King of Gods Chapter 89 - Sparring (2)

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Zhao Feng’s performance also stunned Feng Hanyue, Zhao Yufei and Yang Qingshan.

“This kid isn’t simple, to be able to attack within the radius of Brother Nan Gongfan’s G.o.dly Suction Force.” Yang Qingshan laughed loudly.

Zhao Feng’s figure was like the wind and it sent beams of meteors forwards. Flowing Wind Stance made his speed and offensive both improve dramastically.

Nan Gongfan’s G.o.dly Suction Force used Inner Strength to control the wind and create a tornado, but Zhao Feng used his Flowing Wind Stance to resolve this and it caused Nan Gongfan’s face to turn slightly dim.

Being under the same master, he wanted to teach Zhao Feng a lesson but he didn’t expect the opponent to be so troublesome.

“Whirlpool Tornado!”

Nan Gongfan exclaimed as the original tornado suddenly became chaotic and pushed out in every direction. The force in the wind could easily shatter a house into pieces.

What a terrifying move!

Zhao Feng felt his chest get crushed and the wind tear towards his clothes.

“Is this the power of a Holy martial art?”

Zhao Feng’s left eye squinted as he tried to sense the change in Inner Strength of Nan Gongfan. His Silver Wall Technique of the peak sixth level stood solid against the destructive air wave.


Zhao Feng’s left eye found the pattern and profoundness behind Nan Gongfan’s moves and he found that it was similar to his Tornado Wind Stance.

He then opened the ability of his left eye and copied this scene into his mind.


Instantly, a scene of Nan Gongfan using his Whirlpool Tornado appeared in the dimension of his left eye. Inside the dimension, the scene could be played out tens of times slower and it could be viewed from different angles.

Soon, Zhao Feng found that the insights of this skill were similar to the Tornado Stance.

“Fifth move – Star Finger!”

Zhao Feng moved with the wind and he sent out a piercing finger which left dots of green light behind. In an instant, the damage of Star Finger had increased dramatially.

Fifth level of Star Finger!

Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei were both shocked. Star Finger was famous in the Cloud Country for being hard to train and having major risks.

This skill had a total of seven levels. If one reached the fourth, they could release their Inner Strength out of the body without even reaching the seventh rank. When it was trained to the fifth level, the attacks would be like a meteor, fast and beautiful. What made it even more terrifying was that Zhao Feng could see the flaws in Nan Gongfan’s G.o.dly Suction Force and so he aimed there.

“How did this guy make it happen… ?”

Nan Gongfan’s expression finally changed as he quickly exploded his layers of wind.


A three metre hole was made where the two exchanged blows.

At a certain point, Nan Gongfan’s cultivation had exceeded the limit of the seventh rank.


Zhao Feng’s figure landed on the ground unharmed. Because his Silver Wall Technique had reached the peak sixth level, he could almost take any hit from Nan Gongfan head on if the latter suppressed his cultivation below the eighth rank.

“Thanks.” Zhao Feng smiled as he returned back to his seat in silence.

“Brother Zhao Feng! We haven’t finished yet.” Nan Gongfan was slightly angry.

“I mean seriously. Brother Nan Gongfan, your cultivation just exceeded Brother Zhao Feng’s then. As an older brother, you shouldn’t use higher cultivation to beat him, right?” Yang Qingshan’s voice sounded.

It was obvious that if the two were both at the same cultivation and rank, Nan Gongfan couldn’t beat Zhao Feng.

“I underestimated him. Next time, I will spar seriously with Brother Zhao.” Nan Gongfan said as he returned to his seat.

Spar seriously?

Zhao Feng took in the meaning of these two words. If they sparred seriously, it would mean that Nan Gongfan wanted to use his eighth rank cultivation.

Within the room, the disciples didn’t know that the sparring had not gone unnoticed.

“Brother Ye, this Zhao Feng is better than expected. His Silver Wall Technique has reached the peak sixth level and a troublesome skill such as Star Finger has also reached the fifth level. Not only that, he seems to have insights into a Holy martial art… “ Third Guard was slightly surprised.

“Haven’t you thought about who brought him here?” Ye Linyun said confidently.

The two had seen the battle between Zhao Feng and Nan Gongfan. Zhao Feng’s performance was better than expected.

“Hm, not bad. It looks like my eyes failed me this time.” A voice sounded in the two’s ears.

“Yes.” Third Guard and Ye Linyun nodded their head instinctively.

Ah! Wait! No…

The next instant, the two jumped up and exclaimed: “Master!”

Turning around, there was not a single figure around. But Lord Guanjun’s voice definitely sounded in their ears.

The two scanned their surroundings and they found Lord Guanjun sitting cross legged on a tree a couple hundred of metres away. His aura seemed to be one with the tree and without paying close attention, it was easy to miss him.

The sparring between the disciples had not only gone into Third Guard and Ye Linyun’s ears, it had also reached Lord Guanjun.

But thinking about it, it was pretty logical as Guanjun Palace was the domain of Lord Guanjun. Everything that went on here wouldn’t escape his mind and these people were his disciples.

“Master’s taking this sparring so seriously.”

Third Guard and Ye Linyun glanced at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Lord Guanjun’s eyes focused on Bei Moi more. Each and every one of them performed well with Zhao Feng giving a little surprise. But obviously, Lord Guanjun cared about his core disciple, Bei Moi, the most.

“Bei Moi, we haven’t fought in a long time.” Yang Qingshan suggested.

In terms of strength, Yang Qingshan was slightly stronger than Nan Gongfan and hr was placed behind Bei Moi.

Zhao Feng and the other’s had interested looks too. Bei Moi was a monster in their eyes.

“Solo combat, too boring.” Bei Moi stood up and didn’t reject the notion of fighting.

“You mean… “

The eyebrows of both Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan twitched. Zhao Feng faintly knew what Bei Moi was getting at.

“All five of you can come at once.” Bei Moi’s voice was calm as if he was just saying a trivial thing.

What! All at once?

The youths present were all shocked. At the same time, expressions of anger appeared on Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan’s faces.

“What? Are you too afraid?”

Bei Moi walked slowly in between the five people.


Feng Hanyue walked into the battle circle. Immediately, Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan followed and surrounded Bei Moi. Because Zhao Feng and the other two had lower cultivation, they stood a bit further away.

The atmosphere was extremely tense.

Bei Moi had reached the peak eighth rank, while the other side had two eighth ranks and three seventh ranks.

‘Is he being too arrogant?’ Zhao Feng thought.

At this moment, Third Guard and Ye Linyun held their breaths as they focused on the battle.

“G.o.dly Suction Force!”

Nan Gongfan led the attack and thrust out a palm of white air circles towards Bei Moi.


A deadly pulling force immediately appeared on Bei Moi’s body, but the latter stood as still as a rock.

It was like his two feet were lodged deeply into the ground.

“Avalanche!” Yang Qingshan exclaimed as he send a powerful palm towards Bei Moi.

He and Nan Gongfan were the main attacks, while the other three were the supporters.

Star Finger!

Illusion of the Broken Moon!

Dance of a Thousand Leaves?

Zhao Feng, Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei attacked from the side. Of the three, Zhao Feng’s move could threaten eight rank while the attacks of the other two were almost able to.

Immediately, a barrage of attacks went towards Bei Moi.

“Good! Ripple of Destruction… “

Bei Moi stood still and suddenly opened his arms. As he did so, ripples of Inner Strength swept towards his surroundings.

Craaaack… Boom…

The attacks of Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan were immediately dissolved and another ripple sent them flying.


Nan Gongfan immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, while Yang Qingshan turned pale and sustained internal injuries.

Baam… Baam… Baam…

Another ripple immediately dissolved Zhao Yufei, Feng Hanyue and Zhao Feng attacks and it sent the first two flying.


The remaining energy sent up a layer of dust, which blocked the scene…

King of Gods Chapter 89 - Sparring (2)

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