King of Gods Chapter 798

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Chapter 798 - Thieving Cat in Charge

Right as everyone was stunned by Hu Chaozhi's powerful Lightning Burst:

"Qiankun Sword!"

A brilliant glow of light was released from Nan Gongsheng's body as a sword slashed through the air and shook Heaven and Earth. This sword seemed to flip the heavens, and it was filled with a dominating Intent. Everything in front of the Qiankun Sword seemed to shatter.


This sword covered the entire black field and split the purple-and-blood-colored light into nothingness.

Crack! Boom~~~~!

The stable underground city shook, and this was under the Divine Illusion Dimension's power suppression.

The borders of the Evil G.o.d's Altar turned into dust.

"Inheritance Sacred weapon…! Those are usually Heaven-grade!" the snakeman priest exclaimed.

"The Qiankun Sword! That's the lost Inheritance Sacred weapon of the continent zone!" Gu Chaozhi was also dazed. The damage from the sword attack just now was comparable to the Lightning Burst, but the Intent contained was more unique. One could easily tell whose attack was stronger.

As expected of an Inheritance Sacred sword that's on par with the Sky Locking Bow. Zhao Feng admired and sighed in his heart.

The Sky Locking Bow and the Qiankun Sword both came from the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden, and the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun had reached the peak of this world when he was at his strongest. The weapons he collected were extremely rare.

"f.u.c.king humans…!" The snakeman priest felt the altar start to crumble, and he quickly waved his staff to communicate with the Evil G.o.d Crystal in an attempt to consolidate it. However, facing the continuous attacks of Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi, the Evil G.o.d's Altar would be unable to last very long.

"Come out!" The snakeman priest gritted his teeth and slammed his staff onto the ground.


A whirlpool appeared in the blood pond.


A wicked scorpion with red eyes charged out of the whirlpool. It was similar to the scorpionman King from before, and it radiated a bloodthirsty aura.

Peng! Bam! Boom!

The field underneath the Evil G.o.d's Altar shook again, as if unable to withstand the powerful strength.

"Watch out!" Old Fei roared. The dark red scorpion's aura was several times stronger than the scorpionman King.

Bam! Bam!

Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi were pushed away by a purple-and-blood-colored whirlwind created by the dark red scorpion.

"The scorpionman King has evolved with the help of the Evil G.o.d Crystal, and its battle-power has reached the Peak-tier King level. Apart from its soul and Intent, its other aspects are all comparable to an Emperor…."

Zhao Feng and company, who were further back, felt a strong and chaotic aura.

Every time the dark red scorpion moved, purple-and-blood-colored lights would turn into whirlwinds and rip everything into shreds.

Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi had to team up just to barely withstand them. If this dark red scorpion charged into the group, the result would be unimaginable.

"Split into two groups and attack it!" Old Fei directed from behind and split the geniuses into two groups. One was responsible for restraining the dark red scorpion, while the other group continued attacking the Evil G.o.d's Altar.

"Qiankun Void s.p.a.ce Slas.h.!.+" Nan Gongsheng appeared in the air above the dark red scorpion and slashed out a spatial crack that was half a yard wide and more than a dozen yards long, ripping everything nearby into shreds. This spatial technique became terrifying with the addition of the Qiankun Sword.


The dark red scorpion's carapace was instantly torn apart, creating a gash that reached the organs and bones. A screech resounded across the sky, and the field shook.


Nan Gongsheng disappeared and dodged the crazy counterattack from the dark red scorpion, attacking it again from the side.

"Lightning Burst!" Another Earth-grade spear appeared in Gu Chaozhi's hand, and he used this chance to send it right into the dark red scorpion's mouth and make it explode.


The dark red scorpion's face and mouth were almost completely ripped apart from the explosion.

Of course, every time Gu Chaozhi used this attack, it would cost him a weapon, but the advantage was that it didn't require as much energy as Nan Gongsheng using the Qiankun Sword.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Boom!

At the same time, the attacks from the three forces rained down on the dark red scorpion, which was now severely injured. There were signs of fear in its eyes; it could do nothing against Nan Gongsheng's spatial ability, and the Qiankun Sword was extremely powerful. Furthermore, Nan Gongsheng was a rare s.p.a.ce-related Domain-level King.

As time pa.s.sed, the dark red scorpion was covered in injuries. Although its defense was strong, it was simply unable to withstand the spatial attacks from the Qiankun Sword.

Seeing this, the priest's expression became grim. Because the Evil G.o.d's Altar had been damaged, he received 20% less power from the Evil G.o.d Crystal's power compared to before. Furthermore, the three forces had formed a strong formation, they were using stronger methods, and they were also more resilient against the Evil G.o.d Crystal. No matter how strong he was, he couldn't stop them all.

As the scorpion was about to be defeated by the three forces, panic finally appeared on the priest's face.

"Evil G.o.d Tide!" the priest roared as he threw the staff into the blood pond, and the Evil G.o.d Pearl on top of the silver beam released a rain of purple-and-blood-colored light that unleashed a force that surpa.s.sed the Void G.o.d Realm.


The purple-and-blood-colored light instantly interacted with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and creamed a storm. Because it was messing with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, the three forces started to panic and become uneasy.

The experts of the three forces almost lost control of their True Force or True Yuan. At this moment, panic broke out. Only a small number of people that were at least half-step Kings could stabilize their True Yuan. Even the two Kings' attacks momentarily stopped.

However, because the scorpion's physical strength was so strong, it was still able to threaten Void G.o.d Realm Kings with its claws even though the Yuan Qi was being disrupted.

Those with strong bodies won't be affected by this storm. Zhao Feng was stable as Mount Tai.

The priest's Evil G.o.d Tide disrupted the local Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and greatly affected True Force and True Yuan, and it also restricted the use of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. However, those that cultivated body-strengthening techniques weren't affected.

In the past, the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun used his DemiG.o.d Sacred Body to crush everything standing in his path.

"Even if the priest does this, it won't turn the tide." Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

At the moment, Zhao Feng was only a side character in the underground city. Apart from controlling the scorpionmen queen, he hadn't used any of his true strength because nothing was attractive enough for him to do so.

"Don't let him run…!" Old Fei seemed to suddenly realize something and exclaimed. As soon as he said this, the snakeman priest ran away under the cover of the Evil G.o.d Tide.

The priest had already seen defeat coming, so he decided to save himself. The Evil G.o.d Tide made the human experts unable to circulate their True Yuan the way they wanted, but since he had the staff, he was unaffected by the Evil G.o.d Tide.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Nan Gongsheng turned into a streak of silver light and sped after the snakeman priest.

Spatial abilities were a rare power, and they weren't affected by the Evil G.o.d Tide very much. Furthermore, the priest was unable to fully use the power of the Evil G.o.d Tide because of the earlier damage.

However, even then, Nan Gongsheng's speed was much slower, and he could barely chase after him.

More than a dozen breaths later, Nan Gongsheng exited the black field - and the range of the Evil G.o.d Tide.

"Die!" Nan Gongsheng slashed out a spatial ripple that sent the snakeman priest flying.

The snakeman priest screamed as his blood spurted out. The staff he was holding also fell out of his hands.

Miao miao!

A dark silver streak of light flashed by, and a little silver-gray cat appeared. The little cat was extremely agile as it grabbed the staff.

"Hmm!?" Nan Gongsheng was shocked by the little cat's appearance.


The little thieving cat gripped this staff with a purple-and-blood-colored treasure stone and smiled at Nan Gongsheng.

"Give me my Evil G.o.d Staff back!" the snakeman priest roared.


The little thieving cat waved the staff and smashed it onto the snakeman priest's head, then disappeared. The snakeman priest cried as his head started to swell; he was dazed and confused.


The little thieving cat grabbed the staff and disappeared right in front of the snakeman priest and Nan Gongsheng.

"Could it be…!?" Nan Gongsheng's body shook, but he quickly used a spatial slash to split the dazed snakeman priest in two.

A while later:

Miao miao miao!

A little cat holding a staff appeared and danced around on the Evil G.o.d's Altar, as if it was a priest. The elites of the three forces all had weird expressions.

At this moment, the Evil G.o.d Tide still hadn't fully calmed down.


The little thieving cat's eyes spun as it waved the staff in its paw, and the Evil G.o.d Tide instantly faded away.

"That seems to be… Zhao Feng's pet!" a Central disciple from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan couldn't help but say.

"Did the priest take over the cat's body? It can communicate with the Evil G.o.d Crystal!"

The elites of the three forces were stunned, and the wicked power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal faded away.


At the same time, the scorpion turned back into a scorpionman and ran into a pathway, but no one cared about it. Everyone focused on the little cat on the altar.

"Zhao Feng, your cat… how did it become the new priest of the Evil G.o.d's Altar?" Old Fei's eyes bulged out. Even Kong Feiling and company looked at Zhao Feng, the owner of that strange cat, in shock.

King of Gods Chapter 798

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