King of Gods Chapter 764 - Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng

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Chapter 764 - Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng

“The northern parts of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone… the Zhao family of the Yunling area… Zhao Feng?”

The memory of a stranger appeared in Zhao Feng's mind. At this moment, his purple Soul Sea was absorbing a broken soul and memory. Coincidentally, the name and p.r.o.nunciation of this youth was the same as Zhao Feng's.

With Zhao Feng's control over the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, he managed to gain control of the body very quickly.

“Not good. My organs are critically injured, and I've lost a lot of blood….” Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly.

Although he had “stolen” this body, the youth was technically dead already. At least Zhao Feng wouldn't feel guilty; if he didn't come, this youth called Zhao Feng would've died anyway.

He started to circulate the remaining one-tenth of his Intent, freezing the injuries and re-igniting the lifeforce within this body. Even though “Zhao Feng” died, the body wasn't destroyed, so the process was relatively smooth. Zhao Feng didn't want to find another body since this body was suitable.

He needed to confirm one important thing.

“Huu. Luckily, the Cursed Words of Death have disappeared.”

Zhao Feng let out a breath. Escaping from his sh.e.l.l meant that he could only protect his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye. The remaining places, including his soul and body, were eroded by the Cursed Words of Death.

There were three types of revival.

The first was to steal a body. This method was relatively simple, but it was rather risky.

The second was to revive from blood, like the child DemiG.o.d had done. This was required a strong enough soul and Intent.

The third was rebirth through Samsara. The specifics couldn't be controlled; it was hard to say whether one would regain their memories. If they were lucky, they would be reborn as someone with a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline or a disciple of some superpower. If they were unlucky, they would be reborn as a dog or a pig. However, if the third method could be controlled, it would be perfect.

In comparison with the other two, the method that Zhao Feng used was less skillful, but it was the only method he could implement.

Zhao Feng didn't know how to revive from blood; even the Emperor of Death probably couldn't do so. The child DemiG.o.d had reached a high mastery of the Golden Kun Sacred Body at his peak, and he was eventually able to cultivate the ability to revive from blood. Furthermore, reviving from blood didn't suit Zhao Feng anyway because his physical body was unable to stop the Cursed Words of Death. If he revived from blood, the power of the Cursed Words of Death would just show up again as well.

As for rebirth through Samsara, even if he knew how, he wouldn't be able to control it.

The least skillful method of stealing a body was most suitable for Zhao Feng.

“This body is extremely young and it just broke through to the True Spirit Realm. It's very suitable for me,” Zhao Feng inspected his body and was satisfied.

If the target was too strong, it wouldn't suit Zhao Feng. It wasn't that he didn't want to take over a strong target, it was just that he had given up over 90% of his soul power to stop the Cursed Words of Death and let go of his physical body. With just his remaining less-than-10% of his soul, he couldn't steal a body at the Void G.o.d Realm. Even someone at the Origin Core Realm could struggle, but he could easily take over someone at the True Spirit Realm. Besides, the owner of this body had just died and saved Zhao Feng a lot of trouble.

At this moment, Zhao Feng let out a long breath. The Cursed Words of Death had been dissolved, and this body was far more talented than the one he had before. It was suitable to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

The only regretful thing was that the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline was gone, but nothing was perfect in this world.

Zhao Feng then started to digest the memories of this body.

The original owner of this body, Zhao Feng, came from a middle-tier family of the Yunling area. The Zhao family and the Yin family of the Yunling Mountains were extremely compet.i.tive with one another, and there was a feud between them.

Zhao Feng was a once-in-thousand-years genius of the Zhao family, and he managed to pa.s.s the test and successfully enter the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan half a year ago. The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was once a three-star superpower and, although it had dropped to two-stars now, it had a strong foundation and was much stronger than some of the two-star sects in the True Martial Sacred Land.

This obviously made the Yin family wary and uneasy, but luckily, Zhao Feng went on a mission with some other disciples and, due to his lonely nature and not-very-good relations.h.i.+p with the other disciples, he went solo, giving the Yin family a chance.

“Interesting; this body has the talent of a High-tier Earth Spirit Body, and he has some sort of bloodline, but both his parents died when he was young and he lived only with his grandfather.”

Zhao Feng delved further and found more useful information, including the fact that he had a fiancée who seemed to come from a powerful family.

It could be said that this youth carried the hope of the Zhao family.

“Since I inherited this body, then I'll complete your wishes from when you were alive. Of course, everything except the fiancée….” a faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

The appearance of this youth was relatively handsome; it surpa.s.sed his previous body. The only problem was that his att.i.tude was cold.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The sound of flying appeared right at this moment.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao Feng!”

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao seems to be severely injured. Junior Martial Sister Wan, quickly help him…!”

A total of six disciples consisting of both males and females appeared. The weakest of them had reached the True Spirit Realm. The leader was a youth who had a weird expression. He was the leader of the group this time, and he had reached the True Lord Rank.

Zhao Feng lay on the ground while a quiet and nice girl in blue used a Water skill to heal him.

The information regarding these disciples appeared in his mind. The leading youth was called Senior Martial Brother Guang. His full name was Guang Tian, and he was quite popular. The quiet girl in blue was called Wan Rong, and her cultivation had reached the True Mystic Rank.

Amongst the group, Zhao Feng had the lowest cultivation. This was because he was the youngest and had joined the clan for the shortest amount of time.

The ten great Core disciples in his memories had all reached the Origin Core Realm, and two or three were at the Great Origin Core Realm.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan disciples were ranked as such: Outer disciples, Central disciples, and Core disciples. The present disciples were all at least Core disciples.

“It's really weird. Junior Martial Brother Zhao has been critically injured, but he somehow survived,” the girl in blue was surprised. Zhao Feng's heart had been severely injured, but he was somehow frozen and didn't lose any blood.

Senior Martial Sister Wan gave Zhao Feng a precious spiritual pill. Zhao Feng secretly circulated his Intent and spread the energy from the medicine toward the severely injured parts.

A while later, Zhao Feng's injuries were somehow mostly healed.


Zhao Feng clapped the dust off his body, then stood up and looked around.

The nice Senior Martial Sister Wan couldn't help but reveal a weird expression. The Zhao Feng in front of her at this moment gave her a weird feeling, and the eyebrows of Senior Martial Brother Guang locked together as a coldness flashed through his eyes.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, if you go alone every single time, one day, you won't be so lucky.”

Senior Martial Brother Guang didn't ask how Zhao Feng was injured. There was a True Spirit Realm beast next to Zhao Feng, so logically speaking, they thought that Zhao Feng was heavily injured from fighting with it. Only Senior Martial Sister Wan, who was responsible for healing, saw that something was off.

While they spoke, Senior Martial Brother Guang blamed Zhao Feng a lot. Zhao Feng didn't say anything, but there was a faint coldness and disdain in his eyes. With his a.n.a.lysis and inspection abilities, it wasn't hard for him to see that this Senior Martial Brother Guang was definitely related to the ambush from the Yin family.

While they were on the mission, Senior Martial Brother Guang and Zhao Feng argued, and the cold loner Zhao Feng decided to travel by himself. However, according to what Zhao Feng knew, Senior Martial Brother Guang was always good at making friends, and suddenly the Yin family ambushed him as soon as he separated from the group?

If it weren't for the fact that Senior Martial Sister Wan was unwilling to see Zhao Feng truly travel alone, they wouldn't have found his body.

“Senior Martial Sister Wan, I owe you a favor,” Zhao Feng didn't bother with Senior Martial Brother Guang. He just smiled and nodded toward Senior Martial Sister Wan.

“You… don't know what's good for you!” Senior Martial Brother Guang roared.

Miao miao!

Right at this moment, a little silver-gray cat jumped over from one side of a tree.

“What a cute cat!” love appeared in Senior Martial Sister Wan's eyes.

The little cat had an arrogant and proud att.i.tude, and its eyeb.a.l.l.s were like black pearls. It seemed to be extremely intelligent.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat landed on Zhao Feng's shoulder and nudged Zhao Feng.

“Little thieving cat,” Zhao Feng reached out and gently touched its fur with joy.

Humans could exist in different forms, and those with the body of a human might not actually be human. However, the soul was the true core; the physical body was just skin. Especially for Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death, who specialized in the soul, the soul was their true source.

Even after stealing a body, Zhao Feng was still Zhao Feng. The little thieving cat still accompanied him.

“This cat…?”

Senior Martial Brother Guang, Senior Martial Sister Wan, and company were surprised. At this moment in time, Zhao Feng had an indescribable aura about him.

“I forgot to tell you all that I just took in this pet cat from the Wuyou Forest not long ago,” Zhao Feng added.

Senior Martial Brother Guang and company didn't say anything. A cat this small didn't seem to have much battle-power. Only “Zhao Feng” with his cold and lonely att.i.tude or a female would choose such cute-looking-but-weak pets.

After saying that, the human and cat started to walk toward the depths of the Wuyou Forest.

“Zhao Feng, what are you doing!?” Senior Martial Brother Guang roared.

“I will act alone,” Zhao Feng faintly said and didn't even turn around.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, the depths of the Wuyou Forest has Sovereigns. Travelling alone is extremely dangerous,” Senior Martial Sister Wan couldn't help but say, and Senior Martial Brother Guang and company were full of disdain and acted as if they were looking at a r.e.t.a.r.d.

“This guy almost just died because he was travelling alone and he's still not changing?” a disciple in blue snickered coldly.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, if you really want to travel alone, it's not my fault. If you can't complete the clan's task and die here, it's got nothing to do with me,” Senior Martial Brother Guang laughed coldly and said.

Even if Zhao Feng could survive, he wouldn't be able to complete the task alone and would most likely be punished when he returned.

However, the human and cat acted as if they didn't hear anything and kept on heading toward the depths of the Wuyou Forest.

The quiet and nice Senior Martial Sister Wan looked at the leaving figure and felt ridiculous. She somehow felt that this figure was extremely mysterious and charming.

King of Gods Chapter 764 - Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng

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