King of Gods Chapter 923 - Storm

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Chapter 923: Storm
Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 923 - Storm

Those present couldn't believe their ears. Zhao Feng declined so decisively. The Fourth Prince was the most likely to become Crown Prince, but Zhao Feng declined him and was instead going to help the Ninth Prince, who was only ranked 6th. What was he thinking?

Even the Fourth Prince was surprised. He thought that Zhao Feng would at least hesitate. Furthermore, the reason Zhao Feng declined him was simple, and it was something that made others admire him. Betrayal was something that everyone hated. Were they going to made Zhao Feng a traitor?

Zhuge Yun felt slightly regretful. He was looking forward to working with Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng was willing to join the Fourth Prince's side, then the Fourth Prince's group would become even stronger than it already was. Furthermore, the current golden-haired Zhao Feng gave him an unfathomable feeling. He couldn't help but remember the power of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Cold sweat dripped from Butler Qi's forehead, and he felt lucky that Zhao Feng declined, otherwise he would have caused a disaster. Butler Qi looked at Zhao Feng's calm expression, and his perspective of Zhao Feng changed for the first time.

Liang Sang almost fell over.

"That brat actually declined?" Liang Sang almost went crazy. The heavens had given him such a chance, but he actually declined.

"Liang Sang, let's go and make some preparations. Let's see if we can get a spot from any of the other princes." The Sky Pond City Lord sighed. They had missed their chance and could only depend on luck now.

"Zhao Feng, I await seeing you in the Imperial Tombs." The Fourth Prince radiated a force as if he was challenging someone.

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile and put his hands together, but he didn't speak.

The Fourth Prince then led Zhuge Yun and left the martial arts field.

"Your Highness, Zhao Feng is extremely talented," Zhuge Yun said in a low tone.

"I know."

The Fourth Prince had a grim expression. How many Grandmaster Beast Tamers could control a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? If his guesses were correct, that Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly should be his Thirteenth Uncle's.

Apparently, his Thirteenth Uncle treasured this Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly, but it had fallen into a deep sleep and was about to die, and yet it was extremely alive and right in front of him. From this, one could see how capable Zhao Feng was.

Furthermore, the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly's supportive abilities were extremely shocking. There were many rare beasts of different eras in the Imperial Tombs, and a talented beast tamer would be extremely useful since they could control a group of super strong beasts.

"Zhao Feng won't help me unless younger brother Ninth Prince gives up on the battle for Crown Prince."

The Fourth Prince had clear eyes. If Zhao Feng helped him, then his chances of winning would increase a bit more, but if Zhao Feng helped the Ninth Prince, the latter still wouldn't pose much of a threat.

"Thirteenth Uncle?" The Fourth Prince saw Duke Nanfeng quickly arriving.

"Your Highness Fourth Prince, was that Zhao Feng at the front?"

The Fourth Prince faintly nodded his head. He originally wanted to talk with his Thirteenth Uncle, but seeing that the latter was in a hurry, he didn't say anything and just watched as Duke Nanfeng left.

After Duke Nanfeng became a Sacred Lord two years ago, his territory expanded, and it wasn't impossible for him to join the Grand Imperial Hall in the future.

"Looks like Duke Nanfeng will very likely stand behind the Ninth Prince. The Seventh Prince will be extremely angry." Zhuge Yun gave a faint smile. After Duke Nanfeng returned to the Imperial Palace, he and the Seventh Prince had talked many times, but to no avail. From the looks of it, Duke Nanfeng was waiting for Zhao Feng.

"Duke Nanfeng." Zhao Feng had a joyful expression. Ever since coming here, Duke Nanfeng could be said to be the only person he was familiar with.

"My Duke, please come have a seat in the Ninth Prince's palace. Discuss anything you want there," Butler Qi immediately followed behind and said in a respectful tone.

Under Butler Qi's guidance, Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng arrived at the Ninth Prince's palace.

Duke Nanfeng looked warmly at the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly. If it wasn't for Zhao Feng, the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly would still be in deep sleep right now, and perhaps it never would've woken up. He also wouldn't have been able to become a Sacred Lord.

"Congratulations on becoming a Sacred Lord." Zhao Feng smiled and put his hands together.

"It's all thanks to your Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. Oh yeah, Zhao Feng, what's with your eye?" Duke Nanfeng gave a faint smile as he asked. He had a deep impression of Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline.

"It evolved."

"Evolved?" Duke Nanfeng was extremely surprised. Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline was extremely strong, so an evolution would only make it even more unfathomable.

No wonder he wasn't able to see through Zhao Feng even after becoming a Sacred Lord. He didn't even dare to look at the golden eye. While Duke Nanfeng was interested in Zhao Feng's left eye, he didn't ask too much about it.

"Why are you helping the Ninth Prince?" Duke Nanfeng was slightly puzzled. This was the main reason he was here.

He didn't think well of the Ninth Prince's chances, but since they were in his palace right now, he didn't want to say that the Ninth Prince was at a very big disadvantage. Duke Nanfeng even mentioned that, if Zhao Feng was willing, he could help him gain a spot in the groups of the Thirteenth Prince, the Seventh Prince, or some other princes. He didn't know that Zhao Feng just declined the Fourth Prince a moment ago.

"It was a coincidence. I wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the battle for Crown Prince, and the Ninth Prince wasn't very far away from me." Zhao Feng thought about it and didn't know how to reply. He couldn't exactly say that he only joined because he wanted to kill the Thirteenth Prince, not to mention that they were right in the Imperial Palace right now.

Hearing that, Duke Nanfeng almost spat out the tea that he just drank. If he didn't know Zhao Feng well, he would think that Zhao Feng was toying with him.

"Zhao Feng, you look at everything with such a casual perspective." This was the only thing that Duke Nanfeng could say. If it was someone else, they would be trying to obtain as many benefits as possible.

Their conversation became much smoother after that. Most of it was Duke Nanfeng introducing the situation of the Imperial Palace and the situations of the other princes to Zhao Feng. The little thieving cat and the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly were talking about something on the side.

"Duke, I'll be entering seclusion in a while. If there's news from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion or the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan during that time, tell them to join the Ninth Prince's side."

There was one year left, and Zhao Feng needed to enter seclusion to become stronger.

Even if the Ocean Smoke Pavilion made some progress, it used to be just a subordinate force for Nine Darkness Palace, so it would be crushed by a peak three-star power. Therefore, it was more likely for Bi Qingyue to go under the banner of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but that still couldn't guarantee their safety.

Duke Nanfeng thought for a moment before patting his chest; "Don't worry. I'll be going now."

Zhao Feng entered seclusion after Duke Nanfeng left. After hearing about the situation from Duke Nanfeng, Zhao Feng felt that it wasn't impossible for the Ninth Prince to win.

Within the Misty Spatial World:

"I can finally use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey now."

Zhao Feng was slightly impatient. This was the first time he was going to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. At the same time, he split his mind into several thoughts and started to multi-task.

The first focused on comprehending the Domain of Wind Lightning. If it was possible, Zhao Feng was planning to form his Little World before entering the battle for Crown Prince. Most people that were entering the Imperial Tombs had the battle-power of an Emperor at the least, and forming a Little World would be the fast way to increase Zhao Feng's battle-power.

The second thought focused on comprehending the Fire of Wind Lightning and merging the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning from his Soul Body into the Fire of Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng focused on the quality of his True Yuan, not quant.i.ty. According to Duke Nanfeng, increasing cultivation in a hurry was bad.

The other parts of his Divine Sense directed the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning to refine his soul and a.n.a.lyze the structure of atoms.

Zhao Feng cautiously used one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and felt a sacred and holy aura seep into his body, moving throughout his organs and limbs until it reached the depths of his soul. Zhao Feng felt as if his entire body had been blessed by the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and that he had ascended for a short amount of time.

Maybe because of the Sacred Lightning Body, the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey spread throughout his entire body and was slowly absorbed.

Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and instantly became taller. Blue and golden light surrounded him, and arcs of lightning occasionally flashed around him. After using the Sacred Lightning Body, his rate of absorbing the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey doubled, and most of it was used on refining his body.

Boom! Boom!

At the same time, Zhao Feng formed another thought that circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning to refine the Sacred Lightning Body and absorb the energy to the maximum degree.

Three days later, Zhao Feng's body shook as it released a glow of lightning, and his aura increased.

"Looks like I still underestimated the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey."

A light flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes. He had only absorbed 60% of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and his Sacred Lightning Body successfully broke through to the peak 5th level. He immediately tried to stop his body from absorbing the energy.


Faint purple bolts of lightning appeared around Zhao Feng's entire body as he released his Soul Intent.

"Since there's still energy remaining, I can use it to refine my Soul Body."

Zhao Feng had always ignored the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Soul Body mainly because he didn't understand it enough, but when he knew more about the use of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Soul Body, he would be able to dig out its potential.

Another couple days later, Zhao Feng's soul had completely absorbed the leftover Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. His soul was even more condensed than before, and it wasn't transparent anymore.

Faint arcs of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning blinked across the surface, and after being cleansed by the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, Zhao Feng felt that his G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Soul Body had a different feeling from before, but he couldn't quite describe what it was.

"My Sacred Lightning Body has reached the limit of the 5th level. Let's go test it out in the Ancient Dream Realm."

Zhao Feng's heart moved. He hadn't entered the Ancient Dream Realm in a long time.

The mysterious golden ball had replaced the blue lake, and there was also a golden whirlpool when Zhao Feng put his consciousness into it.


Zhao Feng appeared in the forest where the Yao bird and giant snake guarded the tree. However, Zhao Feng felt that something was amiss the instant he appeared here. A terrifying pressure and ancient aura made his bloodline and True Yuan tremble, and this was still under the basis that Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body had greatly improved. What was going on?

"Is this… a storm?"

Zhao Feng looked around and saw that the sky was dark. Arcs of lightning flashed everywhere as a storm ravaged the area. The pressure was extremely strong, and the rain created loud crackles when it landed on Zhao Feng.


A bolt of lightning shot down. It was like a G.o.d descending to Earth.

Zhao Feng's soul was extremely pressured as he stood there. This bolt of lightning made Zhao Feng's body shake, and he became dazed as a boom of thunder resounded throughout his mind. Even a Sacred Lord would turn into ashes if they were hit by that bolt of lightning.

"Is this a storm of the ancient era!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed after a long time.

King of Gods Chapter 923 - Storm

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