King of Gods Chapter 627 - Demigod Forgotten Garden

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Chapter 627 - DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden

Within the Golden Mountain Sect’s Spiritual Peak, Zhao Feng took out the Purple Saint Token in the guest room.

“Now that I’ve arrived at the True Martial Sacred Land, the most important task right now is to contact Duanmu Qing.”

Zhao Feng put his Spiritual Sense into the Purple Saint Token.

He tried to send information through the Purple Saint Token to the Purple Saint Ruins, which was extremely far away. If he could somehow contact the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, he might be able to see Duanmu Qing quickly.

Although the Golden Mountain Sect had methods of contacting Duanmu Qing, Zhao Feng wouldn’t put all his hope and fate on someone else.

However, there was no response even after a long time.

Maybe the Purple Saint Ruins was too far away, or maybe the Spiritual Sacred Land was a separate dimension that made it hard for information to travel out.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng tried again multiple times, but it was like sinking stones into the ocean.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath and shook his head faintly.

He wasn’t surprised that the news couldn’t travel out.

After trying and ending in failure, Zhao Feng silently put the Purple Saint Token away.

At the same time, in a clean and elegant room in a main Spiritual Peak in the center of the Sacred Land.

“Hmm? That aura just now…”

There was a blurry figure of a male with hair as white as snow surrounded by light.

The light around him started to fade, and reminiscence appeared on the male’s face as he murmured in a low tone, “Was it just me?”

Immediately following that, an ancient Divine Sense spread across the entire True Martial Sacred Land, and it even went outside the Sacred Land.

In that instant, the hearts of every expert in the Sacred Land trembled. Even Void G.o.d Realm Kings felt uneasy.

“Whose Divine Sense is this?”

“There aren’t many Emperors in the Sacred Land with such strong Divine Sense.”

The ancient Divine Sense made the upper echelon of the Sacred Land break out into discussion.

“It’s him!”

Only a small number of Emperors knew who owned the Divine Sense, and they were moved by it.

The powerful Divine Sense scanned across the Sacred Land and stopped around five or six lesser Spiritual Peaks for a moment.

In the Golden Mountain Sect’s lesser Spiritual Peak, the hearts of several Kings and half-step Void G.o.d Realms felt uneasy, including the King in blue. The Divine Sense of an Emperor actually stopped around their peak for a moment.

At this point, Zhao Feng left his room and went for a walk to see the environment of the Sacred Land.

“Little Friend Zhao.”

Old Li respectfully stayed by his side, and Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel weird. The Golden Mountain Sect sent a half-step Void G.o.d Realm to stay by a measly Small Origin Core Realm’s side?

“Little friend, this is an order from the higher-ups.”

Old Li was slightly bitter. Before they managed to learn the full truth, Zhao Feng wasn’t to leave the Golden Mountain Sect’s lesser Spiritual Peak. At the end of the day, the Golden Mountain Sect was still wary of Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn’t take it to heart. Having a half-step King next to him meant that things would be a lot smoother wherever he went.

Old Li took Zhao Feng throughout the Golden Mountain Sect and introduced all the sceneries within.

“Hm? It’s Elder Li.”

“And Zhao Feng!”

Two voices came from the building in front.

Zhao Feng looked over and saw a few young men and women near the building. They weren’t very old, so they seemed to be from the Golden Mountain Sect’s younger generation.

The two that spoke were a beauty in white and a skinny male.

Zhao Feng knew these two; he sparred with them back in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

Seeing Zhao Feng here, the two were overjoyed.

“Greetings, Elder.”

The disciples all bowed toward Old LI.

“This is Little Friend Zhao, a guest of the Golden Mountain Sect. Yin Yuan, you and the other geniuses of the same generation can interact with each other.”

Old Li smiled and said. He purposely called out a tall youth who seemed to be around thirty years old, and his aura stood out amongst the rest.

Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take another look at the youth called Yin Yuan. If he was correct, this was the Senior Martial Brother Yin the beauty in white and the skinny male talked about back then. He was the number one genius of the Golden Mountain Sect.

“Relax, Elder. I will take good care of the guest.”

Yin Yuan was pretty respectful toward Elder Li. With Elder Li’s help, Zhao Feng, Yin Yuan, and some other geniuses from the Golden Mountain Sect introduced themselves.

Most of them were Personal or Core disciples of the Golden Mountain Sect.

Amongst them, the pretty girl in white and the skinny male only just entered the Sacred Land, so their status was low in comparison to the others. Therefore, the two acted warmer toward Zhao Feng.

“Hehe, you youngsters should interact with each other. This old man will leave for a while.”

Elder Li smiled and left.

Before he left, Elder Li gave Yin Yuan a warning through his Divine Sense.

“Elder means that I’m not to offend this Zhao Feng and it’s best for me to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him?”

Yin Yuan couldn’t help but inspect Zhao Feng closely.

Being the only disciple that had reached the Great Origin Core Realm in the Golden Mountain Sect, Yin Yuan’s eyesight and knowledge were far better than the others.

If it weren’t for Elder Li’s warning, he wouldn’t have paid much attention to Zhao Feng.

However, after inspecting Zhao Feng closely, Yin Yuan was puzzled.

In his eyes, Zhao Feng was indeed a genius. The aura from his bloodline and his cultivation surpa.s.sed others at the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm. But even then, why did he need to purposely suck up to Zhao Feng?

He, Yin Yuan, was one of the top prodigies even in the Sacred Land.

“That Zhao Feng’s strength is incredibly great. We sparred with him before we entered the Sacred Land, and we were nowhere close to him.”

The skinny male in the group sighed.

“Apart from Senior Martial Brother Yin, we’ve never seen such a genius before….”

The beauty in white praised from the bottom of her heart.

Zhao Feng had defeated the two instantly, and at that time, Zhao Feng’s cultivation was the same as theirs – only the early-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

The praise from the two came from the bottom of their hearts, but those nearby who heard them felt somewhat unhappy.

“Hmph, how can this brat be compared to Senior Martial Brother Yin?”

There were several super geniuses of the Golden Mountain Sect present who had reached the late and peak stages of the Small Origin Core Realm.

These super geniuses laughed coldly in their hearts.

Hearing them, Senior Martial Brother Yin Yuan smiled without saying anything.

Seeing that no one really believed them, the expressions of the pretty girl in white and the skinny male started to waver.

Zhao Feng, Yin Yuan, and some other geniuses then started to talk white they sipped tea.

“It seems as if Brother Yin has just broken through to the Great Origin Core Realm not long ago.”

Zhao Feng said nonchalantly.


Brother Yin was slightly surprised.

Zhao Feng just arrived at the Golden Mountain Sect, how did he know he only just broke through to the Great Origin Core Realm?

One had to know that, after half a month, he had consolidated his foundation, and his aura was concealed.

It was hard for those with lower cultivation to detect the cultivation of those higher than them.

“Everyone knows that Brother Yin broke through to the Great Origin Core Realm two months ago….”

A late-stage Small Origin Core Realm brown-haired male said faintly.

The brown-haired male wasn’t happy with how the Elders and Head disciples were treating Zhao Feng, who was only a measly middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

He ignored some details though. This was the first time that Zhao Feng had come to the Golden Mountain Sect and even seen Brother Yin, so how would he know anything about the latter’s situation?

Brother Yin, however, paid attention. If Zhao Feng could see that he had broken to the Great Origin Core Realm not long ago just from looking at him, then Zhao Feng definitely wasn’t simple.

“On the Golden Dragon Scaled s.h.i.+p, Zhao Feng’s strength was comparable to a half-step Void G.o.d Realm, and he was able to retreat unharmed.”

Colors appeared in the beauty in white’s eyes as she started to talk about what happened on the Golden Dragon Scaled s.h.i.+p.

In reality, none of them actually understood what happened on the Golden Dragon Scaled s.h.i.+p. They thought the reason they won was because of the three half-step Void G.o.d Realms, and all Zhao Feng did was stall.

After all, the other side consisted of three half-step Kings.

“Hahahaha! A Small Origin Core Realm fighting with a half-step King? No matter how I hear it, it seems to be just a story.”

The brown-haired male roared in laughter.

Indeed. A Small Origin Core Realm fighting a half-step King only appeared in stories or legends, even if they only managed to fight for a couple breaths.

Even Senior Martial Brother Yin couldn’t help but smile.

Everything these two were saying was too exaggerated.

Maybe the pretty girl in white just wanted to exaggerate Zhao Feng to raise his status.

“I saw it with my own eyes. If you don’t believe me, ask Elder Li!”

The pretty girl in white said angrily. She felt wronged. Everything she said was the truth. She witnessed it all with her own eyes, and instead of believing her, all of them had mockery on their faces.

If Elder Li was here, he would tell them the truth, but Elder Li wanted to give the juniors a chance to interact with each other, so he left.

The group obviously wouldn’t bother Elder Li for a small matter like this.

“Thanks for your help.”

Zhao Feng acted as if everything was normal, and he gave the skinny male and the beauty in white comforting looks.

After talking for a while, someone soon asked to spar.

“En, the once-every-five-hundred-years DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden will be opening soon. Even the Golden Mountain Sect only has five slots available. Apparently, the compet.i.tion for the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden is extremely fierce….”

Senior Martial Brother Yin nodded his head. He had just reached the Great Origin Core Realm, and he wanted to show off his skills at the once-every-five-hundred-years DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden.

Of course, one thing that the Sacred Land didn’t lack was geniuses. There were many people that even Brother Yin was wary of.

One person alone wasn’t enough in the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden.

“That’s right, everyone should spar with each other. This will help us in the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden. Of course, we can’t forget our guest.”

The brown-haired late-stage Small Origin Core Realm male’s gaze landed playfully on Zhao Feng. Because of the “bulls.h.i.+t” spoken by the beauty in white and the skinny male before, many disciples of the Golden Mountain Sect wanted to confront him.

“DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden?”

Zhao Feng revealed interest and didn’t take their battle-intent to heart.

“G.o.d” referred to the Heavenly Divine Realm, the highest level of cultivation in the Fan Universe. DemiG.o.d referred to the peak Mystic Light Realm – someone who was half a step into a G.o.d’s domain.

Even the Purple Night Sacred Lord at her peak didn’t have the right to be called a DemiG.o.d.

King of Gods Chapter 627 - Demigod Forgotten Garden

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