King of Gods Chapter 788 - Mutated Imperial Dao Bloodline

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Chapter 788 - Mutated Imperial Dao Bloodline

Without using some secret techniques, the chance of Zhao Feng winning against the peak Great Origin Core Realm Liu Tianfan was very low.

The difference between the early-stage Small Origin Core Realm and the peak Great origin Core Realm was huge. There was a total of six small stages between them. Under normal situations, it would already be a miracle if Zhao Feng wasn't defeated immediately.

“Zhao Feng, I'm not underestimating you, but you will not be able to win.” Liu Tianfan's eyes glinted with battle-intent; he was completely confident in himself, but he wouldn't underestimate his opponent either.

“Start!” The judge waved his hand.


As soon as the judge spoke, Zhao Feng turned into an arc of lightning.

“What speed!” the spectators exclaimed.

The speed that Zhao Feng was currently displaying was even faster than when he fought Huang Yunhu. Just as King Lu Yun thought, Zhao Feng was holding back during that fight.

“Open!” Liu Tianfan stood motionless and punched to the side without even looking.


The punch brought a flaming purple light that instantly covered the stage. The nearby disciples all felt unable to breathe.


A silver-blue figure covered in Water of Wind Lightning was smashed by Liu Tianfan's fist, and a terrifying shockwave swept across the stage. Liu Tianfan didn't move while Zhao Feng was pushed back by two hundred yards and was still flying backward.

“Defeated in one move?”

The experts in the secret realm all glanced toward the southern stage.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to fly out of bounds, a pair of dream-like Wings of Wind and Lightning formed behind Zhao Feng's back.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning quickly fluttered, and Zhao Feng moved forward.

That brat wasn't even injured by that blow just now…. Liu Tianfan's expression changed slightly.

If Zhao Feng only cultivated the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, he would have been severely injured by a blow from a peak Great Origin Core Realm. However, he also cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, which gave him monstrous physical strength, battle-power, and defense. His Water bloodline and his Water of Wind Lightning could quickly heal his injuries as well.

“Body of Sacred Lightning!” Zhao Feng roared as a metallic silver-blue light started to glow around him.

In an instant, he became bigger, and he radiated a physical force that seemed to actually materialize. One could faintly see a half-transparent glow of silver-blue lightning in the air.


Zhao Feng charged down from the sky with destructive power.

“What a powerful body!” Liu Tianfan felt his body become heavy and his blood become pressured. He had to use his True Yuan to protect his organs.

On top of that, Zhao Feng's physical force contained a sensation of lightning. Not only did Liu Tianfan feel a huge pressure, his body even became slightly numb.

“Who is Zhao Feng's master? Which Emperor has such a profound body-strengthening technique…?” The two Void G.o.d Realm Kings were stunned. Even the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was unable to find such a body-strengthening technique.


Zhao Feng seemed to have the body of a demonic beast, and he charged down with a roar as a Wind Lightning dragon wrapped around his arm.


The dark blue Wind Lightning dragon clashed with Liu Tianfan. Because he came down from the sky with the Wings of Wind and Lightning propelling him, the power reached a limit.

“Extreme Purple!”

Dominating beams of purple shot out in every direction amidst the storm of wind and lightning.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Hundreds and thousands of purple beams shot out at every angle. At this moment, the stage was covered in countless beams of purple. The two figures clashed heavily amidst the purple light and Wind Lightning storm.

In the first clash, Zhao Feng managed to push Liu Tianfan a step back due to his initial charge, but in the second clash, the power of Extreme Purple forced Zhao Feng back dozens of yards.

“Ice Imperial Spear!”

A layer of ice-blue liquid covered Zhao Feng's body and formed a suit of icy armor. This icy armor continuously rippled as it s.h.i.+fted around his body.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The purple beams, which were able to severely injure Small Origin Core Realms, turned into smoke when they hit Zhao Feng's body. With the help of the Ice-Water bloodline and the Water of Wind Lightning, the armor formed by the Ice Imperial Spear could not only defend, it could also use the power of lightning to attack. Adding on the defense of the Sacred Lightning Body, Liu Tianfan's wide-area offense was unable to threaten Zhao Feng.


The pair of wings behind Zhao Feng fluttered as he quickly flew into the sky and dove back down again, putting on a good show. The disciples sighed as they watched, and even the judge overseeing the southern stage was dazed, requiring the main judge to personally oversee it.

“It's hard to imagine that Zhao Feng has the ability to control the match. He's putting the advantage in location to its best,” King Lu Yun sighed.

“Unfortunately, due to the large difference in cultivation, Zhao Feng won't be able to gain any advantage in a head-on clash,” the other King sighed. It was already a miracle that Zhao Feng could reach this step.

Liu Tianfan had a solemn expression, and he was extremely frustrated. He was pretty fast in his own right, and with his advantage in cultivation, he wasn't any slower than Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng's techniques and agility were too profound. He even seemed to understand the laws of s.p.a.ce, and he used the power of his Sacred Body with every charge. If he was fighting in the air as well, Liu Tianfan wouldn't even be able to touch Zhao Feng; instead, he would reveal some flaws for Zhao Feng to attack.

Looks like it'll be very hard to defeat Liu Tianfan without using my Eye Intent or my eye-bloodline.

Zhao Feng had to use a lot of True Yuan to fly through the air. If the fight dragged on, he would definitely lose. The Ice-Water bloodline power was being used up the quickest due to the armor and the healing.

Right at this moment, the other bloodline started to burn.

Let's try it.

Zhao Feng's ice armor merged back into his body.


A red flame started to spread across Zhao Feng's body as if he was undergoing rebirth through flames. Adding on the glow from his Sacred Lightning Body, he looked like a flaming demonic sovereign.


Zhao Feng's wings flapped as he charged down and punched out. Zhao Feng felt extremely satisfied with this punch, and a flame erupted before his attack even arrived.

“What kind of bloodline is this?” Liu Tianfan's body felt hot. The bloodline was extremely dominating, and it even eroded his blood and flesh. Zhao Feng's Sacred Body was even able to direct this bloodline power straight into the target's body.

The Wings of Wind and Lightning pushed the speed of this attack to a maximum. Zhao Feng's body was surrounded by a layer of Wind Lightning that could attack and defend at the same time.


The clash this time was different from before. The one that was forced to retreat was Liu Tianfan.


Zhao Feng was like a flaming demonic sovereign, and his power reached a terrifying stage. His every attack would burn and erode the opponent.

“Purple Flames Protection!” Liu Tianfan was starting to go all out now, and a dark purple flaming armor covered his body, dramatically increasing his offense and defense as he clashed with Zhao Feng.

All of the spectators held their breath.

“What is that red bloodline of Zhao Feng's? It's so strong!”

Everyone was surprised. Zhao Feng's bloodline was much stronger than Liu Tianfan's; it was like an emperor that ruled over everything.

“It's similar to the Blood Demon Sun bloodline, ranked 81st among the Imperial Dao bloodlines, but it seems more unique; it contains the aura of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.”

“Could the Blood Demon Sun bloodline have mutated or evolved in Zhao Feng's body?”

King Lu Yun discussed with the other King.

“Imperial Dao bloodline” referred to the top five hundred bloodlines across the continent zone and areas nearby. These bloodlines were different from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

“Imperial Dao bloodline!” Kong Feiling over on the eastern stage felt her bloodline tremble slightly, and she finally understood why she sensed Zhao Feng earlier. She felt that the aura from Zhao Feng's Imperial Dao bloodline was purer and stronger than hers.

As the fight continued, Liu Tianfan's lifeforce was starting to become burned and eroded. Each and every one of Zhao Feng's attacks could damage part of Liu Tianfan's essence. Although Zhao Feng's True Yuan was being used up very quickly, Liu Tianfan's injuries were several times worse than his.

“Stop!” King Lu Yun roared as a Magnificent Power descended and stopped the fight.

The fight ended as a draw.

Zhao Feng has a mutated Imperial Dao bloodline. If he had a cultivation of the Great Origin Core Realm or even just the peak-stage Small Origin Core Realm, I would've lost. Liu Tianfan let out a breath.

If Zhao Feng only had the Imperial Dao bloodline, it wouldn't be much. The issue was that he also had two other techniques – the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique – which were both monstrous.

After taking over a new body, Zhao Feng trained in the most profound techniques, and he would be able to go much further than before.

“I need to ask about this Imperial Dao bloodline after returning to the Zhao Family later,” Zhao Feng murmured.

The original Zhao Feng was an orphan that was raised by his grandfather.

Several days later, the first part of the Divine Illusion Trials came to an end.

The four arenas each proceeded until there was only fifty people left. The arenas then combined, and those top two hundred fought until sixty remained.

Zhao Feng was unmatched in the final fights. The battle-power he displayed was comparable to the top three Core disciples, and anyone that met him admitted defeat right away.

As long as he didn't meet Kong Feiling, Zhao Feng wasn't worried.

After the next portion started, Liu Tianfan met the first-ranked Kong Feiling after dozens of continuous victories.

King of Gods Chapter 788 - Mutated Imperial Dao Bloodline

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