King of Gods Chapter 857 - The Power Of A God

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Chapter 857 - The Power of a G.o.d

The wicked aura within the Evil Sky Tower suppressed the True Yuan of all normal experts. The present Void G.o.d Realm Kings felt like their True Yuan was frozen.

The more one resisted, the stronger the force. Therefore, Zhao Feng made the smart decision and just allowed the aura to suppress his True Yuan. This would lower the pressure he had to face.


On the other hand, one Void G.o.d Realm King instinctively circulated his True Yuan and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as he fell to the ground. He didn't get up for a long time.

The difference between these people was immediately seen. Those at the very front were Xuanyuan Wen, Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Mo Dongyao. After them were Peak-tier Kings such as the Ninth Prince, while behind them were Domain-level Kings such as Luo Zun.

"The power within the Evil G.o.d Tower isn't something that we can touch…."

"No wonder even Xin Wuheng failed."

The faces of several normal Kings went red after taking just a few steps, and they wanted to leave. They could only watch as the first group went further.

"The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo can walk at the very front!? Zhao Feng hasn't even reached the Void G.o.d Realm yet!" Luo Zun was angry.

The reason Xuanyuan Wen could walk at the very front was because of his cultivation and strength. As an Emperor-level prodigy of a four-star power, he was powerful even among Emperors.

Zhao Yufei had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race and a unique body.

Mo Dongyao had the Ancient G.o.d weapon protecting her.

However, it was incredible that Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng could walk at the front as well.

"Comparatively, the power here suppresses True Yuan the stronger, then the soul and physical body."

Zhao Feng didn't find it troublesome to move. In terms of the soul, only Xuanyuan Wen could be compared to him. In terms of physical body, Zhao Feng had reached the fifth level of the Sacred Lightning Body and surpa.s.sed almost all other Kings present. After giving up total control of his True Yuan, Zhao Feng was more relaxed than the others.

However, the most unusual one was Nan Gongsheng. Although his cultivation, body, and soul were all relatively average, he was able to walk at the front. There was even a feeling of floating when he walked, and the wicked power within his body was very active.

Zhao Feng realized that the wicked force within the Evil G.o.d Tower didn't seem to suppress Nan Gongsheng.

Nan Gongsheng licked his lips with excitement and expectation.

A while later, the group of Kings slowly reached the second floor of the Evil G.o.d Tower. Everyone found some valuable treasures, and there was a table, a chair, a book, and a drawing in front of them that were unusual.

The aura that some of these items radiated wasn't weaker than substandard G.o.d weapons. However, the G.o.d's Forbidden Array within the Evil G.o.d Tower was extremely complete and had no flaws.

Even if it wasn't, no one could take the items due to the suppression of that remaining G.o.d power. The pressure on the second floor was much stronger than the first. The five people at the very front were fine, but some of the Kings behind them felt unable to breathe as the pressure increased.

Apart from the special suppression of True Yuan, the other aspects of the suppression aren't even as strong as the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same. He entered the Ancient Dream Realm a lot, so he was used to a lot of pressure. It wasn't too troublesome for him to walk in the Evil G.o.d Tower with his powerful soul and body.

Around the time it took to make tea later, the five geniuses at the very front reached the third floor of the Evil G.o.d Tower.

The scenery on the third floor was different; it was related to the environment that the owner of the Evil G.o.d Tower lived in.

No one paid attention to it; they just kept going further in.

At this point, some normal Kings had already retreated. If they went any further, they might not have the energy to go back out.

The first five people didn't know how many floors the Evil G.o.d Tower had, so they just kept on climbing.

Sometime later, Xuanyuan Wen, Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Mo Dongyao reached the fifth floor.

At this time, sweat appeared on Xuanyuan Wen's forehead, while Zhao Yufei's breathing rate quickened and her face became red.

"I will be staying on the fifth floor." Xuanyuan Wen gave a faint smile as he suddenly sat down.

The other four were baffled; Xuanyuan Wen was the strongest person here. Why wouldn't he continue?

"The power in this place is very different from what I cultivate. I just want to stay here and feel the aura of that G.o.d power…." Xuanyuan Wen revealed a slightly embarra.s.sed expression, and Zhao Feng understood how and why Xin Wuheng failed.

Xie Yang Palace contained a lot of fortune, but not all of it was suited for everyone. Sky Suspension Palace that Xuanyuan Wen came from was a four-star superpower with its own techniques, while the Evil Sky Tower contained a wicked force that was much different from the techniques he cultivated.

Instead of taking a risk, it was better for him to know his limits and just feel the remnant power of a G.o.d.

The Heavenly Divine Realm was above mortals - it belonged to the domain of G.o.ds.

The Heavenly Divine Realm was what came after the Mystic Light Realm. Once one broke through this realm and pa.s.sed the G.o.d Tribulation, they would be recognized by Heaven and Earth itself and become a G.o.d.

The Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang was a G.o.d-rank expert, and according to the legends, each G.o.d had their own positions. For normal experts, this was just a legend, but the power of a G.o.d within the Evil Sky Tower made the hearts of some geniuses thump. If they were able to obtain this power, they might be able to touch the domain of G.o.ds.

This was something that Emperors and Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would be unable to resist.

"Feeling the power of a G.o.d is a once-in-lifetime chance." Xuanyuan Wen closed his eyes.

This left behind four people at the very front: Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Mo Dongyao.

Zhao Yufei's face started to go pale on the sixth floor, but she was still able to resist since she had a Spiritual Race bloodline. On the other hand, Mo Dongyao relied more on the Ancient G.o.d weapon for protection.

"Yufei, Lady Mo, why don't you two give up? The fortune within the Evil Sky Tower is probably dangerous, and it might not even be suitable for you two," Zhao Feng said.

Xin Wuheng may not have even entered the next floor.

"Brother Feng, Senior Martial Brother Nan Gong, be careful…."

Zhao Yufei didn't continue. Maybe the Spiritual Race bloodline could still take her higher, but she could see that the fortune within the Evil Sky Tower wasn't suitable for her.

"Sorry, but I need to continue. This is what Senior Sword Saint wants," Mo Dongyao replied, and the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword in her hand released a faint green sword-light that surrounded her.


Zhao Feng didn't force her. The Little Sword Saint had given up on his physical body and merged with the Ancient G.o.d weapon, so his understanding and mastery of the Sword Dao had reached an incredible level.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

Only Zhao Feng and two others were left walking in the Evil Sky Tower.

On the way up, the purple-and-blood-colored mark on Nan Gongsheng's forehead flickered, and his hair had become the same color as the mark, which now differed with Zhao Feng's dreamy purple hair.


A purple-and-blood-colored light glittered around Nan Gongsheng's body as if it was extremely excited and impatient. Of the three, Nan Gongsheng walked at the very front because the wicked G.o.d power within the Evil Sky Tower didn't suppress him at all.

On the seventh floor:

"Nan Gongsheng, stop for now," a cold voice sounded from behind him. It came from the purple-haired youth, who was covered in golden light.

"Zhao Feng…" Nan Gongsheng's excited and impatient expression dimmed down a bit as he felt a coldness freeze his soul. At this moment, the left eye of the purple-haired youth was like a freezing pond as it froze Nan Gongsheng's soul.

How is this possible!? How can he use his eye-bloodline in the Evil Sky Tower? Mo Dongyao couldn't believe it. She couldn't unleash her Sword Dao Intent under the pressure of the Evil Sky Tower or any other power, but this youth was still able to use his eye-bloodline?

Facing Zhao Feng's left eye-bloodline, Nan Gongsheng's body shook, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.


Nan Gongsheng let out a breath as cold sweat covered his back. He immediately sat down and started to concentrate.

"Zhao Feng, thank you."

Nan Gongsheng's complex expression contained grat.i.tude.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline was unleashed, and his purple hair blew wildly as he released an aura that belonged to the Ancient Era that could scare both G.o.ds and Devils alike. This aura couldn't be suppressed by the remnant G.o.d power within the Evil Sky Tower.

"The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient G.o.ds slain will turn into endless dust…." An old sigh seemed to reverberate throughout Zhao Feng's mind.

Peng! Peng!

At this instant, the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye started to thump, and the nearby wicked aura started to tremble uneasily.

At the same moment in time, a purple-and-blood-colored figure on the highest floor of the Evil Sky Tower exclaimed, "The aura of an Ancient Deity! What's the relations.h.i.+p between that eye-bloodline and the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes?"

The pressure from the wicked aura decreased.

On the 7th floor, Nan Gongsheng's eyes started to become clear again as he became calm, and he nodded his head solemnly.

"Let's go."

The three continued to walk toward the higher floors of the Evil Sky Tower.

In the blink of an eye, two days pa.s.sed. No one knew how many floors they had gone past, but the three finally reached the top.

The top floor of the Evil Sky Tower was empty apart from a black futon. There was no one here, and the pressure of the G.o.d power had reached an extreme here.

Zhao Feng's body was stiff to the point where he almost couldn't move. Even breathing was hard, but luckily, his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye wasn't affected.

"Watch out!" Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed. He felt an enormous source of mental energy that made even his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye uneasy. He immediately started to inspect everything in the area with his left eye-bloodline, but he was blocked by the remaining power of the Evil G.o.d.

Ta! Ta!

The purple-and-blood-colored marking on Nan Gongsheng's forehead started to thump, and a summoning force made him walk toward the black futon in the very middle.

Zhao Feng immediately used his eye-bloodline to try to stop him but was blocked by the power of the Evil G.o.d. He and Mo Dongyao could only watch as Nan Gongsheng arrived at the black futon and sat down as if he was the owner.


The instant Nan Gongsheng sat down, the remaining G.o.d power within the entire Evil Sky Tower shook. It was as if s.p.a.ce itself was going to crack. A forbidden aura swept across Xie Yang Palace from the Evil Sky Tower and made countless beings tremble in fear.

King of Gods Chapter 857 - The Power Of A God

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