King of Gods Chapter 988 Each Revealing Their Skill

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Chapter 988 - Each Revealing their Skill

Zhao Feng's expression didn't change. He knew that something like this would happen. The official had given him one hundred elite swordsmen while Xin Wuheng received five hundred.

Xin Wuheng paused for a moment before immediately questioning, "Zhao Feng, you're the cheater, right?"

His Divine Sense and his other senses were heavily suppressed in the maze palace. He couldn't even sense what was behind a single wall, but Zhao Feng had found him from very far away. This made Xin Wuheng feel weird. Then, after thinking about the att.i.tude of the characters toward Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng connected it to something.

"I only have one hundred elites, so I'm going to leave now." Zhao Feng didn't reply to Xin Wuheng's question and chose one of the paths. One hundred elite swordsmen followed behind him. These elite swordsmen were all at the Emperor rank. If one used them wisely, they would be a source of strong power.

"Go!" Xin Wuheng exclaimed as he led the five hundred other elites toward the other path.

The instant Zhao Feng entered the path, the piles of skeletons and the ground beneath them gave off weird sounds.


A human-shaped skeleton holding a big sword and s.h.i.+eld suddenly jumped out from underground. It had a pair of iron wings behind its back, and it radiated a chaotic and evil Emperor-level aura. Countless skeleton guards then crawled out from the mountain and filled the entire path.

"Charge!" Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and merged his thoughts into the elite swordsmen, controlling them just like how he controlled beasts.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!" The Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind Zhao Feng's back spread as he circulated his Sacred Lightning Body. Golden lightning instantly flashed around his body as he turned into a ball of scarlet lightning, and he was the first to charge out.

"Break!" Zhao Feng slammed into the skeleton guards and crushed several dozen of them with his domineering Sacred Lightning Body.

"Sacred Lightning Force Fist!" Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body started to crackle as he punched out in a unique rhythm, sending beams of light across Heaven and Earth.

Hu~~ Boom! Boom!

Fists made from golden lightning filled the air. They were extremely forceful and terrifying, and each attack could shatter several skeleton guards.

Zhao Feng's swordsmen were responsible for cleaning up the sides and the skeleton guards behind Zhao Feng, then following Zhao Feng's footsteps.

The two paths were only a couple dozen yards apart. Zhao Feng could see Xin Wuheng's situation by just turning his head.

Xin Wuheng walked at the very center while the five hundred swordsmen pushed forward on the two sides. Xin Wuheng waved his hands, and a profound ripple of water pushed the skeleton guards in front of him toward the two sides. The swordsmen would then quickly kill the skeleton guards. Their teamwork was perfect and very efficient. Xin Wuheng didn't even waste any energy or True Yuan.

"This Xin Wuheng…" Zhao Feng couldn't help but praise and sigh.

Xin Wuheng's palm skill used the laws of Water to push aside the skeleton guards ahead of him toward the elite swordsmen, utilizing the full battle-power of his elites. While Zhao Feng also had an Ice-Water Bloodline and cultivated the Water of Wind Lightning, his understanding of Water wasn't even close to Xin Wuheng.

"Hmph. Scarlet Wind Lightning Storm!"

The Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind Zhao Feng's back started to quickly flap, and limitless Wind Lightning True Yuan shot out and formed a large storm of scarlet lightning.


Zhao Feng brought the Scarlet Wind Lightning Storm with him and charged forward.

Hu~~ Shua! Shua!

The skeleton guards were destroyed or pushed aside by the Scarlet Wind Lightning Storm before they were even able to approach Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng quickly pushed forward and overtook Xin Wuheng.

His Scarlet Wind Lightning Storm had a very big range and filled the entire path. This meant that his elite swordsmen could quickly kill the other skeleton guards and follow him.

"Who knows what kind of enemies or danger there will be later? I can't just leave these elite swordsmen behind," Zhao Feng murmured. If he left these one hundred swordsmen behind, what would he use to defeat Xin Wuheng, who had five hundred elite swordsmen?

Luckily, Zhao Feng controlled these one hundred swordsmen very well, so their battle-power was comparable to at least three hundred elites.

After Xin Wuheng saw Zhao Feng quickly overtake him, he roared.


His Palm Intent suddenly changed, and a layer of green light wrapped around his hands. The injuries to the elite swordsmen were quickly healed the green light shone onto them.


Xin Wuheng stood still and waved his palms around. A unique and profound ripple merged into the ground below. Countless thick wooden vines suddenly grew on Xin Wuheng's path. These wooden vines moved quickly and crushed some skeleton guards into the ground.

Hu~ Hu~

The remaining skeleton guards instantly flapped their iron wings and flew into the air.

Teng~ Teng~

Xin Wuheng and the elite swordsmen walked on the wooden vines as they moved, increasing their speed even more. The wooden vines around them moved agilely and would also block attacks and trap the skeleton guards.

"What a profound use of Wood elemental techniques!" Zhao Feng paused for a moment.

Xin Wuheng didn't just have complete mastery over the laws of Water. His mastery of Wood had also reached the apex.

Zhao Feng still remembered the Five Elemental Spatial Domain that Xin Wuheng had used in the Divine Illusion Dimension. This meant that Xin Wuheng's mastery of the other elements might have reached the same level as well.


A blazing gla.s.s-like flame surrounded Zhao Feng's body, as if he was bathing in flames. The gla.s.s-like fire and his Sacred Lightning Body made him look like a flaming demonic sovereign. A powerful aura formed a wave of flames that spread in every direction and caused the temperature of the surrounding area to rise.


With the usage of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng's speed doubled, and he turned into a ball of fire and lightning that smashed into the skeleton guards ahead of him.

Zhao Feng merged the Fire of Wind Lightning and the fire of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline together. His entire body was covered in flames, and he was losing energy very quickly.


The swordsmen behind Zhao Feng quickly followed behind him and easily finished off the remaining skeleton guards.


Zhao Feng left behind a blazing afterimage and turned into a streak of blood-colored fire, shooting forward by several dozen yards and once again destroying a group of skeleton guards.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng's lifesteal effect from the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline didn't work against these skeleton guards. Thus, Zhao Feng could only use it for a while before stopping and eating some medicine to recover his True Yuan and energy. Despite this, with the explosiveness of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng pushed forward extremely quickly and surpa.s.sed Xin Wuheng by several hundred meters.

"As expected, that terrifying and powerful bloodline should be the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline." Xin Wuheng saw Zhao Feng push forward with unstoppable power.

The explosiveness and speed of this bloodline definitely wasn't the normal Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Furthermore, he could also tell that Zhao Feng's one hundred elite swordsmen were very quick and had swift attacks. They all went for skeleton guards' weaknesses, which was all because of Zhao Feng's control.

"Bloodlines may be powerful, but they can't last for long," Xin Wuheng said calmly as he used the laws of Water and Wood to move forward steadily. He believed that Zhao Feng would need to rest after using his bloodline, which would slow him down.

"Hehe, as expected of Xin Wuheng. He can maintain such a state of mind even after being surpa.s.sed by me." Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile.

Xin Wuheng's method was steady and stable. He didn't move fast nor slow, and not much of his energy and True Yuan were used up.

"If that's the case, then I'll just save the princess before he enters the cave." Zhao Feng had a decisive tone. Since Xin Wuheng wasn't in a rush, then Zhao Feng would keep charging forward while he was ahead.

Lightning and fire flashed around the surface of Zhao Feng's body.


Zhao Feng pushed forward with the same force even after using the Lightning Wings Flying Technique. At the same time, he still controlled the elites behind him to follow.

After stopping and recovering his energy, Zhao Feng once again used the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline and charged forward.

"Zhao Feng!" Xin Wuheng exclaimed. He had underestimated Zhao Feng's recovery speed.

How long had it been? Zhao Feng was already able to use his bloodline? The distance between them was getting bigger and bigger. Zhao Feng would be able to enter the cave very soon.

"This is bad." Xin Wuheng's expression changed dramatically, and he radiated a supreme aura despite his usually steady style.

A five-colored light appeared around Xin Wuheng and slowly condensed into a Little World that covered him. His Little World was like a real world; there were mountains, rivers, and gra.s.s. The only problem was that it was small and slightly unstable.


A supreme law radiated from Xin Wuheng's Little World.


Xin Wuheng said one simple word and flew out with the five-colored Little World around him.

Hu~ Hu~

Several dozen skeleton guards instantly flew into the air and blocked Xin Wuheng.

Bam! Crack!

When these skeleton guards touched the Little World around Xin Wuheng, they were confronted with a terrifying law, and their bodies instantly shattered.

Xin Wuheng left the five hundred elites behind and leapt into the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

All the skeleton guards that approached him were shattered into pieces. Zhao Feng could obviously see all of this.

"That… that's a Little World constructed by all five elements!"

Zhao Feng was stunned. He had already a.n.a.lyzed that, if one wanted a Little World comparable to a real world, they would first need to comprehend all five elements and merge them into their Little World.

He didn't expect Xin Wuheng to have already reached this level. Although the Little World was small and slightly unstable, it wasn't something a single-elemental Little World could be compared to.

At this moment, Xin Wuheng used his Little World and charged over.

"Blood Devil Charge!" Zhao Feng immediately used the secret technique that complemented the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. The gla.s.s-like flames around his body instantly rose and gave off explosions. The phantom image of a blood-colored sun with a spinning whirlpool in the middle started to appear behind him.


Zhao Feng turned into a flaming meteorite and burnt everything with his blazing flames.


Zhao Feng's feet landed on the ground as he arrived at the cave first. The next instant, Xin Wuheng appeared on the side.

King of Gods Chapter 988 Each Revealing Their Skill

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