King of Gods Chapter 426-427

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Chapter 426 - Black Wicked Eye


Mysterious canyon, within the forests.


The ten True Lord Rank auras spread across the sky and made clouds turn. The air was filled with different elements and colours.


At this point in time.

The forces of the three sects had reached a hundred people, far stronger than before.


"Human, looks like the second half of your promise will be hard to complete. I can't escape this."


The sad voice of the Towering Tree Yao sounded next to Zhao Feng's ears.


Under normal situations, even if there was twice the number of True Lord Ranks present, they couldn't finish off the Towering Tree Yao.


However, the Towering Tree Yao had been injured by the Void G.o.d Protection and a ma.s.sive hole had appeared.

There was no protection where the hole was, and it hadn't healed.


This meant that the geniuses of the three sects could attack the Towering Tree Yao freely and because of this gap the Towering Tree Yao could only be hit and do nothing. Even a true Origin Core Realm expert wouldn't be able to withstand this.


Zhao Feng perched on the trees and was expressionless: "It's indeed a bit more troublesome than I thought."


Compared with the Towering Tree, Yao Zhao Feng was calmer.


"Human, do you have any plans? What do I need to do?"


Maybe because of Zhao Feng's calmness, the Towering Tree Yao saw a ray of hope.

Although the Towering Tree Yao was strong, it could only sit there and be attacked.


Therefore, all of its hope landed on Zhao Feng.


"Wait for them to come over."


Zhao Feng didn't want to explain too much.

He opened the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye and inspected the ten true Lords.


With the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye every True Lord's situation, element of their skill, state of health etc appeared in front of him.


"Of the ten True Lords, three are at the late stage True Lord Rank, four early stage True Lord rank and three beginning stage True Lord Ranks."


Zhao Feng murmured.


The only ones that Zhao Feng was wary of were Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan'er.


Zhao Feng didn't have the any confidence to fight any one of them head on.

Of course, right now it wasn't a problem of single combat anymore.


Zhao Feng was facing all of them.


It's starting!


Sou Sou Sou Sou----


The ten True Lord Rank geniuses led the hundred True Spirit Realms and headed towards the gap of the Towering Tree Yao.


The gap's protection was destroyed by the Void G.o.d Protection, leaving behind only the main trunk that wasn't fully healed yet.




The ten True Lord Ranks all sent long range attacks and skills towards the trunk of the Towering Tree Yao.


When one reached the True Lord Rank, they could attack the target from a hundred yards away.


Peng Peng Boom---- the main trunk of the Towering Tree Yao took the brunt of the attacks head on and its branches rattled. Behind the ten True Lords were more True Spirit Realm geniuses whose power could destroy a small force straight away.


There was no tactic, no strategy, but overwhelming numbers.


Luckily, the Towering Tree Yao's body was extremely strong and could take damage from the ten True Lord Ranks and a hundred True Spirit Realms head on for a while.


"Human, quickly think of something. I can only stand here and be hit and will die within two hours."


The Towering Tree Yao's tone was urgent.


"Do these people think that I'm non-existent?"


Zhao Feng perched on the branch and watched the barrage of attacks from the three sects silently.


He soon understood the intention of the three sects. As long as they slew the Towering Tree Yao, Zhao Feng would lose his protection. At that time, wouldn't he be easily captured?


Therefore, if Zhao Feng didn't do anything, the ten True Lord Ranks would do nothing as well.


"Let's start."


Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye suddenly opened, and his left eye seemed to radiate ice.




The hearts of some True Spirit Realm experts shook.



'Hand over the Wood Spirit Essence soul!"


"Arghhh…. Senior brother! Why… did you attack me!!?"


Chaos broke out amongst the group. Some True Spirit Realms suddenly lost control of their emotion and attacked the people next to them.


Bam! Bam! Bam!


Blood flew everywhere as several disciples from the three sects were killed by those next to them.


Eye of heart!


Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye faintly scanned over the group.


In just a short while, four to five geniuses from the three sects were controlled by Zhao Feng's Eye of Heart and attacked those next to them.


"Everyone watch out!"


The three sects panicked, and everyone only cared for themselves.


No one under the True Lord Rank could block Zhao Feng's Eye of Heart and in just one glance, their emotions were controlled.


Facing those would could 'betray' them at any second, how would the disciples have the heart to attack the Towering Tree Yao?


'Eye of Illusion!"


Zhao Feng's attacks didn't stop and his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye continued scanning.


Plop Plop!


Two disciples from the three sects fell from the skies and landed close to the earth.




Roots broke out of the earth and dragged these geniuses into the ground as they became new fertilisers.


The group of the three sects became more chaotic.


"Chi Gui, if you may."


Ye Yanyu's eyes flashed as she turned towards Chi Gui.


Chi Gui was the one that specialised in eye bloodline techniques the best amongst the Ten True Lords.


"Leave him to me!"


Chi Gui's harrumphed coldly as the ring on his nose flew through the air.


When Zhao Feng used his bloodline, Chi Gui was watching.


"This brat's bloodline is more based towards mental energy. Before I finish him, no one without soul protective items go close. Those with cultivation lower than the peak True Mystic Rank should stay away."


Chi Gui ordered and after this was said the ten True Lord Ranks started to organise themselves.


Over two thirds of the people retreated, and the remaining geniuses' cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank or had good soul protective items.




Zhao Feng was going to attack but he suddenly felt a cold and wicked aura enter his soul.


Black Wicked Eye!


Chi Gui's eyes flashed with a white flame as a mysterious dark dot appeared in the centre of his eye.


The two looked at each other and the Black Wicked Eye faced the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye.


"Outsider…. Let me see how strong your eye bloodline is!"


Chi Gui licked his lips as battle intent surged in his eyes.


Thinking about how his eye bloodline had lost to the opponent before, his heart was filled with unwillingness and desire to truly battle.


And now this chance was finally here.


Black Wicked Eye vs G.o.d's Spiritual Eye!

A clash of eye bloodlines!




The dot of Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye suddenly shook and in the next instant an invisible bridge seemed to extend from him to Zhao Feng.


The disciples of the three sects didn't understand what was going on.


The 'ghost bridge' crushed onto Zhao Feng and the latter felt a wicked air travel over from the bridge. His body started to go cold as the power belonging to the Black Wicked Eye crashed onto him.


A normal expert's soul would probably be destroyed by this terrifying air of evilness and become a sh.e.l.l that had no thoughts.




A white ghost claw suddenly shot out from the bridge towards Zhao Feng. This large claw was enough to envelop an entire room and Zhao Feng's body had been locked on by the ghost bridge, meaning that he couldn't dodge.


"To be able to reach so deep in a bloodline. Indeed, worthy of a two-star sect."


Zhao Feng opened his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye and inspected Chi Gui's skill.


Through the Black Wicked Eye, Chi Gui reached a limit on how to use the air of evilness and his methods were hard to fend against.




Zhao Feng circulated the ice pond within his mind and clashed with the power from the ghost bridge.


The G.o.d's spiritual Eye contained a power that seemed to be able to shock ghosts and G.o.ds and a coldness that seeped straight to the bone was released.


The ghost claw was instantly pushed aside by the simplest way and almost faded. The ghost bridge started to shake and become unstable.




Chi Gui gently tapped his ghost bag and from it out came dozens of brutal ghosts. Some were in the shapes of humans while others were in the shape of beasts and their auras were released.


A part of these ghost merged into the bridge and the ghost bridge became more stable and realistic.


Another portion of the ghosts howled under the ghost bridge's power and turned into a white flame that burned towards Zhao Feng.


"Using outside help to increase his eye bloodline technique."


Zhao Feng learnt something now. To defeat Zhao Feng, Chi Gui had made many requirements of the other sects and the other disciples of the Black Cliff Palace gave him many resources.


Chi Gui could be said to be well prepared to battle Zhao Feng.




With the merging of nearly a hundred ghosts, Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye's attack became fiercer.


'Zhe zhe zhe, Brother Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye's and methods are uncountable."


"Even Ye Yanyu that b.i.t.c.h was injured by the Black Wicked Eye.'


The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace laughed smugly.


The other nine True Lord Ranks were also satisfied with this situation.


'Looks like even if Chi Gui can't win that brat will be suppressed. This means that we can attack safely."


The True Lords nodded their heads.


Ye Yanyu's eyes flashed: "Chi Gui indeed didn't disappoint us. But to be safe, we'll send two True Lord Ranks to support Chi Gui and if it's done well, we may even slay him."


Unknowingly, she felt uneasy about Chi Gui's battle with Zhao Feng.

Maybe Zhao Feng's calculations towards her and his mysterious had left a deep impression on her.


Sou! Sou!


Another two True lords of the nine remaining True Lord Ranks went to support Chi Gui.

Chapter 427 - Double Kill

When Zhao Feng and Chi Gui fought each other with their eye bloodlines, two other True Lords came over to help.

A total of three true Lord Ranks faced Zhao Feng.

"A measly True Mystic Rank brat can die without regret after fighting three true Lord Ranks at once."

One of the True Lord Rank females said. Her skin seemed to be made of snow and she spoke in a mocked tone.

She was one of the two True Lord Ranks supporting Chi Gui and came from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect and one of the lucky ones to break through to the True Lord Rank.

"Sister Gong, don't underestimate him. Someone who is able to make Chi Gui fight and be placed of great importance by Sister Ye isn't simple. Brother Yu Luo is an example."

The other early stage True Lord Rank black faced youth warned.

"Brother Yu Luo was once one of the three handsome mens of the Sect and I had loved him for many years but was too scared to tell him. Now that I've reached the True Lord Rank I had the chance to be his…. But unfortunately this dream was shattered."

Tears flashed in the girl's eyes which was soon replaced by cold killing intent.

She wouldn't pa.s.s the chance to kill Zhao Feng.

"I can't drag it out any longer."

Zhao Feng saw the arrival of the two True Lord Ranks out of the corner of his eyes.

At this point in time a ghastly white flame had burned to almost Zhao Feng's body.

This flame could burn flesh and lifeforce and even erode the soul. It was extremely troublesome.

Chi Gui's usage of bloodlines made expanded Zhao Feng's eye level.

Under normal situations Zhao Feng would definitely fight with Chi Gui longer as he could learn many things.

However, the situation right now was different.

The Towering Tree Yao wouldn't survive if this dragged out by more than 2 hours and Zhao Feng faced the threat of other True Lord Ranks.

Lightning Fire G.o.d's Eye!

A transparent glow of lightning and fire sparkled in Zhao Feng's eye.


An azure ball of lightning flames instantly crashed onto the ghost bridge and screams came from within the white flames started to extinguish.

"An eye skill attack with the elements of lightning and fire…."

Chi Gui's heart shook as a destructive aura extended across the ghost bridge and hit his Black Wicked Eye.


The ghost bridge consisting of countless ghosts started to shake and fade.

Large amounts of ghosts started to smoke from the terrifying power of lightning and fire.

In that instance, Chi Gui's soul seemed to be hit by lightning and fire.


Immediately following that was the second round of Lightning Fire G.o.d's eye which focused more on Chi Gui himself.


The ghost bridge instantly broke.

"Ghost G.o.d breaking through the Void!"

Chi Gui's Black Wicked eye spun and a sudden dark beam shot out which managed to block the Lightning Fire G.o.d's Eye.

The dark beam was extremely mysterious and could block physical as well as mental energy attacks.

Boom Boom Boom!!

The Lightning Fire G.o.d's eye was pierced through by Chi Gui and one third of the beam still continued to shoot towards Zhao Feng and its speed was the as fast as the Lightning Fire G.o.d's Eye.

"En, this dark beam…… condenses all the power into one straight line for the most direct attack."

Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye started to reach its maximum capabilities and in terms of thinking Zhao Feng was several times faster than the dark beam. This was the power the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye gave him.

G.o.d's Spiritual Eye - Copy!

The blue light in Zhao Feng's left eye glowed and within the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond started to ripple.


A ray of cold light shot out from the left eye which clashed with Chi Gui's dark beam.

Chi Gui's dark beam was first frozen before being shattered.

"What's going on? It's the same secret skill as mine but with a different element….."

Chi Gui was stunned.

He had watched his Ghost G.o.d breaking through the Void be destroyed by his own skill.


The remaining lightning fire on Chi Gui hadn't been extinguished and the cold ray of light still had half of its power remaining as it landed on his body.

A chilling coldness instantly froze his flesh and soul.

Chi Gui hiccuped and understood the meaning of the combination of lightning and fire.

"Hehe, this move can be said to be a varied form of the Eye of Soul. Let's call it the Ice Soul Shooting Line or Ice Soul Charge."

Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

The Eye of Ice Soul focused mainly on freezing the opponents thoughts and mind and was a continuous attack whereas this Ice Soul Shooting Line was about explosiveness and was like Chi Gui's Ghost G.o.d breaking through the Void which could block the attack of others.

"Copying technique? Your eye bloodline….."

Chi Gui's eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open.

At this moment he was lightly injured from the Lightning Fire and Ice Soul but none of this surpa.s.sed the shock right now.

Eye of Illusion!

Zhao Feng once again used his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye.

The next moment.

Chi Gui appeared in a cold dimension with chains of lightning bounding him.

"Illusion restricting my thought?"

Chi Gui was slightly surprised but didn't panic. He had obviously seen similar skills before.

Pa Pa Pa!

Zhao Feng whipped a spiky metal whip heavily onto Chi Gui and kept on torturing his consciousness.

When one's mental energy consciousness was tortured to the maximum, they would become tired and faint.

Chi Gui obviously knew what situation he was in.

The problem was that he was in midair and after a couple breaths he would fall onto the ground, becoming fertiliser for the Towering Tree Yao.

"Vengeance Ghost Spirit Explosion!"

Chi Gui gritted his teeth and the black nose ring trembled as it released a powerful source of ghost power.

In the physical dimension Chi Gui's forehead started to burn with a ghost power which created an indescribable shaking of the soul.


Waves of black air started to flow everywhere within the illusion dimension and Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed. The energy he needed to use to maintain the illusion dimension instantly became several times larger.

Chi Gui was going to force his way out.

If it were a normal one on one battle Zhao Feng would definitely drag it out because he was confident in the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye's mental energy source.

However, the situation was different right now.

His opponent wasn't just Chi Gui, there was nine other True Lord Ranks and two of them had arrived.

"What's going on…. Chi Gui seems to be suppressed?"

The black faced youth and elegant female were slightly surprised.

Just not long ago the clash of their bloodlines had made the hearts of the watching geniuses shake. However, it was obvious Zhao Feng had turned the tide and was the one now surprising Chi Gui.

Chi Gui's body was slightly scorched and sweet appeared on his forehead as he struggled.

"Looks like we've underestimated him. Even Chi Gui can't suppress him…."

Ye Yanyu who was watching far away had a solemn expression but luckily the two supporting True Lord Ranks had arrived.

"Zhao Feng and Chi Gui are at a vital point and can't be distracted. This is the best chance to kill him."

Killing intent appeared on the elegant female's face.

"That's right. We can't help in terms of eye bloodline but if we kill Zhao Feng everything will be solved."

The black faced youth nodded his head.

The two were smart and saw where the problem was at.

Sou Sou!

The two True Lord Ranks flew through the air and got closer to Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng was standing in the forests and within the boundaries of the Towering Tree Yao, there was seven other True Lord Ranks and many True Spirit Realms helping. As long as the two didn't get too deep and attacked from far away, they still had a high chance of success.

"Three True Lord Ranks teaming up. You overestimate me."

Zhao Feng's light laughter was accompanied with a killing intent.


Zhao Feng retracted his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye and Chi Gui's consciousness instantly returned back to his body. His face was pale white and almost fell over head first.

At this moment in time Chi Gui saw the other two True Lord Ranks charge towards Zhao Feng.


Chi Gui cursed. Through the battle just then he understood how dangerous Zhao Feng was. Even normal True Lord Ranks would find it hard to block his eye bloodline skills.

All he could do right now was use his Black Wicked Eye which only had 60% of its battle power left to stall Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng ignored his Black Wicked Eyes' distractions and focused on the two True Lord Ranks closing in.

"You can all stay behind."

Zhao Feng suddenly waved his hand.

Shua Shua!

From below the earth burst out two dark silver figures that lept towards the black faced youth and elegant girl from behind.

"What's that---- not good!!"

Chi Gui's eyes flashed and exclaimed.

The two dark silver figures were two Dark Silver Poison Corpses and their auras were comparable to the True Lord Rank ghost corpses.

The two True Lord Ranks instantly were pincer attacked by the two poison corpses and Zhao Feng.

The elegant girl was a bit behind and instantly was ambushed by the two poison corpses.

"Save me…."

The elegantly dressed female exclaimed. She had just reached the True Lord Rank not long ago and was in an extremely dangerous situation facing two poison corpses.

Shu Shu Shu----

Under Zhao Feng's control, the two dark silver poison corpses waved their poisonous scorpion claws and ripped towards the girl.

The elegant girl panicked as her Qi of True Spirit protection was ripped apart from the claws.


A b.l.o.o.d.y gash was left on her snow white skin and the instant the poison entered her body, her blood froze. She had half stepped into the doors of death.

Shu Shu--

Immediately following after that her dress and body was pierced through by the two ghost corpses and eaten. No matter how pretty she was, at the end of the day she was still a bunch of bones.

The gruesome scene made the other seven True Lord Ranks take in deep cold breaths.

"SIster Gong!"

The black faced youth was stunned by what he saw.

He first reactions wasn't to take revenge but to run.


Zhao Feng's strength was hidden deep and had concealed two ghost corpses.

"Eye of Ice Soul!"

However, just as he had flown out several yards a weird coldness extended throughout his body.

With his early stage True Lord Rank cultivation, his thoughts and mind slowed down to a rate even worse than those at the True Human Rank.

Shu Shu Shu----

The two ghost corpses clawed and bit furiously as they ripped the black faced True Lord into pieces.

"That's two."

Zhao Feng emotionlessly slayed two True Lord Ranks then directed the two poison corpses towards Chi Gui.

King of Gods Chapter 426-427

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