King of Gods Chapter 708

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Chapter 708 - Gaze of Death

Wen Luoan and the Yin Yang Lord obviously weren't so arrogant that they believed they could keep an Emperor behind, even if he was severely injured.

Emperor Mu Yun was full of anger and had nowhere to release it. He licked his lips and looked at the Wen Luoan, the Yin Yang Lord, and all the Death Guards on the s.h.i.+p with a cruel smile. He felt that there was a familiar feeling to them, as if he knew about them from somewhere.

"This person has traces of Zhao Feng. We must keep him behind," Wen Luoan and the Yin Yang Lord looked at each other.

After being hit by Zhao Feng's Void s.p.a.ce Eye Slash, there was a trace of the Intent of Death on Emperor Mu Yun due to the large amount of soul-power used.

The two exchanged glances and instantly knew what to do.

Shua! Shua!

They both took out a unique Token of Death at the same time. The tokens were as black as ink, and an ancient character of Death was written on it. Both released an aura of Death that went straight to the soul.

Emperor Mu Yun felt his soul go cold, and he became uneasy. An Intent of Death radiated from the tokens and locked on to Emperor Mu Yun.

"Those tokens, could it be…?" Emperor Mu Yun seemed to think of something, and his expression changed dramatically.

The next instant, a shocking scene appeared.


A pitch-black eye appeared from the center of the two tokens and sparkled with a white light, as if connecting to the world of Death.

"Eye of Death!" Emperor Mu Yun exclaimed; what he thought was correct.

At this moment, the power of the Eye of Death poured out of Wen Luoan's and the Yin Yang Lord's Tokens of Death, and it was dozens of times stronger than when it was in the Purple Saint Ruins. This was due to the difference in quality; last time the Eye of Death appeared, it came from the Token of Death itself since Death Intent could be stored in it and release, whereas this time, Wen Luoan and the Yin Yang Lord used it as a direct connection to the Emperor of Death's Eye of Death.

Emperor Mu Yun felt his heart tremble, as if he couldn't control his own life. However, being a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor, he didn't retreat. On paper, the Emperor of Death had the same cultivation as him, but the latter was an ancient Emperor as well as the descendant of the G.o.d Eye of Death.

"Hmph! Emperor of Death, I might be wary of you if you came personally, but it's only your Eye of Death travelling across s.p.a.ce," Emperor Mu Yun laughed coldly, and his soul almost started to burn as it formed a powerful Intent.

Wen Luoan and the Yin Yang Lord both felt unable to breathe, and their souls started to tremble, but luckily the Tokens of Death in their hands gave them confidence and a type of protection.


The two Tokens of Death suddenly shattered, and a pair of Eyes of Death appeared in the air. The eyes were dark like an abyss, and they were similar to Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven.

"Gaze of Death!"


A voice sounded in the soul-dimension, and the Eyes of Death quietly looked at Emperor Mu Yun as if they were part of the Heavenly Dao.

"What…!?" Emperor Mu Yun felt his soul become restricted, and he was no longer able to control it. His lifeforce was frozen, and he was unable to move.

In the air above, the pair of Eyes of Death started to spin.

"Impossible!" Emperor Mu Yun roared as he struggled. However, after the fight not long ago, his Little World was broken and he was injured, leaving him with only 50-60% of his strength remaining.

King of Gods Chapter 708

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