King of Gods Chapter 744

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Chapter 744 - Pursuit of Death (7)

Zhao Feng arrived at the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land several hours later.

He didn't conceal his King aura, and his wings created a windstorm as he flew. All the elites in the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land were stunned by Zhao Feng's aura, and some of them recognized him.


Zhao Feng's wings fluttered as he landed on a Pirate King's s.h.i.+p.

"Zhao Feng, it's you…!"

The Pirate King was a recent addition who had a bald head. Zhao Feng didn't know him, but the bald King recognized Zhao Feng. He had personally witnessed Zhao Feng's strength in the Pirate Emperor's Inheritance Sacred Land and how he single-handedly decided who got to be the Emperor.

"Where is the Cold Moon Emperor?" although Zhao Feng didn't know him, that didn't stop him from asking about the Cold Moon Emperor's location.

The bald King felt the aura radiating from Zhao Feng and replied respectfully. Under the guidance of the bald King, Zhao Feng flew in a certain direction.

An hour later, Zhao Feng closed in on a large castle formed of several s.h.i.+ps. It was like a small island, and various trees, buildings, and bridges could be seen on it.

After the new Pirate Emperor was crowned, the pirates forged this castle, which was named the Pirate Emperor Imperial Court. The ruler of the Pirate Emperor Imperial Court was obviously the Pirate Emperor - the Cold Moon Emperor.

Zhao Feng's arrival made the Pirate Emperor Imperial Court break out into discussion. Not only did Zhao Feng's aura surpa.s.s most Kings, most of the upper echelon pirates knew him.

Zhao Feng was soon greeted by several Pirate Kings, including the male with golden hair and the one with a long beard.

"Zhao Feng, you actually have time to come to the Pirate Emperor Imperial Court?" a bright voice sounded as a flawless silver-clad female appeared, and she was covered in Imperial Power as she appeared in front of Zhao Feng. She had a perfect body and a crown on her head. On her back was a sword and blade.

The Cold Moon Emperor was surrounded by moonlight as she smiled at Zhao Feng. After a few words of greeting, Zhao Feng suggested that they talk privately, and this action caused many pirates to be envious as the Cold Moon Emperor agreed without hesitation. Furthermore, the serious and stoic Cold Moon Emperor started to smile when she saw Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of lightning and flew through the air under a surge of Emperor Intent.

"Emperor Intent!"

The upper echelon pirates in the Pirate Emperor Imperial Court exclaimed; they were dumbfounded.

Surprise and admiration appeared in the Cold Moon Emperor's eyes. She had to admit that Zhao Feng's growth was faster than expected. No wonder he wasn't interested in the Pirate Emperor's throne.

A while later, Zhao Feng and the Cold Moon Emperor were floating in a spot over the limitless ocean that was within direct view of the sunlight, and this place could even destroy the souls and bodies of normal Kings.

"Zhao Feng, you didn't come here just to visit, right?" the Cold Moon Emperor asked. In her mind, Zhao Feng was a cultivation-maniac and wasn't interested in status.

Without any hesitation, Zhao Feng told her why he came. During this process, shock appeared on the Cold Moon Emperor's face, and her expression changed dramatically. It wasn't just because of the Emperor of Death's fame, it was also because Zhao Feng could clash with the Emperor of Death head-on and still survive for so long.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I was a fast runner, I would be dead already… but now that we've become stronger, it's not impossible for us to defeat the Emperor of Death!"

Flames of battle-intent appeared in Zhao Feng's eyes. This battle-intent also contained his fury - Zhao Feng had never been so humiliated ever since he started cultivating.

"Zhao Feng, I owe you a favor and will give it my all. I can't be sure that we'll win, but I believe that we can at least hold our ground," the Cold Moon Emperor said decisively. If it weren't for Zhao Feng's help, she never would have been able to obtain the throne of the Pirate Emperor and became a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor.

The Cold Moon Emperor's voice contained a surge of confidence. Zhao Feng knew that the Cold Moon Emperor was the new Pirate Emperor, meaning she would be protected by the Pirate Sacred Land. The crown on her head allowed her to not fear any Emperor for the next decade, but she also couldn't leave the Pirate Sacred Land for ten years - this protection was only limited to the Pirate Sacred Land.

This was all planned out by the first Pirate Emperor in the Heaven's Legacy secret realm. It was because of this that the throne could be pa.s.sed down for so long.

Later that day, Zhao Feng entered an enormous desolate canyon similar to the Eight Desolate Mountain. The environment here was bad, and the entire place was covered by a storm. Some other canyons had various mortals and descendants of some pirates, but almost no one lived in this canyon. The reason he chose this place was to make sure no innocents would be harmed in the coming fight.

"Zhao Feng, rest here for now. If you need anything, just tell me," the Cold Moon Emperor left behind a communication token in the shape of a half-moon.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and entered seclusion with the child DemiG.o.d. After fighting multiple times, both their cultivations had increased, and they had replenished their resources at the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace earlier.

I've absorbed more than two hundred wisps of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning now.

More than two hundred symbols of lightning could be seen in his purple Soul Sea, and they all radiated an immortal and undying aura. There wasn't just an increase in quant.i.ty; these symbols were more condensed than before as well.

Zhao Feng's comprehension of the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning had reached 50-60%, and he had now merged in more than twice as much G.o.d Tribulation Intent into it.


A layer of delicate scales appeared around Zhao Feng's body, and the aura of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline became stronger. The increase in cultivation and body-strength could also make one's bloodline stronger and increase its potential.

Normal bloodlines would reach their limit at the Sovereign Lord rank or the King rank, but for a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, the Origin Core Realm was just a start. Even the King level was only considered to be a "childhood" stage.

Over the past couple days, the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline and the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye bloodline were growing stronger and awakening even more. Zhao Feng realized that this wasn't just because of his cultivation - the fruit from the Ancient Dream Realm also played a part. One could see how effective these fruits were by looking at how the child DemiG.o.d wanted them so badly.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng ate another fruit.

"There's only fifteen left…."

There were fewer and fewer fruits on the tree, and five of them only just formed and wouldn't ripen until several years later.

In the blink of an eye, the majority of a month pa.s.sed by, and Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d used all their time on cultivating. After eating three fruits and utilizing a group of treasures, Zhao Feng's cultivation finally broke through.

"Middle stages of the Void G.o.d Realm!"

Zhao Feng's True Yuan Dimension glittered with scarlet and gold. The size of it had doubled in comparison to the early stages of the Void G.o.d Realm. This meant that Zhao Feng's foundation and base were much stronger, allowing him to fight long battles with Emperors with the a.s.sistance of his Emperor Intent and Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline that gave him a fast recovery speed.

The child DemiG.o.d ate a total of five fruits, and his strength recovered quickly. His Golden Kun Sacred Body had reached the early stages of the fifth level, and he could almost challenge Emperors with his physical body alone. In terms of cultivation, he was also close to the middle stages of the Void G.o.d Realm.

The two had become a lot stronger.

One day, the Cold Moon Emperor led two Peak-tier Kings to this desolate place.

Ever since the Pirate Emperor Inheritance, the strength of the older Pirate Kings had increased dramatically. The two Peak-tier Kings were the Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King.

As one of the three major figurehead pirates in the past, the Giant Shark King's shark bloodline and physical body were extremely strong, and he had played a big role in fighting Emperor Mu Yun. After the Pirate Emperor Inheritance, he had become stronger.

The Ghost Scaled King was a Domain-level King that survived the battle with Emperor Mu Yun. He not only had a high-cla.s.s fish bloodline, he also had a Ghost Spiritual Body.

"Zhao Feng, the Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King are both willing to help you face the Emperor of Death," the Cold Moon Emperor smiled and said.

Zhao Feng could see that these two Peak-tier Kings were confident in themselves. Their strength was greater than others of the same cultivation, and when they teamed up, they could fight against normal Emperors, especially since their bloodlines were unique.

"Zhao Feng, I didn't think that we'd be working together one day," the Giant Shark King laughed.

Both of the Peak-tier Kings knew about the terrifying potential and growth of Zhao Feng's Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline. Furthermore, Zhao Feng even fought the Emperor of Death before and still managed to escape.

They believed that they would be able to block the Emperor of Death here with their combined strength. In addition, the Pirate Sacred Land was their territory. Even if they couldn't defeat the Emperor of Death, they would receive Zhao Feng's friends.h.i.+p and grat.i.tude.

From this day onward, the Cold Moon Emperor and the two Peak-tier Kings started to live here as well.

Zhao Feng and the child DemiG.o.d still quietly cultivated, and their auras made the two Kings click their tongues.

Three days later, with the help of a continuous stream of resources, the child DemiG.o.d had recovered to the middle stages of the Void G.o.d Realm, and his Sacred Body now exerted a crus.h.i.+ng pressure.

The Cold Moon Emperor, Zhao Feng, the child DemiG.o.d, and two Peak-tier Kings - a total of five experts gathered together, and Zhao Feng felt that the Emperor of Death would arrive soon.

At the same moment, a stealthy middle-aged male wearing a crown appeared around the edge of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land.


A lotus appeared in the Emperor of Death's hand and quickly expanded. On the lotus was a white-eyed little girl.

"Zhao Feng's at the Pirate Sacred Land…. This battle will be the turning point of destiny," the white-eyed little girl slowly raised her hand.


A picture appeared in the air and depicted a fight. The person in the very middle was the Emperor of Death, who was being attacked by several people on all sides.

Incredibly, these images kept on changing. It was obvious that the little girl's Eye of Destiny had been awakened further over the last couple years.

The last picture at the end was the Emperor of Death and Zhao Feng facing one another, and each of them had a blurry-but-terrifying image behind their backs.

"How is this possible…? These people force me to use the Shadow of the Death G.o.d!?" the Emperor of Death couldn't help but exclaim.

King of Gods Chapter 744

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