King of Gods Chapter 875 Not Interested

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Chapter 875 - Not Interested

"Blood Devil Sun bloodline?" The experts of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan looked at each other and started to discuss. King Lu Yun and company soon thought of one person.

The Blood Devil Sun bloodline was ranked 81st among the Imperial Dao bloodlines, and it was one of the top bloodlines in the continent zone.

There was indeed a youth with a bloodline similar to the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and he was currently being confined.

"May I ask Elder Tie… what 'truth' is out?" Solemnness appeared on Emperor Ling Qiong's face.

Emperor Ling Qiong was extremely wary of Tie Litian and the Tie Family behind him. Any one of the Eight Big Families of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty was comparable to a three-star power, and any action taken by one could have a big effect on the entire lord dynasty.

Amongst the Eight Big Families, the Tie Family was one of the stronger ones; it was comparable to a peak three-star power. The Tie Family resided in Xiling Palace and guarded the northwestern region of the lord dynasty.

They were the main defenders against the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty. All of the members of the Tie Family were raised up through iron and battle; their strength was almost unrivalled amongst those of the same generation.

In comparison, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan wasn't even a three-star power, let alone a peak three-star power. It couldn't be compared to the Tie Family. Therefore, the atmosphere right now in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was very tense.

The Tie Family was definitely a power that the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan didn't dare to offend. Tie Litian's battle-power was extremely strong, and he could easily defeat normal Emperors.

"I'm going to find Zhao Feng and raise him back at the Tie Family."

Tie Litian's eyes became hot as he thought about a perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. He couldn't contain his excitement just thinking about it.

"Zhao Feng? I don't think that will work." Emperor Ling Qiong's expression changed once more as she replied instantly.

Some news regarding the Divine Illusion Dimension had spread out not long ago, and one of the most important pieces of news was about Xie Yang Palace and the Black Serpent Dragon with the Destruction Dragon Race bloodline. The stunning treasures within Xie Yang Palace, the power of the Evil G.o.d, Ancient G.o.d weapons, and substandard G.o.d weapons created shockwaves across the lord dynasty.

Emperor Ling Qiong heard that there was a Purple-Haired Demonic Duo in Xie Yang Palace that surpa.s.sed all the other super families and forces. One of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was called Zhao Feng, and Emperor Ling Qiong guessed that her clan's Zhao Feng was most likely one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo and had unfathomable strength.

 "'Don't think that will work'? Hahaha…. Does the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan want to block the Tie Family's path!?" Tie Litian roared with laughter.


A bright scarlet-red light radiated from Tie Litian and seemed to turn the place into an ocean of fire. Hundreds and thousands of disciples were about to be burned by the scorching flames.


Some of these members couldn't take the heat, and they were unable to break through the ocean of fire no matter how they struggled.

"Stop~~~~!" Emperor Ling Qiong spread her arms, and a crystal-like Little World appeared and started to block the blazing red light coming from Tie Litian. However, this meant that she needed to take Tie Litian's attack head-on.


Emperor Ling Qiong groaned and her body shook. Even her Little World started to tremble.

"You're not my match. Tell Zhao Feng to come out and talk to me." Tie Litian stood with his hands behind his back as the blazing red light around him suddenly condensed back into his body, turning him into a blazing sun.

However, it was at this moment that another surge of Emperor aura appeared in the depths of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"Has the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan become so weak that one measly Emperor dares to steal from us…?" an old tired voice sounded from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Although the aura of this Emperor wasn't as forceful as Tie Litian, it was thicker and denser.


An elder with white hair appeared. He was covered in orange light and radiated a strong surge of Magnificent Power.

"Old Monster Xu, you're still alive even after failing to break through to the Mystic Light Realm?" Tie Litian's eyes finally became slightly wary.

In the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, only Duke Nanfeng made him wary, but this Old Monster Xu was also not to be underestimated. He was once a peak Emperor, but he failed to break through to the Mystic Light Realm and was coming to the end of his lifespan. Furthermore, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had three Emperors. Amongst them, Emperor Ling Qiong was the weakest.

For the next couple of breaths, the Emperors started to talk with each other through Divine Sense. The other Kings could feel the undulation of Divine Senses, but not what they said.

A long time later, the elder with white hair covered in orange light spoke, "Fine, we'll do as you wish."


As soon as he said this, the Emperor Projection of Old Monster Xu disappeared. No one knew what kind of agreement that these Emperors came to.

"Tell Zhao Feng to come out and make a decision," Emperor Ling Qiong said with a cold expression.

Due to their wariness toward the Tie Family, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had to take a step back, but they wanted to make it look better and let Zhao Feng decide for himself. Tie Litian was confident, so he agreed.

A while later:

"Reporting to Emperor, the place where Zhao Feng is cultivating is unable to be approached because the force there is too strong," a half-step King arrived and said in a hurried tone.

Hmm? Emperor Ling Qiong and Tie Litian's Divine Senses turned toward a certain area. A whirlpool of wind and lightning alongside a strong surge of wood and water came from that location.

"Hahaha, as expected of a member of the Tie Family - managing to acquire the Intent necessary to become a King." Tie Litian roared with laughter, and the expressions of the upper echelon members such as Emperor Ling Qiong and the various Kings became ugly. Such a genius actually hadn't been discovered by the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Shua! Shua!

Tie Litian and Emperor Ling Qiong appeared in the air above Zhao Feng's courtyard.

Within the room, Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he walked out and looked at the two Emperors in the air.

"You're Zhao Feng? Very good, very good." Tie Litian's face was filled with praise, and a fiery hot light appeared in his eyes, which made Zhao Feng's hairs stand up on end.

The strength of this Tie Litian had almost reached the level of a peak Emperor, and he was much stronger than Emperor Mu Yun, who Zhao Feng faced in the Pirate Sacred Land.

Just as Zhao Feng was feeling lost:


Tie Litian waved his hand, and an old figure appeared from his Little World.

"Grandfather Zhao!?" Zhao Feng couldn't help but exclaim.

Grandfather Zhao was the grandfather of the original Zhao Feng. Since the original Zhao Feng's parents had died when he was still young, his grandfather had raised him. The relations.h.i.+p between the two was like father and son.

"Feng'er, do you still remember the surname of your mother?" Grandfather Zhao let out a long sigh as complex emotions covered his face. He learned the secret of Zhao Feng's bloodline, and it wasn't as simple as he ever would've imagined

"Surname?" Zhao Feng started to think. Since he had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, he could easily find the memories in the depths of his mind. He soon found the answer; the name of the original Zhao Feng's mother was Tie Xiuli.


The bodies of Emperor Ling Qiong and the Kings from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan shook with disbelief.

"Aye, I didn't think that your mother would be a member of one of the Eight Big Families," Grandfather Zhao said. It was obvious that he only learned of this not long ago as well.

Zhao Feng stood still for a while. He had indeed been curious about his bloodline and was planning to go back to the Zhao Family and ask about it. He didn't expect that this Blood Devil Sun bloodline had caught the attention of an expert from the Tie Family.

After knowing the truth, the upper echelons of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan couldn't help but sigh. Without even having to think about it, Zhao Feng would definitely choose to go to the Tie Family and not stay in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, which was only a peak two-star power. Not to mention, Zhao Feng had just been confined by Emperor Ling Qiong not long ago.

No wonder Tie Litian was so confident and made the deal to let Zhao Feng decide on his own.

"Feng'er, why aren't you following this Emperor?" Grandfather Zhao warned and signaled to Zhao Feng, as if saying that joining a super family like the Tie Family would help both Zhao Feng and the Zhao Family.

Tie Litian had a faint smile as he waited for Zhao Feng's reply with confidence. On the contrary, Emperor Ling Qiong and company had ugly expressions as they prepared for the worst.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in my birthright. Right now, I only want to focus on cultivation." Zhao Feng's gaze scanned over the two Emperors in the air and turned around, leaving behind the image of his back as he walked away.

Everyone was stunned. The mouths of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan upper echelon members present fell open.

"You…!" Tie Litian's expression was even more colorful. It was as if he had been choked, and his face went bright red as he floated in the air.

"Hehe, Zhao Feng didn't decide to leave with you. According to the deal we made…" Emperor Ling Qiong was extremely surprised and let out a faint smile. She never would have thought that Zhao Feng wouldn't be interested in returning to the Tie Family.

"Hmph, he didn't exactly choose to stay in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan either." Tie Litian harrumphed coldly as he left with Grandfather Zhao. According to the deal, he didn't lose yet. Zhao Feng hadn't chosen the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan or the Tie Family. It could be said that he wasn't interested in choosing.

Zhao Feng started to cultivate again back in his room.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan became calm and quiet once more after Tie Litian left. Emperor Ling Qiong gave the order to not let anyone enter the area around Zhao Feng's courtyard.

"Zhao Feng doesn't even bother with Emperors as strong as Tie Litian. Could he really be one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo and one of the biggest winners of Xie Yang Palace?" Emperor Ling Qiong instinctively felt that the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan wouldn't be able to contain this rising dragon.

Time pa.s.sed, and news travelled from the central region of the continent toward the Tianfeng Great Island Zone near the ocean. The news shocked Emperor Ling Qiong and the upper echelon of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Almost two months had pa.s.sed since the end of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Within the room, Zhao Feng had reached the critical stage of his cultivation, and the surges of Wind Lightning True Yuan in his Crystal Core started to form the outline of a True Yuan dimension.

Because Zhao Feng already had Emperor Intent, his True Yuan was comparable to a half-step King when he was at the peak Great Origin Core Realm.

The last two months of cultivation had almost allowed him to become a King. All he needed to do was construct his True Yuan dimension.

King of Gods Chapter 875 Not Interested

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