King of Gods Chapter 754

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Chapter 754 - Reappearance of the Overwhelming Prodigy

"Skeletal Division Leader, when I arrived at the Azure Flower Continent, I felt that the forces of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion are starting to reawaken," Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled. Even if he didn't purposely spread his Divine Sense, he could feel the change in aura of the Azure Flower Continent due to his Void G.o.d Realm cultivation.


A transparent scarlet token appeared in the skeletal Division Leader's hand, and it extended its senses into the token.

"Master, in just the Western Continent alone, I feel many experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion's upper echelon."

The skeletal Division Leader was surprised. It admired Zhao Feng from the bottom of its heart. If it had to choose between the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion or Zhao Feng, the skeletal Division Leader would definitely choose Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was silent for a moment before speaking, "I'll leave the task of 'collecting' the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion to you."

"Understood, Master."

The skeletal Division Leader was full of excitement and surprise as it bowed. It was obvious that Zhao Feng wanted it to take control of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and turn their forces into its own. Instead of killing everyone, it was better to make them subordinates.

In reality, the reason Zhao Feng came back was just to find the Sage to answer his questions. As for the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, it was just "on the way," so he gave it to the skeletal Division Leader. Besides, Zhao Feng didn't want to attack as much as possible since it would increase the rate of his withering.

Over the past few days, Zhao Feng learned a bit about the characteristics of the Cursed Words of Death. What weakened wasn't only his cultivation; his body, soul, and even his lifespan were decreasing.

Of course, there were still things that the Cursed Words of Death couldn't erode.

The first was the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye. Although the strength of his eye-bloodline power was weakening, the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye itself was just being blocked by the Cursed Words of Death, including the whirlpool in the dimension of his left eye that was connected to the Ancient Dream Realm.

The second thing was the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. The Cursed Words of Death was unable to erode the area where the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning was stored.

It could be said that these two places were forbidden zones in Zhao Feng's body. Apart from them, even Zhao Feng's Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline wasn't able to avoid the withering. At best, it only had stronger resistance.

If it wasn't for this, I could've found a quiet place to re-cultivate with the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body already, Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Shua! Shua!

The perfected version of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique appeared in his mind.

Zhao Feng had almost completely finished cultivating the Wind Lightning Inheritance. The limit of the original Wind Lightning Inheritance was at the level of an Emperor. There was a slight chance to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, but after that, it would definitely be the end. On the other hand, the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had been created by fusing several ancient skills that could be cultivated to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

Skills that were able to be cultivated to the Heavenly Divine Realm were already extremely rare, and these two were a pair that complemented each other - the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was used to train the Sacred Lightning Body.

However, the problem was that Zhao Feng had already cultivated the Wind Lightning Inheritance, which was very different from the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. In order to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng needed to restart his cultivation from the beginning.

According to his original plan, after finally dealing with the Pursuit of Death, Zhao Feng would immediately find somewhere quiet and restart his cultivation. After all, the Wind Lightning Inheritance had reached its limit, and the other two skills had far more potential.

At most, Zhao Feng would only need ten years to recover his strength, but he never expected that the Emperor of Death would use the skill Cursed Words of Death. Once the user activated it, they would die, but the target would be unable to avoid it and they would die as well.

Right now, Zhao Feng was worried that the Cursed Words of Death would accompany him even if he started to re-cultivate.

"Master, I sense that the upper echelon of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion is doing something big in the northeastern direction," the skeletal Division Leader's voice broke Zhao Feng's train of thought.

"Let's go," Zhao Feng didn't hesitate at all. He wanted to head to the Northern Continent anyway.

The skeletal Division Leader led the way at the front as they flew toward the northeastern direction.

A while later, the two arrived at their destination. Below them, a huge battle was ongoing in the middle of a mine.

"Zhe zhe, cunning rabbits and helpers of the Sacred Alliance, you have finally fallen into the net of the great Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion."

Three upper echelon members of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were floating in mid-air. The one in the middle was an elder with a pair of bat wings behind his back, and he had a very smug expression on his face. On his left and right were a Sovereign in black robes and a female with a pale face respectively. They looked down from above and unleashed a barrage of attacks as several hundred elites of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion surrounded a one-hundred-mile radius.

"It's one of the four Protectors of the religion - the Bat King," the skeletal Division Leader revealed a weird expression. It also knew the male Sovereign in black - he was another Division Leader. The skeletal Division Leader didn't know the female; she might be new.

On the other side, a giant middle-aged male at the half-step Origin Core Realm and a Sovereign wielding a sword were in a difficult battle. The Sovereign with the sword had extremely strong attacks, and his battle-power was close to the peak Small Origin Core Realm, but he was the only Sovereign on their side.

Mystic Sword Sovereign, Zhao Feng immediately recognized this Sovereign's ident.i.ty.

He had a strong impression of the Mystic Sword Sovereign. It was the Mystic Sword Sovereign that had taken away the Seven Sword Incomplete Manual, and he was one of the nine Sovereigns at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

"Mystic Sword Sovereign, it is my, s.h.i.+ Yuntian's, fault. Even if I die, I will fight a path for you to escape."

A layer of stone skin condensed around the giant middle-aged male. Although he was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm, his bloodline and physical body were extremely strong, so he could block basic attacks.

Zhao Feng somehow felt that this male looked familiar.

"Father, if you die, then we'll die together!" a large youth in the crowd made the elites of the Demonic Religion cough out blood,

"Indeed worthy of being one of the Overwhelming Prodigies of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering."

"Everyone, watch out for his gravity field!"

Several True Lord Ranks of the Demonic Religion were attacking the large youth.

s.h.i.+ Chengtian! Zhao Feng's eyes landed on the youth.

s.h.i.+ Yuntian? s.h.i.+ Chengtian? Zhao Feng instantly understood; the middle-aged male was s.h.i.+ Chengtian's father.

s.h.i.+ Chengtian's cultivation had reached the peak True Lord Rank, and his battle-power was comparable to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

"There's no use. They have three Sovereigns, and one of them is one of the four great Protectors of the Demonic Religion - the Bat King," the Mystic Sword Sovereign smiled bitterly.

Not only had the Bat King reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm, his bloodline was also extremely unique, and he was famous for his speed. No one present would be able to escape from the Bat King.

Even now, the Bat King was just floating in the sky without attacking. Just two Sovereigns and a group of elites from the Demonic Religion were already suppressing the Mystic Sword Sovereign and those from the s.h.i.+ Family.

"Hmm? Which upper echelon member of the Sacred Religion is here?" the Bat King suddenly sensed something and turned his gaze toward the clouds.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Two figures floated down from the clouds. It was a silver-white skeleton and an expressionless purple-haired youth.

"Division Leader Yougu!"

"Hmm? Division Leader Yougu, haven't you been missing for the last couple years?"

The Bat King and the black-robed Sovereign recognized the skeletal Division Leader's ident.i.ty even though it looked slightly different.

"Another Sovereign from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has arrived," the hearts of the Mystic Sword Sovereign and the s.h.i.+ family experts shook.

"Zhao… Zhao Feng!" s.h.i.+ Chengtian who was fighting saw Zhao Feng from the corner of his eyes and almost fell over. Zhao Feng was standing right next to an upper echelon member of the Demonic Religion and seemed to be extremely familiar with it.

"Zhao Feng… you joined the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion!?" s.h.i.+ Chengtian roared.

"Zhao Feng…!" the Mystic Sword Sovereign exclaimed. Of course he remembered the bright star of the Sacred Alliance. In his mind, Zhao Feng was still the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion, but no news of him had been heard over the past few years. Why would such a prodigy join the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion?

"Zhao Feng? The overwhelming prodigy from the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering?"

"Zhe zhe, Division Leader Yougu, you actually managed to get a genius with limitless potential to join us?"

Those from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had weird expressions.

At this moment, the battle paused. The descent of another Sovereign from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion instantly tipped the balance and made the Mystic Sword Sovereign and the s.h.i.+ family fall into despair. Furthermore, an overwhelming prodigy joining the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion shocked them as well.

"Bat King," the skeletal Division Leader's voice was cold, "I've come this time under orders from Master to take control of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion." After saying this, it bowed and raised its hand toward the purple-haired youth next to him.

"What 'Master'!?"

"Take control of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? Division Leader Yougu, have you eaten the wrong medicine!?"

The Bat King and company were stunned, and they roared in anger.

The Mystic Sword Sovereign, s.h.i.+ Chengtian, and company were all puzzled and dazed. What… was going on? Could the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion be having internal problems? Were they about to start fighting amongst themselves? Of course, they were happy to see this, and they had time to breathe.

"Hmph," the skeletal Division Leader snickered coldly as its bones released an overwhelming power.


The Bat King and the other two upper echelons felt a ma.s.sive pressure on their bones and blood, as if they were about to shatter at any moment.


The Bat King at the very front spat out a mouthful of blood.

Plop! Plop!

The other two Sovereigns felt their bones break, and they fell to the ground.

"Division Leader Yougu, you…!" the Bat King's face was pure red, and he felt unable to breathe as he looked at the skeletal Division Leader in shock.

Both friend and foe alike were dead-silent. One could hear a pin drop. This sudden change confused everybody, and they didn't know what to do.

An indescribable force started to radiate from the skeletal Division Leader, and both friend and foe alike felt extremely pressured. Anyone below the Origin Core Realm wasn't even able to breathe.

"Sovereign… Sovereign Lord!!" the Bat King was stunned as he was forced onto the ground by the pressure.

"The number of Sovereign Lords in the entire Azure Flower Continent doesn't exceed five people," the Mystic Sword Sovereign took in a cold breath, and instinct told him that the skeletal Division Leader wasn't just a simple Sovereign Lord rank. The Mystic Sword Sovereign had seen Sovereign Lords before, but the pressure he felt from them was nowhere near as strong as what he felt from the skeletal Division Leader.

"Master, what should I do with these people?" after using unrivalled strength to suppress everyone present, the skeletal Division Leader respectfully asked Zhao Feng.

King of Gods Chapter 754

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