King of Gods Chapter 965 Scythe Of Death

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Chapter 965 - Scythe of Death

At the same time, the three others that arrived with the black-robed person went straight for the Heaven's Legacy City in the south after seeing the black-robed person head toward the battlefield between the Ninth and Seventh Princes.

"Thirteenth Prince, we're back."

"Your Highness, there seems to be a problem with this black-robed person."

"He's actually going to interfere in the battle between two princes?"

The three people in the black-robed person's group told the Thirteenth Prince about the black-robed person's weird actions.

"Thirteenth Prince, who is this person?" Sacred Lord Black Ink had a grim expression. Even he didn't want to offend the black-robed person, who was radiating an aura of Death.

"There's no need to worry about him." A wicked smile appeared on the Thirteenth Prince's face.

With the black-robed person's strength, he didn't need to be scared of the Ninth Prince's team, and numbers were of no use against him.

This was the deal between the black-robed person and the Thirteenth Prince. The latter wouldn't restrict the former's freedom after entering the Imperial Tombs and would help kill Zhao Feng for him.

At this moment, outside the Seventh Prince's city, the originally-intense fight instantly died down. The Intent of Death that this black-robed person was radiating was extremely deadly to the beasts below.

"May I know who you are?" the scholar's voice sounded. The feeling that this black-robed person gave him was extremely weird and horrible.

"It's not good for you to enter the battlefield like this." A Quasi-Sacred Lord that was just about to take action had a grim expression.

"Don't think that we won't attack you just because you're from the Thirteenth Prince's team!" Zhang Yi roared. The Intent of Death that was radiating from this black-robed person was deadly to the beasts he controlled.

The Ninth Prince's team also immediately stopped. They had witnessed his strength during the fights for the positions. Even Old Ying, who specialized in the Dao of the Soul and had strong battle-power, didn't dare to attack the black-robed person, who had such powerful soul attacks. None of them dared to do anything rash to the black-robed person before they knew what was going on.

"Zhao Feng, I didn't expect you to still be alive." The black-robed person completely ignored everyone from the Seventh Prince's team and looked at Zhao Feng.

"You are…!" Zhao Feng's expression was ugly, and killing intent appeared in his eyes. He originally felt like this black-robed person's aura was extremely familiar, and he also controlled the laws of Death.

The first words this black-robed person said to him were, "I didn't expect you to still be alive." Zhao Feng could only think of the person who forced him to start re-cultivating - the Emperor of Death.

But that was impossible. The Emperor of Death paid the price of death to use the Cursed Words of Death on Zhao Feng. Since the Cursed Words of Death were successfully activated, how could the Emperor of Death still be alive?

Hearing the black-robed person's tone, the expressions of the Seventh Prince's team softened a little bit. From the looks of it, the black-robed person was here for Zhao Feng. Even if he was a member of the Thirteenth Prince's team, that didn't matter anymore.

The black-robed person's laws of Death were extremely deadly against beings with lower cultivation. If the black-robed person was willing to help them, then they wouldn't need to be scared of Zhao Feng's beast horde anymore.

"Scythe of Death!"

An undulation of Death-Soul power appeared around the black-robed person, and a scythe surrounded by black mist appeared in his hand. It seemed to have the ability to slice through all Death and Yin Yuan Qi in Heaven and Earth.

The instant the scythe of death appeared, a powerful Soul disturbance was released, and it made everyone's soul tremble.

"What a powerful Intent of Death and Soul!" Sacred Lord Sharp Edge exclaimed. He had never seen anyone with such strong Intent of Death.

"Not good!" Zhao Feng's expression became grim. He waved his left hand and instantly put all the beasts into the Misty Spatial World.

The black-robed person waved the Scythe of Death and slashed it at Zhao Feng. A black crescent moon made of condensed Death-Soul power and an air of Yin instantly shot at him.

Shu~~ Shua! Shua!

Shen Jizi's defensive array blocked the physical component of the black crescent moon, but the Death-Soul attack pa.s.sed through it.

"Retreat!" While Zhao Feng retreated, he sent a surge of Wind Lightning toward the members of the Ninth Prince's team and pushed them back.

The black-robed person's Scythe of Death left a black chasm in the ground when it hit, destroying the lifeforce of the nearby vegetation.

Zhao Feng and the other members of the Ninth Prince's team managed to dodge the Scythe of Death. After all, Zhao Feng was extremely familiar with this attack.

However, Zhang Yi wasn't so lucky. The black-robed person's Scythe of Death had a huge range, and part of the attack landed on his beast horde. Several dozen King-level beasts had their lifeforce and soul sucked out, instantly killing them.

"You…! What is the meaning of this!?" Zhang Yi roared in anger. This was the territory of the Seventh Prince, but the black-robed person came over in such an arrogant manner and didn't even hold back on his attacks, killing his beasts as well.

The laws of Death were extremely damaging to life, and King-level beasts that had a lower state of existence couldn't fight back against this power at all.

The black-robed person's attack made the expressions of the Ninth Prince's team turn ugly, and their hearts became heavy. The black-robed person attacked Zhao Feng as soon as he arrived, and his power was deadly to beasts.

Luckily, Zhao Feng foresaw that and put away his beasts in time, or else the casualties would have been big. However, the situation right now wasn't much better. Although the black-robed person was only a Quasi-Sacred Lord, his laws of Death countered most powers. On top of that, he specialized in the soul, which made everyone feel troubled.

"Zhao Feng, who is this person?" Old Ying immediately messaged Zhao Feng. It was obvious that the black-robed person was here for Zhao Feng. The black-robed person completely ignored the Seventh Prince's team, and Old Ying obviously wouldn't ask the black-robed person.

"He might be an enemy from the past." Zhao Feng took a deep breath. The power of Death that this black-robed person controlled was countless times stronger than the Emperor of Death from back then, but the feeling this black-robed person gave Zhao Feng was that he was the Emperor of Death.

"What?" Old Ying was stunned. An enemy from Zhao Feng's past meant someone before Zhao Feng started to re-cultivate. How could Zhao Feng have offended such a strong enemy before he started re-cultivating?

"Get away from this person. His laws of Death are too strong, and he specializes in soul attacks," Zhao Feng messaged everyone in the Ninth Prince's team. The power of Death wasn't something to be played around with.

"En." s.h.i.+ Yulei looked at the black-robed person. Although the s.h.i.+ Family bloodline specialized in defense, it could only defend against the black-robed person's physical attacks. However, the black-robed person's attacks were mainly soul-based. s.h.i.+ Yulei's weakness was the soul. He was only a Quasi-Sacred Lord as well, so he didn't dare to do anything.

Su Qingling's forte was the soul, but her cultivation was too low. Zhou Su'er, Jing Kai, and company had no ability to fight back at all. The members of the Ninth Prince's team slowly retreated.

"I will only kill Zhao Feng. The rest of you can f.u.c.k off." The black-robed person's eyes were trained on Zhao Feng, and his voice sounded in everyone's soul.

"Friend, since your enemy is Zhao Feng, why don't we team up?" The scholar had a faint smile. The enemy of an enemy was a friend. As long as the black-robed person took care of Zhao Feng, the Ninth Prince's team wouldn't have any beasts, and they could do nothing.

"Hahaha!" The black-robed person laughed, and a black mist started to spread from his body. When one looked at him, he was like the G.o.d of Death - terrifying and deadly.


The black-robed person didn't reply to the scholar, he simply charged at Zhao Feng as he poured more soul-power into the Scythe of Death.

"All of you attack as well," the scholar immediately messaged. The members of the Seventh Prince's team instantly charged out.

"Retreat!" Old Ying roared as he saw the members of the Seventh Prince's team about to take action.

All the members of the Ninth Prince's team, including Zhao Feng, started to retreat, leaving the perimeter of the Seventh Prince's city. At this moment, Zhao Feng's beasts were countered by the black-robed person, so they couldn't attack the city.

At least if they retreated, not all of the Seventh Prince's team members would chase after them since they had to guard the city. If most of their members left, then the other three princes would take over the city.

"Zhao Feng, are you scared now?" The black-robed person laughed and chased after Zhao Feng. The terrifying aura of Death covered the hearts of the Ninth Prince's team.

"Do we chase after them or not?" Sacred Lord Dark Soul asked. The Ninth Prince's team had retreated.

"Sacred Lord Dark Soul, you go after them. With the black-robed person's strength and your strength combined, you shouldn't need to worry about the Ninth Prince's team." The scholar thought for a while before saying.

After Sacred Lord Dark Soul left, the Seventh Prince's team still had one Sacred Lord remaining. Even if the other three princes came to attack them, they wouldn't be instantly defeated. If Zhang Yi's beasts hadn't had such casualties, then they could have sent another person out as well.

"Okay." Sacred Lord Dark Soul turned into a dark streak of light and left the city.

"You are the Emperor of Death?" Zhao Feng asked for the first time with an ugly expression.

Hearing this, Su Qingling, Jing Kai, and Zhou Su'er were stunned. They had heard of the Emperor of Death before; this was an ancient Emperor that had the Eye of Death. Had his strength reached such a level already? However, Old Ying, the Ninth Prince, and a few others knew that the true Emperor of Death had already been killed by Zhao Feng.

"I am the person that is going to kill you!" The black-robed person waved the Scythe of Death and sent a black crescent moon toward the Ninth Prince's team.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!" Zhao Feng immediately circulated the Sacred Lightning Body. Golden lightning started to flash around him as he circulated his Fire of Wind Lightning and punched out with his fists.

The power of Destruction contained within the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in Zhao Feng's Fire of Wind Lightning was a terrifying power on the same level as the power of Death.

Boom! Bam!

Zhao Feng's golden punches broke through the black-robed person's physical attack. However, in the dark golden storm, a faint crescent moon slashed over. This was a soul attack, and it wasn't affected by physical attacks.


Zhao Feng was ready for this. He released a surge of Soul Intent containing the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, which shattered the crescent moon.

"This is your Soul Intent?" The black-robed person was surprised. Zhao Feng's Soul Intent just now had exceeded the level of Quasi-Sacred Lords.

"As I thought. I can't underestimate you, Zhao Feng." The black-robed person had a cold voice.

"Zhao Feng, not good! Sacred Lord Dark Soul from the Seventh Prince's team has come over as well!" Old Ying's heart shook when he saw a dark beam of light flying over from the distance.

King of Gods Chapter 965 Scythe Of Death

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