King of Gods Chapter 930 - Start Of The Fights

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Chapter 930: Start of the Fights
Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 930 - Start of the Fights

"Good! Perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline!" Tie Hongnan's face was filled with joy and excitement as he stood up and spread his terrifying fiery aura.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Imperial Palace was made from strong materials and had the protection of draconic providence, this hall would have crumbled already.

Everyone looked at the gla.s.s-like red light glowing from Zhao Feng's body with shock.

Perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. This was a powerful bloodline that could be ranked within the top ten of Imperial Dao bloodlines. If the Tie Family was able to control this bloodline once more, it wasn't impossible for them to become a four-star power in the future.

The heart of an Elder from the Dong Family rose into the air, and the expressions of all the forces changed.

The red-haired male next to Tie Hongnan felt the blood within his body boil.

Perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, the red-haired male thought as he looked at Zhao Feng with battle-intent.

Zhao Feng's expression was grim as he opened his golden eye, and an ancient and desolate aura was released from the mysterious golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. The Blood Devil Sun bloodline within his body instantly shook and calmed down.

"Hmm?" Tie Hongnan was still lost in joy by Zhao Feng's Blood Devil Sun bloodline, but he suddenly realized that it had been suppressed. Tie Hongnan looked at Zhao Feng's eye and was faintly shocked.

This kid also had a powerful eye-bloodline within his body, and the feeling this eye-bloodline gave him wasn't any weaker than the Purple Star Eyes bloodline of the Ji Family. Even he couldn't see through it. Different unique bloodlines had appeared in the Tie Family in the past, but there was never an eye-bloodline.

This should be Zhao Feng's original eye-bloodline. Tie Hongnan already had his guesses.

A bloodline that was able to suppress the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline was definitely not normal, but there was no similar eye-bloodline among the Imperial Dao bloodlines ranked higher than the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Could Zhao Feng have a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?

Tie Hongnan's expression instantly changed. That was the only possibility.

He originally wanted to force Zhao Feng to stay in the Tie Family and make a few children for them, but now Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline had caught his interest too.

It was extremely rare for someone to have two powerful bloodlines. As long as they didn't die, they would become beings that could move the clouds of the entire continent.

The Tie Family could raise a genius like this. Furthermore, since Zhao Feng had these two bloodlines and didn't have a problem, that meant that they didn't conflict with one another, and his descendants could inherit both bloodlines.

The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline and an ancient eye-bloodline. Tie Hongnan felt his blood boil. If the Tie Family was able to obtain a powerful eye-bloodline no weaker than the Ji Family's, they would be able to surpa.s.s their former peak and reach a height never-before seen.

"Zhao Feng, are you willing to join the Tie Family?" Tie Hongnan asked in a calm voice. He used a different tone than before, as if he was talking to a junior of the Tie Family that had been lost.

"I've already said I'm not from the Tie Family and that I'm not interested," Zhao Feng replied without even thinking.

He could tell from Tie Hongnan's gaze that the Tie Family was thinking about his left eye. If he joined the Tie Family, he would start to lose control of things, and the secret of his G.o.d Eye might be discovered. There was no way to guarantee that the Tie Family wouldn't do something nefarious.

"Zhao Feng, the blood that flows through you is the blood of the Tie Family. I even brought your mother here today." Tie Hongnan was slightly surprised, but he didn't get angry and continued to speak. He understood what Zhao Feng was like from Tie Litian's report, so he had many other preparations.

"Feng'er, it's me… your mother!" The pretty female behind Tie Hongnan instantly went forward and cried out.

She knew that her true son was gone, but it was enough that this body was her son's. She would rather watch "Zhao Feng" live on, and she would do whatever it took.

"I only have one mother." Zhao Feng looked at Tie Xiuli and then Tie Hongnan with a decisive gaze.

If they hadn't abandoned the original Zhao Feng in the first place, this wouldn't have happened to them. There was a reason for everything.

"Zhao Feng, you know that the body you are currently using belongs to the Tie Family!" Tie Hongnan was someone that was easily enraged, and his tone changed when he saw Zhao Feng so decisively refuse to give him any face.

"No, Sacred Lord, the original owner of this body was called Zhao Feng of the Zhao Family."

Zhao Feng had already thought of what to say when they mentioned the body being from the Tie Family.

Some of the current people present didn't quite understand what was going on, but they could slowly start to tell from this exchange. Zhao Feng had taken the body of a member of the Tie Family who was originally abandoned somewhere, and he managed to awaken the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

However, the current Zhao Feng wasn't the previous "Zhao Feng" anymore, and he showed no signs of wanting to join the Tie Family.

However, against the pressure of the Tie Family, was "not wanting to" enough? Some of the three-star forces and families had grim expressions.

"Zhao Feng had such a birth?" Xuanyuan Wen had a headache.

"So, it was the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline." Xin Wuheng remembered how part of his True Yuan was mysteriously sucked away when he fought Zhao Feng in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

"I'm a part of the Ninth Prince's force right now, Sacred Lord. Isn't forcing me to join the Tie Family a bit…?" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile as he continued to speak.

Technically, Tie Hongnan's actions were already going against the rules of the fight for Crown Prince, and because they were in the Imperial Palace right now, Tie Hongnan didn't dare to take action.

Tie Hongnan's expression turned red with anger. A measly Void G.o.d Realm King who wasn't even part of the Tie Family dared to reject his invitation in such a tone. Being an Elder of the Tie Family, he had never met such a situation before.

An invisible fiery-hot aura rose, and the Kings and Emperors within the hall felt dry.

"Senior Hongnan, please calm down. The fights for the positions are about to start." The Fourth Prince immediately got up and stopped Tie Hongnan's anger.

After bowing, Zhao Feng left the Fourth Prince's hall.

"Let's go. The fights for the positions have started." The Fourth Prince quickly calmed down, and ten members with powerful auras stood up. Zhuge Yun, Xuanyuan Wen, Xin Wuheng, and the red-haired male were part of these ten.

After leaving the hall, Zhao Feng headed straight for the arena.

The arena was made from a Heaven-grade material and contained many arrays. Even beginning-stage Sacred Lords could only barely damage it. The arena was protected by arrays and draconic providence to protect against any shockwave.

At this point, the Ninth Prince's subordinates were all sitting in the arena already, including Old Ying, Zhou Su'er, Shen Jizi, and s.h.i.+ Yulei. There was also a middle-aged male with a steady aura and a slim cold female in black clothes.

This was the Ninth Prince's team for the battle to become Crown Prince. Each of them specialized in a different point and were all extremely talented. Apart from Zhou Su'er, the others were all from the previous generation or even older.

"Zhao Feng, why did the Tie Family want to talk to you?" Zhou Su'er immediately asked when Zhao Feng sat down. It wasn't exactly a small matter that Sacred Lord Hongnan from the Tie Family personally came to find Zhao Feng.

The other members were all curious as well. Zhao Feng and Tie Hongnan's conversion was stopped by a barrier, so only those within the hall could hear. They could only see Tie Hongnan become extremely angry, so they wanted to know what made Tie Hongnan so angry.

The cause of all this still had a casual expression.

"He wanted me to join the Tie Family," Zhao Feng simply replied, and everyone apart from Old Ying and Shen Jizi stared at Zhao Feng with open mouths.

They had only heard of Zhao Feng's name; they had never actually witnessed his abilities before. What kind of talent did Zhao Feng have for the Tie Family to send Tie Hongnan to personally invite him to join the Tie Family?

"If you don't want to tell me, then don't." Zhou Su'er became slightly angry and didn't believe him. She thought that Zhao Feng was just making that up. The others all thought that Zhao Feng was joking as well.

"Ridiculous!" s.h.i.+ Yulei harrumphed coldly. The Tie Family was one of the strongest amongst the Eight Big Families. How could an Elder of the Tie Family invite someone with a different surname to join them?

Now that all the members of the arena had arrived, the fights for the positions began.

"This one is Zhou Wenwei from Elegant Wind Hall and would like to test Senior Jing Kai's strength." A skinny middle-aged male walked out. His eyes were clear and full of confidence as he challenged the male in the group who had a steady aura.

Elegant Wind Hall was a normal three-star power that supported the Ninth Prince but hadn't obtained a position.

The male with a steady aura next to Zhao Feng walked out.

At this instant, fights had already started in the other arenas. It was either an exchange between arrays, soul-strength, or a head-on fight.

Zhao Feng circulated his left eye and watched all the exchanges with a 360-degree angle. Only by knowing every opponent did one have hope to win.

Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile. After defeating a Grandmaster Beast Tamer one and a half years ago with a spiritual pet from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, news should have spread by now, and so he most likely didn't need to do anything.


Jing Kai released his condensed aura, and a sparkling gold light that seemed to pierce through everything moved around his body in a certain pattern. On the other hand, a long green sword appeared in Zhou Wenwei's hand. It gave off a cold glow of light and summoned whirlwinds when it moved.

The two Emperors instantly clashed. Jing Kai's attacks were continuous, and the golden light was everywhere.

On the other side, Zhou Wenwei was agile and had sharp attacks, but Jing Kai controlled the match from the beginning so that Zhou Wenwei was forced to dodge and defend.

"Pierce!" The golden light around Jing Kai suddenly formed into a transparent sword that shot forward. At the same time, wooden roots appeared in the ground and blocked Zhou Wenwei's paths of retreat.


Zhou Wenwei's body was pierced through by ten thousand beams of light and thrown off the arena as blood spurted out from his mouth.

"Thank you for going easy on me, Senior Jing Kai."

Zhou Wenwei was taken away by an elder of Elegant Wind Hall.

The members of the Ninth Prince's group who didn't know Jing Kai well now knew a bit about his strength. He had sharp Metal-elemental attacks, and he specialized in the element of Wood as well, which could support him and catch others off guard. This was indeed an outstanding battle member.

An expert that specializes in the elements of Metal and Wood, Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

Jing Kai's control of these two elements was on-point. The element of Metal was used for attack while the element of Wood was used for healing and support. They synergized well and didn't conflict with each other.

King of Gods Chapter 930 - Start Of The Fights

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