King of Gods Chapter 919 I Want To Kill As Well

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Chapter 919 - I Want to Kill as Well

"Was that a good show for you two?"

Zhao Feng's calm greeting sounded in the souls of two middle-aged males and woke them up from their daze as their souls started to shake in fear and panic. The two looked at one another, then took out a dark yellow talisman and imprinted their Soul Intents into it. The talisman then merged into the air and disappeared.

They were responsible for getting information, and they specialized in tracking, sensing, and stealth, so they were able to understand most of the battle just now. However, they never would have expected Zhao Feng to have noticed them from the beginning.

Zhao Feng purposely chased after the old granny in order to get closer to these two while they were unaware so that they didn't run away.

They approved of Zhao Feng's strength and intelligence, and since they couldn't escape, the only thing they could do before they died was to send news out.


A faint golden beam shot forward into the distance. The next instant, the dark yellow talisman appeared and slowly faded away.

The hearts of the two males shook once again as they looked at the arriving giant of fire and lightning with despair. They found it hard to speak just from the pressure alone, and they knelt on the ground, awaiting their future.

Zhao Feng's left eye released a surge of Soul power that immediately restrained the two males' souls.

"Soul Search!"

A wicked Soul undulation came from his left eye and charged into their souls. Two breaths later, Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the power of scarlet lightning and his fire bloodline turned the two men into ashes.

"Thirteenth Prince!"

Zhao Feng's eyes went cold. After performing the Soul Search, he now knew everything. The Thirteenth Prince's force had sent news about Zhao Feng to Nine Darkness Palace. They wanted to let Nine Darkness Palace take action first because they were scared of Zhao Feng's G.o.d Slaying Arrow and wanted to probe his power. If Nine Darkness Palace failed, the next would be better equipped to counter Zhao Feng.

"As I thought, Yufei is being tricked." Zhao Feng was now completely sure, and his eyes became cold.

Getting rid of Zhao Feng was part of the Thirteenth Prince's plan. As long as Zhao Feng died, Zhao Yufei's support would crumble, and with the engagement, the Thirteenth Prince would be able to comfort Yufei and slowly win her heart. Then, if he became the Crown Prince, then everything would become much easier.

"Hehe, you want me to die and become the Crown Prince?" Zhao Feng laughed coldly as a cold light flashed through his eyes. Invisible killing intent made the sky turn dark.

"But Nine Darkness Palace and the Thirteenth Prince's force won't give up so easily."

Zhao Feng revealed a thoughtful expression. The Thirteenth Prince would definitely try to get rid of Zhao Feng in order to get Zhao Yufei, and the forces behind him were extremely strong. On top of that, Nine Darkness Palace had the same idea as the Thirteenth Prince, and they were even willing to send four Emperors in order to force Zhao Feng to use his G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

Those four Emperors probably didn't even know that the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace didn't have any hope of them killing Zhao Feng. However, they were all dead now, and no one would be able to send any information.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng revealed a smile. "Hehehe, looks like this is destiny."

The ninth G.o.d's Eye… the Ninth Prince.

Since he made a decision, Zhao Feng immediately flew toward Long Rainbow City.

Back in the Saint Herb Pavilion, the Ninth Prince was still on the ninth floor talking with Zhou Su'er, so Zhao Feng just went straight up.

"Why are you back here again?" Zhou Su'er's dissatisfied voice sounded. She couldn't do anything to Zhao Feng. This youth was just too stubborn.

Zhao Feng completely ignored her and walked to the Ninth Prince, "Ninth Prince, if your promise still stands, then I agree."

The Ninth Prince paused for a moment before becoming filled with joy. When he saw Zhao Feng, he asked this question, and Zhao Feng replied that he still had to think about it. He didn't have much hope since two and a half years of time should've been more than enough time for Zhao Feng to think all of it through. However, Zhao Feng left for five minutes, and now he suddenly came back and agreed.

Like Zhou Su'er thought, Zhao Feng was stubborn, but because of what Zhao Feng suggested earlier, his talks with Zhou Su'er were progressing forward.

The Ninth Prince was instantly filled with confidence. In his heart, Zhao Feng specialized in soul attacks and could become one of his main battle powers. He was also a talented beast tamer, and he had the Misty Spatial World, which was extremely useful.

Zhou Su'er's eyebrows furrowed slightly. After Zhao Feng left, the Ninth Prince told her about his ident.i.ty and surprised her. She felt a lot better after thinking about how all the other forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension and ancient mysterious palace had been beaten by Zhao Feng and couldn't do anything either.

The Ninth Prince then told her how he wanted to recruit Zhao Feng, but he still hadn't agreed even after two and a half years. He hadn't joined any other Prince's force yet either.

Zhou Su'er was the same. Right now, the Fourth, Seventh, and Eighth Princes had also come more than once, but she rejected all of them.

"Why did you suddenly agree?" Zhou Su'er walked forward and looked at Zhao Feng's eyes.

Zhao Feng didn't agree to the Ninth Prince after two and a half years' time. Why did he suddenly agree after going out for a while? She felt extremely puzzled. What could've happened to make him so decisive?

"Because I want to kill the Thirteenth Prince." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile as he spoke.

First, the Thirteenth Prince basically ruined Zhao Feng's relations.h.i.+p with the Duanmu Family; Duanmu Qing didn't know what to do about the situation, and Zhao Yufei was extremely sad and worried. Now, he tried to kill Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng couldn't forgive such a person.

The expressions of the Ninth Prince, Old Ying, and the elder in black who was guarding the entrance changed dramatically. They all stopped breathing as they looked deeply at Zhao Feng.

If those words were said in public, then Zhao Feng would be destined to die.

Although the Ninth Prince was the Thirteenth Prince's older brother, almost all of the princes had different mothers. While it seemed like the relations.h.i.+p between princes was calm, everyone hoped the others would die. They wouldn't take action themselves, but they wouldn't be sad if it happened.

None of the princes would attack another prince even in secret, because once they were found out, their imperial bloodlines would be stripped away forever.

"Hehe." Zhou Su'er suddenly started to laugh coldly and then spoke in a nonchalant tone, "I also want to kill younger brother Thirteenth Prince. I agree."

The Ninth Prince was still wondering why Zhao Feng would say what he did, and Zhou Su'er also suddenly agreed to his recruitment.

All of this came too quickly, and he couldn't believe it. In just an instant, he had two experts on his side.

He suddenly thought that all of this was because of the Thirteenth Prince, so he should give the latter his thanks.

Old Ying revealed a smile as he gave Zhao Feng a deep glance. The original chance of the Ninth Prince winning was zero, but now there was a tinge of hope.

"Little Friend Zhao Feng, now that we're on the same side, can you tell me how you got rid of the poison?" Zhou Su'er's att.i.tude suddenly changed as she revealed a cute smile and looked at Zhao Feng as if they were very familiar with each other.

The others nearby started to sweat. As they thought, women flipped faces faster than books. However, they were also curious about that matter.

"I'll explain later when I have the time. However, now that we're on the same side, are the herbs in the Saint Herb Pavilion free?" Zhao Feng avoided Zhou Su'er's question and countered.

It didn't really matter if he told them about the ability of his left eye, but the principles behind it definitely couldn't be spread.

Zhou Su'er's face instantly stiffened. Indeed, it was impossible for her to be at an advantage against Zhao Feng.

"Hahaha." The Ninth Prince laughed. Today was a good day.

"Ninth Prince, I've just come to the inner area of the continent and don't have anywhere to stay. May I…?" Zhao Feng asked slowly in an awkward tone. He also came to the Ninth Prince to find a place to stay.

"I understand. Why not come to my place? It's a calm and quiet place that suits cultivation." The Ninth Prince instantly understood what Zhao Feng meant, and he knew how much of a cultivation maniac Zhao Feng was, so he invited Zhao Feng to his place.

"Thank you." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head and wasn't very respectful.

There was no place safer than the Imperial Palace. This meant that he now had an ident.i.ty as well, so even the Thirteenth Prince and Nine Darkness Palace wouldn't dare to attack him.

"Elder Sister Su'er, then I'll be leaving." The Ninth Prince said goodbye to Zhou Su'er, then he left toward the Imperial Palace with Zhao Feng and Old Ying.

"Ninth Prince, Zhou Su'er is a Princess?"

Zhao Feng could guess a thing or two from how the Ninth Prince called Zhou Su'er.

"That's right, and Elder Sister Su'er was once father's most favored princess," the Ninth Prince gave a faint smile and said.

"Then why did she leave the palace?" Zhao Feng didn't understand. Why did Zhou Su'er dislike the Sacred Emperor and the Thirteenth Prince?

"Zhou Su'er's mother was once the Empress, but now she's gone." The Ninth Prince's expression softened a little as he sighed.

There was no such thing as friends.h.i.+p between princes, but it was different with princesses since they had no reason to interfere with princes. All of the princes would try to get on the princesses' good side because their future partners would be extremely famous and strong.

Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head as he understood. After Zhou Su'er's mother died, the Sacred Emperor married another woman whose son happened to be the Thirteenth Prince.

However, while Zhao Feng had said what he did, he wouldn't act rashly. The Thirteenth Prince had the Sacred Emperor and Empress behind his back, and behind the lord dynasty was the four-star Grand Imperial Hall. He wouldn't take action against the Thirteenth Prince unless he was certain of victory.

More than twenty days later, Zhao Feng arrived at the Imperial Palace. Zhao Feng could feel a surge of power guarding this place when he got close. Zhao Feng felt as if all his actions were controlled by a mysterious power when he entered. Apart from the Sacred Emperor and a few others, flying was not allowed here.

Zhao Feng followed the Ninth Prince and entered through the main gates of the Imperial Palace.

"Zhao Feng?" a familiar voice sounded.

"Big Brother Eighth Prince." The Ninth Prince had a faint smile and a smug expression. He believed that the Eighth and Thirteenth Princes knew how strong Zhao Feng was. The Eighth Prince even knew Zhao Feng before the Divine Illusion Dimension, but it was the Ninth Prince that managed to recruit Zhao Feng.

It was still Luo Zun next to the Eighth Prince. They both had complicated expressions as they looked at Zhao Feng.

The Eighth Prince was actually slightly regretful. If it wasn't for Luo Shui'er, he wouldn't have hara.s.sed Zhao Feng so many times, and maybe it would've been him that recruited Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's display in the Divine Illusion Dimension had even suppressed an important subordinate of the Fourth Prince, Xin Wuheng.

Zhao Feng had now reached the late stages of the Void G.o.d Realm, but the Eight Prince didn't dare to estimate his true strength nor look at the golden eye. His soul would tremble if he did so.

King of Gods Chapter 919 I Want To Kill As Well

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