King of Gods Chapter 541 - Taken Away

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Chapter 541 - Taken Away



The wave of vines grabbed empty air.

The experts of the three sects watched with open mouths.

Dead silence.

Even Sovereigns had their eyeb.a.l.l.s bulging out. Everyone broke out into discussion a moment later.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did that drop of Origin Lifeforce disappear?”

“Is there a problem with the Spatial Splitting Array?”

There was chaos as everyone questioned why the drop of Origin Lifeforce disappeared, but the three Void G.o.d Realms and Grandmaster Yin Kong were certain that it was sent over successfully.

“In that moment…”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes flashed. Thinking carefully, the drop of Origin Lifeforce disappeared without any trace.

If it was moved, they would at least be able to see where it went, but it just disappeared.

“No way. Can that brat’s eye-bloodline affect s.p.a.ce?”

The three Void G.o.d Realms looked at each other.

At this moment, the experts’ hearts were unable to calm down. What they witnessed was too stunning.

Ye Yanyue and the other Core disciples that fought Zhao Feng previously felt incredible.

Zhao Feng used stunning eye-bloodline techniques last time, but they had similar skills in their own sects.

But making an item disappear out of thin air?

Within the mysterious canyon:

“Disa… disappeared!”

The skeletal Division Leader’s eyes almost popped out. Well, they would have if it had eyeb.a.l.l.s.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit almost froze.

Zhao Feng floated in midair as a small whirlpool was spinning in his left eye.

Within the dimension of his left eye, a drop of Origin Lifeforce was floating in the air.

“Just now…”

Zhao Feng was shocked.

If it wasn’t for the drop of Origin Lifeforce in the dimension of his left eye, he would even suspect that it was an accident.

However, reality was right in front of him. The drop of Origin Lifeforce was taken by the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

This “taking” was similar to “pa.s.sing through s.p.a.ce,” just like how the little thieving cat could go into someone’s interspatial ring, but Zhao Feng’s new eye-bloodline power was even more incredible; he could take anything in sight and move it to the dimension of his left eye.

“My Lord, that might’ve just been an accident. Let’s try another one.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong suggested.

He had his own guesses in his heart and wanted to confirm them.


The Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess nodded her head. At least the sea of vines still had the advantage right now, and Zhao Feng didn’t have any beasts under his control at the moment.


Grandmaster Yin Kong and the other array masters opened the Spatial Splitting Array, and a faint silver hole formed.

Grandmaster Yin Kong put the next drop in.

“Hmph, I’ll send the Origin Lifeforce straight into the vine king.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong snickered. The last few times, he sent the drop of Origin Lifeforce into the middle of the sea of vines.

This time, he was going to send it to straight into the vine king’s body, but the difficulty of that was more than ten times greater.

The instant he sent it across, Grandmaster Yin Kong’s eyes glowed a mysterious silver.



A smile appeared on Grandmaster Yin Kong’s mouth. Perhaps only he, who specialized in spatial arrays, could send an item to such a specific location.

Within the mysterious canyon:

“It’s coming again!”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

His G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye was fully locked on to the area where the vine king was. The second there was a disturbance in s.p.a.ce, he sensed it.

This time, the drop of Origin Lifeforce was going to appear directly within the vine king’s body, meaning that, the moment it appeared, it would be absorbed by the Demonic h.e.l.l Vine king.

The skeletal Division Leader couldn’t sense it, but the Purple Saint Partial Spirit saw it very clearly, “f.u.c.k.”


Zhao Feng’s left eye was pushed once more to its limit as a small whirlpool appeared where the spatial disturbance was.

In that moment, s.p.a.ce seemed to twist.


The drop of Origin Lifeforce was absorbed, and it disappeared.

The Demonic h.e.l.l Vine king was still furiously waving its vines, but it didn’t sense anything.

It was as if the drop of Origin Lifeforce had never appeared in the first place.

At the same time:


A second drop of Origin Lifeforce surfaced within the dimension of Zhao Feng’s left eye.

“Hehe. Good job, Zhao Feng!”

The only one that saw the entire process was the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Even the three Void G.o.d Realms didn’t sense it. It wasn’t that their senses weren’t strong, it was just that they could only rely on the image to see the situation; they couldn’t see within the vine king’s body.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong, what happened?”

The Saint Aunt Moon G.o.ddess looked toward Grandmaster Yin Kong with furrowed eyebrows.

Why was there no reaction from the Origin Lifeforce? Everyone felt puzzled. They saw Grandmaster Yin Kong send the drop of Origin Lifeforce into the array.

“My Lord, I successfully sent the drop of Origin Lifeforce into the body of the vine king, but Zhao Feng used some sort of spatial power to take it away.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong’s face was filled with bitterness.

Taken away?

All the experts exclaimed.

At this moment, even the three Void G.o.d Realm Kings were awaiting Grandmaster Yin Kong’s explanation.

“I think that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline contains some sort of spatial ability that can transfer items from one dimension to another. The theory behind it is similar to my Spatial Splitting Array, but his ability is even weirder….”

Grandmaster Yin Kong took a deep breath.

His continued explanation concerned the laws of s.p.a.ce, so only the three Void G.o.d Realms and a handful of Sovereigns could understand.

“So that’s how it is. If Zhao Feng has that type of bloodline, then he’s far more terrifying than we imagined.”

The Saint Aunt Moon G.o.ddess murmured.

“Could he be a descendent of one of the G.o.d Eyes?”

Someone in the crowd asked.

Even though the three sects still had the advantage, they felt defeated, and most people would find an excuse when they were defeated.

“Descendent of a G.o.d Eye? Impossible. None of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes has such an ability.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong immediately shook his head, and the three Void G.o.d Realms didn’t doubt him.

It was obvious that Grandmaster Yin Kong knew quite a bit about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes and their abilities.

“Ok, stop guessing. After all, Grandmaster Yin Kong is related to one of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes – the Spatial G.o.d’s Eye.”

The Saint Aunt Moon G.o.ddess stopped the crowd’s guessing.

The three Void G.o.d Realms then discussed with Grandmaster Yin Kong.

“There is another way. We can send the Origin Lifeforce across over an extended period of time.”

Grandmaster Yin Kong suggested.

“There’s only two drops left.”

The Saint Aunt Moon G.o.ddess nodded her head.

In the mysterious canyon, after the two dangerous moments pa.s.sed, Zhao Feng was covered in cold sweat and full of excitement.


Lifeforce suddenly surged into the area around the Demonic h.e.l.l Vine king, which was promptly absorbed by the vine king.

This time, the lifeforce was sent over in a continuous process instead of a single instant.

“Well, they’re not r.e.t.a.r.ds.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

The G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye could only lock on to one item at a time, and every time that ability was used, a lot of Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline energy would be used up.

The previous two times alone had already expended 30% of Zhao Feng’s energy. It was even more exhausting than the Eye of Heaven.

Zhao Feng felt quite helpless against this continuous process.

“Zhao Feng, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array can’t block it anymore!”

The skeletal Division Leader yelled as the pressure increased.

On the other side, with the power of the Origin Lifeforce, the vine king’s strength was gradually rising. It had already expanded to five or six miles while also suppressing the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

Once the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array fully broke apart, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader wouldn’t be able to stop the sea of vines even if they teamed up.

“Hahaha…. That brat can’t do anything now.”

“His beasts are all dead.”

The experts of the three sects all revealed a smile.

Zhao Feng seemed to really have fallen into despair.

His Wind Lightning Technique was countered by the vines to a certain degree, and he had no more beasts to control.

The vine king’s strength was slowly rising, and it was approaching the Origin Core Realm. With every pa.s.sing second, the more danger the ruins faced.

“There’s only one way left.”

Zhao Feng murmured.


With a flash, Zhao Feng disappeared.

“Zhao Feng, why are you running away!?”

The Skeletal Division Leader yelled.


In just a second, Zhao Feng landed on the Towering Tree Yao.

“Human, why aren’t you fighting the vines? Even if you come to me, it’s useless.”

The Towering Tree Yao moaned.

“Brother Tree, let us fight together. Victory or defeat will be decided in the next instant.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. As soon as his words finished, a surge of eye-bloodline power came from his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye and locked on to the Demonic h.e.l.l Vine king.

“Zhao Feng… could it be you want to…?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart jumped, and it had its guesses. Zhao Feng was way too crazy.

“Skeletal Division Leader, last a bit longer.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

He was going to try that method, but just him by himself wasn’t enough. However, if the Towering Tree Yao helped, he had an 80% chance of success.

King of Gods Chapter 541 - Taken Away

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