King of Gods Chapter 862 - Life Or Death

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Chapter 862 - Life or Death

Zhao Feng's words made all the other geniuses present let out a breath as the terrifying aura that was suppressing everyone quickly faded.

The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo always worked together in the Divine Illusion Dimension. It would be hard to find someone else that could stop Nan Gongsheng, whose battle-power was unrivalled against everyone other than Zhao Feng.

Hearing his voice, the aura around Nan Gongsheng started to fade, and the cruel expression on his face smoothed out.


Nan Gongsheng turned into a blurry silver-and-purple figure that quickly entered the G.o.d's Array Building. Most of the people couldn't even see how he moved.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Some of the Kings within the G.o.d's Array Building were extremely tense. One had to know that Nan Gongsheng had the ability to instantly kill a Peak-tier King, and even Void G.o.d Realm Emperors might not be his match.

Jiu Wuji's battle-power was already enough to exchange a blow or two with an Emperor. Apart from Xuanyuan Wen, everyone else could possibly be instkilled by Nan Gongsheng.

Sou! Sou!

With a flash, Nan Gongsheng approached the purple-haired youth in the G.o.d's Array Building.

"Brother Feng…!" Zhao Yufei's expression changed. She became worried because Nan Gongsheng's personality and att.i.tude had changed.

After inheriting the power of the Evil G.o.d, no one knew whether he would be the Nan Gongsheng from before.


When the flash of silver-and-purple stopped, Nan Gongsheng appeared next to Zhao Feng. The two stood shoulder to shoulder and formed a demonic duo.


Some of the Kings present let out a breath.

"Luckily, Nan Gongsheng hadn't lost complete control…." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge sweated.

However, all of the people looked at Nan Gongsheng with wariness. Nan Gongsheng's absolute power scared everyone present, and his cold and emotionless slaughter made them go cold.

Zhao Feng's emotions remained the same; calm.

Even now, this youth was surrounded in mystery and no one could see through him. However, those that had watched him clash against the Blue Serpent King duo wouldn't ever forget it.

Some time ago, this youth had almost managed to slay the ninth and tenth ranks on the Imperial Genius rankings by himself. The Blue Serpent King duo didn't even dare to appear after that.

"Nan Gongsheng, do you know how to resolve the Forbidden Array?" Zhao Feng suddenly spoke.

He had been waiting for Nan Gongsheng over the past few days since there was this possibility. Right now, no one was able to solve the Forbidden Array within the G.o.d's Array Building, and there were only ten days left till the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon charged into Xie Yang Palace and slaughtered them all.

Zhao Feng had to team up with everyone else in order to face this great foe and find out how to escape.

Zhao Feng's words caught the attention of the other Kings. Could it be that Nan Gongsheng knew about arrays? But from the cruelty and bloodthirstiness he displayed, he didn't seem like the type.

"I came over precisely for that reason," Nan Gongsheng said as he glanced over some of the wary and fearful Kings.

His gaze was cold, as if he was looking down on ants. His eyes would struggle and reveal a complex emotion only when his gaze landed on the face of the purple-haired youth next to him. Nan Gongsheng didn't understand why this youth could still remain so cold in front of his terrifying power.

"Senior Martial Brother Nan Gongsheng, do you know how to solve it?" Zhao Yufei asked with joy. There were only ten days left for them, and everyone obviously wanted to live.

"I have the array blueprint. We can try to fix it, but don't even think about controlling it unless you become a DemiG.o.d," Nan Gongsheng said emotionlessly.

Hearing that, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and company revealed joyful expressions.

The G.o.d's Forbidden Array was in the domain of G.o.ds. How could mortals control it? No wonder the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was so disdainful after knowing their plan.

"Fixing the core of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array will at least give us more time," an imperial array master said.

Nan Gongsheng then closed his eyes and started to send the blueprint to Senior Martial Brother Zhuge with his Divine Sense. The others responsible for solving the array soon received the blueprint as well.

"So profound! As expected of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and several other array masters couldn't help but sigh as they became entranced.

Of course, fixing the array still required some time, but now they had the blueprint.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly, and the shadow of death that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon brought slowly covered everyone within Xie Yang Palace. The Xie Yang Palace was dead-silent, and some of the natives here could already feel the aura of disaster and were trembling with unease.

One day… two days… three days…. The amount of time that they had left was decreasing.

Wu~ Roar!

Boom! Bam!

The large black scaled body of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was smas.h.i.+ng against the G.o.d's Forbidden Array, and the majority of the light radiating from the G.o.d's Forbidden Array had faded.

Every time the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon clashed against it, a large hole would appear. Normal humans or Yao beasts would already be able to enter Xie Yang Palace. However, as the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was too big, it couldn't enter yet.

The repairing function of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array was still there, and the damaged areas were quickly recovered.

"There's only five days left until all of you will turn into dust in front of the Destruction Dragon Race…!" The roar of a dragon sounded throughout Xie Yang Palace.

Part of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head had managed to enter Xie Yang Palace. In this instant, all of the beings in Xie Yang Palace felt a Destructive and chaotic aura.

Within the G.o.d's Array Building, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, Xin Wuheng, and company were all trying to comprehend the array's blueprint.

Shua! Whoos.h.!.+

Two figures landed near a hole at the edge of Xie Yang Palace. One had purple hair, and the other had purple-and-blood-colored hair.

"En, there are a lot of flaws in the Forbidden Array that can be used as a path of escape." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

After saying this, he pointed the substandard G.o.d armguard toward the ground where they were standing.

Weng~ Weng~

A silver light flashed around the surface of the armguard, which then started to shrink and turn into a black dot. Only a faint spatial disturbance could be felt before it quickly calmed down.


Zhao Feng merged his senses into the substandard G.o.d weapon and found that there was a very clear black dot within it.

Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World to create a spatial point.

"This spatial mark only exists within the Divine Illusion Dimension, meaning that we can't use it when we go back to the continent zone because the Divine Illusion Dimension is a roaming dimension that only touches the continent once every hundred years," Nan Gongsheng warned.

The tiniest miscalculation in a teleportation could mean a difference of billions of miles. They might teleport into some random deathtrap, or more likely, dying in the chaotic flow of s.p.a.ce.

"I understand. If we had the spatial marking on the continent zone, we could return even from the Divine Illusion Dimension because the continent zone is in a stable dimension."

Zhao Feng sighed.

If the Divine Illusion Dimension wasn't moving every second, then they would be able to return whenever they wanted after they became strong enough.

For the next day or so, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng appeared around the edges of Xie Yang Palace and created a total of nineteen spatial markings they could use to escape.

"Although my strength isn't very strong, it should be enough to travel this distance at least…." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

"You might not be strong enough, but you have me." A wicked and confident smile formed on Nan Gongsheng's face. His strength could be said to be greatest amongst the outsiders that had entered Xie Yang Palace, and he had s.p.a.ce-type abilities as well.

"That's good."

Zhao Feng paused for a moment as he felt the change in Nan Gongsheng's personality. Although Nan Gongsheng hadn't reached the stage where he would kill his own family, he had indeed changed quite a bit. For example, he was now crueler and more bloodthirsty.

Time pa.s.sed by quickly.

"There's only three days left…."

Some of the Kings from various forces were becoming uneasy. The shadow of death was becoming closer and closer; they could hear the occasional roar of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

In the last three days:

Wu~~~ Boom! Boom! Boom!

The G.o.d's Forbidden Array was extremely faint, as if it could shatter at any moment.

"The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon might charge in at any moment now." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge took in a deep breath.

"We're almost done. We've confirmed the two biggest flaws and are constructing an array to transmit our power." Beads of sweat appeared on Xin Wuheng's forehead.

No matter how high one stood, they would feel pressure and panic in front of the threat of looming death.

The Kings outside the G.o.d's Array Building all went inside and helped out. Half a day later, the majority of a five-colored whirlpool array was constructed.

"It all depends on luck now…." Zhao Feng gave a sigh as he touched the substandard G.o.d armguard.

At this moment, the G.o.d's Forbidden Array was the weakest it had ever been.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head had already entered Xie Yang Palace.

"Wu~~! Doomsday has finally arrived!" The roar of a dragon shook Heaven and Earth as it resounded throughout Xie Yang Palace.

Wu~~ Boom!

A flaming Destructive aura swept over and turned the nearby buildings black.

"It's over."

"Is this the end?"

The elites within the G.o.d's Array Building fell into despair and fear.

"There's still a chance." Zhao Feng's eyes became sharp as he touched the substandard G.o.d armguard.


The elites and experts all poured their True Yuan into the five-colored whirlpool array.

"Go!" Xin Wuheng and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge guided two five-colored beams of light out from the whirlpool array.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

These two five-colored beams of light merged into the two biggest flaws of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array core in an attempt to repair it.

Life or death depended on this, and everyone held their breaths as their hearts tightened.

King of Gods Chapter 862 - Life Or Death

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