King of Gods Chapter 937 - Beast Pack

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Chapter 937 - Beast Pack

After returning to the surface, the duo started heading toward the next inheritance.

Right now, Zhao Feng was only heading toward the inheritances of beginning-stage Sacred Lords. Destroying the Little Worlds would allow them to gather the draconic providence, resources, and treasure much more easily than actually undergoing the test.

Zhao Feng had now destroyed three beginning-stage Sacred Lord inheritances. Zhou Su'er's Dragon Jade glittered with a warm light, and the outline of a dragon could be seen. This meant that the draconic providence in it was extremely plentiful.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng had also robbed three more groups, and he didn't even give them time to use the array in their Dragon Jades. Zhao Feng had completely suppressed all of them and taken everything off them.

This meant that Zhao Feng now had seven Dragon Jades.

"It'll be a lot harder from now on," Zhao Feng said with a sigh.

Two days had pa.s.sed in the Imperial Tombs, and most of the people that had entered were used to the dimension's pressure by now and could use most of their battle-power.

It would be difficult for Zhao Feng to instantly suppress them now. As long as there was a slight instant, they could use the array in their Dragon Jades to escape, and there was nothing to be gained from offending them if he couldn't take their stuff.


Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and destroyed another inheritance with the help of his Little World of Wind Lightning. The air nearby went dark as lightning hummed and created a storm that blew over everything.

"Let's head toward the center."

Zhao Feng's left eye gazed into the distance and could see what others couldn't.

The resources of beginning-stage Sacred Lords couldn't satisfy Zhao Feng anymore, and there were only a few items that were useful to him.

"Sure, the edges are too boring." Zhou Su'er agreed with him, which made Zhao Feng speechless. All she had done so far was sit on the giant snake without doing anything, so of course she would find it boring.

The closer they got to the center of the Imperial Tombs, the more dangerous it became. The inheritances were almost all created by early-stage Sacred Lords or even late-stage Sacred Lords, and Zhao Feng had to actually undergo the tests now.

Furthermore, the beasts here had touched more draconic providence and posed some threat now. Some places were marked as forbidden areas and had a high death rate.

"Our target is the Imperial Sky Inheritance. This is an inheritance created by a late-stage Sacred Lord and was found by a prince in the last trial, but he didn't manage to pa.s.s through it."

Zhao Feng inspected his map.

Although this inheritance had only been discovered in the previous trial and went unconquered, that didn't mean it was difficult. Some inheritances were discovered a dozen trials ago and went unconquered for various reasons.

The duo started their journey after they came to an agreement. They would need roughly five days to reach the Imperial Sky Inheritance, and Zhou Su'er was responsible for picking herbs.

The normal herbs within the ancient dimension were several times more effective than those of the outside world, and if they could find some herbs that were extinct in the outside world, they would be extremely valuable.

Apart from rare herbs, they also met fierce beasts. Some King beasts even refused to leave despite Zhao Feng revealing his Emperor aura.

"A pack of Wind Wolves! Why did you come here!?" Zhou Su'er's expression changed as she called out. It was completely possible for them to avoid this pack of Wind Wolves if they wanted to. Old Ying had already marked which places had Wind Wolf packs.

Most of them were early-stage Kings, and one of them was a Wolf King. Under the Wolf King's leaders.h.i.+p, the battle-power of the Wind Wolf pack was even more terrifying.

"What's there to be scared of? I'm a beast tamer," Zhao Feng said. The instant they approached the pack of Wind Wolves, countless Wind Wolves surrounded them.


Zhao Feng instantly circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and released his Emperor Magnificent Power and his lightning.

The wolves' formation was instantly broken, and the wolves that were below the Void G.o.d Realm knelt on the ground and retreated with shaking bodies.

At this moment, a heart-shaking howl appeared.


This wolf cry was like a drug to the other Wind Wolves when they heard it. The Wind Wolves revealed a cruel and cold light in their eyes and stopped retreating. They started to slowly gather, and they completely blocked Zhao Feng's Emperor Magnificent Power. If Zhao Feng revealed any flaws, they would immediately attack him.

At the same moment, a gust of wind blew, and a black wolf more than a dozen meters tall appeared in front of Zhao Feng. There was a flas.h.i.+ng red light in its eyes, and its silver-white claws were extremely sharp as they stabbed toward Zhao Feng at a speed that others wouldn't be able to react to.

"Mental Energy Spike!"

A cold purple crystal-like spike shot out from Zhao Feng's left eye and pierced into the Wolf King's soul.


The Wolf King cried out in pain. The Mental Energy Spike had been refined, and it now contained an immortal and undying G.o.d Tribulation Lightning Eye Intent.

The Wolf King lost control of its body and fell to the side, but it immediately stood back up and glared fiercely at Zhao Feng with anger and unwillingness.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng murmured.

All his soul attacks now contained the damage of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, but this Wolf King could stand back up even after being stabbed by his Mental Energy Spike. As expected, the beasts here couldn't be measured by normal standards.

Zhao Feng also felt that the Intent of this Wolf King was extremely strong and refined, or else it wouldn't be able to control such a large wolf pack. He could definitely use such a beast, and it would be a great a.s.set. No wonder each prince had a spot specifically for beast tamers in their team. However, even Grandmaster Beast Tamers would find it difficult to tame the beasts here.


The Wolf King suddenly howled at the sky, and the nearby Wind Wolves turned into black figures that charged over without hesitation.

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he spread his Little World of Wind Lightning and merged it into the air. The sky went dark as wind and lightning intertwined with one another.

The speed and power of all the Wind Wolves within Zhao Feng's Little World decreased. Those that got within a certain range of Zhao Feng would be hit by the power of Wind Lightning.

"Wind Lightning Eye Flame!" Zhao Feng condensed his eye-bloodline power and released a surge of fire.


A half-transparent dark purple Eye Flame with the destructive power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning whistled through the air and exploded on the Wolf King's head.


The Wolf King fell once again. The Wind Lightning Eye Flame affected both the physical and soul dimensions and had a burning effect. Its power was terrifying, especially when it was used in conjunction with the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning.

"Dark Heart Seal!"

While the Wolf King was struggling, Zhao Feng circulated his Eye Intent and slowly imprinted the Dark Heart Seal into the Wolf King's soul.


Zhao Feng took back his Little World of Wind Lightning.

At this moment, the Wolf King stood obediently next to Zhao Feng, and the Wind Wolves stopped their attacks.

Controlling the Wolf King was the same as controlling all of the Wind Wolves.

Zhao Feng picked up the Dragon Jade, and all the draconic providence within the Wolf King's body entered the Dragon Jade. At the same time, the draconic providence of every Wind Wolf slowly gathered toward him as well.

The beasts here also had draconic providence, but since there were so many and they were all very fierce, most people wouldn't try to gather draconic providence by hunting beasts. They would usually just focus on inheritances.

However, Zhao Feng didn't really require any time or effort. As long as he enslaved the Wolf King, he could obtain the draconic providence of every Wind Wolf, and the total amount of draconic providence from the pack was close to the draconic providence from the inheritance of a beginning-stage Sacred Lord.

At the same instant, Zhao Feng just obtained more battle-power. The Wolf King was a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor and could threaten unrivalled Emperors with its wolf pack.


Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and all the Wind Wolves entered the Misty Spatial World.

Zhou Su'er watched the entire process in shock. She finally witnessed Zhao Feng's beast taming abilities.

Such a young Grandmaster Beast Tamer and such skill made one click their tongue. Even the most famous Grandmaster Beast Tamers in the lord dynasty wouldn't be able to tame an Emperor-level Wolf King so easily. The beasts within this ancient dimension were fierce and deadly. They couldn't be compared to normal beasts.

Zhou Su'er revealed a smile.

"Zhao Feng, I want to change steeds," Zhou Su'er's soft voice suddenly sounded.

Zhao Feng looked at Zhou Su'er and summoned the Wolf King. The Wolf King was extremely unwilling, but it finally let Zhou Su'er ride on it.

Zhao Feng felt that this was better. It's not like they could feign weakness anyway, since that would only make people more suspicious of them.

Over the next five days, Zhao Feng headed toward various nearby beast hordes while evading other cultivators.

The results were good. Zhao Feng managed to enslave two more groups of beasts: a group of Red-Faced Ice Snakes and a group of Black Venom Scorpions.

As long as he enslaved the leaders of the beasts, Zhao Feng would be able to control the entire group of beasts and obtain all their draconic providence.

However, not every beast group was the same. When the strongest expert of a certain group lost, the remaining beasts all ran away, and Zhao Feng just gave up on them. Apart from those two beast groups, Zhao Feng also enslaved two strong individual beasts.

Zhou Su'er witnessed all of this and was numb to it by now. She started to think about what the outcome would be if someone offended Zhao Feng.

"Imperial Sky Inheritance!"

The two stopped and looked at the magnificent palace. This magnificent palace was a Little World; this was the first time Zhao Feng had seen a Little World in the shape of a building.

He could hear people speaking and fighting within it. This meant that many people were already here.

"The technique of a Sacred Lord at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm is indeed different." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

The two were just about to enter when they heard a voice behind them.

"Zhao Feng?"

Zhao Feng turned around and saw two purple-haired males and a muscular male in black clothes slowly walk over. The two purple-haired males had eyes full of faint purple stars, almost as if they could charm anyone. They inspected Zhao Feng closely.

The one that had called out Zhao Feng's name was one of the purple-haired males, and his purple hair was cut short.

"You can leave. The Imperial Sky Inheritance is ours."

The other purple-haired male had slightly longer hair, and he revealed a playful smile as a light flashed through his purple eyes.

The purple-haired male with short hair looked at the Wolf King that Zhou Su'er was sitting on with interest.

The muscular male walked over slowly behind the two of them, and his powerful aura made the black hair of the Wolf King stand on end, and it instinctively retreated.

The muscular male glanced at Zhao Feng and Zhou Su'er before walking straight toward the Imperial Sky Inheritance. He completely ignored them.

King of Gods Chapter 937 - Beast Pack

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