King of Gods Chapter 783

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Chapter 783 - You've Changed

The n.o.bility ranks of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty were as follows: Grand Duke, Duke, Marquis, Earl, and Viscount.

The t.i.tle of Marquis not only represented status and power, it also allowed one to gain providence of the lord dynasty.

Providence gave benefits to one's fortune and cultivation. More providence allowed one to have a higher chance of breaking through, it could increase one's battle-power, and it could increase one's endurance. Those with great providence also had greater fortune, but of course, that was only within the territory of the lord dynasty.

Therefore, countless experts fought one another to obtain the t.i.tle of Marquis, but at this moment in time, the dream of billions of people was right in front of Zhao Feng.

This is the t.i.tle of a Marquis…! Surprise was written all over the Eighth Prince's and Princess Yuqing's faces.

Even as a Duke and an imperial, Duke Nanfeng only had the power to give one Marquis t.i.tle every three hundred years. Marquises needed to go to the Imperial Capital to be personally inducted by the Sacred Emperor. From this, one could see how hard it was to obtain the t.i.tle of Marquis.

Over the past couple years, the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty was constantly attacking the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and weakening its providence, and there was a limited amount of spots for the n.o.bility.

If Zhao Feng becomes a Marquis, he will become the most powerful person in the area aside from Duke Nanfeng. The Eighth Prince couldn't help but worry for the Luo Family. Alongside gaining the t.i.tle of Marquis, one would gain a territory as well.

"Thank you for your kind intentions," Zhao Feng spoke after thinking for a short moment, "However, I want to focus on cultivating, and I won't be staying in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone for too long. Therefore, I can't join the Duke's Palace."

It wasn't that Zhao Feng was unmoved by the benefits of becoming a Marquis, but it came with a price. For example, Zhao Feng didn't necessarily want to side with Duke Nanfeng so quickly. He would go to the continent zone after recovering to the Void G.o.d Realm to meet up with Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei, and as one of the eight biggest super-families in the lord dynasty, the Duanmu Family might not be on Duke Nanfeng's side.

"I won't force you into making a decision. There won't be any less compensation, and I'll still owe you a favor," Duke Nanfeng said slightly regretfully. He wasn't placing great importance on Zhao Feng just because of his beast taming abilities; he also saw great potential within Zhao Feng's body.

The Eighth Prince and Princess Yuqing were in disbelief when Zhao Feng rejected the t.i.tle of Marquis.

"Zhao Feng, you actually rejected my father?" Princess Yuqing looked angry. Duke Nanfeng offering Zhao Feng the t.i.tle of Marquis made Princess Yuqing surprised and happy, but Zhao Feng declined.

This Zhao Feng is not simple…. The Eighth Prince felt that this youth was covered in mist, and he was unable to see through him.

After everyone calmed down, the atmosphere became joyful again. Later that day, the Duke decided to hold a banquet to thank Zhao Feng, and he had to stay due to the Duke's and Princess Yuqing's invitations.

Some of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone's nearby n.o.bles were also invited. The location was the garden of the Duke's Palace.

As more and more people arrived, the atmosphere started to become rowdy, and Zhao Feng let himself relax a bit.

Night soon arrived, and the sound of singing and dancing could be heard. Princess Yuqing stood next to Zhao Feng and introduced her friends, but he wasn't interested.

"Zhao Feng," the voice of a dominant male sounded at a certain point in time.

Zhao Feng looked over and saw a familiar person. He didn't think that the Luo Family would also be invited.

Luo Zun, the Head of the Luo Family, and the Void G.o.d Realm King Grand Elder of the Luo Family were all present.

This banquet was different than usual. Some people would try to get in even if they didn't receive an invitation. After all, this banquet was being held by the ruler of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

As one of the top three families in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, the Luo Family's relations.h.i.+p with the Duke's Palace wasn't bad, and Luo Zun was the number one genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

"Brother Luo, how may I help you?" Zhao Feng smiled and inspected those from the Luo Family.

The Head of the Luo Family squeezed out a smile and didn't have his usual strictness. Luo Zun's expression was forced. They obviously knew that the protagonist of this banquet was Zhao Feng. Who would dare to offend Zhao Feng or the Yunling Zhao Family after this?

"Zhao Feng, my little sister wants to meet you," Luo Zun said expressionlessly. He felt more unwilling and defeated than ever before. Although Zhao Feng might not be able to defeat him in a fight, Zhao Feng was less than half his age. This feeling was only below that of being defeated by Xin Wuheng in public.

"Little sister? Luo Shui'er?" Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly as his eyes scanned around.

Luo Shui'er was talented, and her beauty was known across the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

Princess Yuqing's eyes couldn't help but perk up when she heard the name "Luo Shui'er," and her eyebrows furrowed slightly. The Duke's Palace had obviously scouted out information regarding Zhao Feng; Princess Yuqing knew that Luo Shui'er was Zhao Feng's fiancée and that the Eighth Prince liked her.

"Hmph, let's see how good-looking this Luo Shui'er is." Princess Yuqing harrumphed.

"Shui'er only wants to meet Zhao Feng in private." Luo Zun was relatively respectful to Princess Yuqing.

"Princess Yuqing, I'll leave for just a moment." Zhao Feng smiled at Princess Yuqing and then left with Luo Zun, leaving behind a Princess Yuqing with an unhappy expression.

"Little sister Yuqing, I really hope that you'll be able to steal this Zhao Feng away. That would be a win for both of us," a mocking tone sounded from behind. The owner of the voice was the Eighth Prince.

"Steal? Who said I liked him? I just…" Princess Yuqing's face went red.

"Oh? Like him? I didn't say that." The Eighth Prince had a playful expression as he watched Zhao Feng walk away, but he wasn't as calm as he seemed to be. In the current situation, if Zhao Feng really wanted Luo Shui'er, the Eighth Prince might not be his match.

Is it really worth it to offend Zhao Feng for a woman? the Eighth Prince thought.

At this moment, he no longer measured Zhao Feng by normal standards. The Eighth Prince felt that this Zhao Feng might be similar to Xin Wuheng - immeasurable. After awakening the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly, he had changed Duke Nanfeng's destiny to a certain degree, which might even cause some changes to the entire lord dynasty. This youth hadn't even entered the continent zone yet and he had already dropped a stone into the lake and created ripples.

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng entered a relatively faraway forest within the Duke's Palace.

"Shui'er is waiting for you inside," Luo Zun said expressionlessly before standing guard outside. Even those from the Duke's Palace were respectful to him since he was the number one genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

A charming figure with long hair came into view as Zhao Feng entered the forest. It was a girl whose hair reached her waist; she had a green dress on and seemed to be thinking. Her eyes and skin were soft like dew after the morning rain.

"Luo Shui'er."

Zhao Feng sighed. Almost any male that saw her would want to protect and love her. She was ranked at least in the top five beauties he had ever seen - her charm wasn't much weaker than Liu Qinxin's.

"Zhao Feng, do you remember? This is the place where we first met…." Luo Shui'er's pair of clear eyes landed on Zhao Feng and a dreamy light appeared in them.

"The first time?"

The scenery of light rain falling from the sky appeared in Zhao Feng's mind.

On that day, "Zhao Feng's" face went red when he saw Luo Shui'er looks, and he could only manage a stutter. Luo Shui'er smiled and was faintly embarra.s.sed, but at that moment in time, "Zhao Feng" was only thirteen years old, and he was rather nervous, so he didn't realize that it was all purposely planned by Luo Shui'er.

Luo Shui'er was talented and beautiful, and she wasn't willing for her marriage to be decided by anyone else. She had a good impression when she saw Zhao Feng for the first time, and she agreed to the marriage.

So that's how it is. Zhao Feng recalled the details and understood a lot more. The original Zhao Feng was handsome, and his honesty and purity moved Luo Shui'er.

"I never thought that you would write an Engagement Rejection Letter one day. Is this because of your dignity? Or did you crumble in front of the Eighth Prince's power?" Luo Shui'er's eyes went slightly red.

Zhao Feng remained emotionless and walked a few steps with his hands behind his back, as if admiring Luo Shui'er.

"You've changed…!" Luo Shui'er cried after looking at Zhao Feng for a while. At this moment, Zhao Feng's eyes didn't contain any of the love from before. She was suspicious that he might not even be the same person.

"Lady Luo, I'm very sorry, but the Zhao Feng that used to like you has already left."

Zhao Feng said no more. He didn't want a repeat of what happened in Flooding Lake City. After all, this was something that the original Zhao Feng had once cared about, so Zhao Feng didn't want to meddle with it.

The relations.h.i.+p between Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin was different. Thinking back to that time, although he was forced into the marriage, he ended up staying in the Flooding Lake City for half a year after being chased into a foreign land, and a knot had been tied in that half a year's time.

After saying that, Zhao Feng turned around and slowly walked out of the forest.

"Zhao Feng, you need to give me a reason at least," Luo Shui'er sniffled and said.

"Reason? You might find out very soon in the future."

Zhao Feng walked away without even looking back once.

Luo Shui'er seemed to see a figure with purple hair walk away.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng didn't give a clear answer, but Zhao Feng's ident.i.ty would soon be known to the public.

King of Gods Chapter 783

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