King of Gods Chapter 952 Weird

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Chapter 952 - Weird

Everyone's gaze was attracted to the nine-colored light coming from the green bronze pillar, and they were unable to turn away.

Only Zhao Feng's left eye blinked with a ripple of golden light. At the same time, the symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning within his soul all flashed.

"As I thought!" Zhao Feng murmured lightly.

This time, he was much closer to the nine-colored light, so he could see it more clearly with his left eye.

This nine-colored light was constructed from Soul power, meaning that this stunning treasure glow was actually fake.

Zhao Feng put one hand on Old Ying, and a surge of Soul Intent and G.o.d Tribulation Lightning covered Old Ying's soul.

"Old Ying, don't move. I have no ill intent," Zhao Feng messaged at the same time.


The air of Yin and nine-colored light within Old Ying's soul was slowly forced out by Zhao Feng. Old Ying's eyes instantly became clear, and then he revealed a fearful expression.

"Zhao Feng, thank you." Old Ying took a deep breath as he messaged Zhao Feng.

"I never would have thought that we were tricked into coming the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground." Old Ying a.n.a.lyzed everything as soon as he woke up, and he sighed in his heart.

Ever since they entered the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, the black wind had been eroding them, and the desires in the bottom of their hearts were slowly magnified. Even Old Ying didn't realize that his personality had changed. A nine-colored light then shot into the air, and the effect the black wind became even stronger.

The purple-robed elder suddenly taking action against Zhao Feng, as well as the interference by the goateed elder, was also due to the change in personality.

Next to them, Jing Kai had been completely twisted by the black wind and the nine-colored light. He had become weak, selfish, and emotionless. All he wanted was treasure. He could only blame that his mind was too weak and that he had too many hidden desires.

Even Old Ying didn't have the confidence to awaken Jing Kai now.

Old Ying closed his eyes and started to circulate his Soul Intent to protect his soul while trying to probe the nine-colored light ahead of him.

"It's actually a profound Soul power!" Old Ying was completely shocked as he turned around and looked at the others.

Apart from Zhao Feng and himself, everyone's gaze was focused on the green bronze pillar as it gave off the nine-colored light and completely ignored everything else. The desire for treasure was completely revealed on their faces.

Old Ying was scared of this place.

"Let's wait a little bit. If there's an emergency, use the array in your Dragon Jade," Zhao Feng said.

This kid… Old Ying couldn't see through Zhao Feng. He was just a King, and yet he was able to maintain his consciousness in this place and even wake up Old Ying at the critical moment. At this moment, he was actually able to look at the nine-colored light with no problem. Old Ying was suspicious that perhaps Zhao Feng was a reincarnated expert.

Boom! Weng~ Weng~

The nine-colored light coming from the green bronze pillar started to slowly fade away until it completely disappeared and returned to normal. The entire hall became dark once more.

Everyone that was just about to leave all stopped and looked at the green bronze pillar.

"Let's have a try at obtaining such a treasure." Everyone's eyes twinkled as they looked at Wu Yu with hope.

Old Ying watched this scene with fear. Everyone in the hall was acting like someone was controlling their actions.

Why would the nine-colored light appear so suddenly, right at the moment they were about to leave? Black Wind Yin Ghosts suddenly appeared from the fork earlier when they were hesitating on which to choose, leading the way to this hall. All the Black Wind Yin Ghosts then screeched and retreated.

All of this seemed planned by a certain mysterious power.

"Zhao Feng, what's hiding under there?" Old Ying asked.

"It might be a treasure, or it might be something else." Zhao Feng's left eye wasn't able to seeall the way through. He also wanted to know the secret of this place, which is why he followed everyone even though they were all losing their minds.

"Zhao Feng, should we stop Wu Yu?" Old Ying looked at Wu Yu, who was slowly approaching the complex and mysterious golden-white array lines.

"Why? Even if we manage to stop them this time, more people will come here - to this hall. More people will come in the next Crown Prince trial. Are we supposed to guard this place forever?"

Zhao Feng's reply made Old Ying speechless. In reality, Old Ying also wanted to know the secret of this place.

"Let everything be as it's supposed to be then." Old Ying sighed in his heart and got ready to use his Dragon Jade.

Wu Yu closed his eyes before the green bronze pillar and spread his Soul Intent throughout the structure of the array. Wu Yu's Soul Intent slowly merged into the array and into the golden-white array lines. Blood dripped from Wu Yu's mouth; he was obviously using too much energy. However, no one cared. All they hoped for was for Wu Yu to break the array, even if it was just a little.

As time pa.s.sed, everyone started to become impatient. Wu Yu's Soul Intent was completely immersed in this array. He didn't even realize that he had coughed out blood several times.

A gust of black wind suddenly appeared from one of the pathways.


Countless Black Wind Yin Ghosts charged into the hall.

"Not good, it's the Black Wind Yin Ghosts that retreated a while ago!" the goateed elder exclaimed.

"Then we kill them all. We can't let them disturb Grandmaster Wu Yu." Jiang Hao's face went cold and was about to attack.

"Jiang Hao, wait!" Someone from Jiang Hao's group stopped him.

"Look, they're helping us break the array!" the elder yelled with joy.

Countless King and Emperor-level Black Wind Yin Ghosts charged toward a certain point on the array.


A Black Wind Yin Ghost was instantly repelled and killed.


The second Black Wind Yin Ghost charged forward and started to bite into it.


This Black Wind Yin Ghost was killed by the repelling force as well.

The third… the fourth…

Old Ying watched this scene with shock. His hairs stood on end, and he instinctively took a few steps back.

"Great! They're helping us break the array!" Jing Kai's eyes twinkled as he exclaimed.

"Looks like these Black Wind Yin Ghosts want us to get the treasure." The goateed elder stroked his beard and laughed.

Wu Yu had a pale face and spat out a mouthful of blood before crumbling to the ground. His consciousness had completely merged into the array, and it was the same point where the Black Wind Yin Ghosts were attacking.


A slight crack appeared on the golden-white array.


The entire hall shook once more.

Whoos.h.!.+ Boom!

A thick mist as black as ink wrapped around the green bronze pillar and charged into the sky, and a terrifying aura started to spread.

At this instant, the hall seemed to become h.e.l.l. A wicked and cold aura made everyone unable to breathe.


This ball of black mist turned into the head of a snarling monster and devoured Wu Yu's body.

"What's going on?"

"Why did the nine-colored light suddenly turn into this terrifying mist?"

"Senior Wu Yu was eaten by that mist!"

No matter how dumb they were, the fear in their hearts was suddenly awakened by this powerful and terrifying aura.

"Old Ying, run!" Zhao Feng immediately messaged.


After Wu Yu's body disappeared, the snarling head became bigger and charged toward the group of people. A strong suction force came from the black mist monster's mouth.

"Argh! Help me!" The young Emperor from Lei Tong's group was heavily affected by this place and was immediately sucked into the black mist.

Zhao Feng and Old Ying instantly used secret techniques to increase their speed and were the first to disappear into the pathway. Before Old Ying left, he also dragged Jing Kai along as well. Only then did everyone else react and start running away.

"Arghh! What is that!?" A Quasi-Sacred Lord from the goateed elder's group was sucked into the black mist.

"Dragon… Dragon Jade!" He trembled and used the array within the Dragon Jade, and a layer of light started spreading.


However, in the next instant, he was devoured by the snarling beast head before he was able to teleport away.


The beast head made of black mist turned into several b.a.l.l.s of black mist, transformed into smaller heads, and chased after everyone that tried to run away.

Zhao Feng used his Lightning Wings Spatial Flash to run away and inspected the situation behind with his left eye.

"The people that have been eaten by the beast head have entered the array through the small crack!"

Zhao Feng was shocked. What kind of technique was this? What could shrink a human into the size of a crack?

"Not good!" Zhao Feng realized one of the black mist heads was heading in his direction.


Zhao Feng no longer inspected what was happening behind him. He focused on using his Lightning Wings Spatial Flash to run away.


The instant Zhao Feng escaped the cave, he felt that the danger disappeared. The Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was still shaking though.

"Looks like the b.a.l.l.s of black mist can't appear outside yet." Zhao Feng guessed.

"Zhao Feng, let's leave this place quickly. We might be able to save Jing Kai."

Old Ying looked at the fainted Jing Kai with worry. After all, he was still a member of the Ninth Prince's team. The Ninth Prince only had seven people, so they couldn't afford to lose anyone.

At this moment, the black wind in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was gathering and becoming more chaotic, as if it was about to return to its former strength.


The ripple of golden light coming from Zhao Feng's left eye started to dim. Anyone that could've escaped would have already.

The ground became calm once more. However, before they managed to make it very far, a wall exploded, and a storm caused by the destruction of a Little World swept in every direction, and a black gust of wind blew out from underground.


This black gust of wind turned into a huge Black Wind Yin Ghost and leapt toward Zhao Feng.

"Not good, the Little World has crumbled. This Black Wind Yin Ghost is formed from the Sacred Lord Intent, which has become wicked."

Old Ying's sole eye looked at the Intent that hadn't completely transformed into a Black Wind Yin Ghost yet, and it radiated a strong surge of Yin and deadly Soul power.

King of Gods Chapter 952 Weird

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