King of Gods Chapter 770

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Chapter 770 - Lord Dynasty Mission

Huang Yunhu's defeat made the present Central disciples unable to accept reality, especially those who knew Zhao Feng.

Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong's eyes locked on to Zhao Feng with shock and suspicion. She felt that this current Zhao Feng was different than the one from before in terms of both strength and aura. As if sensing her gaze, the handsome Zhao Feng smiled and locked eyes with Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong.

Zhao Feng wasn't just handsome; he also contained an indescribable confidence. His charm could make the hearts of most females speed up.

When their eyes met, Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong's heart started to thump. The pair of mysterious eyes seemed to contain a soul-attracting charm, and she fell into them. Her face started to go red, and she lowered her head in embarra.s.sment.

She was unable to accept this. She was usually quiet and calm - when had she ever acted like this before? However, that youth left an image in her heart and gave her a different feeling.

Zhao Feng smiled and took back his gaze. Just now, he used a "heart-controlling technique" on Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong in order to resolve her suspicions and increase her good will toward him. This meant that Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong wouldn't be suspicious of him for the moment. At the least, she wouldn't think of the worst situation.

Zhao Feng didn't want to kill her because she became too suspicious. The heart-controlling technique could solve many small matters for Zhao Feng.

Apart from Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong, there aren't many people in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan who knew Zhao Feng very well, Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The Zhao Feng from before was an extreme loner, and not many people knew him well. This meant that his rise in the future wouldn't attract too much suspicion. After all, there were too many geniuses who met fortune.

"Huang Yunhu, you've already lost - take back the Two-Headed Lightning Bird."

Zhao Feng's gaze turned to the sky. The Two-Headed Lightning Bird and the Yinming Bird were still fighting, and the latter would lose if time dragged on since its cultivation was weaker.

Right as this moment, a surge of King Intent pa.s.sed through the air and forced the token in Huang Yunhu's hand to glow. The Two-Headed Lightning Bird disappeared with a flash of lightning.

Only a small number of people present were able to sense the King Intent, including Zhao Feng.

The King Intent landed on Zhao Feng for a short while. At the same moment in time, within a King's palace in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

"That brat's technique is extremely mystical, and he has a weird aura. If he doesn't have a master, then he must've met great fortune," King Lu Yun murmured as he started to pay attention to Zhao Feng. If he performed well in the next half a year, King Lu Yun would consider taking him in as a Core disciple.


The Yinming Bird took Zhao Feng and flew away.

"This Zhao Feng's strength increased dramatically in the past couple months."

"He definitely has some sort of secret fortune on him."

The disciples below started to discuss.

Huang Yunhu's expression was ugly as he struggled to stand up. w.a.n.g Yuan, Senior Martial Brother Guang, and company quickly helped him up.

"I didn't expect this Zhao Feng to obtain good fortune and become this much stronger. The clan's missions won't pose much of a threat to him," Senior Martial Brother Guang's expression kept on flickering. Zhao Feng's true strength had exceeded his expectations.

I need to tell the Yin family quickly or else Zhao Feng will become a big threat, Senior Martial Brother Guang quickly decided.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng sat on the Yinming Bird and arrived at the Hall of Missions.

Since he hadn't completed any missions in three months, he needed to do three, but he didn't put them in his eyes. He was preparing to grind some missions, including the extremely difficult ones, in order to gather resources and contribution points.

Within a side hall:

"Zhao Feng, as you haven't completed any missions for three months, I will distribute the missions to you," a sharp-eyed Regulator said coldly.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless as he awaited the distribution. The next three missions were punishments, so he had no power to choose which ones he wanted. On top of that, there would be no rewards for completing them.

Zhao Feng soon received his first mission. The task was to kill Mud Poison Lizards and gather twenty Mud Poison Hearts.

The Mud Poison Lizards weren't very strong. A True Human Rank could easily kill many at once, but Zhao Feng soon saw the difficulty of this mission; Mud Poison Lizards lived in hordes and were counted by the hundreds. There was also a Lizard King in every group whose strength was comparable to the True Lord Rank. Furthermore, these lizards lived in the depths of the swamp where Zhao Feng's Yinming Bird couldn't do much.

It was obvious that this mission was to purposely trouble Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng accepted the mission expressionlessly and then sat on the Yinming Bird, which reached a swamp after four hours of flying.

An hour later, Zhao Feng had gathered a thousand Mud Poison Hearts. On top of that, he had tamed two True Lord Rank Mud Poison Lizard Kings.

Mud Poison Lizard Kings were resilient against poison, and they even had a unique ability that could petrify other beings. Its defense was also extremely strong.

Zhao Feng exchanged the thousand Mud Poison Hearts for contribution points and auctioned the two Mud Poison Lizard Kings in the market. The price of already-tamed beasts could go for as much as a dozen times higher than normal beasts.

"The second mission."

Zhao Feng then awaited the second distributed task.

The Regulator with a dark face was surprised, then he gave the second mission to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he read the contents of the mission. This mission was a team task, and it was slightly more difficult.

On the second day, in front of the Hall of Missions:

"Is everyone ready?" a drunken old man at the Origin Core Realm inspected Zhao Feng and a dozen more people.

The leader was an expert at the Origin Core Realm. From this, one could see that this mission wasn't too easy.

Zhao Feng's gaze scanned over the group and saw that most of them had bad att.i.tudes. They were all people that hadn't completed any missions either and were grouped together. Zhao Feng lost confidence when he saw this group of drunkards.

"I'll be leaving first," Zhao Feng decided to work alone.

"Brat, you don't even know the specifics of the mission, how are you going to do it yourself?" the Origin Core Realm leader mocked. Being the leader, he held all the important information.

Miao miao!

Right at this moment, a little silver-gray cat grabbed a scroll and landed on Zhao Feng.

"Ah! My mission scroll!" the Origin Core Realm leader instantly became much more clear-minded and roared in anger.

However, Zhao Feng was already sitting on the Yinming Bird, and the group could only look at him fly away. The cursing and swearing of the group caused many other people nearby to look over.

"The second mission is to destroy a rising group of bandits in the northern mountains of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Apparently, the leader broke through to the Origin Core Realm half a year ago and is now a great threat," Zhao Feng summarized to himself.

The mission scroll included the location and strengths of the bandits.

Several hours later, the Yinming Bird arrived at the place. Zhao Feng scanned his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye around several thousand miles.

Screams soon sounded from an underground palace, and a bloodthirsty Yinming Bird left the tattered palace. In just the time it took half an incense stick to burn, Zhao Feng had plundered the entire stronghold and taken the bandits' heads.

Back in the Hall of Missions:

"The second mission is complete," Zhao Feng handed over the heads to the Regulator.

"I heard that you left the group and completed the mission on your own?" the Regulator had a weird expression as he triple-checked Zhao Feng had indeed completed the task and that the heads were real.

To prevent others from troubling him, Zhao Feng had even recorded the process of destroying the hideout. The Regulator was speechless.

"I'm sorry, but the third mission is also a team task," a playful smile appeared on the Regulator's face as he opened a scroll.

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes.

"But don't worry. This mission is more unique, and the members are not trash like the ones from before," the Regulator added.

Unique mission? Zhao Feng took over the scroll and read it. This mission wasn't much of a secret.

"Unique mission: Destroy the lord dynasty of the natives. Contents: In the southwestern region of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, a new lord dynasty has appeared and is humiliating the power of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty…."

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a cold breath when he saw the contents.

The members were all extremely strong. The leader and deputy leader were both at the Great Origin Core Realm. Apart from them, there were also seven Small Origin Core Realms and around fifty True Spirit Realms. This was the first time Zhao Feng had joined such a strong group.

In the members list, Zhao Feng also saw Senior Martial Sister Wan and Senior Martial Brother Guang.

On the morning of the next day, this powerful group a.s.sembled in front of the hall. The leader was an elder with a white beard and white robes. He had a strict expression, and an invisible force radiated from him.

"Everyone knows that the southeastern regions of the continent zone and the nearby limitless ocean is the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty," the white-robed elder paused.

Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Zhao Feng didn't know much about Lord Dynasties since he only just started to re-cultivate, but he knew that the Cang Ocean was theoretically the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

"The Great Gan Lord Dynasty gathers the fortune of a lord dynasty from around their territory and will not tolerate another lord dynasty appearing in its territories," a cold light flashed through the white-robed elder's eyes.

This mission was to destroy a lord dynasty - a nation that had surpa.s.sed the level of a great country.

Zhao Feng and Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong stood next to each other.

"This unique mission was set by the Duke Palace who rules the Tianfeng Great Island Zone. The final reward is extremely plentiful," Wan Rong said in a low tone.

Zhao Feng realized that, in the world of cultivation, it wasn't just clans and sects that ruled the world. The Great Gan Lord Dynasty ruled its territories extremely strictly.

King of Gods Chapter 770

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