King of Gods Chapter 768 - Sacred Lightning Body

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Chapter 768 - Sacred Lightning Body

Most of the Core disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were disciples of Kings, and their status exceeded normal Central disciples.

“Zhao Feng” knew these two Core disciples. One of them was the leader of the group last time, Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian, and the other was a skinny male with bright eyes that gave off a sharp aura, and his cultivation had reached the half-step Origin Core Realm.

“Senior Martial Brother Huang Yunhu, it was this brat that was disrespectful to the Kings,” the slightly fat youth w.a.n.g Yuan said.

Before, Zhao Feng said he wouldn't trade the Yinming Bird even with a King. This was obviously exaggerated by w.a.n.g Yuan, such as, “Zhao Feng didn't even put Kings in his eyes.”

Huang Yunhu, a Core disciple and the disciple of King Lu Yun. This person loves face and showing off, information regarding him appeared in Zhao Feng's mind. Although the Zhao Feng from before had only entered the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan for half a year, he knew a bit about the famous Core disciples.

“You're that Zhao Feng? You're not scared that the wind will cut off your tongue? How dare you talk about a King like that?” Huang Yunhu said coldly.

Fights between disciples were extremely common in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and the clan watched with one eye open and another closed. As long as no one died, it was fine. After all, this would make the disciples more compet.i.tive.

“Zhao Feng, quickly apologize to Senior Martial Brother Huang and Junior Martial Brother w.a.n.g Yuan. You know Senior Martial Brother Huang's att.i.tude….” Senior Martial Brother Guang stepped between Zhao Feng and Huang Yunhu and pretended to be caring as he encouraged Zhao Feng to apologize.

“How about this, Zhao Feng… as long as you kneel down and apologize, I'll let you being disrespectful to the Kings go,” Huang Yunhu crossed his arms and said.

He acted extremely righteously and showed off his status as the disciple of a King. Zhao Feng knew that these were just tricks to bully other disciples. If it were a normal disciple, they would use logic and reasoning, but it would be useless in the end. The strong ruled – Zhao Feng obviously wouldn't hold back.

“Hmph, two trash Core disciples. Aren't you scared that you're losing face for your masters?” Zhao Feng mocked.

Hearing that, everyone became dead-silent, and the Central disciples started to sweat for Zhao Feng. Huang Yunhu and company were indeed below average amongst Core disciples, but even then, they were still above Central disciples.

“Brat…! How dare you disrespect Core disciples!?” even Senior Martial Brother Guang felt as if he had lost all face.

Huang Yunhu was extremely angry; a Core disciple was being looked down on by a disciple that had only been here for half a year. He then started to circulate his half-step True Yuan and released a scarlet-brown light that made the area nearby become heavy.

“Kneel down!” Huang Yunhu unleashed his half-step Origin Core Realm cultivation. It was more than enough to take care of a True Mystic Rank. He believed that he could take down this brat immediately.

However, the youth in his sight laughed in disdain and gently waved his hand. A dark half-transparent bird appeared behind him and leapt at Huang Yunhu. The powerful aura of the Yinming Bird made the faces of Huang Yunhu and company go white and start to shake.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao! This is a spar between disciples. How dare you use your spiritual pet?” Senior Martial Brother Guang couldn't help but roar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huang Yunhu screamed as he was. .h.i.t by a dark flame and was sent flying back dozens of yards. The shockwave made some of the other Central disciples slightly injured.

One had to know that the Yinming bird trained in the element of Death and the Soul. Its attacks contained soul attacks and could wipe out lifeforce.

Cold sweat appeared on Huang Yunhu's forehead as he lay on the ground.

“So, this is the strength of a Core disciple?” Zhao Feng asked disdainfully.

“Zhao Feng, you relied on your spiritual pet! If you have the courage, then fight me by yourself,” Huang Yunhu managed to get back up. His face was filled with hatred and unwillingness.

Senior Martial Brother Guang spoke in a strict tone, “Zhao Feng, your spiritual pet injured a Core disciple. Are you not scared of being punished by a King?”

Hearing that, Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. Senior Martial Brother Guang and company would probably use this incident as a way to handle his pet. If a disciple injured another disciple, it was just an argument between juniors, but if their spiritual pet injured another disciple, it was something different.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng licked his lips and walked over to Huang Yunhu, then kicked his right leg.

“Arghh!” Huang Yunhu screamed as he heard a crack. His leg was broken.

It was hard to imagine that Zhao Feng, a True Mystic Rank disciple, had such a strong body. The nearby Central disciples felt cold.

“Huang Yunhu challenged me, and I broke one of his legs. Does anyone disagree?” Zhao Feng's gaze scanned over the place, and the disciples all escaped his gaze and started to hiccup.

“Hahaha…!” Zhao Feng roared with laughter as he sat on the Yinming Bird and left. The Central disciples all had ugly expressions.

“Shameless! That Zhao Feng is just relying on his spiritual pet.”

Everyone swore, but they couldn't do anything.

“If it wasn't for the Yinming Bird, even I'd be able to defeat Zhao Feng,” a peak True Mystic Rank Central disciple said furiously.

Later that day, the news of Zhao Feng using his spiritual pet to injure a Core disciple spread amongst the disciples. At night, the injured Huang Yunhu went to tell his master.

“…it's nothing that I was injured, but that Zhao Feng dared to disrespect the Kings and humiliate Master…!” Huang Yunhu cried. He was a disciple of a King and a Core disciple, but he had been humiliated by a youth who only just entered the clan. The hatred in his heart was unable to be dissolved.

“Hmph, do you think you haven't lost enough face yet?” King Lu Yun, clad in snow-white robes, snickered and said harshly.

King Lun Yun was one of the seventeen Kings of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

The eyebrows of King Lu Yun slightly furrowed; he knew that this would leave a deep impression on his disciple, but as a King, he obviously wouldn't attack a disciple.

“How about this… I'll let you borrow a Sovereign Lord Rank Two-Headed Lightning Bird, and it can help you counter the Yinming Bird,” King Lu Yun waved his hand, and a special token appeared in his hand. He circulated his King Intent and left a symbol on the token.

“Thank you, Master!” Huang Yunhu was overjoyed. The Two-Headed Lightning Bird might not be his master's strongest pet, but it was enough to suppress normal Sovereign Lords.

“You need to defeat that brat with your own strength, but you can't kill him,” King Lu Yun ordered. He had already lent out his steed, meaning that he wanted to protect his disciple. If Huang Yunhu killed Zhao Feng, it would cause trouble. The Regulations Elder of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was an Emperor, and he was extremely righteous.

“This disciple understands. I will cripple him but let him live,” Huang Yunhu was overjoyed.

He ate the spiritual pill his master gave him, and his leg healed with the help of Magnificent Power. On the second day, Huang Yunhu's injuries had mainly healed, and he impatiently went to find Zhao Feng. However, Zhao Feng's protective array was open and said that he was in seclusion.

“Cunning b.a.s.t.a.r.d doesn't even dare to come out…!” Huang Yunhu was enraged.

“That Zhao Feng is indeed very shameless and entered seclusion.”

The disciples waiting to watch a good show were disappointed.

“Senior Martial Brother Huang, there's no need to worry,” Senior Martial Brother Guang walked out from the crowd and smiled.

“Junior Martial Brother Guang, what do you mean?” Huang Yunhu looked over.

Guang Tian was also the disciple of a King, but he was only an in-name disciple, meaning that he barely had the status of a Core disciple.

“Hehe, according to the rules of the clan, every disciple must complete a mission every month and can't miss three months in a row. That Zhao Feng hasn't completed any missions in the past two months,” Guang Tian smiled.

Hearing that, the disciples understood.

“So that's how it is. If he doesn't do any missions within three months, he will be warned by the clan. If he doesn't do any in half a year, he will be punished.”

The disciples knew the rules of the clan extremely well.

“Haha… Zhao Feng, you brat, I'll let you hide here for a month,” Huang Yunhu laughed.

The clan would send people over a month later to warn Zhao Feng. This meant that Zhao Feng would be interrupted within one month.

“Let's go. The Divine Illusion Dimension will open in half a year.”

“If one is able to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension and obtain resources from the Ancient or Immemorial Era, it'll be a great help to one's cultivation.”

The Central disciples left and agreed to come back one month later and punish Zhao Feng.

Within the courtyard, Zhao Feng was immersed in a layer of liquid as a sizzle of Wind Lightning was refining his body.

“The Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body is split into eight levels. The seventh level can form a DemiG.o.d Lightning Body, and after adding the power of the five elements, it can block the G.o.d Tribulation. Every level before the seventh is relative to one major cultivation rank.”

Zhao Feng was currently cultivating the first level of the Sacred Lightning Body.

The original Golden Kun Sacred Body had strict requirements, while the perfected version – the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body – could use lightning to refine one's body. If one cultivated the Five Elemental Ten Thousand Technique or Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, that could lower the requirements and compliment it as well.

Zhao Feng had reached the third level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and could now use the power of Wind Lightning to strengthen his body. In comparison, body-strengthening techniques took longer to progress, but Zhao Feng had drunk the Immortal Springs Wine and changed his state of existence and body. On top of that, he had rare resources to help as well.

Three days later, Zhao Feng reached the peak of the first level of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body. Half a month later, his Sacred Lightning Body had reached the late stages of the second level.

There was a faint golden glow on his skin at this moment in time as faint as his Wind Lightning True Force, and an invisible physical pressure radiated from him.


A nearby chair was crushed into pieces by this power.

The time limit of one month was soon reached. Zhao Feng had reached the peak second level of the Sacred Lightning Body, and his muscles contained a dominating force. Physical strength was only one of the aspects though; the Sacred Lightning Body also strengthened Zhao Feng's defense, giving him the ability to absorb lightning as well as resilience against elemental attacks.

King of Gods Chapter 768 - Sacred Lightning Body

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