King of Gods Chapter 844 - Rusty Sword

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Chapter 844 - Rusty Sword


The wave of hot air blasted out from the Building of Refinement's door, and screams sounded as four or five geniuses were turned into a pile of ashes. There was more than a dozen half-step Kings and Kings that were injured as well.

An imperial genius that had just become a King was. .h.i.t by the wave of hot air head-on, and his scorched body lay in front of the door.

In front of the Building of Refinement's black metallic door, the imperials, Sky Sword Pavilion, Grand Duke Yuan's Palace, and company were dumbfounded.


Some of the experts that managed to escape all took in a cold breath. Over 90% of the geniuses and elites here would be killed if the wave of air hit them head-on.

One could only say that those near the door were unlucky. Many times, winners weren't necessarily the strongest, but the luckiest.

“It's my fault. The Building of Refinement hasn't been opened for a very long time, and the fire in the furnace was never extinguished. Since the heat couldn't be released, it acc.u.mulated, which caused a wave of hot air to blast out when the door opened….”

Guilt was written all over the face of the imperial array master. His face and clothes were black as well. If it weren't for the Eighth Prince and the wrinkled elder protecting him at the critical moment, he wouldn't have been able to survive.

A while later, the heat from the Building of Refinement was no longer as strong, but it was still hot. No one dared to enter the black metallic door yet.

“We should wait for another half a day for most of the heat to dissipate.”

The handful of array masters present came to an agreement.

Everyone could see a big furnace within the Building of Refinement, and it gave off a scarlet-red glow of light.

Although this furnace was called a “furnace,” it was better described as a large underground crater, or even a fiery abyss.

The glow of flames from within the furnace made everyone feel a burning sensation.

“That furnace is still radiating such a terrifying flame even after being here for so long….”

There were many older elites present, but the flames in the furnace seemed to be everlasting, and no one understood how that was possible.

“Maybe this is the domain of G.o.ds.”

Excitement and expectation appeared on everyone's face. Maybe they had reached an important place in Xie Yang Palace.

Although they had all gained a lot of fortune already, the things that they had obtained were considered very normal in Xie Yang Palace.

“Everyone, be careful. I can feel a large source of forbidden flames within the furnace. If it explodes, even a DemiG.o.d wouldn't be able to retreat unharmed,” the Little Sword Saint said in a deep tone.

Hearing that, everyone's heart shook. If even a DemiG.o.d wouldn't be able to retreat unharmed, then… that would be the power of a G.o.d.

As time pa.s.sed, the heat radiating from the Building of Refinement started to dissipate, and most of it had faded after half a day. At this point in time, the light from within the Building of Refinement was calmer, and one could start to see stones, tattered weapons, and various pieces within.

Although these items were tattered and broken, the aura they released still shook everyone's heart.


The weapons present all started to shake, including some Inheritance Sacred Weapons. The Sacred Emperor's Sword in the Thirteenth Prince's hand started to hum as if it was excited.

“G.o.d Fallen Metal! That's one of the ancient materials sealed in the forbidden land of the imperials….” The Eighth Prince was stunned.

He recognized that there was G.o.d Fallen Metal in front of the furnace, which was extremely rare in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. It only appeared once every couple dozen millennia, and the imperials needed to seal and guard it because even they only had a few pieces.

This was just one of the random stones present. Materials similar to the G.o.d Fallen Metal could be seen everywhere in front of the furnace.

Of course, the things that truly attracted them were the tattered weapons and pieces on the ground. Some were half-complete, and some were even complete.

The aura of a peerless weapon came from the depths of the furnace.

Only the Little Sword Saint, the Ninth Prince, Zhao Yufei, and a small number of others could sense the aura of the complete weapons in the depths of the furnace. However, since these auras had been here for so long, these people didn't dare to touch anything with their Divine Senses since that might create an unstoppable disaster. After all, this was the Building of Refinement of a G.o.d's palace.

It wouldn't be surprising if Heaven-grade divine weapons appeared, and there might even be some legendary Ancient G.o.d Weapons.

“I shall go in first.” A sharp glint of light flashed through the Little Sword Saint's eyes, and Sword Intent that seemed to have surpa.s.sed the limits of Life and Death radiated from his body.


With a flash, the Little Sword Saint was the first to step into the Building of Refinement.

The gazes of some geniuses and elites behind were filled with respect. Many knew that the Little Sword Saint was reaching the end of his lifespan and had basically given up on life after entering Xie Yang Palace.

“Follow him!”

The forces of Sky Sword Pavilion, the imperials, the Duanmu Family, and company carefully followed the Little Sword Saint.


Their feet started to burn after entering the Building of Refinement.


The high heat made many geniuses jump up and down as they screamed.

At this moment in time, those that cultivated the Dao of Fire, the Dao of Ice, or the Dao of Water felt a bit better. The elites that cultivated the Dao of Fire were more in harmony with heat while those cultivating the Dao of Ice or the Dao of Water could better resist fire.

“It's too hot here.”

Even the Thirteenth Prince felt hot and unable to resist. Although he had become a King after entering Xie Yang Palace, he was of n.o.ble birth and never had been in such a situation before.

“It's too hot; even Emperors would be roasted after staying here for a long time.”

The half-step Kings started to sweat and become uneasy after entering for only a few breaths.

Within the Building of Refinement, the closer one got to the center of the fire crater, the higher the heat. At this moment, they only just entered the Building of Refinement, so they were at the edge. They weren't even close to the actual furnace.

However, most of the broken weapons and materials were close to the crater.

Any broken piece or tattered weapon or random material here would cause three-star and four-star forces to fight to the death. The G.o.d Fallen Metal that was casually lying on the ground was something that was sealed and hidden away by the Great Gan Imperials.

However, the most valuable items were the more complete weapons.

“We're close….” The Little Sword Saint had a smile that seemed to have seen through Life and Death. He was covered by a white sword-light as he walked step by step toward the furnace.

At this moment in time, the sword aura from the Little Sword Saint made everyone's heart jump.


The hum of a sword that sounded throughout the soul-dimension and across Heaven and Earth came from the depths of the Building of Refinement.

Everyone's blood and True Yuan started to shake.

“What a terrifying sword aura…!”

The sword's hum froze everyone's footsteps. They felt as if a cold sword had pierced through their hearts.

They managed to look over, and they saw a rusty bronze sword stabbed into the ground near the furnace.

Everyone was stunned and baffled. This rusty-looking sword looked like trash, but if one looked closely, they would realize that the material of this sword was ancient and definitely not simple.


The sword that was stabbed into the ground hummed and released a powerful Sword Dao aura that slashed through the air and straight into one's soul.

Wah! Wah!

Some of the geniuses who weren't strong enough immediately coughed out blood and were injured.

Plop! Plop!

Combined with the heat from the Building of Refinement, several half-step Kings fainted.


The Sacred Emperor's Sword that the Thirteenth Prince owned started to tremble. The humming from that rusty sword made even the Sacred Emperor's Sword feel scared and wary.

“Even Heaven-grade divine weapons aren't able to scare the Sacred Emperor's Sword, and that's just a tattered weapon that's much weaker.”

The Great Gan Imperials were stunned. The Eighth, Ninth, and Thirteenth Princes all looked at each other in shock. Even though it wasn't able to use all its strength in the Divine Illusion Dimension, they knew the significance of the Sacred Emperor's Sword.

“Ancient G.o.d Sword!”

“That is most likely a tattered Ancient G.o.d Weapon!”

The three Princes came to a shocking conclusion, and this conclusion made them even warier. When a treasure was too precious, it was actually a calamity.

Ancient G.o.d Weapons came from the Atavistic Era, or even the Immemorial Era. Such strength only appeared in legends.

“A substandard G.o.d Weapon appeared several thousand years ago, destroying a three-star force and slaying three Sacred Lords….”

“That substandard G.o.d Weapon came from a four-star power… Sky Suspension Palace!”

Exclamations sounded from the Building of Refinement. However, the rusty bronze sword wasn't a substandard G.o.d weapon – the aura alone scared the Sacred Emperor's Sword.

Outside the Building of Refinement:

“The aura of an Ancient G.o.d Weapon!”

Two purple-haired figures entered the door to the Building of Refinement under a layer of silver and purple.

“Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!”

Several geniuses and elites that weren't able to withstand the heat were catching some fresh air outside, and they exclaimed with hatred when they saw the duo.

However, due to the heat and the aura of the rusty bronze sword, most of the people could barely protect themselves, so no one had the energy or motivation to attack the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo in this situation.

It could be said that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo came right on time. The Little Sword Saint, who had the strongest battle-power, was fully attracted to the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword and couldn't be distracted.

“If the Little Sword Saint gains the recognition of the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword, he will be unparalleled amongst the outsiders.”

“Although the chance of that is low… we have to consider it.”

The three Great Gan princes were discussing what threat the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword might bring, as well as how to get close to the G.o.d Fallen Metal and the other materials.

At the same time, in front of a dark book room on the other side of Xie Yang Palace, those from Sky Suspension Palace were immersed in the ancient books that gave off a starry light.

“Hmm? The aura of an Ancient G.o.d Weapon….” Xuanyuan Wen suddenly opened his eyes, and a weird piece of jade on his chest glittered with a pure white light and started to tremble.

King of Gods Chapter 844 - Rusty Sword

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