seemed to contain a mental energy magic that made males fall into momentary stun and become lost in their dreams.

Most of the people of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were affected and even Yu Luo of the True Lord Rank was dazed for a second.


Ye Yanyu harrumphed coldly and her voice broke through that mental energy magic.

The faces of many males went red as they woke. Zhuang Wan’er’s voice just then contained an indescribable mental energy level that wasn’t solely just charm.

In that instance, everyone’s desires were magnified. Just by seeing how even Yu Luo at the True Lord Rank was even affected displayed Zhuang Wan’er’s strength.

Only Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu weren’t affected.

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er were on par with one another and hence it was normal for her to not be affected. But surprisingly, Zhao Feng wasn’t affected as well.

He was like an expressionless mummy that seemed to look at beauty as a pile of white bones.

Zhuang Wan’er couldn’t help but glance at Zhao Feng in surprise.

Even True Lord Ranks couldn’t block her 'Sky Demon Charming Voice’ but this True Mystic Rank brat was perfectly fine.

Ye Yanyu couldn’t look at Zhao Feng with praise. Even Yu Luo and company were charmed by Zhuang Wan’er which made Ye Yanyu feel frustrated. But luckily Zhao Feng helped her regain a breath by being unaffected by Zhuang Wan’er’s 'Sky Demon Charming Voice'. It would be a blow to that demon girl.

“This girl cultivates the Demon Dao and also specializes in mental energy.”

Zhao Feng faintly inspected Zhuang Wan’er, but didn’t use his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye in case he was found out.

“Cute little brother, what’s your name? What a lovely hair color and your eye bloodline seems to be unique as well…..”

Zhuang Wan’er laughed.

Zhuang Wan’er felt irritated that Zhao Feng could withstand her Sky Demon Charming Voice and she thought that this youth might be too young to understand. But even then, a seventeen-year-old youth should know.

Zhao Feng maintained his silence, not wanting to connect with Zhuang Wan’er and save some trouble.

It was already dangerous to connect onto Ye Yanyu. If another demon girl of the same level was added, the results would be unimaginable.

“Hmph, what a cold att.i.tude. Not even bothering to talk to me.”

Zhuang Wan’er used the Sky Demon Charming Voice again with a spoiled att.i.tude and focused mainly on Zhao Feng while the nearby Pure Moon Spiritual Sect disciples again seemed to lose their soul.

Once again Zhao Feng ignored her and Zhuang Wan’er was shocked but there was nothing he could do. The most important thing right now was to make a pact with Ye Yanyu and deal with the Towering Tree Yao first.

Zhao Feng stood still and saw Zhuang Wan’er look deeply at him once more as if she was trying to memorize Zhao Feng.

Yu Luo on the other side was angered. He had just lost his composure to Zhuang Wan’er’s ‘Sky Demon Charming Voice’ and lost face in front of G.o.ddess Ye.

If every male was affected, he would feel a bit better, but it was Zhao Feng, a brat at the True Mystic Rank, whose cultivation was much lower than his, that could withstand both attempts from Zhuang Wan’er.

Comparing the two, didn’t this mean Yu Luo didn’t have self-control and couldn’t resist his desires?

At this moment in time, Yu Luo’s face was going green and he gritted his teeth in hate.

“This brat’s always together with Ye Yanyu and seems to be praised by her. Hmph, how dare he make me lose face in front of Sister Ye? It’ll be best if I can create an ‘accident’ while fighting the Towering Tree Yao and kill him….”

Yu Luo’s expression was dark.

King of Gods Chapter 414 - Zhuang Wan’Er

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