King of Gods Chapter 927 - Favor

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Chapter 927: Favor
Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 927 - Favor

Note: Supreme Emperor Dark Night is stilled called an Emperor because it is a t.i.tle, not a cultivation rank.

"Late stages… of the Mystic Light Realm…!" Duke Nanfeng choked on his words.

He didn't expect Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss to have reached the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm after exiting seclusion. This meant that, even if he teamed up with the two Sacred Lords from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, they still wouldn't be Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss's match.

Old Monster Xu and Supreme Emperor Dark Night felt a strong surge of power as they faced Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, and their bodies started to toss and turn. They felt unable to breathe due to the pressure. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was like an unrivalled deity.

"Late stages of the Mystic Light Realm!" Old Monster Xu was stunned. He and Supreme Emperor Dark Night had only become Sacred Lords not long ago, so they were still a bit away from normal beginning-stage Sacred Lords. Furthermore, Supreme Emperor Dark Night was an; in a head-on battle, many of his techniques couldn't be used at all.

However, even if they could use their full power, it would still be useless against a late-stage Sacred Lord. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss completely suppressed them in terms of cultivation.

Those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that had retreated a thousand miles away felt that something as wrong as well. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss's aura suddenly rose to an unimaginable level. They felt their hearts shake even from here.

Duke Nanfeng also felt helpless.


Countless demonic tentacles shot out from Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and charged toward Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Old Monster Xu like a predator meeting its prey.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night turned into a dark streak of light that suddenly split apart and dodged the attacks while disappearing into the air.

Old Monster Xu used all his Mystic Light Sacred power to retreat, but the tentacles seemed to be infinitely long. After missing, they simply changed directions and continued to attack at the same speed. It twisted and turned in an attempt to surround them, and they never gave up.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss just stood there and watched coldly, as if he was the G.o.d of Heaven and Earth.

"Heaven Suppressing Demon Seal!" As the tentacles were about to catch up to Old Monster Xu, he circulated his Sacred Power and released a seal of white light. This white light had a pure aura that could suppress the power of demons.


Old Monster Xu's scared hand seal clashed with several tentacles.


In front of the absolute Mystic Light Sacred power, Old Monster Xu's secret technique was completely destroyed. The demonic tentacles pa.s.sed through the Sacred Power and shot furiously toward Old Monster Xu.

At the same time, Supreme Emperor Dark Night suddenly appeared behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss and stabbed a shadow-like sword that glittered with a black light toward him.

"Hmph!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss snickered coldly, and he didn't even move against Supreme Emperor Dark Night's ambush. The air behind Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss started to twist as a tentacle shot out toward Supreme Emperor Dark Night with a chaotic and Destructive aura.


The instant Supreme Emperor Dark Night's secret technique clashed with the demonic tentacles, a flash of darkness split off and hid.


Supreme Emperor Dark Night's doppelganger and the demonic tentacle both shattered.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night had given up one doppelganger just to destroy the demonic tentacle. He couldn't get close to Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss. In the clash, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss didn't even move and yet he was able to force the two Sacred Lords into a desperate situation.

Duke Nanfeng stood on the side and witnessed this with shock.

"I can't just keep on watching."

The dragons around Duke Nanfeng suddenly rose and broke through the restrictions of his power.


Just as Duke Nanfeng was about to take action:


An immortal Sword Intent appeared, and it seemed like it could slash through the heavens. An ancient green tattered sword sliced forward and radiated a sharp aura that seemed to be able to force back the heavens.

A white figure formed from sword-light appeared behind the tattered sword. It was the figure of an elder with a long moustache who gave off an immortal Soul Sword Intent that pushed back all the tentacles.

"So close!" Old Monster Xu's heart shook as he looked at the ancient green tattered sword in shock and didn't know what was going on.

"That is… an Ancient G.o.d weapon!" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss's face was filled with shock.

It had to be an Ancient G.o.d sword for it to be able to cut through his demonic tentacles so easily and give off such an immortal Sword Intent. The white light behind it also contained the laws of the Soul Sword. This was the only Ancient G.o.d weapon that had appeared in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Furthermore, Little Sword Saint Gu Yue from the Sky Sword Pavilion had obtained the recognition of the Ancient G.o.d weapon and transformed into a Soul Sword that merged with the Ancient G.o.d weapon and became its weapon spirit. Because of this, there were rumors of the Sky Sword Pavilion returning to its former glorious four-star days.

"Why is the Ancient G.o.d weapon here?" Duke Nanfeng was surprised and puzzled at the same time. The power of the Ancient G.o.d weapon was indeed shocking.

"Senior Sword Saint." A girl in black started to slowly fly over. It was the prodigy of the Sky Sword Pavilion's younger generation - Mo Dongyao.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' expression became grim. Why was the Sky Sword Pavilion interfering too? Furthermore, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss could feel a hidden Sword Intent not far away. This made Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss stop.

At this moment, a voice sounded from the image of the Little Sword Saint, "Sacred Lord, I owe Zhao Feng a favor, so I can't just do nothing."

Hearing that, Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss boiled with anger. Zhao Feng again! What the heck did Zhao Feng do in the Divine Illusion Dimension for Little Sword Saint Gu Yue to owe him a favor?

"You're just the weapon spirit of an Ancient G.o.d weapon. How much power can you even use?" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss said coldly. Mo Dongyao was completely ignored by him because her cultivation level was too low. His attention was mainly focused on the hidden Sword Intent.

The Sky Sword Pavilion would definitely not allow the Ancient G.o.d weapon and their prodigy to appear in the outside world in such a casual manner. There was definitely a peerless Sword Dao expert protecting them in secret.

However, when he thought about it, that was what Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss wanted, because as long as he didn't harm Mo Dongyao or plan to steal the Ancient G.o.d weapon, the Sacred Lord from the Sky Sword Pavilion wouldn't do anything.

"This will be much easier then." Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss revealed a deadly smile, and killing intent flashed in his eyes as he looked toward Old Monster Xu and Supreme Emperor Dark Night. He wasn't scared of the Ancient G.o.d weapon.

He had to kill those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, but the Ancient G.o.d tattered sword suddenly released a glow of light and landed in Duke Nanfeng's hand.


Duke Nanfeng paused for a moment before understanding what the Little Sword Saint wanted.


Duke Nanfeng, who was surrounded by light dragons and holding the Ancient G.o.d weapon, instantly released a world-shaking sword-beam that shot into the sky. Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss' magnificent aura crumbled against the immortal Sword Intent.

The figure of the transparent Little Sword Saint behind Duke Nanfeng released the Intent of the Soul Sword. Their combined force changed the color of the sky, and it seemed like they had become a peerless Sword Saint.

"What… is this!?" Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss was dazed. Was this even possible?

With the addition of draconic providence, Duke Nanfeng had the battle-power of an early-stage Mystic Light Realm, and with the help of the Ancient G.o.d weapon on top, his battle-power easily exceeded the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night and Old Monster Xu were filled with excitement. The current Duke Nanfeng gave off a peerless pressure that stunned Heaven and Earth.

"As expected of an Ancient G.o.d weapon." Old Monster Xu sighed.

"Sacred Lord, I only owe Zhao Feng a favor and don't want to be your enemy." The voice of the Little Sword Saint within the white light sounded in the soul-dimension.

"Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss, the battle for Crown Prince has already begun, and all the forces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty have been swept into it. No one knows what will happen in the future," Duke Nanfeng said as he gave off a powerful pressure.

Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss looked toward Duke Nanfeng and understood what he meant. Nine Darkness Palace had lost a large quant.i.ty of middle-echelon fighters and even a Sacred Lord in their attempts to deal with the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo. If he was injured as well, all because he wanted to deal with a junior at the Void G.o.d Realm, it wouldn't sound good, and it would probably affect Nine Darkness Palace's progress in the future.

Now that the peak three-star Sky Sword Pavilion had gained the recognition of the Ancient G.o.d weapon, no one was certain about what could happen.

"Fine. I'll give Duke Nanfeng and the Sky Sword Pavilion face and let all of you live," Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss's voice sounded as he gave himself an excuse that he could use to step back. "Hmph!"

The demonic tentacles in the air started to contract and turn into black scales that covered Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss as he started to leave. The pressure of a Demonic Dao Sacred Lord also started to fade away.

"Many thanks to the Sky Sword Pavilion for helping." Those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion gave their thanks.

"I've repaid Zhao Feng's favor. If there's nothing else, I will be leaving." The Ancient G.o.d weapon left a streak of green light as it landed in Mo Dongyao's hand, and they left.

At this moment, within the Ancient Dream Realm, the sky was bright and sunny, but a part of the forest was covered in a storm of wind and lightning.

"I've formed the basic structure of a Little World."

Zhao Feng sat in the middle of his Little World. Wind and lightning roared around him, but it had no effect on him.

The True Yuan within his Crystal Core slowly filled every corner of the Little World, just like how blood was pumped to each and every limb. He could feel that he was the lord of this Little World and controlled everything within it. He even had a slight control over the laws of the Ancient Dream Realm.

To use a Little World, one would materialize it into reality and control part of the laws of reality.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng's Little World was only a couple hundred meters wide, which was nothing in comparison to the Nine Darkness Sacred Lord's thousand-mile-wide Little World projection.

"The power of my Little World isn't enough. Looks like the connection between the Domain of Wind Lightning and the Crystal Core dimension isn't strong enough."

Zhao Feng's left eye could see through everything. The structure of the Little World must be extremely strong or else it would be hard to perfect it in the future.

On a certain day, dark clouds filled the air above the Ancient Dream Realm, and flashes of lightning could be seen.

"Is it here?"

Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

King of Gods Chapter 927 - Favor

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