King of Gods Chapter 984 Candy

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Chapter 984 - Candy

The four princes and their teams stood on the stone stage and looked at the complex maze palace in front of them. This maze palace was made from a black metallic material, and it floated in the center of the four princes like a chessboard.

However, this maze palace was actually a different world altogether.

"Firstly, several people will be picked at random from each team according to the total amount of people and will enter the maze palace," the transparent elder's voice suddenly sounded.

Hu~~ Weng!

An old and complex array instantly appeared on the stone stages that the four princes were standing on, and a unique undulation in s.p.a.ce locked onto several people.

From the Ninth Prince's stone stage, silver light flashed around Old Ying, Su Qingling, Jing Kai, and Zhao Feng.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The four disappeared from the Ninth Prince's stone stage. At the same time, the Ninth Prince, Zhou Su'er, and the rest of the team saw those four appear in different locations in the maze palace.

"What a unique skill." Zhou Su'er couldn't help but sigh.

Like them, a certain number of the other prince's members were teleported into the maze palace.

"They're the chess pieces for the princes. Only the princes can communicate with and direct the members inside the moving maze palace by using the pseudo Crown Prince Seal." The transparent elder told them the rules of the game.

"If two people meet each other in the maze palace, there will be a unique scenery, and the victor will obtain 10% of the draconic providence from the loser's Dragon Jade."

This meant that battles were completely random. As long as two people met in the maze palace, a unique fight would appear.

The transparent elder gave a faint smile as he looked down at the maze palace; "Would every prince transfer their draconic providence to the members within the maze palace?"

"Interesting." Zhao Feng inspected his surroundings as he stood within the maze palace.

All his senses were heavily restricted here. He couldn't even sense what was on the other side of the black wall.

The maze palace's ceiling was also made from the black metallic material that created the walls, but the princes were able to see what was happening within the maze palace from outside.

From the perspective of those in the outside world, the maze palace was a chess board several hundred yards wide, and the people within it were small chess pieces. The princes were like G.o.ds that could look down and direct their team members.

Weng~ Weng~

Zhao Feng's Dragon Jade became brighter as draconic providence started to fill it.

"Our situation is decent right now. At least Zhou Su'er didn't enter the maze palace," the Ninth Prince's voice sounded in everyone's mind through the Dragon Jades.

"Does this mean that doctors from other groups have entered?" Zhao Feng immediately asked.

"That is indeed the case," the Ninth Prince replied.

The four from the Ninth Prince's team that entered the maze palace were Old Ying, Zhao Feng, Su Qingling, and Jing Kai. They didn't get s.h.i.+ Yulei, who was relatively strong, but they didn't get Zhou Su'er either, who was a weak fighter. All in all, it could be considered good.

On the other hand, a doctor that didn't specialize in combat had entered for the Eighth Prince's team. They were basically guaranteed to lose as soon as they came across anyone in the maze palace.

As expected, luck played a big role in the third stage.

"What should we do next?" Su Qingling's cold voice sounded. She wasn't very strong, so she was slightly scared.

"I will warn you if any dangerous enemies appear around you," the Ninth Prince's voice sounded.

"It's not that simple." Zhao Feng was certain. All four princes could see what was happening within the maze palace, so you couldn't avoid someone just because you wanted to.

This game tested the a.n.a.lysis and control abilities of a prince. If the Ninth Prince was skillful at being a commander, he would be able to direct Su Qingling to avoid fights while letting Zhao Feng and Old Ying fight against the other teams' weaklings.

"Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Black Demon is moving toward you. The Thirteenth Prince should be giving directions to Sacred Lord Black Demon," the Ninth Prince's voice sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

"Old Ying, there's a relatively weaker Quasi-Sacred Lord on your front left. Go left, then choose a path that leads right…"

"Su Qingling, go toward your right. There are fewer people there. Try to avoid fighting."

The four princes on the stone stands were completely focused as they looked down at the maze palace. They put their hands on the pseudo Crown Prince Seals and communicated with the members in the maze palace and directed them to plunder the draconic providence from everyone else.

"Let the games begin!" the transparent elder's voice sounded in everyone's ears.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The metallic walls in the maze palace instantly started to move around. Some walls sunk into the ground while other walls appeared out of nowhere.

"The moving maze palace increases the difficulty for the princes to give directions," Zhao Feng said faintly.

Since the landscape was continuously changing, the princes needed to pay attention to the situation of every member and give them clear directions at all times. Furthermore, an ever-changing landscape could stop members from memorizing the map of the maze palace.

"The see-through ability of the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye doesn't work as well." Zhao Feng's left eye looked at a wall next to him, but he was unable to see past it.

"Zhao Feng, Sacred Lord Black Demon is approaching from your left," the Ninth Prince suddenly said. It was obvious that, while the Ninth Prince was busy directing the others, he had forgotten about Zhao Feng's situation.

"Ninth Prince, you don't need to worry about Jing Kai or me. Just focus on directing Old Ying and Su Qingling," Zhao Feng told the Ninth Prince.

A terrifying cold demonic pressure suddenly appeared from a path on his side.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

"Zhao Feng, your day of death has arrived!"

Sacred Lord Black Demon had a cruel smile as he approached Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had a calm expression. He inspected his surroundings while looking at Sacred Lord Black Demon.

Weng~ Weng~

When the two were only ten meters away from each another, the scenery around them suddenly disappeared.


Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon appeared in a different place.

"When two people meet, there will be a change in scenery," Zhao Feng murmured the rules that the transparent elder had said.

This place was a plain filled with many weird trees that were a thousand yards high. Sacred Lord Black Demon and Zhao Feng both appeared in this place.

"Uncle, Uncle, my kite is stuck on that tree. Can you get it for me?" There was a little kid next to Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Black Demon who was jumping around.

"Little brat, f.u.c.k off." Sacred Lord Black Demon waved his robes in anger, and a surge of black demonic power formed a dragon that charged toward the little kid.


An invisible barrier suddenly appeared around the little kid, and Sacred Lord Black Demon's attack was rebounded back at him. Sacred Lord Black Demon jumped up in fright and instantly thrust out his palm, nullifying the attack.

"Sacred Lord Black Demon, right now, you and Zhao Feng are in a game. You can't harm the little boy. Instead, you have to do as he says," the Thirteenth Prince's voice sounded in Sacred Lord Black Demon's mind.

"Dammit, this f.u.c.king little brat." Sacred Lord Black Demon's eyes bulged with anger, but there was nothing he could do. He originally thought that he would fight Zhao Feng after meeting him, but they entered a weird game instead and had to follow the rules.

"Zhao Feng?" Sacred Lord Black Demon suddenly realized that Zhao Feng was already flying toward a tree that had a red kite stuck on it.


Sacred Lord Black Demon instantly leapt into the air and chased after Zhao Feng.

"Hmm? What terrifying gravity!" Zhao Feng felt an invisible force of gravity bearing down on him. The higher he flew, the stronger the gravity.

This tree was a thousand yards tall. Zhao Feng was speechless; the little kid was flying his kite this high in the air? From the looks of it, this scenery should be fake, and the contents were made up by the Heaven's Legacy Race, so it couldn't be measured by normal standards.


Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body, and his body released a brilliant golden flash of lightning. With the help of the Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng's resistance and speed increased dramatically.


Zhao Feng instantly charged up several hundred yards.

"There's a strong gravity here." Sacred Lord Black Demon's expression was grim, but he had a Sacred Body and had stronger resistance.

"Black Demon Flas.h.!.+" Black flames rose around Sacred Lord Black Demon, and a surge of black flames swirled around his legs.


The surge of black flames exploded beneath his legs, and he charged upward as if he was sliding through the air.

"Hmph!" Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng ignited the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.


With a series of explosions, Zhao Feng's speed was increased to the limit, and he shot toward the tree.

Since Zhao Feng had taken action a step earlier than Sacred Lord Black Demon, he successfully obtained the red kite first.

"Zhao Feng, the kite is mine!" Sacred Lord Black Demon roared as he charged upward.

"Blood Devil Charge!" Zhao Feng was covered in flames, and there were sounds of explosions around him. The image of a blood-red sun with a spinning whirlpool in the middle started to appear behind him.

Hu~ Shua!

Zhao Feng's scarlet-blood-colored wings left a trail of blood-colored light as the blood-red sun behind his back released a radiance of gold-and-red light. With the addition of the Blood Devil Charge, Zhao Feng was like an ancient Golden Crow as he charged downward with the kite.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The gravity that restrained Zhao Feng earlier now helped him and pushed his speed to the maximum.

"Not good!" Sacred Lord Black Demon's expression changed dramatically. His heart trembled, and he could feel how powerful Zhao Feng's charge was even from this distance.

Sacred Lord Black Demon didn't specialize in body-strengthening, so he obviously wouldn't clash with Zhao Feng head-on. He immediately moved aside and dodged Zhao Feng's attack.

"Hehe, goodbye." Zhao Feng didn't bother with Sacred Lord Black Demon and quickly sped toward the ground.


Zhao Feng did a flip and handed the kite over to the little boy.

"Thank you, Uncle! I have a piece of candy for Uncle!" The little boy happily took the kite and extended a small chubby hand. A substandard G.o.d Crystal quietly lay on it.

Zhao Feng's eyes faltered for a moment before quickly taking away the substandard G.o.d Crystal.

"Dammit, Zhao Feng!" Sacred Lord Black Demon just arrived and was about to attack Zhao Feng, but a mechanical voice sounded at this instant, "Victor, Zhao Feng."

Ten percent of the draconic providence within Sacred Lord Black Demon's Dragon Jade then flowed into Zhao Feng's Dragon Jade.

Hu~ Weng!

The scenery around them started to twist and disappear. Zhao Feng returned to the maze palace, but his location was different. It looked like he had appeared in a random spot in the maze palace.

"So, that's how it is."

After experiencing it for the first time, Zhao Feng understood almost all the rules of the game.

King of Gods Chapter 984 Candy

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