King of Gods Chapter 940 - Close Combat

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Chapter 940 - Close Combat

"Zhao Feng, you've angered me. I will personally send you to your grave." Sacred Lord Hundred Refined had an enraged expression, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Even though he had tried to stop Zhao Feng, Ji Bai still had to use the Dragon Jade to escape. Furthermore, his opponent was just a junior who was still at the Void G.o.d Realm. No Sacred Lord would be able to withstand this kind of humiliation.

Even if Zhao Feng used the array in his Dragon Jade to escape at this point, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined would chase after him until he killed Zhao Feng in order to wash away the shame.

At this moment, Ji Dengtian almost recovered, and he started to panic.

"Do you want to leave by yourself, or do you want me to send you away personally?"

Zhao Feng's words meant that Ji Dengtian was the next target. Although he didn't believe Zhao Feng had that ability, his heart felt uneasy for some reason.

"Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, kill him!"


Sacred Lord Hundred Refined moved in a unique manner and radiated the pressure of a Sacred Lord, destroying the walls around them.

"Rampant Imperial Finger! Ascension Kick!"

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined used two techniques at once, and countless leg phantoms made of Sacred power flashed around Zhao Feng and restricted his ability to move. At the same time, a giant finger made of golden light shot forward with a rampant aura.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!"

Zhao Feng used the Scarlet Wings of Lightning to release a surge of True Yuan and propel himself upward. He thrust out his fists, and countless giant fists made of golden lightning clashed heavily against Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's attack. Using this force to push himself back, Zhao Feng flapped his Scarlet Wings of Lightning and shot toward Ji Dengtian.

"How is that possible!?" Fear finally appeared on Ji Dengtian's face. The power that Zhao Feng's punch displayed was comparable to Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's technique, and Zhao Feng even had a profound flying technique.

I can't let him get close to me!

"Purple Star Daze!"

Ji Dengtian's eyes flashed with purple, and a large source of Soul eye-bloodline power shot toward Zhao Feng.

As a peerless genius of the Ji Family's previous generation, he obviously knew more than just illusions. If illusions were useless, then he would just use something else.

Zhao Feng instantly sensed something; his thoughts and his control over his body were reduced. His senses toward the outside world dropped as well, and the Scarlet Wings of Lightning occasionally dimmed, which was due to his True Yuan not circulating properly.

"A mental energy technique that creates chaos in the soul and senses?"

Zhao Feng was surprised. This technique was similar to his Eye of Ice Soul, but the direction it took was different.

The Eye of Ice Soul froze the opponent's soul and also affected the physical dimension to some degree, but it required a bloodline with the element of Ice. The Purple Star Daze created chaos in the opponent's soul, and it was a more profound and skillful attack focused entirely on the soul.

After re-cultivating, Zhao Feng had placed greater importance on his Sacred Lightning Body and the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. The power of the Ice-Water bloodline had started to drop mainly because its techniques weren't able to catch up to Zhao Feng's progress anymore. On the other hand, Ji Dengtian's Purple Star Daze was rather suitable for Zhao Feng.

Seeing Zhao Feng's speed falter for a moment, a smug expression appeared on Ji Dengtian's face.

"This brat is only slightly resilient against illusions, but he probably hasn't ever seen an illusion technique that can cause chaos amongst mental energy before," Ji Dengtian mocked.

After Zhao Feng was. .h.i.t by the Purple Star Gaze, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined would be able to finish him off easily.

However, lightning suddenly flashed around Zhao Feng. Countless symbols of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in Zhao Feng's condensed purple soul blinked like meteorites falling through the night.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The faint purple Soul power that had entered Zhao Feng's soul was utterly destroyed by Zhao Feng's immortal and undying G.o.d Tribulation Lightning. At the same time, a golden glow appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye as he circulated it to the maximum. A dreamy dark golden color suddenly blinked in Zhao Feng's left eye.

"Soul Daze!"

A strong surge of faint purple Soul power was unleashed through Zhao Feng's Eye Intent, and it covered Ji Dengtian.


"This is…?" Ji Dengtian's footsteps became unsteady as he looked at Zhao Feng in shock.

"This is my Purple Star Daze!" Ji Dengtian cried out as panic overtook his face.

"How is this possible…!? How do you know the secret technique of the Ji Family!?"

Ji Dengtian didn't know what to say. The True Yuan circulating within his body had broken into chaos, so he wouldn't be able to use any eye-bloodline techniques for a while. Ji Dengtian immediately circulated his Soul Intent and Eye Intent in an attempt to get rid of this technique.

"Not bad." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. The Purple Star Daze was a type of illusion, so it wasn't very hard for Zhao Feng to replicate it. Its force would probably be even stronger if he used it with his Soul eye-bloodline power.


A strong gust of wind appeared.

"Not good!"

Zhao Feng had been too focused on trying to replicate the technique - at this moment, the aura of Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's fist had arrived.

Even though the attack was far away, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body could still feel a stinging pain, and his golden-blue light started to dim.

"Sacred Lightning Protection!" Zhao Feng circulated the power of Wind Lightning and formed a barrier of crackling lightning.


The barrier shattered, and Zhao Feng was slammed into a wall. A surge of pain travelled throughout his body.


A black figure continued to charge over with overwhelming momentum, giving Zhao Feng no chance to rest.


Zhao Feng's expression was cold as he circulated his Wind Lightning True Yuan and flapped the Scarlet Wings of Lightning. He became a streak of scarlet-red lightning and clashed against Sacred Lord Hundred Refined.

If it wasn't for the fact that Ji Dengtian's mental energy technique had affected him and caused chaos with his True Yuan - reducing the defense of his Sacred Lightning Body dramatically - Sacred Lord Hundred Refined wouldn't have been able to do so much damage.

However, none of that mattered now because he had learned the Ji Family's secret technique.

Zhao Feng secretly circulated the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning in order to heal the injuries he just received.

"Rampant Imperial Finger! Blazing Sky Force Punch! Sky Silk Shadowless Step!"

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined didn't stop at all, he simply continued his stream of attacks. The figures of a palm, a hand, and a leg surrounded Zhao Feng. The power was enough to shatter mountains and split rivers!

"Sacred Lightning Body! Sacred Lightning Protection!"

Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body to the maximum, and a brilliant glow of golden lightning flashed around the surface of his body. The barrier of lightning surrounded his body and caused wind to howl and lightning to crackle.

Zhao Feng didn't care what techniques Sacred Lord Hundred Refined used - he would take them all head-on.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Sacred Lightning Protection around Zhao Feng's body exploded and released a brilliant bolt of lightning that pushed aside all of the Sacred Power nearby.


Sacred Lord Hundred Refined revealed a cold smile. He wouldn't be tricked again after witnessing Zhao Feng's defensive secret technique.

"Sky Shattering Divine Punch!"

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined condensed all the Intent into his right hand, and a pressure that could summon a storm gathered and shot out like a mountain being thrown through the air.

After using this move, it was obvious that Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's aura became weaker.

"Sacred Lightning Force Fist!"

Zhao Feng circulated the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning symbols and the ancient lightning within his Crystal Core Dimension. The most original and forceful divine lightning gathered on Zhao Feng's fists, and he punched out like an ocean of lightning.

Boom! Boom! Boom…!

The powerful wave of destruction sent both Zhao Feng and Sacred Lord Hundred Refined flying into the walls.

Ji Dengtian's face went pale-white. He quickly retreated several hundred meters away from the explosion with a dazed expression.

"Close combat against Sacred Lord Hundred Refined and not being at a disadvantage!" Ji Dengtian's voice was trembling; he was in complete disbelief.

Sacred Lord Hundred Refined perhaps hadn't used his full strength in the first exchange, and Zhao Feng also used his flying techniques to negate some of Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's attack. However, in the exchange just now, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined put all of his power into a Heaven-grade technique, and yet he was only on par with Zhao Feng.

One had to know that Sacred Lord Hundred Refined wasn't just any Sacred Lord; he was from the Cao Family, one of the Eight Big Families. The Cao Family in particular was a family that specialized in fighting, and they focused on physical damage. Their close combat skills were the best among all eight families.

"This can't be true. He still has a terrifying Soul-based eye-bloodline, and yet he has the ability to fight against a Sacred Lord in close combat…?"

Ji Dengtian's entire body started to tremble. His eyes were dim, and they were filled with wariness and fear. He didn't dare to do anything because he might attract Zhao Feng's attention, which would cause his outcome to be the same as Ji Bai's.

Boom! Boom!

The two figures jumped out from their holes in the wall and clashed once again.

"Zhao Feng, I'll see how long you can last." Sacred Lord Hundred Refined gritted his teeth and harrumphed coldly as he used his battle techniques.

He was looking at Zhao Feng as an expert of the same level now. Zhao Feng's physical defense was monstrous and even surpa.s.sed the s.h.i.+ Family. He wouldn't be able to win within a short amount of time.

However, the difference between the Void G.o.d Realm and the Mystic Light Realm was just too big. The Sacred Body of Mystic Light Realms had a strong recovery ability, and Mystic Light Sacred power could affect the soul.

Even if Zhao Feng was strong, he had to do more than just attack; he also needed to maintain his Sacred Lightning Body and heal his injuries, which would use his True Yuan up like water flowing down a river.

"Hehe." An excited smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

Zhao Feng felt extremely satisfied fighting against Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, and the blood within the depths of his body was already starting to boil.

Due to the pressure of this ancient dimension, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined could only use 40% of his full battle-power. Zhao Feng didn't use his Soul eye-bloodline techniques, he just fought against him in close combat.


A gla.s.s-like flame suddenly appeared around Zhao Feng's body, and a terrifying scorching aura was unleashed. Zhao Feng seemed to become a blazing sun that gave off a bright flame.

The temperature within the pathway started to rise.

"This is the Blood Devil Sun Bloodline?" Sacred Lord Hundred Refined revealed a stunned expression. Why did Zhao Feng have the bloodline of the Tie Family?

Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng was like a flaming demonic sovereign as he flapped his wings of lightning and flew around. His attacks were extremely explosive. Zhao Feng thrust out his fist and released a wave of blood-colored flames that were surrounded by lightning, and it started to burn and erode everything.

The power was on par with Sacred Lord Hundred Refined's battle techniques. The instant they clashed, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined felt that some blood essence and energy within his body was sucked away by Zhao Feng. Meanwhile, the color of Zhao Feng's face recovered a little bit.

Even though only a bit of energy and blood essence of a Mystic Light Sacred Body was sucked away, the power contained within it was extremely strong, and it was a great help to those at the Void G.o.d Realm.

"This is the perfect Blood Devil Sun Bloodline of the Tie Family!" Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was stunned, and he pulled away from Zhao Feng.

Being someone from one of the Eight Big Families just like the Tie Family, he understood it very well.

King of Gods Chapter 940 - Close Combat

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