King of Gods Chapter 796

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Chapter 796 - Evil G.o.d Crystal

The Evil G.o.d Altar was at the very center of the underground city, and the closer a species was to the altar, the stronger they were. Zhao Feng received information from the scorpionmen queen that the scorpionmen weren't the only species near the altar. There were three other species that weren't any weaker than the scorpionmen.

In reality, the underground city also had ratmen, catmen, and other weaker species even further away from the altar than the wolfmen. There was more than one pathway that led to the underground city; the Purple Sun Palace group had entered from another entrance.

Zhao Feng didn't know how Nan Gongsheng got in, but according to what he knew, Kings would enter a random spot in the Divine Illusion Dimension. However, this random spot didn't mean they would show up anywhere in the entire Divine Illusion Dimension, only the part that actually connected to the continent zone. The area that connected was only a small portion of the entire dimension every time, and it was because of this that the lord dynasty had a limited understanding of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Four hours later, the group pa.s.sed through the territory of the scorpionmen. At this moment, a large black field appeared in the complex underground city. The field was dozens of miles wide and had a wicked altar at the center that gave off an evil aura.

Di! Da!

There was a blood pond a hundred yards wide in the center of the wicked altar, and many thick silver beams that reached the top of the underground city.

Black field, evil altar, a pond of blood - this atmosphere fit perfectly with the underground city.

Of course, what caught everyone's attention the most was a purple-blood-colored crystal at the top of the silver beams of the blood pond.

This Purple Blood Pearl was flawless and gave off a wicked power that caused the nearby Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to become chaotic.

"Evil G.o.d's Altar… this is it." Kong Feiling felt her Imperial Dao bloodline shake, and the feeling became very strong.

Zhao Feng's mutated Imperial Dao bloodline felt it as well.


A red flame appeared on Zhao Feng's body, then quickly faded away.

Is this the Evil G.o.d Crystal? Zhao Feng inspected it. He knew more due to the scorpionmen queen.

The Evil G.o.d's Crystal was a type of G.o.d Crystal. Most G.o.d Crystals in the Fan Universe were substandard G.o.d Crystals, including those used to pa.s.s through Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays. On the other hand, the Evil G.o.d Crystal was apparently created by the divine power of an ancient Evil G.o.d.

"I didn't think it would be a pure G.o.d Crystal…! Unfortunately, this G.o.d Crystal has formed an evil consciousness and has the ability to affect the real world." Old Fei was extremely excited.

It was a G.o.d Crystal, and not a substandard one. This was something that belonged to the domain of G.o.ds! The unique part about this Evil G.o.d Crystal was that it could conceal its power and affect the beings around it.

"Nan Gongsheng!" Kong Feiling suddenly exclaimed.

A pale-faced youth leaned on a wall in the corner of the Evil G.o.d's Altar. Several bodies of other species lay nearby.

It was obvious that Nan Gongsheng had been through a hard battle that was even fiercer than the fight against the scorpionmen.

According to what Zhao Feng knew from the queen, powerful warriors of four different races guarded this place. Apart from them, there was also a "priest." Although the battle-power of the priest wasn't very strong, they could interact with the Evil G.o.d's Altar, so they had a high status.

"Nan Gongsheng, what happened to you?" Kong Feiling rushed over with care.

"Don't come near me!" Nan Gongsheng's expression became grim. He was used to working alone and didn't trust anyone.

The forces from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Purple Sun Palace started to slowly gather toward the altar.

A weird scene happened. Many disciples that got too close to the altar seemed to lose control and kept on walking toward the blood pond.


One disciple from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan licked his lips and jumped into the pond of blood.


Bubbles appeared in the pond as the body of the disciple dissolved into nothing.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" Old Fei exclaimed.

Normal disciples didn't have Nan Gongsheng's King Intent, which could easily block the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

The members of the two forces soon retreated to a certain distance. Only those with strong Intent could go close to the Evil G.o.d's Altar and start to inspect it.

"Nan Gongsheng, have you seen the priest?" Zhao Feng asked.

Nan Gongsheng's eyes opened, and a weird light flashed through his eyes. Zhao Feng's tone was like he was talking to someone familiar.

"priest? I haven't seen anyone like that around the altar. There were a few strong warriors, but I killed them," Nan Gongsheng replied, and he suddenly felt weird; why did he reply to this youth's question so patiently?

The priest of the Evil G.o.d's Altar hasn't appeared? Zhao Feng felt that there was something suspicious. Could it be that the priest had urgent matters and left before Nan Gongsheng arrived? Zhao Feng felt that this was the most likely possibility. After all, the warriors around the altar had all been slain by Nan Gongsheng, including a King.

Nan Gongsheng looked weak and seemed to be injured. This wasn't just from the battle, it was also likely that the power of the G.o.d Crystal had harmed him when he tried to take the Evil G.o.d Crystal away. After all, the Evil G.o.d Crystal had its own evil consciousness, and it had methods it could use.

Even Nan Gongsheng can't take the Evil G.o.d Crystal. That means that the others… Zhao Feng thought.

The Evil G.o.d Crystal wasn't a substandard G.o.d Crystal, it was a true G.o.d Crystal, an invaluable treasure in the Fan Universe. A pure G.o.d Crystal was extremely useful for Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords trying to break through to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

Once Zhao Feng returned to the peak of his previous life, he might be able to barely move its power around.

Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng walked confidently to the Evil G.o.d's Altar. He first glanced at the Evil G.o.d's Altar, then started to approach the blood pond.

"Zhao Feng!" someone from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan yelled. They thought that Zhao Feng was being controlled by the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

A weird light flashed through Old Fei's eyes. Zhao Feng's eyes were full of intelligence and showed no signs that he was being controlled.

"No need to worry, let me inspect it." Zhao Feng walked a few circles around the blood pond, and the Evil G.o.d Crystal released a mysterious wicked power that tried to affect Zhao Feng, but it had no effect.

A faint purple glittered in Zhao Feng's left eye as he glared at the Evil G.o.d Crystal.


The Evil G.o.d Crystal shook slightly and radiated a faint purple-red light that fought back.

Zhao Feng stood still. His mental energy world was like the ocean, and his Sacred Lightning Body released an invisible physical force that protected him. This combination of his mental energy and physical body was perfect.

Of course, the Evil G.o.d Crystal wasn't exactly a true intelligence; it only counterattacked depending on the force that attacked it. Simply put, one could look at it as a weapon with a weapon spirit. If you didn't offend or attack it, the weapon would find it hard to initiate an attack.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng crouched down and aimed his hand at the blood pond.


With the direction of his invisible physical force, a ball of blood appeared in his hand.

"If I get rid of the eroding and evil power in the blood, the pure essence can strengthen one's True Yuan, cultivation, and body!" Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

The blood essence came from some ancient races in the underground city, which were then eroded by the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

According to what the scorpionmen queen knew, some warriors had entered this blood pond in the past and come out much stronger. The priest could connect to the Evil G.o.d Crystal and make sure that anyone who entered the blood pond would not be affected by the wicked power.

However, at the same time, the underground city would also send prisoners to the blood pond and sacrifice them to their Evil G.o.d. If they didn't, the flames from the underground would devour half of the underground city and wreak havoc upon the species that lived here.

Some species tried to go without believing in the Evil G.o.d, but the places where they lived were all burned by the underground fire.

As time pa.s.sed, the power of the Evil G.o.d affected the entire underground city. Those that believed in the Evil G.o.d would become stronger, whereas disaster would fall upon those that didn't.

"You humans! The power of the Evil G.o.d will rip you all into shreds…!" a roar suddenly sounded from the pathway on the other side of the black field.

In the next instant, a snakeman elder holding a staff with a Purple Blood Stone on it rushed toward their group.

"That's…!" Everyone looked toward the snakeman elder that was wearing a priest outfit.

"It's the priest!"

The running snakeman elder was the priest of the Evil G.o.d Altar. However, when he saw the ruins around the Evil G.o.d's Altar, he swore out loud.

"Humans, how dare you split your forces in two and try to attack the Evil G.o.d's Altar!? The power of the Evil G.o.d isn't something you can think about," the priest cursed in human language.

Zhao Feng was surprised. It looked like this priest had been chased by some sort of power.

"Watch out! The priest is a Void G.o.d Realm King!" Old Fei exclaimed.

Although the priest didn't specialize in battle, he was still a King, and he could communicate with the Evil G.o.d Crystal as well.

"Anger of the Evil G.o.d!" The snakeman priest waved his staff, and the Purple Blood Stone on it gave off a light that interacted with the Evil G.o.d Crystal.


The black field instantly started to shake as a purple-and-blood-colored haze spread throughout the air.

The purple-and-blood-colored light contained a strong eroding power that sucked away the blood and essence of the beings present. Furthermore, a power similar to Magnificent Power pressured the air nearby.

"Hmph!" Nan Gongsheng's figure flashed and disappeared. A spatial blade then shot toward the snakeman priest.

The snakeman priest wasn't scared; he raised the staff, which gave off a glow of purple-blood-colored light that forced Nan Gongsheng back.

Right as everyone was shocked by the power of the snakeman priest:

"Snakeman priest, let's see where you can run to!" a thunderous roar sounded alongside a surge of Magnificent Power.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Several powerful auras appeared from the pathway where the snakeman priest had come from. There was a total of one hundred and sixty people.

King of Gods Chapter 796

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