King of Gods Chapter 711

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Chapter 711 - Heaven's Legacy Civilization

Zhao Feng controlled the Demonic h.e.l.l Vine King and made it open up a path in the dark green vines, but the lifeforce and recovery speed of the dark green vines were extremely strong, so the progress wasn't fast.

Miao miao!

An array flag appeared in the little thieving cat's paws as it set up the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. Pairs of red eyes appeared within dark gray smoke, and the mental energy power radiating from them could make anyone's hairs stand up.

The appearance of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array quickened the progress. The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array could absorb the essence and lifeforce of any beings, and its power of hatred made the nearby dark green vines wither even more quickly.

The aura of the dark red eyes inside the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array started to become stronger.

"The dark green vines are a high quality and have strong lifeforce. It's really helpful to the array."

Zhao Feng was happy.

For every couple dozen meters of dark green vines that were engulfed, it was the same as devouring a Sovereign Lord Rank.

The cultivation of the ghost-corpses within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array were steadily rising, and after pus.h.i.+ng forward dozens of miles, most of the ghost-corpses had reached the middle-stage Small Origin Core Realm, while a small number had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

The child DemiG.o.d clicked his tongue as he watched. The dark green vines were an ancient plant that was extremely resilient against physical attacks, but they were heavily countered by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and the Demonic h.e.l.l Vines.

As they progressed forward, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array devoured vines in the number of thousands, and its aura became more chaotic. At this moment, when all one hundred pairs of red eyes glared together, they could generate a surge of mental energy strong enough to suppress the Intent of normal Kings.

Half a day later, the Demonic h.e.l.l Vines and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array managed to push forward about two hundred miles. All of the cursed ghost-corpses had reached the cultivation of the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, and a small number of them had reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm. The deadly power from the smoke was enough to make normal Kings avoid it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat looked forward with excitement. The dark green vines seemed to have reached the end, and a brilliant glow of green appeared.

"We've reached the source of green light."

Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d revealed joyful expressions.

A brilliant green barrier appeared in sight after the limitless vines. The green barrier was enormous, and an ancient metal castle stronghold could be seen. The green barrier prevented the water from entering, and there were weird structures around the ancient castle. Tall towers, mysterious star-gazing buildings, a calm fountain…. All of it seemed as if it wasn't from this era.

Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d both felt their hearts shake as an old and ancient aura came from the world of metal.

"These buildings all come from a supreme race. Could it be…?" the child DemiG.o.d had his own guesses.

The world of metal was enormous.

"It seems to be the Heaven's Legacy Race."

Zhao Feng remembered the description of a certain race from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races Ranking book. Amongst them, the Heaven's Legacy Race that was ranked 3rd had created a glorious civilization. Their inheritances and secret realms were spread across the entire Fan Universe.

The reason he guessed it was the Heaven's Legacy Race was because there was information regarding them among the legends of the Pirate Emperor. Apparently, the Pirate Emperor had once found a secret realm of the Heaven's Legacy Race.

The human, child, and cat slowly walked toward the green barrier. The green barrier blocked all the water and beings from the outside world.

Although Zhao Feng and company might have the strength to pa.s.s through, they didn't dare to make any rash movements. The Heaven's Legacy Race was ranked in the top three of legendary races.

King of Gods Chapter 711

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