King of Gods Chapter 964 Arrival Of Black Robes

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Chapter 964 - Arrival of Black Robes

"Are my eyes all right?"

"Zhao Feng's beasts utterly defeated Zhang Yi's beasts?"

"How is that possible? Are Zhao Feng's beast taming skills really that strong?"

The combined forces of the Fifth, Twelfth, and Second Princes exclaimed in shock as they used their Divine Senses to see what was happening.

"This isn't possible." The Fifth Prince spread his own Divine Sense and saw something that he didn't believe.

The Second Prince and the Twelfth Prince had solemn expressions, and they regretted not inviting the Ninth Prince. If they had, they might have already taken over the Eighth Prince's Heaven's Legacy City by now.

Apart from the three princes outside, the other experts inside the Heaven's Legacy City were also watching what was happening at the Seventh Prince's side.

"As I thought." The Eighth Prince gave a helpless smile. Zhao Feng's display shocked everyone once again.

"This isn't possible!" Ji Bai's face was green. The reason he had been forced to escape by Zhao Feng was because he was a beast tamer, so his individual battle-power was very weak. Once someone got close to him, there was nothing he could do. However, Zhao Feng's beast taming abilities surpa.s.sed him as well?

The Seventh Prince and his members within the western Heaven's Legacy City faltered for a moment, but they didn't say anything. Everyone had solemn expressions as they closely inspected the battle.

At this moment, Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhang Yi had calmed down.

"It must be that brat." Zhang Yi found what the problem was.

Ever since the start of the fight, Zhao Feng was just standing there, and he didn't even speak. He must've been using some sort of secret technique to directly control the two Sky Shaking Golden Apes. This was why the two beasts were acting so differently, as if they were human.

"Hmph, I don't believe that you can control all your beasts at the same level." Zhang Yi snickered coldly. He had heard of such secret techniques before, and they only worked on a small number of beasts.

Zhang Yi waved his arms and spread his consciousness across the battlefield.

"Team one, team two - surround the Sky Shaking Golden Apes from both sides. Teams eight, nine, and ten - get ready to block the charge of the venomous scorpions and Wind Wolves."

Professional beast tamers put similar beasts into teams in order to control them better.

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. This was like a game of chess, and he quickly moved his pieces around. A portion of the Wind Wolves immediately blocked the beasts that were going to help the Mountain Giants. At the same time, the venomous scorpions swarmed the city walls and clashed against Zhang Yi's beasts.

"What fast reactions!" Cold sweat appeared on Zhang Yi's forehead. The instant he gave out his orders, Zhao Feng countered with his own beasts.

The Ninth Prince's team standing behind Zhao Feng had joyful smiles on their faces as they watched the fight.

"Zhao Feng is stronger than Zhang Yi." s.h.i.+ Yulei knew about Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhang Yi's fame in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Originally, all he hoped for was for Zhao Feng to be on par with Zhang Yi.

"Why doesn't Zhao Feng take out all his beasts right away?" Su Qingling was slightly puzzled.

They all knew how many beasts Zhao Feng had. He didn't even need to control all of them; he would be able to overwhelm the Seventh Prince's city gate with numbers alone.

"He might be preserving his strength to use it as a surprise later." Old Ying thought for a moment before saying what he thought.

Although they had the advantage in number, the difference in strength between the battle members was too big. This gap could only be shortened through beasts. Therefore, if Zhao Feng was able to defeat Zhang Yi right now, the remaining beasts could be used to handle the Seventh Prince's subordinates.

Hearing Old Ying's a.n.a.lysis, everyone nodded their heads. The Seventh Prince's team members couldn't be ignored. They especially had to pay attention to the two Sword Dao experts from the Sky Sword Pavilion and a Sacred Lord that specialized in the Dao of the Soul. Apart from them, there was also the peerless prodigy Jiang Hao from the Jiang Family. The remaining Quasi-Sacred Lords were also experts that had been famous for a long time now.

However, no one knew that Zhao Feng was just happily playing around right now. He felt that controlling the entire situation from the back felt pretty good, and it helped him cultivate the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique.

The number of beasts Zhao Feng was controlling right now was precisely five hundred. Although Zhang Yi was controlling seven hundred, Zhao Feng was the one with the advantage.

"Dammit, what's going on? Zhao Feng's beasts are always able to attack through the weaknesses of my formation." Zhang Yi started to feel tired. The reactions of Zhao Feng's beasts were too fast. He was constantly on the defensive and had to guard against Zhao Feng's beasts.

Zhao Feng waved his arm, and fifty Night Wolves appeared. At the same time, fifty thoughts merged into their bodies. These fifty Night Wolves then entered the battle.

There was a big difference in how Zhao Feng and Zhang Yi controlled their beasts. Zhang Yi was just ordering the beasts around while Zhao Feng was personally entering the battle. Every beast on the battlefield contained part of his consciousness, as if they were one of his doppelgangers.

"What? He still has more beasts!?" Zhang Yi was stunned, and he immediately concentrated his beasts and focused on defense.

In a metallic building behind Zhang Yi:

"I told you that Zhao Feng isn't simple." Jiang Hao could finally say this with a puffed-out chest. He had warned them beforehand, but Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhang Yi didn't put Zhao Feng in his eyes and was now in such a state.

"Should we go to the Spiritual Pet Garden and buy some powerful beasts?" The Seventh Prince started to panic. He could tell that Zhao Feng's control over his beasts was extremely strong.

"Your Highness, there's no need. It doesn't matter how many beasts we give Zhang Yi. The key point is how to control them. Unless we buy some Sacred Lord-level beasts, Zhang Yi won't be Zhao Feng's match." The scholar's eyes sparkled as he sensed the fight outside the city.

He viewed every detail of the battle and a.n.a.lyzed that there was a very big difference between Zhang Yi's beast taming skills and Zhao Feng's. If they gave Zhang Yi more beasts and he was unable to control them properly, it would just cause more chaos.

"Then what should we do?" the Seventh Prince asked urgently.

"If this continues, we will lose a bunch of our beasts. We should charge out." The scholar told them his plan, and his tone became decisive.

The two Sword Dao experts instantly opened their eyes, and an invisible ray of Sword Intent appeared that made everyone's heart go cold.

"That's true. How dare a team without any Sacred Lords try to attack us?" A skinny male stood up and radiated a dark and cold aura. When the two people next to him felt this aura, their souls trembled.

Apart from the two Quasi-Sacred Lords that died earlier and Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhang Yi, the Seventh Prince still had the scholar, two Sacred Lords, and three Quasi-Sacred Lords in his team. What did the Ninth Prince have for him to attempt this fight?

"Lu Tianqi, I'll leave Zhao Feng to you. You just need to make his mental energy become chaotic." The scholar looked at the middle-aged male from the Sky Sword Pavilion.

"Simple." Lu Tianqi's words were quick.


Six experts flew to the top of the city wall.

"Protect Zhao Feng and the beasts." Old Ying's expression immediately changed.

At the same time, the Ninth Prince's team charged out. Shen Jizi, who was standing at the back, had already prepared an array flag. He threw it, and a faint golden barrier covered Zhao Feng and some of the beasts.

The Ninth Prince's team had already made their preparations; they weren't going to clash with the Seventh Prince's team head-on. They were going to stall the opponent's experts and wait for Zhao Feng's beasts to gain the upper hand, then attack the Seventh Prince's team members together.

"If all of you are in such a rush, then let's just end it here." Zhao Feng stopped fooling around and waved his right hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Five golden figures like small metallic mountains appeared on the battlefield and created a wave of a fierce beastly aura.

"What? There's even more Sky Shaking Golden Apes?" Zhang Yi's expression changed dramatically. Zhao Feng was holding back this whole time?

One had to know that the Sky Shaking Golden Ape was a peak Emperor-level beast, and in this ancient dimension, their battle-power was even stronger than normal Quasi-Sacred Lords.

"How is this possible!?" The scholar was also stunned.

This meant that the situation was going to become rather chaotic. Even if they attacked with all their power, they might not be able to gain the upper hand.

The scholar gave a deep glance at Zhao Feng. Holding onto hidden cards and using it to catch the opponent off guard had special effects. Did Zhao Feng still have anything left up his sleeve? They just didn't know.

"Hmph, let me handle these five Sky Shaking Golden Apes." A skinny elder slowly stepped forward, and invisible Sword Intent flashed around him.

"Thank you, Sacred Lord Sharp Edge." The scholar felt lucky that their team had two Sacred Lords. One was Sacred Lord Sharp Edge, who specialized in physical attacks, while the other was Sacred Lord Dark Soul.


Sacred Lord Sharp Edge stepped out and slashed his long white jade sword, creating waves of Sword Qi.

The pressure of a Sacred Lord's appearance made the battle-power of Zhao Feng's beast horde decrease dramatically.

Four members that specialized in battle charged out as well.

Sacred Lord Sharp Edge suddenly lifted his sword, and countless waves of Sword Qi formed a tornado. However, Sacred Lord Sharp Edge didn't unleash the attack, and the other four members stopped as well.


A black figure floated toward them from the distance. A terrifying aura of Death radiated from the black figure. Even though he was so far away, everyone felt their souls shake.

"A member from the Thirteenth Prince's team?" Sacred Lord Dark Soul from the Seventh Prince's team had a grim expression. This terrifying aura caused even him to hesitate.

"It's him?" Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

Before the Crown Prince trial started, this person had attacked him. Zhao Feng also saw some of what happened when he was just about to enter the Imperial Tombs, so he knew that this black-robed person wasn't simple. He also felt the enmity from this black-robed person in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground.

This black-robed person was now going to interfere in the fight between the Seventh and Ninth Princes. His aim was very obvious - Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng!" The black-robed person was like a ghost as he descended onto the battlefield. The terrifying Intent of Death made the beasts below tremble as their lifeforce was drained.

The five members from the Seventh Prince's side instantly retreated.

"Who is this person?" Sacred Lord Sharp Edge had a grim expression. In an instant, several years of his lifeforce had been lost.

King of Gods Chapter 964 Arrival Of Black Robes

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