King of Gods Chapter 35 - Beginning Of The Main Tournament, Part One

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Chapter 35 – Beginning of the Main Tournament, Part One

The first three levels were the foundation of Metal Wall Technique. Every level after that would give the cultivator a ma.s.sive increase in power. Once this body martial art was trained to the fourth level, the cultivator‘s body was as tough as a metal wall and  impenetrable.

This meant that Zhao Feng could counter Xin Fei with his body alone, and most cultivators of the fourth and fifth rank couldn’t harm him. The fourth level of the Metal Wall Technique not only strengthened the skin, it also strengthened the bones by molding them inside, which meant that the cultivator’s strength far surpa.s.sed others of the same rank.

Zhao Feng felt that the changes within his body were very obvious. Without using Inner Strength, his every move and action would still contain unstoppable power.

“I can easily beat cultivators of the fourth rank with just my body. I can even counter against some fifth rankers.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and examined his body. At this moment, Zhao Feng finally realized the greatness of a body martial skill.

If he had first trained Metal Wall Technique to the fourth level, he wouldn’t have had a hard time fighting the three


Zhao Feng jumped out of the pond and consolidated his foundation. Then, he crept towards the entrance. The entrance had been fully blocked by the fallen stones. However, Zhao Feng could still see the scenery outside through the gaps.

“It still hasn’t left yet?!” Zhao Feng scrunched up his eyebrows. The Azure Eyed Hyena was lying inside the canyon, sleeping. Zhao Feng didn’t dare make any suspicious moves. All he did was move some of the smaller rocks aside.


Just at this moment, the Azure Eyed Hyena howled. Zhao Feng felt helpless as he returned back to the cave. Being a high tier deadly beast, the Azure Eyed Hyena had extreme senses. Trying to hide from it wasn’t easy.

“There are still two more days till the main tournament starts.” Zhao Feng was slightly aggravated as he soaked inside the pond.

He couldn’t forcefully break out. The strength of the Azure Eyed Hyena was at the eighth rank of the Martial Path. Any cultivators under the seventh rank would be instantly killed.

Every three ranks was a huge difference. For example, a cultivator at the peak of the sixth rank would easily lose to a cultivator that had reached the seventh rank, all other things being equal.

The Hyena was a Martial Master, as it had reached the eighth rank. Even some of the sects elders couldn’t beat it.

Zhao Feng decided that if he couldn’t get out, he should just cultivate. Lying in the pond, he circulated Air Crossing Breathing Technique and Metal Wall Technique again. Although the red liquid still greatly helped Metal Wall Technique, the increase was now much slower than before.

Two more days pa.s.sed by in a blink. Zhao Feng’s Metal Wall Technique had increased by leaps and bounds again, although it didn’t reach the fifth level. Throughout that period, he had eaten a five hundred year old blood plant and a five hundred year old blood bamboo shoot.

Zhao Feng then ate a blood spirit gra.s.s and felt his Inner Strength purify into a higher quality.

With the help of the blood plant and the red pond, the level of his Inner Strength had reached the peak of the fifth rank. It wasn’t any weaker than Zhao Han’s now.

The use of the blood bamboo shoot was even more helpful. It helped excrete the poisons in one’s body. Having used so many treasured resources, there were some poisons inside his body and he had some small internal injuries. But after using the blood bamboo shoot, he felt himself excrete a thick black liquid multiple times, which helped him get rid of the poisons and heal his internal injuries.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength was at the peak of the fifth rank, and his cultivation was closing on the peak fifth rank as well. His Metal Wall Technique was almost at the peak of the fourth level.

But he didn’t feel happy at all.

“Today is the start of the main tournament.”  Zhao Feng shook his head sadly.  He was still trapped within the cave and he couldn’t get out.


During this time... 

Sun Feather City, Zhao sect.

All the elite inner disciples had showed up.  First place Zhao Linlong, Second place Zhao Chi, Third place Zhao Han…

All the geniuses had arrived.

“Why isn’t he here yet?”  Zhao Yufei beautiful eyes scanned around the place, but she couldn’t see Zhao Feng.  Zhao Feng had finally reached the fourth rank of the Martial Path after half a month. This included the help of Air Crossing Breathing Technique and precious resources…

On the stage, there were fifty chairs arranged in five rows. On the seats sat fifty inner disciples. The fifty chairs represented the fifty spots of inner disciples.

The first three chair owners were the top three disciples of the Zhao sect. All of them had at least reached the fifth rank of the Martial Path. By looking at their auras, it could be seen that Zhao Chi and Zhao Han had both recently reached the fifth rank.

As for the number one disciple Zhao Linlong, he had never opened his eyes from the start, making him all the more mysterious. He never opened his eyes to watch any fights.

“Why isn’t the top outer disciple Zhao Feng here?”

“Yeah, I heard that he beat a cultivator of the fourth rank only using the strength of a half-step Martial Artist,” the sect disciples discussed. Only a small number of people from the Zhao sects high levels realized Zhao Feng wasn’t here.

On the stage...

“If he was here and was the fourth rank of the Martial Path at least, he would be able to reach top five without a problem…,” one white-bearded old man murmured to himself. This white-bearded old man was the main judge of the outer disciples contest, the one who had blocked Zhao Tianjian’s attack.

Today he was also one of the two main judges of the main tournament.

“Hmph. If he can arrive, then the sun must be coming from the South.” Zhao Tianijan’s eyes flashed violently, but then he thought suspiciously, But why hasn’t Grey Eagle, the one that took the mission, reported back yet?


Inside the Sky Cloud Forest, in the cave...

Zhao Feng was clinging onto his last string of hope. Time pa.s.sed slowly. He was certain that the main tournament had now started. With the Azure Eyed Hyena guarding outside, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

All he could do was duly cultivate Metal Wall Technique and Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

Another day pa.s.sed by in a flash. Zhao Feng’s Metal Wall Technique had reached the peak of the fourth level. His Inner Strength had reached the limit of the fifth rank. Even his cultivation was slowly proceeding towards the peak of the fifth rank.

“One day has pa.s.sed from the start of the main tournament.” Zhao Feng didn’t have any hope left. Although the inner disciple tournament was important, it wasn’t as important as his own life.

Furthermore, if he had enough strength, he wouldn’t need to fear anyone when he returned back to the sect.


From inside the canyon came a shout.


Zhao Feng immediately jumped out of the pond. That sound clearly came from the Azure Eyed Hyena.

“I’ll go and check it out.” Zhao Feng used Lightly Floating Ferry and arrived at the cave entrance rapidly. Through the cracks, he saw the view of the outside. From the other side of the canyon, a few humans appeared.


Zhao Feng first was happy, then his mood dropped again. Only Martial Masters would be able to take on high tier deadly beasts. Zhao Feng’s left eye could see that five km away from the cave, there were two men and one woman. Their ages were around seventeen or eighteen, the oldest was around twenty.

With their age, it was almost impossible for them to be a Martial Master. In Zhao Feng’s mind, the sect’s elders had all reached seventy or eighty.

But the Hyena seemed to be wary of the people. The three people all wore the same clothes, so it seemed that there were from the same faction. As they were five km away, Zhao Feng couldn’t hear their voices as his ears weren’t as powerful as his eye.

At this time, the youth at the front said faintly, “This b.a.s.t.a.r.d seems to have some intelligence.”

“No challenge at all,” the other youth said disdainfully.

“Leave it to me,” the girl said.

“Sure, little sister Yuan. Your actual combat skills are too weak, you probably can’t even kill it in one move,” the youth at the front said.

If Zhao Feng could hear what they were saying he would have been shocked. Soon, he watched the girl walk towards the high tier deadly beast.


The Azure Eyed Hyena pounced towards the girl.

Oh my G.o.d!

Zhao Feng was stunned. That girl was going to die!

Zhao Feng’s left eye was pushed to the maximum. The whole world slowed down tenfold.


The girl floated up. Her jade hands lightly swiped the air and a azure-colored light formed in her hands, and then flew at the head of the Hyena.


The tougher than metal skin of the Azure Eyed Hyena was easily sliced open. The Hyena screamed as its head exploded.


The corpse fell to the ground.

Zhao Feng was shocked. His left eye was still thumping. Inside the pitch black dimension of his eye, the green light split into two figures. One of them was the Hyena, while the other was the girl.

The two figures closed in on each other. The girl simply waved her hand. Her attack contained insights too deep for Zhao Feng to understand and killed the Hyena in one hit.

The scene in his mind was replayed back and forth, Zhao Feng stood dazed as if he was in a trance. He was so focused that he didn’t even notice the three people leaving.

“Little sister Yuan, although your opponent was very weak, the power of that move wasn’t bad,” the youth at the front praised her.

When Zhao Feng opened his eyes. There was no one left inside the canyon, only the corpse of the Azure Eyed Hyena. Everything that happened was like a dream.

But if he closed his left eye, the scene of the girl killing the high tier deadly beast would be replayed back and forth…

King of Gods Chapter 35 - Beginning Of The Main Tournament, Part One

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