King of Gods Chapter 808

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Chapter 808 - Golden Bones

At this moment, four surges of Magnificent Power gathered into one and merged into the spatial domain of the bald male in dark war robes.

Weng~~ Boom!

The four Kings were surrounded by a dark abyssal domain that seemed to have almost materialized, and its color became darker and darker until it was almost pitch-black.

The battle-power of these four combined was enough to injure even some Peak-tier Kings. The bald male was an older elite, and his battle-power was already comparable to a Peak-tier King by himself.

"Lady Yufei, we admire your strength, but the power of the Duanmu Family is unable to fight against us four."

The bald male started to close in, but despite facing the combined strength of four Kings, the expression of the girl in purple didn't change. Instead, a crystal-like purple glow appeared around her body. If one looked at her, she didn't seem to be made from normal flesh and blood; instead, she looked like an elegant and n.o.ble G.o.ddess.

"Domains that haven't materialized yet are of no use against me." The girl in purple smiled. She and an elder in green robes behind her seemed to be inside an invisible world. The pressure from the four Kings was like a stone that sunk into the ocean.

"How is this possible? Unless she has a Little World, how can she block our four spatial domains combined?" The bald male's expression changed.

He had fought with Zhao Yufei from the Duanmu Family before, and he was at a disadvantage. Now that he had combined forces with three other Kings, he still wasn't able to gain the upper hand?

"Jiu Wuji, you may be an elite amongst Domain-level Kings, but it's still not enough against the most talented genius in the history of the Duanmu Family," the elder with green robes said confidently, as if he was even more confident than Zhao Yufei herself.

"Duanmu Family's… most talented genius ever?"

"Could the rumor be true? Zhao Yufei really has the Spiritual Race bloodline, which is ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?"

The bald Jiu Wuji and the other Kings were in disbelief. The expressions of the other forces behind Jiu Wuji and the other Kings were filled with even more shock.

"As an older elite, Jiu Wuji's battle-power is comparable to the top thirty of the Imperial Genius rankings, but…!"

At this instant, it may seem like it was a four versus two - Jiu Wuji and company versus Zhao Yufei and the elder in green - but only Zhao Yufei had actually done anything so far.

"I don't believe this! Attack separately?" Jiu Wuji snickered coldly as his black spatial domain contracted.


His figure flashed as he and the other three Kings charged toward Zhao Yufei and the elder in green.

"Go!" Zhao Yufei yelled as her jade-like hand opened, and crystalline purple flames turned into a barrier that spread outward.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Before the other three Kings could even get close, a dominating force sent them flying. One of them even started to cough out blood.

"Break~~~~!" Only Jiu Wuji managed to get close. His robes flapped in the air as a dark whirlwind formed in his palm and pierced through the crystalline barrier.

Such battle-power made the forces behind him cheer.


Part of the remaining force from the dark whirlwind landed on Zhao Yufei and made her body shake slightly, but her body remained crystalline and unharmed.

"What kind of body is this!?" Jiu Wuji's expression changed dramatically.


Using this chance, Zhao Yufei and the elder in green counterattacked and sent Jiu Wuji flying. A dark field appeared around Jiu Wuji, which blocked the two attacks. He managed to steady himself, but his blood started to boil. This was still under the fact that his battle-power was considered unrivalled against all those under the Emperor level.

Solemnness appeared on Zhao Yufei and the elder in green's faces. This Jiu Wuji came from a peak three-star superpower, and he wasn't even a hundred years old yet and already had battle-power unrivalled against everyone below the Emperor level.

"Zhao Yufei, I'll take a step back - we'll split the resources around the corpses 50-50." Jiu Wuji's eyes were cold as he suppressed the anger in his heart. He still had some hidden cards and secret techniques, but the Divine Illusion Dimension had only just opened, so he needed to conserve some strength.

The two sides had been fighting for some treasures near some bones. Below a tattered building was a complete set of bones from a non-human race. No one knew how long it had been there, but it still glowed with gold. Within one or two miles of this non-human golden skeleton were treasures that could even make some Emperors and Sacred Lords go red with desire.

Firstly, there were G.o.d Crystals. Most of them were substandard, but they were all extremely valuable in the outside world. There was a couple dozen around this area.

Apart from that, there were two Heaven-grade divine weapons and one Inheritance Sacred Weapon that gave off such a powerful force that normal Kings were unable to get close.

The weapons of this world were split into the Mortal, Spiritual, Earth, and Heaven grades. Heaven-grade divine weapons were the most powerful in the world; only people that were at least at the Mystic Light Realm could fully unleash their power. Normal Inheritance Sacred Weapons were of the Heaven-grade, and even the worst ones would be close to the Heaven grade at the very least.

Inheritance Sacred Weapons would adjust their power depending on the cultivation of the user, but they had strict requirements. Some Inheritance Sacred Weapons also contained inheritance information.

Apart from G.o.d Crystals, Heaven-grade divine weapons, and the Inheritance Sacred Weapon, there were also some rare resources and items near the bones, such as an interspatial gourd, Spiritual Fruits, and specially-sealed pills.

"The strength of the owner of these bones might have reached the DemiG.o.d level. They were - at the very least - stronger than normal Sacred Lords."

"I'd be satisfied if I received even 1% of the items left behind by a strong Sacred Lord or DemiG.o.d."

The hearts of the nearby elites thumped. However, in this place, the Duanmu Family ruled. Luckily for them, there was Jiu Wuji and some other older experts that tried to resist Zhao Yufei with their power.

"50-50? The Duanmu Family found these bones." Zhao Yufei's eyes went cold.

"Zhe zhe…. Zhao Yufei, if we really fight, we have more half-step Kings and peak Great Origin Core Realms. You might be able to survive, but the others of the Duanmu Family…" Jiu Wuji said cunningly.

Zhao Yufei had the strength advantage among the upper echelons, but Jiu Wuji and the Kings had three to four times as many middle-echelon experts. One had to also take into account that some of the half-step Kings that could enter the Divine Illusion Dimension had battle-power comparable to a true King.

"Then let's see what happens." Zhao Yufei acted as if she wasn't scared, and the elder in green next to her didn't panic either. The elder even smiled confidently.

Whoos.h.!.+ Sou!

Right at this moment in time, a layer of silver light approached.

"Hm? There seems to be a familiar and powerful aura ahead," Zhao Feng murmured.

"That's right, it is familiar indeed," Nan Gongsheng said.

The two soon reached the outer edge of the tattered palace.

Even though it was just the outer edge, there were plenty of experts and forces observing this location. In the middle were four Kings and the forces behind them. The strength of any one of these forces surpa.s.sed the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and Zhao Feng could hear the words "G.o.d Crystal" and "Heaven-grade divine weapon" before he even got close.

Beng! Bam!

At this instant, a battle started in the air above the palace. A total of six Kings started to fight above the golden bones, and a purple-robed G.o.ddess attracted the most attention. Her every attack would radiate crystal-like True Yuan that easily pushed back Void G.o.d Realm Kings, and half-step Kings were unable to even get close.

Wah! Wah!

Apart from Jiu Wuji, the other Kings had all been injured.

"This Zhao Yufei is only at the middle stages of the Void G.o.d Realm, but her True Yuan is immensely powerful and thick. She can fight so many Kings the same time… numbers don't mean anything." Jiu Wuji's expression kept on flickering.

At the moment, he didn't dare to use his advantage in numbers because Zhao Yufei and the elder in green weren't scared at all. Jiu Wuji guessed that Zhao Yufei most likely had a Little World as well as many powerful hidden moves and secret techniques that she hadn't used yet.

Whoos.h.!.+ Sou!

The layer of silver approached the forces of the four Kings.

"Yufei…." Zhao Feng murmured as he glanced at the G.o.ddess in purple. She wasn't the young girl from back then. She had now matured to a truly beautiful woman who could charm entire countries.

"Zhao Yufei!" Nan Gongsheng was surprised.  Back at the True Martial Sacred Land, he fought her, so he knew how terrifying she was.

"Zhao Feng, what do you plan to do?" Nan Gongsheng looked at Zhao Feng with a weird gaze.

The battle of the six Kings became more intense, and some half-step Kings on the side of Jiu Wuji and company supported from afar.

"Who's there!?" The forces behind the four Kings felt Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng approaching.

"Plunder!" Zhao Feng laughed coldly as he and Nan Gongsheng pa.s.sed through the groups while inside Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain.

The closer the items were to the bones, the more valuable they were. Even items within a ten-mile radius were rare and valuable. The resources of the outer edges were mainly controlled by the forces of the four Kings.

"Argh! My interspatial ring~~~!"

"Stop, the Star Darkness Fallen Stone I just mined~~~!"

"Who dares to steal from the Nine Darkness Palace!?"

The forces of Jiu Wuji and company broke out into chaos as roars and yells sounded in the air.

Whoos.h.!.+ Sou!

However, the beam of silver light flashed through the air, and no one was able to catch up. Those below the half-step King level weren't even able to even see them properly. Furthermore, every time the silver light descended, a wicked spatial power would appear alongside a physical force as heavy as Mount Tai.

The half-step Kings weren't able to do anything against the plundering.

"Who is it!?" Jiu Wuji and the other Kings looked over with anger, and Zhao Yufei's eyes glanced over as she exclaimed, "It's him…! Nan Gongsheng?"

King of Gods Chapter 808

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