King of Gods Chapter 924 - Power Of Ancient Lightning

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Chapter 924: Power of Ancient Lightning
Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 924 - Power of Ancient Lightning

"Is this a storm of the ancient era!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed after a long time.

The clouds in the sky were like dark dragons, and the lightning was like scales. There were countless bolts and arcs, and each bolt of lightning that descended was like a giant fang that suppressed all living beings.

Zhao Feng never expected that nature could be so powerful, and he felt respectful toward its power. He could clearly feel how weak and small he was in comparison.

Zhao Feng used lightning to refine his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, but he didn't dare to absorb the ancient lightning from the Ancient Dream Realm. From what he saw just now, even Sacred Lords would be instantly killed by that bolt of lightning.

Zhao Feng didn't even dare to absorb the remnant aura of the ancient lightning. To a certain degree, his Sacred Lightning Body was a conductor, so if Zhao Feng stood here and tried to absorb the remnant aura of the ancient lightning, the next bolt might go right for him.

"Such powerful lightning… what a shame."

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. He cultivated a supreme technique that allowed one to refine their body using lightning, but he didn't dare to absorb any of this lightning.

However, staying here and comprehending the aura of Wind Lightning from the ancient era was beneficial for Zhao Feng. The Wind Lightning here allowed Zhao Feng to touch the power of laws, and Zhao Feng could store some of the stray Lightning aura that happened to pa.s.s over him.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng's left eye managed to disintegrate a wisp of ancient lightning. It had a complicated structure, but it was similar to the lightning from Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body. Zhao Feng even felt like the lightning that he cultivated was a simplified version of this ancient lightning.


Another bolt of lightning fell down not far away from Zhao Feng. The earth shook, countless trees were destroyed, and many powerful Yao beasts roared. The aura of ancient lightning swept over and even numbed Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body.

"I can't circulate my Sacred Lightning Body to absorb the lightning, but I can store it and take it back."

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he looked toward the area where the lightning fell, and he was stunned. The G.o.d Tribulation head inside the dimension of his left eye was something that could store G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, but there was only abound 20% of it remaining. It would soon be completely used up. Zhao Feng had never found anything else that could store powerful lightning.

While the strength of the ancient lightning wasn't quite as strong as the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, it was purer, so it was a great source of lightning to refine the Sacred Lightning Body and his Soul Body.

Zhao Feng thought about what level his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body would reach if he transformed the lightning within his body into ancient lightning. Zhao Feng's heart moved, and he walked toward where the bolt of lightning just hit.

He met some normal wild beasts on the way and easily finished them. Zhao Feng soon arrived where the bolt of lightning had struck.

The place was scorched black, and there was a deep hole in the ground. Many trees nearby were still burning, and the aura of lightning spread onto him when he got close.

Zhao Feng approached a black piece of wood and found that the aura of lightning within it was extremely weak and fading away.

"I've calculated wrongly. The trees here aren't qualified to store the power of ancient lightning."

Zhao Feng sighed, but he didn't give up and continued his search.

"Hmm? The material of this tree is slightly different and contains more power of ancient lightning than the others."

Zhao Feng revealed a surprised expression as he looked at the tree in front of him. Although it was also black, the inner portion of it was relatively complete, and small wisps of lightning appeared on its surface.

Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng immediately put this black tree into the Misty Spatial World. He then found a similar tree, as well as some other pieces of wood that also contained the power of lightning.

Zhao Feng went over the place several times to make sure he didn't overlook anything. He waited for a long time, but no more lightning fell.

After all, the range of this storm was just too big, and he couldn't even see the end.

If the lightning fell too far away from Zhao Feng, he wouldn't dare to go there because the Ancient Dream Realm was several dozen times more dangerous than the Divine Illusion Dimension. Zhao Feng had used a long time just to get those few pieces of wood alone.

The next instant, Zhao Feng returned to the Imperial Palace and entered the Misty Spatial World.

"Let's try the power of ancient lightning." Zhao Feng impatiently circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and moved a piece of black wood into the air with a thought. He then created a tentacle with his Fire of Wind Lightning and made it touch the piece of black wood.


The two types of lightning instantly attracted one another. A wisp of pure white lightning was directed from the black wood and wrapped itself around the Fire of Wind Lightning. Wisps of ancient lightning then slowly moved to Zhao Feng's body as the Fire of Wind Lightning faded away.


Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body released a glow of bright lightning. He then circulated the technique in an attempt to slowly merge this ancient lightning into his Sacred Lightning Body.

The ancient lightning didn't conflict with the lightning in his body. Zhao Feng even found that the lightning within his body seemed to follow the ancient lightning around.

By increasing the power of Lightning in his body, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body would be able to withstand even stronger lightning in the future. At the same time, it would increase the Sacred Lightning Body's rate of progress. The defense and strength of reflection of his Sacred Lightning Protection would also get stronger as the power of lightning increased.

Zhao Feng spent half a day to merge the ancient lightning within the black wood into his Sacred Lightning Body.

"Let's try merging the power of ancient lightning into my True Yuan."

Zhao Feng had a thought. The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was also based on Wind Lightning, and the True Yuan dimension - which contained his Fire of Wind Lightning - also had the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. However, the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning didn't merge with the normal lightning and instead existed as a separate ident.i.ty.

Like before, Zhao Feng first directed the ancient lightning into his Fire of Wind Lightning to increase the strength of his offense.


Zhao Feng slowly directed the Fire of Wind Lightning, which now contained the ancient lightning, into his True Yuan dimension. The power of ancient lightning didn't act the way it did with the Sacred Lightning Body; it merged into his True Yuan dimension when he circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning until it completely disappeared.

Zhao Feng could feel the element of Lightning within the Fire of Wind Lightning become a tiny bit stronger. Through the a.n.a.lysis of his left eye, Zhao Feng found that the structure of the atoms within the Fire of Wind Lightning had become a little bit different. The number of atoms within each structure had increased.

"Looks like my theory can be realized. I can indeed turn the power of lightning within my True Yuan into ancient lightning."

Zhao Feng's heart moved. If he was able to harness the ancient lightning, then he might be able to fight back against the Little World of Sacred Lords with his peak 5th level Sacred Lightning Body.

However, in order to do this, Zhao Feng would need to find more items that could store the ancient lightning since he hardly had any of the stuff. Therefore, Zhao Feng could only convert his Fire of Wind Lightning for now. The trees weren't exactly good storage items, and the power of ancient lightning were fading away.

"I need to manage my time well. The longer I take, the faster the ancient lightning fades away."

Zhao Feng had an urgent expression. He couldn't guarantee that he would find more items in the Ancient Dream Realm that could store the ancient lightning.

Several days later, Zhao Feng had merged most of the ancient lightning into the True Yuan dimension where his Fire of Wind Lightning was stored. At this moment in time, his Fire of Wind Lightning contained an original and ancient aura that made his power of lightning purer. At the same time, the power of ancient lightning had purified Zhao Feng's Fire of Wind Lightning and completely consolidated it at the early stages.

The surging Fire of Wind Lightning made the surrounding area of the Misty Spatial World become chaotic and slightly unstable.

Zhao Feng could also merge the Fire of Wind Lightning with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and create Scarlet Lightning Blood Flames, which contained extreme explosiveness and power. If he added the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning into it as well, then it would be enough to threaten Sacred Lords.

Zhao Feng had a joyful expression and couldn't contain his antic.i.p.ation to test it. He remembered how his Scarlet Lightning Blood Flames were pushed aside by the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Mystic Light Sacred power before they even got close, but now it would be different.

"En, I've succeeded in forming my Domain of Wind Lightning."

Zhao Feng sensed something and had a thought. While he had been cultivating the power of ancient lightning in the past couple days, he had split his Divine Sense and was focused on forming his Domain of Wind Lightning as well.

"Can I merge the power of ancient lightning with the Domain of Wind Lightning in order to make it stronger?" Zhao Feng suddenly had this thought. He didn't have much ancient lightning storage items, so he had to make a decision quickly.

The idea was quickly rejected by him. He originally wanted to create a Little World from either the Illusion Maze Domain or the Domain of Wind Lightning. If he wanted to implement this idea, then it would be better to just create the Wind Lightning Little World and merge the ancient lightning into that.

"I'll put it aside for now and think about which domain to choose first."

Zhao Feng had a lot of information regarding Little Worlds. Little Worlds were formed from a source of power and could materialize mental energy.

He had fought with countless Emperors and was familiar with the power of Little Worlds as well. Nan Gongsheng's evil Little World and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Sacred-Lord-level Little World gave him the deepest impression and made him desire the power of a Little World, but he had to think it through properly and choose the most suitable source.

"The evolution and new ability of the left eye doesn't belong to the mental energy side of things, and I've been comprehending a lot about Wind Lightning recently. I even have items that store ancient lightning, and…"

Zhao Feng revealed a stunned expression while he was thinking. He suddenly realized that this was a perfect chance to form his Little World of Wind Lightning right now.

The storm within the Ancient Dream Realm! While he didn't dare to circulate his Sacred Lightning Body and absorb the power of ancient lightning into his body, what if he replicated the storm within the Ancient Dream Realm to form his Little World of Wind Lightning?

A storm-like Little World.

"There's some danger involved."

Zhao Feng had a calm gaze. The ancient lightning wasn't a joke, but the actual danger involved was quite low. Zhao Feng could copy the images of the Ancient Dream Realm into the dimension of his left eye and use them in the future.

"Let's go give it a try."

Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the dimension of his left eye with a solemn expression. The next instant, Zhao Feng appeared in a replay of the scenery in the Ancient Dream Realm where the sky was dark and a storm ravaged across Heaven and Earth.

King of Gods Chapter 924 - Power Of Ancient Lightning

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