King of Gods Chapter 793

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Chapter 793 - The Strong Scorpionmen

The area ahead was the territory of the lizardmen.

Before they even arrived, they could feel a fiery hot aura. At this moment, fifty or sixty people were fighting with the lizardmen.

These lizardmen were even bigger than the wolfmen, they had thicker skin, and they had the ability to spit fire and venom.

Ding! Boom! Boom!

Attacks from half-step Origin Core Realms were unable to threaten the lizardmen. On the other hand, the venom and fire from the lizardmen were extremely troublesome, and one would lose a layer of skin at the least, if they even survived at all.

The leader of the younger generation group was a youth in purple who had reached the half-step King level, and there were also two older half-step Kings. The total strength and number of this group were slightly weaker than the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"It's the Purple Sun Palace, which is close to the Tianfeng Great Island Zone." Old Fei let out a breath as he squinted his eyes.

The Purple Sun Palace was a two-star sect that was close to the Tianfeng Great Island Zone. Those that were close to each other in the real world would also appear relatively close to each other in the Divine Illusion Zone, so it was within expectations that the Purple Sun Palace would appear here.

Old Fei was only worried about meeting a three-star force or greater, or a single Void G.o.d Realm King.

"Friends from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, our target is the same. Come help us!"

The disciples and elites from the Purple Sun Palace were having a hard-fought battle. The lizardmen's skin was extremely tough, and the fire and venom they spat out were troublesome.

"Everyone, go and create a pathway through the lizardmen's territory," Old Fei said without hesitation.

The relations.h.i.+p between the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace wasn't very good, but at the moment, they were facing another species and searching for fortune. The combined strength of both forces could reduce casualties.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's help instantly reduced the pressure on the Purple Sun Palace.

Water-elemental attacks were more useful against the lizardmen. Zhao Feng, who had the Water of Wind Lightning, was obviously one of the top fighters.

Shu! Shu! Shu!

Zhao Feng waved his hand, and ripples of water and lightning slashed toward the lizardmen nearby.

The peak fifth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was very strong, and his attacks all hit the lizardmen's vitals. Most of the lizardmen were instantly killed by Zhao Feng, unable to fight back at all.

"Hm? That brat's Water Lightning has reached a very powerful level and seems to heavily counter the lizardmen." Some older experts couldn't help but praise.

Zhao Feng was extremely speedy and agile. The clumsy lizardmen were unable to even touch his clothes. Of course, when it came to the half-step King lizardmen, Zhao Feng only acted as a support.

"Thank you, everyone," the Head disciple from the Purple Sun Palace expressed his thanks. The gaze of the purple-robed youth paused on Kong Feiling and Zhao Feng.

The two two-star forces then teamed up and started to attack the territory of the lizardmen.

"Lizardmen aren't fast. We don't need to fight with all of them, we just need to create a path," Old Fei suggested, and both groups accepted this.

Lizardmen had tough skin, so killing them all one by one would be tiring. Not only was there a large number of lizardmen, they didn't know how to retreat like the wolfmen. Wolfmen were more intelligent and would run away if they weren't the enemy's match, but lizardmen would fight to the death.


The strongest people of the two forces opened a path while the defensive experts were responsible for keeping everyone safe. Zhao Feng and the agile ones were placed at the back, responsible for killing off any lizardmen that followed them.

Around one hour later, the two forces successfully created a pathway.


Everyone let out a long breath. The lizardmen were indeed troublesome.

At this moment, the weird Yuan Qi disturbance from below became stronger, and it was extremely alluring to living beings.

Evil G.o.d's Altar… Zhao Feng's left eye gazed toward the depths of the underground city. With the inspection of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, he could guess and a.n.a.lyze what the disturbance was about.

Zhao Feng's Imperial Dao bloodline seemed to be very excited by this power, but his Ice-Water bloodline had no reaction.

"Everyone, get ready! We are going to face the scorpionmen next. They are the strongest of the lot!" Old Fei yelled.

Scorpionmen had strong offense, defense, and speed. Their attacks were also venomous.

Before they even arrived in the territory of the scorpionmen, a surge of dark aura appeared. For some reason, Zhao Feng remembered the mutated scorpion he had once tamed in the Purple Saint Ruins. There was a similar aura here.


An ugly scorpionman suddenly jumped out from a corner and waved its claws.

It was just a single scorpionman. Because scorpionmen were so strong by themselves, they didn't need to work together like wolfmen.

Ding! Ding! Peng! Bam!

Five or six elites attacked at the same time and forced the scorpionman back.

"Don't chase after it!"

The scorpionman became angry and flicked its tail, stabbing through the heart of a disciple that was chasing after it.


The Origin Core Realm disciple screamed, then died.

The experts from both forces drew in cold breaths.

Zhao Feng realized that, in the attacks just now, the scorpionman's carapace hadn't been injured.

Scorpionmen were fast and agile, and their claws and tails could deal critical damage. One could say that they were almost a perfect race - apart from the fact that they were so ugly.

"Those that cultivate the element of Fire, go to the front," Old Fei ordered.

Although it couldn't be said that the scorpionmen were countered by fire, they were less resilient against it.

Hu~ Hu~ Hu~ Boom!

Several experts that cultivated the element of Fire teamed up and sent a blast of flames toward the scorpionman, causing it to scream. Several breaths later, the scorpionman turned into ashes, but the leaders from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace had solemn expressions - this was only one scorpionman.

As they went further in, even stronger surges of a cold and dark aura appeared. The aura from these scorpionmen were stronger than the one before, and the two groups combined to fight one scorpionman after another.

There were quite a few scorpionmen, but luckily, they didn't gather by the hundreds. Otherwise, the two groups would have no chance at all.

At a certain moment, a tall-but-ugly female scorpionman appeared in front. The female scorpionman had half-step King Intent, and her speed and offense had reached a terrifying level. Even the combined strength of two half-step Kings from the Purple Sun Palace was unable to touch her.


Screams sounded from the group.

Ding! Ding! Bam!

Any attack that managed to land on the female scorpionman would create sparks; she was unharmed.

"Apart from her soul-strength, her battle-power is comparable to a King." Zhao Feng couldn't help but click his tongue.

Her speed, attack, and defense were all very strong, and even normal half-step Kings could be slain by her venom.


A Great Origin Core Realm elder's skin was sliced open by her claws, and he soon died.

Anyone weaker than a King that was envenomated would almost certainly die. Even the experience Old Fei felt troubled.

Apart from the female scorpionman, there were twenty or so additional powerful scorpionmen nearby who were all at least at the Great Origin Core Realm, not much weaker than half-step Kings.

Right as the two sides began fighting, two Magnificent Powers appeared from the center of the scorpionmen's territory.

One Magnificent Power was evil and wicked. It was several times stronger than the female scorpionman. The other one was mystical, as if the owner couldn't be caught.

Boom…! Boom…! Boom…!

The clash of the two King auras summoned more scorpionmen.

"Hmm? Could there be a King from the outside world here?"

The groups from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace were both wary.

At this moment, the female scorpionman seemed to receive some news, and she quickly retreated with the other scorpionmen.


The female scorpionman left a blurry afterimage behind.


Everyone let out a breath. Apart from the female scorpionman's soul not being as strong as a King's, her battle-power had reached the level of a King.

However, no realized that, when the female scorpionman rushed away by about two hundred yards and reached a dark corner, a gust of wind swished toward her head.

Miao miao!

A little silver-gray cat seemed to appear out of midair and hit her head with its paw. The paw wasn't very strong, but a dizzying sensation overcame the female scorpionman. Immediately following that, a purple eye made of lightning appeared in her sight.

"Ice Soul Gaze!"

An ice-cold sensation spread throughout the female scorpionman's relatively weaker soul.

In reality, her soul wasn't actually weaker than most half-step Kings, it just hadn't reached the level of a King like her other aspects.

G.o.d Tribulation Lightning… an immortal and undying aura entered the female scorpionman's soul, and it started to shake as if doomsday had arrived. This source of power injured her soul and made her tremble in fear.

"Dark Heart Seal."

As the female scorpionman panicked, a forbidden and wicked disturbance of eye-bloodline power imprinted itself into the depths of her soul.

"Success," a handsome youth with purple hair murmured.

Miao miao!


The little thieving cat and the female scorpionman disappeared at the same time.


With a flash of his lightning wings, the purple-haired youth disappeared.

"Zhao Feng, where did you go just now?" Liu Tianfan saw the purple-haired youth appear from a dark corner.

"I was fighting with a scorpionman and it ran away…." Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The battle between the two Kings became more and more fierce. Everyone saw a large shadow of a scorpion blot out the sky.

"It's a scorpionman King!"

Everyone took in a cold breath. If normal scorpionmen were already so strong, it was hard to imagine how terrifying a King would be.

At the same time, they let out a breath. If they had known that the scorpionmen had a King, they wouldn't have dared to enter.

"Looks like that scorpionman King's been forced to use its bloodline secret technique!" Old Fei exclaimed.

It was hard to imagine how strong the other King was if they could do that.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The underground city shook, and one could faintly see a proud youth amongst the dust. He was covered in a silver haze and gave off spatial undulations.

King of Gods Chapter 793

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