King of Gods Chapter 983 Moving Maze Palace

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Chapter 983 - Moving Maze Palace

Only the four princes and their team members still in a Heaven's Legacy City remained in the Imperial Tombs.

The Eighth and Ninth Princes' teams could finally let out a breath.

"There are ten days of rest till the third stage starts. Let's have a rest and recover to our peak state." Old Ying looked at the exhausted members.

Everyone had put in a lot of effort to conquer this Heaven's Legacy City and were completely exhausted.

"Old Ying, what exactly is the third stage?" Zhou Su'er couldn't help but ask. She had already asked this question before, but Old Ying said that it was too early and that it was useless to tell them before reaching it.

"The Clash of Princes is held between the four Heaven's Legacy Cities. The Heaven's Legacy Cities will start a game, and the partic.i.p.ants are obviously the four princes and their teams."

Since it was now time, Old Ying told them everything he knew.

In the beginning, there was only a slight chance of the Ninth Prince actually conquering a Heaven's Legacy City, and only if he got lucky and everything went perfectly. Therefore, there was no point in telling everyone else about the third stage. In fact, that would only distract them from the present moment.

Even now, Old Ying felt like he was in a dream. He didn't expect the Ninth Prince to be on par with the Fourth, Thirteenth, and Eighth Princes and actually conquer his own Heaven's Legacy City.

"That sounds interesting." Zhou Su'er nodded in half-understanding.

Zhao Feng was surprised. The Heaven's Legacy Cities supplied the grounds for the Clash of Princes? The imperials had probably spent a lot of resources in order to make a deal with the Heaven's Legacy Cities.

"No one knows what kind of game the Heaven's Legacy Cities will set. There have been games that have appeared multiple times since the first Crown Prince trial, but they're always perfected the next time to make sure the game is fair," Old Ying explained to everyone.

Because no game was ever exactly the same in any of the trials before, it was hard to make preparations for it. In addition, since it was a game and not a direct clash of strength, many factors were involved.

"Of course, the main point of this game is draconic providence." Old Ying emphasized.

In the fourth stage - the Fight for the Grand Seal - it was basically a clash between draconic providence. This had never changed before, and anyone that knew anything about the Crown Prince trial knew this. This was why the third stage was so important - it was the last chance to obtain more draconic providence.

The Ninth Prince had the least draconic providence within his pseudo Crown Prince Seal compared to the other princes within the Imperial Tombs. If he wanted to become the Crown Prince, the Ninth Prince needed to beat the other three princes in the third stage or else he would be eliminated in the third stage.

"Don't worry. We just need to give it our all," the Ninth Prince said with a faint smile.

To a certain degree, the Ninth Prince had already proved himself by reaching this stage. This was what his original goal was - to prove himself as a prince.

"It's almost impossible for us to beat the Thirteenth and Fourth Princes, but luck plays a very big role in the third stage. This is why even the professional information agencies can't guess who will become the Crown Prince," Old Ying continued. He was scared that everyone would be too pressured.

"En, the Crown Prince isn't always determined by who is the strongest. There has been at least one instance of a prince ranked 5th becoming the Crown Prince," s.h.i.+ Yulei added. He was scared that the others would be too pressured as well, so he worked with Old Ying and the Ninth Prince.

"Oh, so brother Ninth Prince still has a chance. Don't worry." Zhou Su'er suddenly stood up and patted the Ninth Prince's shoulder.

s.h.i.+ Yulei and Old Ying looked around, and their expressions instantly stiffened. In reality, the members of the Ninth Prince's team didn't feel worried at all.

Zhou Su'er was obviously someone that didn't really care from the start. Shen Jizi had his eyes closed as he sat quietly on the side, and no one knew what he was calculating. Zhao Feng seemed to have entered a state of cultivation, and after Jing Kai was branded with the Dark Heart Seal, his att.i.tude had changed dramatically as well.

Only Su Qingling felt responsible and had a solemn att.i.tude.

"There's still ten days left. Everyone try to increase your strength as much as you can and be ready," Old Ying said before leaving with the Ninth Prince.

Seeing that the meeting had ended, Zhao Feng got up and left as well. Although he had entered a state of cultivation, he still knew everything that went on in the outside world as well as he knew his own palms and fingers, so he obviously heard every exchange.

Zhao Feng was currently cultivating the Undying Sacred Lightning Body. After fighting with his Sacred Lightning Body for so long, and with the help of the Emperor of Death's Death Intent pus.h.i.+ng his potential, Zhao Feng could now cultivate the Undying Sacred Lightning Body.

The damage reduction of an undying body was very obvious. It could completely ignore normal attacks. Furthermore, the undying characteristic could complement the Sacred Body of a Sacred Lord. Zhao Feng had just become an Emperor, but he needed to create a solid foundation to break through to the Mystic Light Realm and hopefully succeed on his first try.

He had also obtained the complete Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. He felt that, if he cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to the highest level, it would be extremely beneficial to him.

"Oh yeah, Zhou Su'er, do you know what a Three Life Evil Ghost Flower is used for?" Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something.

The ghost flower that he originally didn't really care about in the Imperial Sky Inheritance was extremely important to Sacred Lord Black Demon. He believed that the Three Life Evil Ghost Flower should be useful in many different areas, not just one.

"Why are you asking me such a thing? The Three Life Evil Ghost Flower is a top-tier material to create a Demonic Dao clone, and it can increase how fast the clone is formed as well as increase one's power."

Zhou Su'er was slightly surprised. Zhao Feng hadn't cultivated any Demonic Dao techniques before, so why was he asking her about that thing?

"Are you planning to create a clone that cultivates the Demonic Dao later?" Zhou Su'er asked.

Zhao Feng may have obtained a rare Demonic Dao clone secret skill somewhere.

"No, I'm just casually asking."

Zhao Feng had a calm expression. From the looks of it, the Three Life Evil Ghost Flower was indeed a very precious treasure to cultivators of the Demonic Dao.

Cloning secret techniques were techniques that only Sacred Lords had. One would only cultivate such a secret skill after reaching the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm, or perhaps a particularly strong beginner Sacred Lord.

The strength of a clone was related to the tier of the secret skill, so a herb that could increase the strength of a clone was extremely precious. It was the same as upgrading the rank of a skill

After learning the use of the Three Life Evil Ghost Flower, Zhao Feng felt that it was even more useless to him.

Zhao Feng entered the Spiritual Pet Garden again after exiting the metallic room.

"Do you need me to take care of your spiritual pets or train them? Or do you want to buy some?" A short elder slowly walked over.

"I need ten Emperor-level flying beasts."

This time, Zhao Feng chose ten Dragon Winged Eagles, which could be considered a small pack of flying beasts.

After leaving the Spiritual Pet Garden, Zhao Feng gave the ten Dragon Winged Eagles one completely dim piece of Dragon Jade each.

These ten pieces of Dragon Jade were the ones that the little thieving cat had stolen from the Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords in Zhao Feng's Little World. The draconic providence within them had already been given to the Ninth Prince.


The ten Dragon Winged Eagles each gripped a piece of Dragon Jade, then flew into the sky in different directions.

"There's not much time left till the Crown Prince trial comes to an end. We need to gather as much draconic providence as we can."

Since Zhao Feng had agreed to help the Ninth Prince and took up one of the positions, he would obviously give it his all.

After entering the Heaven's Legacy City, no one would leave to gather any more draconic providence. Everyone would increase their own strength by searching for fortune in the Heaven's Legacy City.

In the past, some beast tamers had attempted to use beasts to gather draconic providence, but it was very risky. It would be bad if the beasts met danger while gathering draconic providence and lost the Dragon Jade.

Zhao Feng was different from them though. He could see whatever the flying beasts saw through the Dark Heart Seal. If there was any danger, he could just warn the spiritual pets to leave or use his Eye of Heaven to help them.

All of this could happen because of the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique. If he didn't have that, he wouldn't be able to share the sight of almost twenty flying beasts at the same time, not to mention all the other stuff he still had to do.

Ten days pa.s.sed by in a flash, and Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body finally had a wisp of the undying attribute.

Jing Kai also reached the Quasi-Sacred Lord level. This was a good thing for the entire team.

On this day, the Ninth Prince's team came to the field in the very center of the Heaven's Legacy City. In front of a dazzling fountain were metallic steps made from a very unique material. Above the steps was a gray-and-white stone stage.

The members of the Ninth Prince's team walked onto the stone stage.


The Ninth Prince took out the pseudo Crown Prince Seal and imprinted it onto the gray-and-white stone stage

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

The entire stone stage started to rise into the air, and so did everyone standing on it.

In the air above the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, a dim screen finally showed some images.

Even with the sensing arrays in the pseudo Crown Prince Seals, they had no effect in the Heaven's Legacy City. Only when the third stage started and the princes rose into the air would the outside world be able to see them again.

"I can finally see them now."

"The game of the third stage is about to start."

"I wonder which game the Heaven's Legacy City will have this time."

Everyone in the outside world was wondering how the third stage would proceed.

The four stone stages floated in the air, and each took one of the cardinal directions, forming a square.


A transparent elder suddenly appeared in the center of the four princes. From the state of the elder, one could tell he was a machine from a Heaven's Legacy City.

"Four princes, the Clash between Princes is about to start," the transparent elder's voice sounded. "I am the judge of this game."

A black piece of metal that couldn't be properly seen appeared in the transparent elder's hand.

"This time, we will open…"

The elder suddenly threw out the black piece of metal, and it released a mysterious glow of light.


The black piece of metal floated in the air and quickly expanded, and there were several explosion sounds. The black piece of metal finally turned into a metallic object that filled up the s.p.a.ce in between the four princes.

The board to a game of chess had been set.

"A moving maze palace."

King of Gods Chapter 983 Moving Maze Palace

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