King of Gods Chapter 913 Disintegration

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Chapter 913 - Disintegration

In the discussion hall, Bi Qingyue, Emperor Withered Shadow, and Old Monster Xu all inspected Zhao Feng.

"Cough. I will be leaving the Ocean Smoke Pavilion for a long while." Zhao Feng gave a light cough. He couldn't stop his eye and hair color changing after the G.o.d Eye evolved.

"Master, you're going to the inner regions of the continent?"

The three experts with a Dark Heart Seal inside them all spoke at the same time. They could all guess that their master's master came all the way here for something pretty important.

"That's right," Zhao Feng replied.

"The Ocean Smoke Pavilion has Old Monster Xu holding down the fort, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night will become a Sacred Lord soon as well. The Ocean Smoke Pavilion isn't scared of any force in the coastal region."

In reality, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was also protected by Duke Nanfeng, and since Duanmu Qing was from one of the Eight Big Families, that would scare people off. Besides, Nine Darkness Palace was focused on Zhao Feng, so it wouldn't take action against the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

"Master can leave with no worries. We'll take care of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion." Bi Qingyue was extremely confident.

Seeing that Old Monster Xu wanted to say something, Zhao Feng spoke directly to him, "Old Monster Xu, when a hundred years are up, I will remove my control over you. At that point, you can decide whether you want to stay or leave."

"Thank you, Master."

Old Monster Xu had complicated emotions. He wanted freedom from Zhao Feng's control, but at this point in time, it was better to follow Zhao Feng than stay in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Duanmu Qing had been waiting in the clouds for a while.

"Master, please go slowly." Zhao Feng flew over.

Although Zhao Feng wasn't slower than Sacred Lords that didn't specialize in speed, that was only when he was using his Lightning Wings Spatial Flash. Zhao Feng's normal flying speed and endurance were nowhere close to a Sacred Lord's, and the Duanmu Family was very far away.

Even if they used teleportation arrays for most of the journey, it would take them half a year. If he tried using the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, he would probably spend more time resting than flying.

"Master, use this." Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and a unique flying chariot appeared.

Duanmu Qing revealed a surprised expression. It wasn't hard for him to tell that this chariot was from the Heaven's Legacy Race. At the same time, he suddenly remembered that Zhao Feng was only at the late stages of the Void G.o.d Realm and obviously couldn't catch up to a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

However, putting aside flying items that could reach the speed of a Sacred Lord, any flying item was extremely rare.

Duanmu Qing and Zhao Feng boarded the chariot.


The flaming chariot shot through the sky and left behind a blaze of light.

"This is a good treasure. Its speed is close to the speed of an Emperor." Duanmu Qing praised as they headed toward the continent zone.

The first stop was the Haili Province, which was the closest to them.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty had eighteen provinces, which were ruled by the Eight Big Families or imperial officials. Each province had many cities, and each of these cities were comparable to one of the three spiritual zones of the Cang Ocean. In other words, they were extremely big.


Zhao Feng called out the unwilling little thieving cat. It knew that Zhao Feng wanted it to take control of the chariot and drive it for them.

Zhao Feng had suddenly remembered that the little thieving cat had an unknown history. In the Heaven's Legacy City, the little thieving cat's information was a secret - they didn't have the right to know it.

Zhao Feng instinctively touched the golden ball in his left eye and used its new ability.


A faint golden disturbance came from Zhao Feng's left eye and merged into the air.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat immediately disappeared then reappeared above Zhao Feng's head and started to yell.

Zhao Feng was speechless; the little thieving cat didn't want Zhao Feng to use his golden eye to look at it.

"Looks like the little thieving cat is extremely scared of my left eye's ability."

Zhao Feng was surprised and happy. This was the first time he had found something that could actually counter the little thieving cat, which made him place even greater importance on this golden ball. He needed to look deeper into it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat gave Zhao Feng an aggrieved glance as it took control of the flaming chariot.

Duanmu Qing smiled as he watched the interaction between Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

I need to test out the ability of my left eye.

Zhao Feng entered the Misty Spatial World, looked at a flower, then touched the golden ball within the dimension of his left eye.


A faint golden disturbance radiated from his left eye, and the flower instantly turned into countless beams of golden light.

Magnify… magnify!

Zhao Feng could see each atom extremely clearly. Each atom was like a complex building.

The Little World within the Misty Spatial World had its own laws, which were all man-made, but under the gaze of Zhao Feng's left eye, he could see that the number of particles within the flower were relatively fewer than a real flower and that the elements of these particles were utilized extremely poorly.

"Indeed. Sacred Lords and even DemiG.o.ds aren't able to completely replicate items of the real world." Zhao Feng instantly understood. The items within the Little World were still different from the items in reality. It was like the difference between fresh flowers and decorative flowers made from plastic.

"If I form my own Little World, would I be able to construct a more realistic Little World or even a true dimension with my left eye?"

Zhao Feng felt his blood boil, and his left eye started to thump.

Even Zhao Feng felt like this idea was too crazy. Creating a real dimension was something from the domain of G.o.ds. At the moment, he hadn't even formed the outline of a Little World yet.

Putting aside these unrealistic thoughts, Zhao Feng once again entered the world of particles.

"It seems to have some similar ideas as the Divine Light of Destruction."

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered the unique eye-bloodline technique of the Golden Sun Family from the Azure Flower Continent - the Divine Light of Destruction. The theory behind the Divine Light of Destruction was to disperse all attacks, including other eye-bloodline techniques.

The Divine Light of Destruction that Zhao Feng copied back then contained his comprehension of Wind, and the theory behind it mainly involved cutting and splitting everything apart.

"From the looks of it, the Divine Light of Destruction splits the atoms apart in order to decrease the power of an attack." Zhao Feng immediately a.n.a.lyzed with his golden left eye.

Any attack that lost a part of its True Yuan would become a lot weaker.

"If I merge the new ability of my left eye into the Divine Light of Destruction, would I be able to disintegrate the atoms or even the subatomic particles of True Yuan attacks?"

By disintegrating the atoms, the entire structure would be changed.

Zhao Feng thought about it with excitement. Everything - including the soul - was made up of particles, and now that his left eye could see straight into the core of things, he could easily break through the link between these particles. If he succeeded in doing this, then this eye-bloodline technique would be far stronger than the original Divine Light of Destruction. Furthermore, only Zhao Feng would be able to use this skill.

After coming up with this idea, Zhao Feng started to properly think about and construct it.

He felt lucky that he had learned the Divine Light of Destruction back then. Even now, the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye contained information from back in those days.

On a certain day, Zhao Feng's golden eye released a beam of faint golden light that shone onto a rock ahead.


The rock instantly shattered and turned into a pile of smaller rocks.

"The disintegration aspect easily the Divine Light of Destruction, but the strength of it isn't high enough."

Zhao Feng shook his head with a sigh. He wanted to at least disperse the rock's atoms, otherwise, how would he be able to disintegrate an attack made of True Yuan?

A month later, Zhao Feng arrived in front of a bigger rock and took a deep breath. He circulated the power of his left eye, and a brighter golden beam shot into the rock.


The part of the rock that the light shone onto instantly disappeared and became empty, as if the rock was originally like that. There were no signs of the hole being man-made. Perhaps some people who had stronger senses would be able to feel the countless small elemental atoms in the air.

"I've formed the basics of it. Now, I just need to practice and improve it."

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

During his practice, Zhao Feng had disintegrated over a thousand rocks in the Misty Spatial World. Zhao Feng could already map out how the particles formed these rocks without even using his left eye, but the construction of everything in the world, including True Yuan and the soul, was different. This meant that the efficiency and success rate of disintegrating an unknown object would be lower.

"Zhao Feng." Duanmu Qing woke Zhao Feng up. "We've come to another city teleportation array."

Zhao Feng came out of the Misty Spatial World.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty was extremely big and didn't have any province-level teleportation arrays yet, but apparently the imperial array masters were trying to figure out how to make one.

Only a couple of the most popular cities in every province had teleportation arrays. Teleportation arrays weren't something that any random person could use either.

Zhao Feng looked into the distance.

"Something's wrong," Zhao Feng said as he put away the flaming chariot and headed toward the palace with Duanmu Qing.

"The teleportation array is encountering problems and is being fixed. No one is to enter."

Two half-step King generals in golden robes looked at the incoming males, who had white and golden hair respectively, and stopped them.

The master and disciple duo looked at one another and made the decision to rest here for a bit.

"Please take your time." An elder flew out of the hall. "Sacred Lord Duanmu, the teleportation array will be able to be used soon. Come in and have a seat."

The elder looked at Duanmu Qing with a respectful smile. More than half a year ago, Duanmu Qing had used the teleportation array here, and the elder had recorded this down.

The two generals in golden robes were stunned, and cold sweat started to drip from their foreheads. How could they have known that this white-haired male was a Sacred Lord from one of the Eight Big Families?


Since it was going to be repaired soon, they just needed to wait for a little bit.

There were two other groups waiting in the hall as well. One of them had six people consisting of three elders, two young males, and one young girl. All of them had purple hair.

"A Sacred Lord from the Duanmu Family?" One of the elders with purple-white hair and eyes as deep as stars looked at Duanmu Qing, while the pretty girl with purple hair stared at Zhao Feng.

"You're… Zhao Feng!?"

Wariness flashed through the purple-haired girl's eyes as she exclaimed.

King of Gods Chapter 913 Disintegration

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