King of Gods Chapter 916 - Pressure

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Chapter 916: Pressure
Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 916 - Pressure

A beam of green light suddenly shot out from the Duanmu Family and lit up the place nearby toward Duanmu Qing.

"This is the true reason," a bright but old voice swept over, and Duanmu Qing's expression became grim. He didn't expect the Grand Elder to come out directly.

Zhao Feng felt that something was wrong. He was Duanmu Qing's disciple but didn't even have the right to enter the Duanmu Family?

An elder with a square face clothed in white instantly appeared in front of Duanmu Qing.

The auras of the two Sacred Lords caused the wind to howl and the clouds to move. s.p.a.ce itself twisted as the two clashed. The five Emperors immediately retreated.

The square-faced elder had cold eyes and paused slightly when he saw the golden-haired Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's golden hair and golden eyes made him feel that something was amiss. Normal eye-bloodlines would only change shape or color when something happened to it. Why was his hair gold too? Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn't even move when the auras of two Sacred Lords clashed. It was incredible that he was able to block the force of Sacred Lords so easily while he was only a King.

"Duanmu Qing, do you not know what Zhao Feng did in the Divine Illusion Dimension? How can someone with such a personality join the Duanmu Family?" The square-faced elder gazed coldly at Zhao Feng before continuing. "Furthermore, this junior's friend is extremely evil. He slaughtered the elites of Nine Darkness Palace in the Divine Illusion Dimension after inheriting the power of an Evil G.o.d and is still being chased by Nine Darkness Palace right now."

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. Nan Gongsheng was in the continent zone and in more danger than himself?

Thinking about it, it was most likely because, if one tried to return to the Cang Ocean from the Divine Illusion Dimension, it would take a lot longer than going to the continent zone. In order to escape from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Nan Gongsheng had to enter the continent zone.

At the same time, Zhao Feng was thinking about what kind of level Nan Gongsheng had reached. One could tell that he had become much stronger from the fact that people were chasing him for two years but was still alive. He didn't know how much Nan Gongsheng's personality had changed though.

"Nan Gongsheng…" Duanmu Qing's heart was heavy. Nan Gongsheng was the Head disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan and a once-in-thousand-years genius.

Because he had inherited the power of an Evil G.o.d, Nine Darkness Palace and other demonic forces were all chasing after him. Nan Gongsheng's personality had also been affected by the power of the Evil G.o.d - he became cruel and bloodthirsty. Many forces that were pursuing Nan Gongsheng were killed by him instead.

Duanmu Qing was unable to save Nan Gongsheng, and the Duanmu Family was unable to protect the inheritance of the Evil G.o.d.

"Furthermore, Zhao Feng specializes in illusions and eye-bloodline techniques. He cast an illusion on Zhao Yufei and now he even dares to come to the Duanmu Family," the square-faced elder continued as his tone became cold, and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

"Grand Elder, it wasn't like that!" Duanmu Qing immediately retorted. Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng knew each other even before the Mystic True Sacred Clan, so it definitely wasn't like what the Grand Elder said.

"If it wasn't for the fact that you are his master, I would have slain this junior by now," the square-faced elder stopped Duanmu Qing and looked at Zhao Feng with angry eyes, as if he was about to explode.

"Duanmu Qing, you are from the Duanmu Family, but you're acting against it. You're against Zhao Yufei marrying into the imperial family and you're spoiling your disciple. You need to know that Zhao Yufei is your Junior Martial Sister." The square-faced elder didn't give Duanmu Qing any chance to speak.

Duanmu Qing was someone who thought well of his family and wanted to make it great again. The square-faced elder's logic made Duanmu Qing unable to retort.

"Duanmu Qing, tell your disciple to leave and never trouble Zhao Yufei again," the square-faced elder continued and acted as if he was taking a step back.

Zhao Feng heard everything that the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family said. This Sacred Lord sacrificed members of his family in order to make it great and pretended to be righteous when doing so. Zhao Feng felt lucky that he didn't choose to come to the Duanmu Family with his Master back then; a family like this wasn't worth his effort.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Right as the square-faced elder and Duanmu Qing were in a stalemate, three more figures flew out of the Duanmu Family, but from the clothes they wore, they were definitely not from the Duanmu Family.

"Grand Elder, sorry for disturbing you, but this issue is also related to us," the leading middle-aged male in black-and-golden robes explained.

There were two elders behind him who were both Peak-tier Kings. The three had their eyes trained on Zhao Feng, and it was obvious that there was enmity between them.

"You're Zhao Feng? We're from the Grand Duke's Palace of the Fengcai Province," the black-and-golden-robed male questioned.

The Fengcai Province was the province next to the Duanmu Family, and the Grand Duke's Palace was the ruler of the province.

Duanmu Qing's expression changed slightly. He didn't expect that someone close to the imperials was here. The ruler of the Fengcai Province was the older brother of the Sacred Emperor and the Thirteenth Prince's uncle. The two behind him should be from the Thirteenth Prince's faction.

"I am Zhao Feng." Zhao Feng's expression was the same as usual as he looked at them.

"That's good. Now we don't have to go find you." The middle-aged male spoke in a proud tone and had a disdainful expression as he continued, "You used an eye-bloodline technique to trick Zhao Yufei in the Divine Illusion Dimension. Thirteenth Prince won't count this against you, but since they are now engaged, you will be held accountable if you trouble Zhao Yufei in the future."

The tone of the black-and-golden-robed male became colder and said the last couple words with a pause between them.

"Did Zhao Yufei agree to the marriage?" Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he asked.

The expression of the three males changed, and killing intent flashed through their eyes as they looked at Zhao Feng. If Zhao Yufei had agreed, then they wouldn't have needed to come here in the first place.

The upper echelon of the Duanmu Family also told Zhao Yufei that they were negotiating with the imperials and saying that they were going to cancel the marriage in order to calm her down, but the main target of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon and the imperials was very obvious - Zhao Feng.

"You don't need to worry about that." The male from the Grand Duke's Palace spoke in a decisive tone with a disdainful expression. From his point of view, a measly Void G.o.d Realm King from a two-star power was definitely unable to clash against the Imperials and the Duanmu Family. A G.o.ddess with the Spiritual Race bloodline wasn't something that he could have.

"Zhao Yufei and I come from the same family and we've been friends since we were young. We cultivated together and now have both come to the continent zone. Being her older brother, why can't I worry about it?" Zhao Feng angrily told everyone an unknown truth.

"What?" The hearts of everyone present shook.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei came from the same family? Even Duanmu Qing didn't know this.

Although the two were both surnamed Zhao, how many people were there in the world with this name? Everyone thought that this was just a coincidence, but Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei really did come from the same family? This meant that Zhao Feng could be considered Zhao Yufei's older brother.

An elder behind the black-and-golden-robed man revealed a deadly smile and spoke slowly, "Utterly ridiculous. Do you really think that we'll believe you just because you say your Zhao Yufei's older brother? There are far too many people in the world that have Zhao as their surname. Does that mean that all of them are Zhao Yufei's brothers?"

The black-and-golden-robed male revealed a joyful expression as the elder said that.

"Are you afraid to let Zhao Yufei come out and join the conversation then?" Zhao Feng snickered coldly. He could tell that there was something wrong with the engagement or else it wouldn't be so hard for him to even see Yufei.

"Zhao Yufei is currently in seclusion. She isn't someone you can see just because you want to!" the male roared and was obviously impatiently.

"Junior, get out of here!" the square-faced elder roared as his Sacred Lord aura crushed over like a tsunami.

Zhao Feng was caught off guard and took half a step back as the True Yuan and blood within his body tossed and turned. The other three people revealed a smug and cold smile.

Duanmu Qing felt that something was wrong since the upper echelon of the Grand Duke's Palace and the Duanmu Family were both here. If Zhao Feng stayed, the situation might become even worse.

"Zhao Feng, leave first. If there's a chance, I'll let you see Junior Martial Sister Yufei," Duanmu Qing messaged.

Zhao Feng gazed coldly toward the square-faced elder and the other three people. The three imperials felt their souls shake when Zhao Feng's golden eye looked at them. It was as if all of their secrets had been exposed. Unknown fear spread across their bodies, and they started to sweat coldly.

"Master, this disciple will be leaving then." Zhao Feng bowed and immediately left. It was impossible for him to see Yufei even if he stayed.

Since Duanmu Qing was from the Duanmu Family, it wasn't good for him to protect Zhao Feng. The three imperials were all cunning and couldn't be killed; if Zhao Feng took action against them, it would only make him more infamous and give them an genuine reason to attack him.

However, where should Zhao Feng go now? He took out the map he bought while they were travelling.

"The Duanmu Family is based in the Yun Province, and I'm currently in range of Long Rainbow City. Let's go there for now."

His Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had reached the 8th level - the Fire of Wind Lightning - but Zhao Feng didn't have any fire elemental resources and needed to purchase some.

Within the hall of the Duanmu Family:

"Grand Elder, leave this to us." The male in black-and-golden robes revealed a wicked smile.

"Nine Darkness Palace doesn't know about Zhao Feng's whereabouts right now, but we'll tell them." An elder from the imperials planned.

"Why don't we just do it ourselves?" The other elder was impatient.

"Hmph. Zhao Feng still has one more G.o.d Slaying Arrow. However, a Sacred Lord from Nine Darkness Palace was killed by Zhao Feng, so they won't let him off so easily." The black-and-golden-robed male revealed a cunning expression.

"Hehe, true. We'll let those from Nine Darkness Palace go first then."

"He only has one more G.o.d Slaying Arrow remaining. Zhao Feng can't escape."

Four of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon members nearby had unwilling expressions, but they had to do so for the family.

"Grand Elder, don't worry. Once Zhao Feng dies, the marriage will be much easier. The Thirteenth Prince is extremely favored right now. If he becomes the Crown Prince and then becomes the Sacred Emperor… hehehe." The black-and-golden-robed male had an excited expression, and the expressions of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon became decisive.

Everything was going forward just like how the black-and-golden-robed male said it would. The Duanmu Family would soon be able to rise again and return to its peak. It might even become one of the best among the Eight Big Families.

King of Gods Chapter 916 - Pressure

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