King of Gods Chapter 453 - Kill One Person

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Chapter 453 - Kill One Person

Within the secret room, after experiencing such shock, Old Su managed to regain control of his emotions, but he couldn’t help feeling slightly defeated.


He was one of the strongest experts of the Cloud area, had the cultivation of a True Lord Rank, and controlled a strong country. He ruled countless lives and decided their destiny.


The country Zhao Feng once lived in was only a pond in Old Su’s eyes, and the Broken Moon Clan was just a tiny force.


It wasn’t hard to imagine that Old Su was also a prodigy in his youth.


At this moment, Old Su felt shocked, stunned, and defeated.


Admiration and respect appeared on his face as he looked at the blue-haired youth.


This was a world where the strong ruled; age didn’t matter.


Zhao Feng’s performance in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and his current strength made even Old Su look up to him.


Thinking back to how he “warned” Zhao Feng, Old Su’s face went red.


Zhao Feng’s total strength was comparable to at least three True Lord Ranks since he had those two dark-silver ghost corpses.


Old Su was certain that Zhao Feng had the strength of a True Lord Rank to be able to control the two ghost corpses. Plus, there wouldn’t be any difficulty for Zhao Feng to reach the True Lord Rank himself.


“Old Su, I’ll return to the Thirteen Countries after sleeping one more time.”


Zhao Feng’s eyelids were slightly heavy. He estimated that he could only stay awake for a maximum of four more hours.


“Return to the Thirteen Countries? What can you do?”


Old Su couldn’t help but ask.


The Thirteen Clans were the subordinates of the Iron Dragon Alliance. First Elder and everyone in the Broken Moon Clan had all signed the Blood Pact.


If Zhao Feng went back to the Broken Moon Clan, he would only cause trouble for First Elder.


“I’m going to the Broken Moon Clan… to kill someone.”


Zhao Feng’s calm eyes suddenly flickered with killing intent that would make any True Spirit Realm expert’s heart tremble.


The change between water and ice happened with one thought.


“If you need any help, this old man and the Dragon Killing Alliance will do their best to help.”


Old Su sighed lightly and knew he couldn’t stop Zhao Feng. Old Su had to say this, if for no other reason than the fact that Zhao Feng had saved them.


Zhao Feng thought for a while before stating two points:


“I want Old Su to help me find the headquarters and strongholds of the Iron Dragon Alliance, as well as tracking the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”


“Secondly, I also want the Dragon Killing Alliance to clean up after me and wash the Cloud area.”


Old Su wasn’t surprised at the first point but his heart shook at the second.


The “cleaning” that came out of Zhao Feng’s mouth was spoken in a casual tone, and this made Old Su’s heart jump.


Zhao Feng could ask for reinforcements from the Canopy Great Country, but he didn’t do so.


After all, the Cloud area was Zhao Feng’s hometown. He wanted to organize it himself, without any outside help.


“Unfortunately, this old man’s foundation is injured and can only help a little.”


Old Su felt guilty.


Although Zhao Feng was strong, he was alone and felt unreliable.


After all, the Iron Dragon Alliance was a powerful force that ruled the Cloud area. Facing countless Ascended Realm and True Spirit Realm experts, how small was Zhao Feng in comparison?


Of course, Old Su didn’t know that Zhao Feng had “forgotten” about battles with overwhelming numbers.


“En, Old Su has the heart to help and will even use the Dragon Killing Alliance’s power. This one also has a present.”


Zhao Feng gently tapped the ancient metal ring.




A mysterious green liquid floated in the air, and the aura of life it released felt like the embrace of a mother.


“This is… the Elixir of Life?”


Old Su’s heart shook as he revealed an excited expression.


The Elixir of Life could only be formed under certain conditions and it was almost impossible for it to appear in the Azure Flower Continent.


This Elixir of Life was from the exchange Zhao Feng had with Ye Yanyu.


The Elixir of Life was the essence of life from the Life Returning Gra.s.s.


Zhao Feng had first traded for two drops of the Elixir of Life from Ye Yanyu and the little thieving cat had stolen half of the Life Returning Gra.s.s from her later.


The Life Returning Gra.s.s had been given to the Towering Tree Yao so it could recover from the heavy injury of the Void G.o.d Protection.


However, Zhao Feng also purposely kept two drops of the Elixir of Life for himself.


Therefore, in reality, Zhao Feng had four drops, and one of them was reserved for the mysterious elder in order to repay him.


Of the remaining three drops, Zhao Feng gave one to Old Su.


After all, Old Su was the Dragon Killing Alliance’s leader, and if he was able to return back to his peak strength he could help Zhao Feng a lot.


“Elixir of Life…. Looks like you just came back from an inheritance.”


The Life Returning Gra.s.s and other legendary life prolonging items were long extinct in the Azure Flower Continent and could only be gotten from outside inheritances.


Zhao Feng smiled but didn’t speak. He signaled Old Su to use the Elixir of Life.


Zhao Feng had inspected Old Su’s injuries with his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye. They reached the Source of True Spirit and were extremely hard to recover from. If one used their Qi of True Spirit without care, their injury would worsen and even cause a fall in cultivation.


However, Zhao Feng still believed in the Elixir of Life.


In theory, the Elixir of Life would be a great help even if it was a Sovereign that was heavily injured


Old Su gratefully used the Elixir of Life and sat down to recover.


Half the time it took to make tea later, a strong surge of Qi of True Spirit appeared from Old Su.


Zhao Feng smiled and saw the recovery of the injury to Old Su’s Source of True Spirit. In this short time, most of the danger had pa.s.sed.


He believed that Old Su would be able to recover to his peak in half a month’s time.


Zhao Feng didn’t stay any longer and returned back to where he was sleeping earlier.


Two hours later.


“The next time I wake up will be the time I return to the Thirteen Countries.”


Zhao Feng closed his tired eyes with sleepiness.


Princess Jin carefully served him on orders from Old Su.


It was incredible for a n.o.ble figure such as Princess Jin, who had partic.i.p.ated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, to serve a youth.


However, Princess Jin’s eyes were filled with joy and her face occasionally turned red with care.

Many members of the Iron Dragon Alliance, including Elder Jiang and Third Highness, didn’t understand this, but they didn’t know the truth about Zhao Feng.


In the blink of an eye, another half a month pa.s.sed.


The new stronghold of the Dragon Killing Alliance was in the depths of the mountains.


At a certain point in time, a powerful surge of True Spirit aura caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to light up.


The sky turned into green waves of light, and the mental energy pressure made the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance unable to breathe.


“True Lord Rank aura!”


“A complete True Lord Rank aura…. It’s Old Su!”


“Great! Are Old Su’s injuries all healed now?”


The members of the Dragon Killing Alliance celebrated.


Only Princess Jin was surprised. She knew clearly just how deep her Master’s injuries were, and they could be said to be almost certainly unrecoverable.


How could he be able to recover back to the True Lord Rank within the short time of half a month?

“Could all of this be…?”


Princess Jin’s eyes turned toward a sleeping blue-haired youth.


This was the only person she could think of.


Maybe it was because of the change in the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, but the sleeping blue-haired youth opened his eyes.


“Congratulations to Old Su for recovering completely.”


Zhao Feng’s light laugh sounded from the depths of the mountains.


Princess Jin’s eyes blurred as Zhao Feng disappeared.


In the next instant, at the peak of the mountains.


A calm blue-haired youth walked shoulder to shoulder with a white-bearded man, talking and laughing.


Princess Jin watched this scene with shock. She suddenly realized that she had still underestimated Zhao Feng.


“Zhao Feng was still at the True Mystic Rank during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. What level has he reached after returning from the inheritance?”


Princess Jin’s heart couldn’t calm down.


The youth whom she watched sleep had reached the clouds.


“Congratulations on Old Su exiting seclusion.”


The nearby members of the Dragon Killing Alliance bowed and congratulated toward the peak of the mountain.


“Hehe, this is all thanks to our friend Zhao Feng. He has brought hope to the Dragon Killing Alliance, and I believe his miracles and glory will appear once again in the Cloud area.”


Old Su raised his hand, expressing his grat.i.tude and respect toward Zhao Feng.


The members of the Dragon Killing Alliance were stunned. This included Elder Jiang, Third Highness, and company, who were the first ones to meet Zhao Feng.


At the same time, dozens of miles away.


In the air, a dark-red s.h.i.+p around twenty yards long was floating. A faint b.l.o.o.d.y green wind surrounded it, giving it a dark, crus.h.i.+ng aura.


“Old Monster Su’s recovered his True Lord Rank strength.”


A raspy voice sounded from within the s.h.i.+p.


It was an ugly human who looked like a corpse. Dark-silver stripes covered him.


It was the Blood Corpse Protector.


“Palace Lord, our overall strength is higher and Old Monster Su has just barely recovered. He’s still not your match.”


There were two or three nearby True Mystic Rank experts and more than ten True Spirit Realms in total.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s eyes flashed with a red light as he stared at the blue-haired youth with a dim expression, “It’s really him….”


“Palace Lord, leave this Zhao Feng… to me.”


A cold black-robed youth said in a deep tone. He was one of the three True Mystic Ranks in front of the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.


This black-robed youth had mysterious eyes that seemed to reach the depths of h.e.l.l.


He glanced toward Zhao Feng on the mountain with uncontrollable battle intent.


“Lin Tong? If I remember correctly, your Heavenly Absent Eyes were defeated by this brat at the Alliance Banquet of the Thirteen Countries.”


Another True Mystic Rank said playfully.


“Hehe, Lin Tong just came back from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance and I bet even the Palace Lord is interested in his strength.”

King of Gods Chapter 453 - Kill One Person

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