King of Gods Chapter 931 - Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique

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Chapter 931 - Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique

After Jing Kai displayed his strength, it was obvious what the female in black specialized in - the soul. This position was originally supposed to be Zhao Feng's, but he had taken the position of beast tamer instead.

"Old Man Ge Xiang from the Void Ocean Pavilion would like to challenge Lady Su Qingling." A peaceful-looking elder holding a staff slowly walked out from the Ninth Prince's hall.

Before the fight for the positions started, the forces that didn't manage to obtain a spot would a.n.a.lyze everyone who had a spot and discuss who would be the easiest to replace.

s.h.i.+ Yulei came from one of the Eight Big Families, and he was a peerless genius from the previous generation. There were no flaws in him or the power behind him.

Old Ying was originally part of the Imperial Sky Net's upper echelon, and he specialized in sensing and tracking. Apparently, he also had a lot of information regarding the Imperial Tombs. Old Ying also had the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord. No one would challenge such an important member of the team.

Zhou Su'er was once the Sacred Emperor's most favored princess, and her fame as a healer had spread long ago. Even the imperial doctors praised her. No one knew too much about her, but since she was an imperial, it was best not to offend her.

Shen Jizi's fame had spread across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty a hundred years ago, and very few people specialized in divination. Most forces didn't even have one person that was capable of divination.

As for Zhao Feng, he had a pet from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. No one had any hope of victory against him unless they had a Mystic Light Realm pet.

Therefore, there were only two options: Jing Kai and Su Qingling.

Su Qingling was part of the younger generation, and she was not very famous. The force behind her was Grand Duke Su's Palace, which was the weakest of the ten Grand Duke Palaces and the only Grand Duke Palace that supported the Ninth Prince.

The representative from Grand Duke Su's Palace within the Ninth Prince's hall stroked his beard and gave a faint smile. He wasn't worried at all.

Su Qingling slowly walked out, and a slightly old voice sounded, "As you wish."


A surge of Soul Intent appeared from Ge Xiang and turned into dozens of white beams that shot toward Su Qingling.

"Soul Beams!" Ge Xiang circulated his Soul Intent, and the several dozen white Soul beams were connected by a surge of strong soul-strength to form a large, condensed Soul beam.

This attack had a powerful momentum that seemed like it could push Su Qingling's soul out of her body.

Su Qingling had a calm expression as a cold Soul power radiated from her body.

"s.h.i.+eld," Su Qingling gently said as she twirled her hands and seemed to write something in the air. Soon, her Soul power started to spread as a giant Soul Talisman Seal instantly floated in the air and turned into a Soul s.h.i.+eld.

"What a weird Soul secret technique." A light flashed through Ge Xiang's eyes. He had heard of the Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique before, but he didn't expect to see it today.


The Soul beam landed on the Soul s.h.i.+eld, and the clash shook the souls of the weaker cultivators.

The Soul beam and Soul s.h.i.+eld both crumbled after a fierce exchange. Su Qingling's defensive technique had completely blocked Ge Xiang's attack.

"Try to take this move. Soul Prison!" Ge Xiang roared as his white hair blew in the wind, and a large amount of white Soul power appeared.

Weng~ Weng~

White beams appeared above Su Qingling and formed a prison that crushed down with a mountainous Soul Intent. This was a wide-range Soul technique meant to restrain.

Su Qingling's Soul technique was completely countered.

Zhao Feng's expression changed. The power of this elder's soul was strong, but this Soul Prison used up way too much energy and didn't have as strong of an effect compared to Zhao Feng's Soul Chains. On the other hand, Su Qingling's Soul secret technique was extremely profound. Zhao Feng could only find one name for it in his memory - Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique.

"Ice, seal!" The expression of the girl in black didn't change. She raised her head and drew a giant Soul Talisman Seal with each hand.


The two Soul Talisman Seals released a wave of Soul power that crashed into the Soul Prison. Part of Ge Xiang's Soul Prison was instantly sealed by Soul Intent, and its power decreased.

At the same time, a cold Soul power swept over and created a layer of ice on the Soul Prison. After being sealed in ice, the Soul Prison posed no threat at all.

At this moment, Su Qingling walked a few steps forward and exited the range of the Soul Prison.

"Sword." Su Qingling's eyes were cold as she raised her arm, and a weird Soul power fluttered.

"I admit defeat." Ge Xiang sighed helplessly. The Soul Prison had already used up the majority of his Soul Intent. Furthermore, Su Qingling's Soul secret technique was extremely weird, and his own technique was nowhere near the forgotten Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique.

The fight came to an end, and many experts that were planning on competing for this position instantly retreated. Many people didn't even see through Su Qingling's Soul techniques, and the people around the arena finally inspected this female for real.

Zhao Feng had to admit that her mastery of the soul wasn't bad, but her Soul Intent wasn't very strong or else she would have been able to release much more battle-power. While her secret technique was strong, it required natural talent and wasn't suitable for those with Soul-based eye-bloodlines.

"While the Ninth Prince doesn't have many members, all of them are elites." Duke Nanfeng gave a faint smile as his eyes became slightly more confident.

The Ninth Prince's eyes also lit up. The battle-power Su Qingling displayed was good.

On the side, the representative from Grand Duke Su's Palace gave an admiring smile toward Su Qingling. Su Qingling had inherited this mysterious technique in the Divine Illusion Dimension and had only comprehended part of it so far.

After Jing Kai and Su Qingling both showed their battle-power, no one challenged the Ninth Prince's members. Su Qingling's unique Soul techniques even made the other members in the arena feel solemn. Although there weren't many forces that supported the Ninth Prince, the members of his group were relatively outstanding.

After the fight ended, Zhao Feng started to pay more attention to the other arenas. The battles in the arenas of the lowly-ranked princes were extremely fierce because these princes had no intention to actually become the Crown Prince, which meant they didn't pose any threat to the other princes. Their groups were designed more for individual benefits.

Zhao Feng paid most of his attention to the princes ranked in the top four: the Fourth Prince, the Thirteenth Prince, the Seventh Prince, and the Eighth Prince.

With a thought, Zhao Feng looked toward the arena of the Thirteenth Prince.

"Tang Ze from the Ground Demon Cult would like to fight with the main battle-power person." An elder with a deadly gaze and purple-and-black robes looked at a figure in black robes.

The Ground Demon Cult was a three-star superpower that supported the Thirteenth Prince, and the black-robed "main battle-power person" was someone that the Thirteenth Prince personally hired to take up one of the main fighting positions.

However, the other members didn't even know what his name was; they only knew that he was a Quasi-Sacred Lord. Therefore, many forces that supported the Thirteenth Prince were eyeing this spot.

The black-robed figure slowly stood up, and an aura of Death spread.

"Come," a raspy voice sounded in the soul-dimension.

An expert that is biased toward the soul. Tang Ze was surprised. Although he didn't specialize in the soul, it wasn't his weakness either. However, if the opponent specialized in the soul, that meant that their physical skills were weak.

Tang Ze revealed a deadly smile and opened his Little World.

The Little World of a Quasi-Sacred Lord was the limit of what a true world could withstand.

A dark and cold Little World appeared behind Tang Ze and filled the entire arena. Invisible laws and Intents started to restrict the black-robed figure.

"Die!" Tang Ze's battle-power doubled when he was in his own Little World, and he charged over like a Demonic Sovereign.

"Hmph!" The black-robed figure snickered coldly, and a long thin arm covered in bandages appeared the instant Tang Ze charged over. At the same moment, a surge of Death-based Soul power appeared.


The black-robed figure's power swept over Tang Ze's body, and a strong surge of Death laws appeared and attracted everyone's attention.

Tang Ze froze as the True Yuan, lifeforce, and soul within his body were sucked away by a whirlpool of Death. The terrifying aura of Death covered Tang Ze and all his pores.

"Arghhh, don't…!" Tang Ze screamed as the Little World of darkness on the arena slowly faded away.


The black-robed figure took back his arm. His robes s.h.i.+fted, and a dried corpse fell.


Everyone within the Thirteenth Prince's hall felt their hearts go cold, and those that were preparing to take his spot felt cold sweat appear on their backs. They had just pa.s.sed by death itself.

Who was this black-robed person? What kind of technique was that? It was extremely mysterious and powerful. With just a wave of his arm, he killed an expert of the Ground Demon Cult, and in such a gruesome manner too. He didn't go easy on him at all.

The experts of the other forces from the other arenas who were watching were stunned as well. They felt their souls tremble just from looking at the black-robed person. They were all Quasi-Sacred Lords too, but this black-robed person was extremely strong.

Xin Wuheng, Xuanyuan Wen, and company on the Fourth Prince's arena all had solemn expressions when they looked at the figure in black robes.

Those with the ugliest expressions were the members that specialized in soul battles because they were the ones that would be in charge of facing soul attacks when they entered the Imperial Tombs. Because they specialized in the soul, they knew just how terrifying that figure in black was.

"What a strong surge of Death Soul Intent," Su Qingling said with surprise.

"The Intent of Death!" Zhao Feng circulated his left eye, but he wasn't able to see through the black robes because there was a mysterious power that stopped him. The Soul Intent of this figure in black wasn't weaker than his own, and the Intent of Death made Zhao Feng remember the Emperor of Death, but this figure in black was even stronger and more terrifying.

"As I expected. The people behind the top-ranked princes are not simple." An Elder from the Ground Demon Cult instantly stood up and released his Sacred Lord aura as he looked at the figure in black with anger. "You're not leaving any room for survival, are you? If you don't give the Ground Demon Cult a good explanation after the battle to become Crown Prince ends… hmph!"

Although the black-robed person was strong, he was one person, while the Ground Demon Cult was a three-star superpower. They weren't able to take this lying down.

The black-robed figure didn't reply. He simply sat back down, and the two members next to him hiccupped.

King of Gods Chapter 931 - Talisman Soul Seal Secret Technique

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