King of Gods Chapter 649

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Chapter 649 - Illusion G.o.d Wine

In the underground cellar of the Mermaid Divine Palace, the group from the Mystic True Sacred Clan was overfilled with joy. They suppressed their excitement as they looked at the mermaid fountain and the alcohol stored within the crystal cabinets.

"Are the legendary Immortal Springs Wine and Illusion G.o.d Wine here?"

Zhao Feng asked the Mermaid Princess.

The Mermaid Divine Palace was a forbidden area in the Mermaid Kingdom, so normal mermaids weren't allowed in. Only the Mermaid Princess of each era, who was talented in the Dao of the Soul and had the Mermaid Divine Palace's inheritance, could enter.


The Mermaid Princess replied confidently.

Hearing that, the hearts of everyone shook.

Thinking back to the past, the genius who had obtained the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion G.o.d Wine was able to break through to the Void G.o.d Realm within a couple years.

The Immortal Springs Wine could increase one's lifespan by a thousand years, and it could increase one's state of existence and cultivation. A thousand years was plenty of time for a normal Sovereign to comprehend the path to the Void G.o.d Realm.

The Illusion G.o.d Wine's effect was even more mysterious - it allowed one to enter a profound state and comprehend a higher intent.

With the Immortal Springs Wine, one had at least a 50% chance to reach the Void G.o.d Realm, but if they also had the Illusion G.o.d Wine, there was a 70% to reach the Void G.o.d Realm in the future.

If I obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion G.o.d Wine, reaching the Void G.o.d Realm will be easy.

Thinking up to there, their breathing rates quickened.

Right at this moment, the Mermaid Princess spoke, "The Immortal Springs Wine is in the mermaid fountain, but not all of the liquid is Immortal Springs Wine."

The Mermaid Princess paused.

Everyone saw that the mermaid carving had hundreds of holes.

"Only the liquid from the 'bottom part' is the true Immortal Springs Wine."

Speaking up to there, the Mermaid Princess's face went red, and everyone became slightly awkward. One of the female disciples also lowered her head with embarra.s.sment.

Zhao Feng looked closely and indeed saw that there was a stream of liquid different from the others shooting out from the part where the torso and tail connected.

"That's the Immortal Springs Wine?"

Two Core disciples couldn't contain their greed and closed in on the fountain.


The Mermaid Princess's warning was too late.

When the two Core disciples reached the mermaid fountain, their bodies started to sway, as if they were drunk.

"What a weird power. The fountain is a winery, and the air of alcohol will directly enter one's body and soul even if one doesn't breathe it in."

Zhao Feng clicked his tongue.

Such a strong alcohol was indeed worthy of being the DemiG.o.d's alcohol.

One had to know that the body and state of existence of a DemiG.o.d was countless times stronger than Sovereigns and Kings.

If a mortal drank a bottle, they would die, but if a large beast drank it, it wouldn't matter much.

Similarly, the body and alcohol tolerance of a DemiG.o.d had exceeded the limit of mortals.

"Even a DemiG.o.d will get drunk if they drink too much. Normal cultivators are unable to get close to the fountain. Even if they can, their consciousness will become drunk, so they won't be able to gather the alcohol."

The Mermaid Princess said.

Hearing that, the expressions of the people present started to become solemn.

The two Core disciples that had tried to get close were pulled back by Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan.

"Then what about the alcohol in the cabinets?"

Zhao Feng's eyes zoned in on the crystal cabinets.

The alcohol was stored within some pottery in the cabinets.

"The cabinets are sealed, so the smell of alcohol is weaker, but the cabinets are made from a unique material. Anyone below the Void G.o.d Realm will find it difficult to damage them, and it's extremely difficult to open their doors."

The Mermaid Princess replied.

The group fell into silence after hearing that.

Without a doubt, the Illusion G.o.d Wine was in the cabinets.

Zhao Feng tried controlling a ghost-corpse to close in on the fountain, but the sense of alcohol still extended into his soul.

"The power of the alcohol can enter the mental energy dimension."

Zhao Feng felt extremely troubled.

Even a robot-like ghost-corpse with no consciousness couldn't complete the task, which was because the ghost-corpse and owner were connected.

"Then how did that genius obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion G.o.d Wine?"

Chen Yilin asked.

"It's hard to find out what happened several thousand years ago, but the Mermaid Princess from back then fell into a deep sleep and died a couple years after the incident, losing a soul inheritance sacred treasure of the mermaids…."

The Mermaid Princess sighed and said.

The hearts of the group dropped.

It was obvious that the genius only succeeded last time because of luck.

It was already a miracle that they could reach this step themselves.

The group then tried everything they could think of.

No one could enter within twenty yards of the crystal fountain.

In the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden, the longest range of an attack from a peak Great Origin Core Realm was only twenty yards, and this distance was reduced by one-third in the depths of the lake. This meant that no one could use their True Yuan to grab the alcohol.

On the other side, it was even harder to try to open the cabinets.

Apart from Zhao Feng, everyone tried something and failed.

Zhao Feng didn't do anything. Instead, he looked at the alcohol within the cabinets with twinkling eyes.

Chen Yilin and company started to think.

They finally thought of an idea; throw someone across with a rope tied to them, then pull them back after they gathered some alcohol. The person obtaining the alcohol would face a smaller amount of time trapped within the air of alcohol.

"We can only send people over. If we use items, they'll just be washed away by the lake water."

Chen Yilin confirmed.

After all, they were underwater, and the crystal fountain and the cabinets were separate domains that could ignore the environment.

"That method is indeed possible. If you put all your soul-defending items onto the rope, that'll help increase the person's defense against the sense of alcohol. Since it'll only be for a second, they won't actually face that much of the alcohol domain.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

Teamwork was needed to obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the other alcohols.

"Hehe, according to our deal before, we'll split all the rewards before the palace 70-30, but after entering the palace, it'll depend on our own abilities."

Chen Yilin suddenly smiled, and Zhao Feng didn't reject. The rewards they had gathered earlier relied mostly on his army, but his army couldn't be used in here.


A Core disciple was thrown into the crystal fountain.

The person responsible for throwing was Jiang Fan since his body was the strongest aside from Zhao Feng.

On their first try, the Core disciple was thrown below the mermaid carving, but it wasn't precise enough, so they only managed to obtain a tiny amount of liquid before being pulled back.


That disciple couldn't stand properly, so they were unable to go a second time.

"En, I'll throw it better the second time."

Jiang Fan was confident.

"Let me try."

Chen Yilin smiled. His cultivation was the highest here, and his bloodline and body weren't simple.


Chen Yilin was thrown below the private part of the mermaid carving.

In that instant, as he was inundated by the air of alcohol, Chen Yilin used a bottle and managed to gather a mouthful of Immortal Springs Wine.


Chen Yilin was pulled back and put the bottle away.

The amount he had taken just now wasn't much.

"I need to rest. Use someone else."

Even Chen Yilin felt somewhat drunk, and his mind wasn't as clear as usual.

In reality, he could've gone again, but out of cautiousness, Chen Yilin decided to keep a clear head in case something happened.

"Brother Zhao, if you work with the Mermaid Princess, you can also try."

Chen Yilin glanced at Zhao Feng and felt it was strange that Zhao Feng wasn't doing anything.

It also put him slightly on guard.


The Mermaid Princess uneasily awaited orders.

As long as Zhao Feng said so, she was willing to cooperate and help obtain the Immortal Springs Wine.

"Let's get the Illusion G.o.d Wine first."

Zhao Feng said after a while.

His state of existence and body were already extremely close to the King level; thus, it was more important to acquire the intent of a King.

His first goal was the Illusion G.o.d Wine, then the Immortal Springs Wine.

Illusion G.o.d Wine?

Chen Yilin cracked a smile. That alcohol was stored within the cabinets, and it wasn't easy to open them. Even if he did manage to open them, the air of alcohol could possibly make him fall into an eternal sleep.

"Master, the Illusion G.o.d Wine is in the purple-colored cup in the very center."

The Mermaid Princess said.

No one knew more about the Mermaid Divine Palace than her.


Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Thinking up to there, his left eye locked on to the purple-colored cup.

At this moment, Chen Yilin and company had gathered another mouthful of Immortal Springs Wine.

Jiang Fan and company all looked curiously toward Zhao Feng. What kind of method would Zhao Feng use to obtain the Illusion G.o.d Wine?


A stealthy whirlpool of eye-bloodline power covered the purple-colored cup.


The hearts of Chen Yilin and company jumped.

"Is that a spatial eye-bloodline technique?"

The Core disciples present were all extremely knowledgeable.

Zhao Feng's heart suddenly shook as a crus.h.i.+ng pressure descended upon his soul.

The cabinet contained a magnificent intent, which made Zhao Feng's attempt end in failure.

I used Spatial Movement, but it wasn't able to transport the target.

Zhao Feng knew that it was because the cabinet and the cup itself contained the intent of a DemiG.o.d.

The DemiG.o.d intent also enveloped the entire DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden. It was the lord of the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden.

"Zhe zhe, as expected of the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden; that crystal cabinet has the ability to stop spatial techniques."

"The DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden has existed for such a long time, and there have been many geniuses over the years that specialized in spatial laws, such as Nan Gongsheng."

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company weren't surprised. They were gloating instead.

"Let's try again."

Zhao Feng didn't give up so easily. He started to think. The intent just now seemed to have come directly from the cabinet and the cup.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on his shoulder and waved its cat paws.


Zhao Feng understood the little thieving cat's meaning.

"Spatial Movement!"

Zhao Feng's left eye locked on to the little thieving cat.

A stealthy whirlpool instantly covered the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat disappeared, and the eyes of Chen Yilin and company bulged.

In the next instant:


The little thieving cat appeared in the cabinet, right next to the Illusion G.o.d Wine, and gulped it down in one mouthful.

King of Gods Chapter 649

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