King of Gods Chapter 779

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Chapter 779 - Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly

At this moment, Zhao Feng was being invited by both the Luo Family and the Duke's Palace.

The flabby-faced elder and company had extremely colorful expressions.

"General, I do want to visit the Duke's Palace, but these friends from the Luo Family are forcing me to attend their banquet." Zhao Feng sighed innocently.

Hearing that, the expressions of the three from the Luo Family changed dramatically, and they almost started to curse out loud.

"What Luo Family?" The expression of the half-step King general in blue robes became ugly, and his Duke's Token radiated a draconic power. With the help of the Duke's Token, the half-step King general could release the power of a King.

"No, no, no, no… General, you've misunderstood us." The flabby-faced elder was frightened. Even if he had a hundred more guts, he wouldn't dare to fight over a guest of the Duke's Palace.

The Duke's Palace was the supreme ruler of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, which was the same as ruling a large swath of regular island zones. In terms of status, Duke Nanfeng was the younger brother of the Emperor; even the Eighth Prince needed to call him "Uncle Nanfeng." Even three-star powers didn't dare to offend such a person easily.

In theory, the Luo Family and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were in the territory of Duke Nanfeng.

"Young… Young Master Zhao, you can just come to the Luo Family after you're done visiting the Duke's Palace," the flabby-faced elder smiled and said.

"That's good." The general in blue smiled, and Zhao Feng left with the general in blue.

"What's going on? Why is Zhao Feng being invited by the Duke's Palace? We need to report this to the Head of the Family and Young Master quickly."

"Looks like we have to redo our plan on how we're going to deal with the Zhao Family."

The three from the Luo Family sighed. Once Zhao Feng and the Duke's Palace formed a connection, it would be much more terrifying than his connection with a mere Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. After all, the Duke's Palace was the supreme ruler of the entire Tianfeng Great Island Zone. With just a thought, Duke Nanfeng could decide who lived and who died.

Half a day later, an enormous palace came into Zhao Feng's view. Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye could sense the providence of a lord dynasty gathering here from far away.

"So, this is the Duke's Palace?" Zhao Feng sighed. The palace contained gardens, mountains, waterfalls, lakes…. There was everything one could think of, and it was similar to how the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden was set up. Instead of calling it a palace, it was better to consider it a small kingdom.

"General, which n.o.ble invited me here?" Zhao Feng finally spoke. This was the first time he spoke since they left.

Praise appeared on the general's face. The patience of this fifteen-year-old beast tamer far surpa.s.sed others of his age.

"You will know very soon. The Duke is also in the palace, and if you're lucky, you might even be able to see him." The general in blue smiled without directly answering, and Zhao Feng didn't ask anything else.

He was slightly interested in the rankings of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

According to what he knew, the ranks were split into such: Emperor, Grand Duke, Duke, Marquess, and Earl.

The highest was the Emperor - the ruler of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Apart from the Emperor, the Grand Empress and the Empress were also considered to be at the level of an "Emperor" and "half-Emperor" respectively.

Below the Emperor were Grand Dukes. Grand Dukes were extremely rare in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and they controlled a province. A Grand Duke's cultivation was usually at the Mystic Light Realm, and some were even the seniors of the Emperor.

Below the Grand Dukes were Dukes; they usually ruled a great island zone or several island zones.

Duke Nanfeng was one of the elites amongst the Dukes.

Some said that, apart from status, there was no meaning in obtaining a rank. If they thought like that though, they were extremely wrong. This was because there was the fortune of "providence."

The higher one's rank was, the more providence they received from the lord dynasty. For example, the current Great Gan Sacred Emperor could use all the providence of the lord dynasty.

Even someone with trash talent could break through to the Void G.o.d Realm easily if they became the Great Gan Sacred Emperor. Furthermore, the imperial bloodline was extremely strong; almost every Sacred Emperor had the cultivation of an Emperor or Sacred Lord. From this, one could see the use of the lord dynasty's providence.

Anyone below the Emperor level could use a certain amount of providence from the lord dynasty as long as they had a rank. The power of providence was extremely profound; it could increase one's cultivation and other aspects. As long as one's providence was strong enough, they could even change their destiny. Therefore, many experts in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty wanted to acquire a rank of n.o.bility.

Which means that if anyone wants to create a lord dynasty in the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, they will immediately be sensed by the Great Gan Lord Dynasty since it affects their providence, Zhao Feng understood. He only realized this after merging with Heaven and Earth here.

The reason why the lord dynasty of the Azure Flower Continent was destroyed in one night was because of this. As long as the Great Gan Lord Dynasty sensed that there was a lord dynasty being built, they would issue a mission and let the clans and forces of the dynasty take care of it.

"Sir Zhao, please wait a moment." The general in blue led Zhao Feng to a big building, and the latter just stood there and looked around.

The general in blue soon came out with a smile; "The Princess invites you in."

"Princess?" Zhao Feng paused faintly and started to search through his memories, but he didn't think much about it and slowly walked in.

Zhao Feng saw someone the moment he walked in. It was an elegant male wearing dragon robes.

"It's… it's you!" Zhao Feng and the elegant male said at the same time, and they were surprised at each other being present.

"Eighth Prince."

"Zhao Feng."

The two both spoke simultaneously.

"Hehe…. Brother Zhao, it seems we are fated to meet one another." The Eighth Prince's expression turned back to normal as he gave a smile. Before he left, he heard that the Princess had invited a beast tamer, but he didn't pay much attention to that.

"You two know each other…?" a clear voice sounded from the depths of a courtyard.

The Eighth Prince shook his head with a smile as he walked with Zhao Feng toward the courtyard.

Weird… how does this Zhao Feng know the Eighth Prince? The general in blue was surprised, but he bowed and left.

Stepping on the red petals that covered the ground, Zhao Feng and the Eighth Prince soon reached the building in the depths of the courtyard.

A n.o.ble young girl stood in front of the building. She wore a stunning dress, and although she was young, she was extremely pretty. At first glance, she fit the criteria of the princesses from books and fairytales.

"Princess?" Zhao Feng felt that she looked familiar; this young girl fit the image of the young girl in purple that was in the Wuyou Forest. At that moment, Zhao Feng's target was the Yinming Bird, so he only gave a single glance to the young girl and company. He didn't expect her to be the Princess of the Duke's Palace.

The Eighth Prince and the Princess should be cousins.

"Zhao Feng, it's indeed you! You're the mysterious beast tamer I was searching for," the Princess smiled and said with happiness.

The two were both around fifteen years of age, so there was no generation gap between them.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was slightly surprised, the Princess quickly introduced herself, "I'm Zhou Yuqing."

Zhou Yuqing…. Princess Yuqing. Zhao Feng nodded and acted very casual.

"Yuqing, how did you meet Zhao Feng?" the Eight Prince asked. He was initially going to leave, but he changed his mind after seeing that the person Princess Yuqing wanted to see was Zhao Feng.

"We met in Wuyou Forest…" Zhou Yuqing was slightly excited and told him how she saw Zhao Feng easily tame the Yinming Bird.

The Eighth Prince's eyes twinkled when he heard about it.

Looks like this Zhao Feng specializes in the Dao of the Soul. The Eighth Prince's mouth curled up.

The reason he stayed behind was to understand Zhao Feng better. He didn't know why, but the Eighth Prince felt that Zhao Feng was similar to Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng was a genius that had risen in the lord dynasty in the last few years. He was ranked 39th in the Great Gan Imperial Genius Rankings with just the cultivation of a half-step King.

The top five hundred geniuses came from across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, but the top one hundred came from the imperials, the Eight Big Families, or three- and four-star powers. However, Xin Wuheng didn't come from any clan or family and yet he was able to rank in the thirties with the cultivation of a half-step King. His cultivation was the lowest amongst the top two hundred ranks.

"Princess Yuqing, you didn't invite me here just to see me, right?" Zhao Feng asked.

Hearing that, Princess Yuqing's face turned slightly red, but it quickly faded away.

She was unable to forget the image of the mysterious purple-haired youth taming the Yinming Bird. The youth had dreamy purple hair and a handsome face. He gave off a cold aura, and he appeared in her mind occasionally.

Being a young girl around fifteen years old, she liked heroes, especially those around her age who were also mysterious and handsome.

In this new body, Zhao Feng had a more handsome face that was attractive to females.

"Zhao Feng, I invited you here to help me with something." Princess Yuqing calmed down and returned to her n.o.ble and elegant self.

"Oh?" The Eighth Prince was interested. If the Duke's Palace was unable to resolve it, then it wouldn't be something simple. He could use this chance to understand Zhao Feng better as well.

"Look." Princess Yuqing acted mysteriously and took out a delicate, transparent bottle.

A small silkworm around the size of a thumb could be seen, and it somehow had a pair of wings. The little silkworm was like a work of art. It was chubby, but it had fallen asleep, and its aura was weak. Even though there was a unique bottle containing it, the small silkworm still gave off an ancient aura.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out and stood on Zhao Feng's shoulder as its eyes started to spin.

"Cloud Silk Saint b.u.t.terfly!" The Eighth Prince couldn't help but exclaim when he saw this silkworm. "Yuqing, is this the legendary insect of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races from your father's collection?"

King of Gods Chapter 779

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